Altani Mol

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We all hide monsters within us. The difference is how we choose to unleash them on the world. Regardless of the size of them, mind you.

 Altani Mol
"The spirits talk to us in many different ways. Learn to see them. Learn to hear them."
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Where the fates take her
Age 26
Guardian Nymeia the Spinner
Namesday Twenty-eighth sun of the Fourth Umbral Moon


Altani and Oyungunjin

❧ General

Found adrift at sea, Altani has wasted not time studying Eorzean customs. A Junior Shaman of her home tribe, Altani's biggest fear is that she may be unable to complete her training. However the land of Eorzea is so much different than her homeland, adjusting and staying strong through her journey has not been easy but she has made a number of acquaintances in her travels around the lands.

❧ Appearance

Distinctive Markings:

Build: Slight but there's muscle there
Hair: Blond and Green
Eyes: Sea-Blue
Skin: Fair
Clothing: Whatever looks pretty

❧ Behaviour

Although the past has not always been the brightest point of the Au Ra's life, finding the small messages from the heavens brings this woman great joy.


The Xaela is not without ability to fight, relying primarily on magic. Her might is yet to be tested.

♪ Recent RP events ♪

-Found in the ocean. -Introduced to Limsa Lominsa by her friend Broenfarr Niunaglsyn -Introduced to Gridania by Oyungunjin Kha -Discovered Ul'dah and met Leon Greymoon -Invited to stay at Leon Greymoon's place in Cliffperch




Laughing people
Learning new things


People who don't make an effort to be happy
Strong Alcohol
Spicy food


Traditional dance and song
Mind magics
Being clumsy


Favourite Food/Drink: Honey lemon tea
Favourite Place:


The demons hidden within others

♦ Related Images


Romantic interest Very good friend Would consider a good person Knows the name of Distrusts Might kill


Oyungunjin Kha – I dare not ask the gods for any greater a gift. You are my moonbeams, you are my sun, Gunjin.
Leon Greymoon – A man of strong spirit and goals. His eyes are gentle, but don't let them fool you.
Druzic Qalli – Mr. Druzic, my apprentice and close confidant.
Shinorah Nightsbane – Ah, she was so kind when I felt ill.
Aurou Mhirata – She will be coming with Ja'ran, Leon, and I to Dravania! A most welcomed new acquaintance.
Ja'ren – Another kind soul I met at the Cliff Perch. Seemingly fond of adventure. I am quite excited.
Datata Data – A fellow seeker of knowledge! A most welcome acquaintance.
Khuja'sae Fashonti – He has asked me not to call him 'Tiddles'. Mr. Khu is a nice enough man, but seems rather distant.
Broenfarr Niunaglsyn – The man that fished me out of the ocean. Did you know he was a chef?



Enemies & Rivals

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Player Character Rumours

Peerless priestess or shamed shaman? You decide!

"Altani, that ditzy Au Ra is one of kindest people I've met. She saw me for the horror that I am, but she insisted on caring for me, in her own odd way. If you see her collapse in the middle of the street, would it be too much to ask you to bring her over to Cliffperch?"

❧ Footnotes

Alignment: Neutral Good


❧ Connections

Main Theme
A Happier Theme
Background Theme
What Her Singing Might Sound Like
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