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Aurou Mhirata

By Rei'li Niraj -

Aurou Mhirata is a Miqo'te woman that can often be found in and around Ul'dah. She is a journalist often keeping notes as she goes about her day. While generally approachable she can be reserved, wanting to be cautious about what she shares. Unbeknownst to others, to her knowledge, she hails from the northern nation of Sharlayan, seeking to record information about present day Eorzea to seal away in history volumes. She has lived in and out of Eorzea over the past several cycles, even being present for the Calamity where she acted as a battlefield healer in addition to her own personal quest of preserving the memory of the encounter. She remains neutral in her standing among the Eorzean companies, but has somehow found herself affiliated with the mercenary Free Company known as 'Aeon' out of Ul'dah.

"Would you mind sharing with me?"
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Sharlayan
Age 26
Marital Status Dating
Occupation Journalist / Researcher
Height/Weight 4 fulms 10 ilms / 95 ponz
Alignment Chaotic Good

Appearance and Behavior

Aurou is as unintimidating as they come, as far as looks are concerned. She is on the shorter side for a Miqo'te and stands at the height of a child for the taller races. Her build is thin with the soft muscle tone of a non-combatant, lending to the appearance that she has done very little heavy lifting or hard labor in her lifetime. She often is wearing towns clothing or the cloth robes and coats of a caster - favoring blacks, whites, and shades of blue. Rarely does she adorn herself with jewelry more than a simple pair of earrings, believing that it is best saved for special occasions. Her plum colored hair is usually pulled away from her face in some manner, be it a pony tail, braid, or simply brushed aside.

Aurou has crystal blue eyes that often reflect a look of mischievousness. Her skin is pale grey with white stripes on her face, a mark of her Keeper lineage. Often she wears lightly applied cosmetics highlighting her eyes and lip stain of various hues. She keeps the fur on her tail meticulously brushed, never to let a hair be out of place. Her ears are usually erect so as to listen to conversations around her, though they often are a give away to her mood or feelings depending on how she holds them.

She speaks in a delicate Sharlayan accent, true to her roots. Her time spent abroad has gifted her the ability to mimic some of the local Eorzean accents that she is wont to use if in an uncomfortable social situation.

Personality and Demeanor

Aurou is an inquisitive woman by nature. She is curious to a fault, allowing her own need to know to get the better of her. She can range from bubbly to somber on any given sun depending on what is happening around her. She can be quick to anger if she feels she is being played or isn't getting her way. The Miqo'te often comes off as flirtatious and playful, enjoying banter and a good laugh (even at her own expense). She habitually will listen to talk before entering into conversation if there is other chatter happening before she approaches.

Aurou is the kind of person to always see 'the glass half full'. She's an optimist to the fullest extent of the term, looking for the bright side of every shadow to cross her path. She's not naive to the world, knowing the pain that Eorzea has suffered through it's years of warring and strife, but believes that no one can carry on for long with such a bleak outlook. She tries to lend confidence and positivity to others, nearly always smiling and remaining cheerful. Despite her usual happy and calm front that she puts on, she does tend to worry and fear for others - given away by a habit of laying one or both ears back when such a feeling overcomes her.

Skills and Education

Aurou is a trained mage with considerable Aetherical strength should she choose to apply herself. The daughter of a historian and spellmaster, she began both book and practical learning at a young age. Her formal training ended at the onset of the Calamity when she ventured out to begin life on her own. She maintains her studies as she travels, ever interested in pushing her abilities. As of late she has become more invested in her Conjury studies, wishing to be able to better aide her companions in healing.


Early Life (1554-1572)

Aurou was born during a springtime storm in the nation of Sharlayan to Kohta Mhirata and Reti'a Lyrenba. To her parents' delight, the young Miqo'te showed considerable prowess in her Aether manipulation lessons beginning in her third cycle. The daughter accompanied her parents while they lived in the Idyllshire settlement during it's final two cycles, returning to the nation in 1762. Her time spent on Eorzean soil had a lasting effect, driving the girl to spend more of her studies on it's history than on her spellcasting. After her 16th Namesday Aurou began following in her mother's footsteps, focusing on the country to the south.

Calamity and Aftermath (1572-1577)

Upon hearing news of the Red Moon descending upon Eorzea, Aurou was dispatched to the Dravanian Hinterlands to venture further south in hopes of documenting the happenings of the war between Eorzea and Garlemald where she found herself among a squadron of Maelstrom soldiers. She put both her writing and magical abilities to use as she documented the fighting and also rendered aid to fallen Eorzeans. Present during the Battle of Carteneau, she witnessed the final moments of Dalamud's decent before she was escorted to safer grounds. While fleeing from an almost certain death, Aurou's book of notes, experiences, interviews, and personal thoughts fell from her grasp forever to be lost. Feeling utterly defeated by both the turn of the war and the loss of work, she decided to remain in Eorzea to further assist in whatever way she could with the recovery before returning home to Sharlayan.

Aurou spent the next three cycles within Eorzean borders, trying to piece back together her lost work and further lend her hand to the recovery efforts of the war torn nation. She continued to record her experiences and meetings with those that she met during her stay. At the conclusion of the third cycle after Dalamud's fall, she returned home to share her stories and have them archived with other documented information on Eorzean history and culture.

Present - Her story thus far... (1577/1AE - ??)

Aurou again returned to Eorzea after the dust had completely settled and those who had vanished into the rift returned. Her fascination with the foreign country still as high as ever, she's settled into an inn room for a prolonged stay. She's allowed her focus to shift from Eorzea's conflict with it's neighbors to the citizens and their feats. Realizing that not all of the stories that she's run across are worth storing away with the dark history that she had previously covered, she began to keep a separate book to scribe these tales in.

Aurou has found herself to be at ease around the members of the Aeon Free Company based out of Ul'dah. For once in her adult life, she has found a place that might be worth staying around and people that she wouldn't mind keeping close to her. She now considers a majority of Aeon a makeshift 'family' and will do nearly anything for the lot. She has found deep friendship and love in one member of the Company, whom she is in an unwavering and devoted relationship with.

Aeon-specific History (1579/3AE)

This information is only to be used by members of Aeon and would not otherwise be known - Moved to [Aeon's Wiki]

Basic Info


Bustling cities and ports, meeting with travelers
Conversing, gossiping, and flirting
Collecting trinkets, particularly shiny or jeweled objects
Fair weather and warm climates
Fuzzy companion animals
Sitting in front of a fire to write
Competitions and challenges
Trading information and secrets
Learning of other cultures and traditions
The color blue
Herbal tea and berries
Visiting taverns and drinking


Listening to someone talk in circles
Physical combat and unnecessary violence
Repetitive chores and tasks
Being taken for a fool, tricked
Being addressed as 'Lady' or 'Miss'
Being seen as nothing more than a pretty face
Rain or windy weather, the cold
Extreme heights
Creatures that are capable of devouring her in a single bite
Hunting or gathering her own food


Names Day: 23rd Sun of the Second Umbral Moon, 1554
Birth place: Sharlayan
Guardian Deity: Nymeia
Chocobo: Sonnet
Alias: 'Quill' - a nickname bestowed upon her by her young bard friend Khuja'sae.
Alias: 'Fuschen' - a nickname bestowed upon her by her friend Norah, Mhigan for 'fox'.


Items that Aurou frequently has on her person, whether visible or stashed away

Quills, often kept tucked beneath a hair piece
Two or three small leather bound writing books
Canvas satchel

100 Questions

A dark, leather bound book; penned in an uniform and delicate script

-- This may be used to get a better idea of who Aurou is. Written completely IC. Click for a wall'o'text!

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Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Typical woman. Talk talk talk talk, always gabbin'." -Merchant
"I always see her sitting around the Quicksand, writing in her little book. She seems content to only keep her own company." -Merchant's Wife
"Aurou? Ha! Tha' one's a riot once th' drinks start flowin'." -Lominsan Fisherman
"Lady Aurou always looks right at home when she takes her time to speak to people in Ul'dah. She's always asking questions, she's quite inquisitive. Come to think of it, though... She never talks about herself." -Bookkeeper from the Thaumaturge's Guild
"Tha' girls always wit' a different man every time I see 'er. Sometimes she's even wit' a -woman-. She gets 'round, tha's all I'm sayin'." -Barkeep
"She shuuure knows sum *hic* good *hic* 'angover cures.. hehe." -Drunken Hyur

◢ Moderate Rumors (Somewhat difficult to overhear)
"She ain't much of a fighter. Heard tell that she was on th' field durin' The Battle o' Cartenau. Wonder 'ow true that is?" -Coliseum Fighter
"She'll do just about anything to get what she's after, if ye know what I mean." -Barkeep
"One day she's speakin' like the saltiest sailor t' ever sail Th' Indigo Deep, th' next she talks all proper an' fancy-like." -Traveling Lalafall

◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"The woman is a spy, plain and simple. Why else would she want to know so much?" -Speculating Elezan
"Ehh, 'spy' might be pushin' it. She's definitely a foreigner. Can't even wager a guess 'ere she's from, tho'." -Roegadyn countering Elezan
"I heard she's from Dravania!" -Eavesdropping Miqo'te

◢ PC Rumors (Written by other players, both Anonymous and Signed welcome)
"Quill is smart and beautiful. Why she tolerates me, I have no idea but... I'm glad I can call her a friend. It means a lot."-Khuja'sae Fashonti
"Aurou... let's see, she is a very smart scholar, a gentle and kind soul, nice to talk to, and quite the looker. I would be lying if I said I wasn't interested in her. Oh, last thing, if you hurt her...well...better not think about it, actually." - Leon Greymoon


| Romantic Interest | Platonic Love | Trusted Friend | Good Standing | Neutral Standing | Poor Standing | ~ Undecided | ! Recent Change |

People that Aurou looks forward to seeing and spending time with:

  Ja'ren A'lenthin ( ) - "Prankster * Lightweight * Fun"
A fellow writer, Aurou has only come to know Ja'ren recently despite his seniority among the Branded. He's offered her advice in regards to their predicament and seems to be an interesting individual. He has quite the sense of humor, something that she would not have guessed at first meeting. Aurou has come to learn that Ja'ren has very low alcohol tolerance and has vowed to help him work to increase it!

  Khuja'sae Fashonti ( ) - "Naive * Driven * Sweet"
Aurou also met Khuja at the same time as Leon. She finds the young bard endearing and sweet. She views him in the light of a smaller sibling, wanting to offer console and aid to the younger Miqo'te. She's promised to help him with reading and writing when the two have spare time. She somehow became the young man's first kiss and heartbreak through an unrequited love. She often will go out of her way to help the bard - be it his studies or music, healing, or even advice for his love-life now that he's moved on from her.

  Leon Greymoon ( ) - "Protector * Fearless * Love"
Aurou came across Leon while looking for one of his fellow Free Company members. After their initial meeting, the knight humored Aurou with a question and answer game to pass time on a few occasions. She quickly grew fond of their chatter, and always made an attempt to keep up contact with him. Aurou has come to see him as a friend and trusts the knight, worrying for him as he seems to never stop to think about himself. The two can often be found together, whether at Cliffperch or out to see a different part of Eorzea, chatting, flirting, and simply enjoying each others company. There is little question now if as to whether a spark has begun to ignite between the two Miqo'te. Aurou has professed her love for the man and wants nothing more than to see him happy and well. They often have spoken of what their future might hold and have recently passed over half a cycle together as a couple.

  Brave Horizon ( ) - "Strong * Confident * Friend"
Brave is a blunt, level-headed Roegadyn woman that Aurou has come to know through the Aeon Free Company. Along with Norah, Aurou served as a bridesmaid for Brave's Bonding Ceremony and helped to through an interesting bachelorette party. Brave recently made the choice to leave the Free Company in an effort to focus upon her married life, though she does visit on occasion.


People that Aurou has met or come across on several occasions and that have been memorable to her:

  Lute Hyrie ( ) - "Healer * Intellegant * Hard-working"
Lute first stumbled upon Cliffperch by mistake while looking for an estate to purchase for her business. The Miqo'te is often kept busy with her Grand Company obligations, and is quick to use her status to her advantage. She is one of the company healers, which Aurou respects very much.

  Ferus Ironlash ( ) - "Determined * Relentless * Grump"
A man of Mhigan decent that seems to always have a scowl upon his face. He is blunt, crude, and abrasive at times, as well as a man that one would never wish to face in battle. Aurou was wary of the man at first, but she has come to respect and value his contributions to Aeon. She does not always agree with his methods and would rather not know most of his techniques.

  Oyungunjin Kha ( ) - "Quiet * Caring * Unknown"
Gunjin is a man that Aurou would like to learn more about. He cares deeply for Khuja'sae - something that easily puts the Au Ra in good light to Aurou. Recently he had vanished, leaving the Branded and a number of acquaintances to search for him once a lead was found. He seems a gentle soul, driving Aur to want to watch over and worry for despite him being a good bit older.

  Leilani Leilai ( ) - "Precious * Eager * Energetic"
Leilani is without a doubt the smallest Branded. The young Bard has the ability to brighten even the darkest of days and put a smile upon everyone's face.

  Tyonis Magstrom ( ) - "Crude * Deceiving * Charismatic"
One of Aurou's first encounters with a member of Aeon, the masked man tricked her into serving as bait for a questionable job. His abrasive and crude nature gives her pause and leaves her weary in his presence. Surely the man has some redeeming quality about it?

  Altani Mol ( ) - "Caring * Fierce * Bright"
A fellow Branded. The Xaela is a bright little bundle of energy that Aurou finds endearing. While she knows next to nothing about the woman, Aurou has been enjoying the Au Ra's company and finds her to be a fun personality.

  Rei'li Niraj ( ) - "Gentle * Calm * Strong "
Rei'li is Leon's half brother. She respects the soft-spoken Keeper and finds him to be quite the gentleman. She attended his Bonding ceremony and hopes to someday meet the family that he keeps hidden away from the trouble surrounding the Free Company.

  Kairen Ollerus ( ) - "Mysterious"
Kairen is Ferus' fiance. Some confusion lingers regarding the Miqo'te's allegiance - she was, or perhaps still is, a Garlean operative of some sort. Aurou doesn't feel that she knows the woman well at all.

  Suen Shyu ( ) - "Quirky * Young * Adventurous"
Suen is a younger Keeper that has a strange obsession with Garlean technology. She is a natural born Hearer and inexperienced conjurer. Aurou wishes to see the girl do well and does what she can to offer assistance.

  Izanami 'Mayon' Stormcaller ( ) - "Haphazardous * Energetic * Unwavering"
'Mayon' is another that Aurou met through Leon. The young Au Ra causes her some concern with the trouble that the girl always seems to manage to get into. Friendly and upbeat, Aurou can't help but like her despite the worry she brings.

  Tiergan Vashir ( ) - "???"
A more reclusive member of Aeon that Aurou has met on a few occasions. She fondly recalls her first night spent at Cliffperch and the smell of cookies that the Miqo'te man helped to bake late into the night. More recent events have left her questioning several things, wondering more about this quiet man and also a strange trinket in his possession. Whenever he is within a certain vicinity of her a distance crosses her gaze...

Ways Parted

People that Aurou has lost touch with:

  Reima Awen ( ) - "???"
Aurou finds the quiet Hyur woman to be a beacon of light to her friends. She notices just how much others seem to care for Reima, and is coming to see that for herself as well. Reima vanished without a trace moons ago.

  Flickering Ember ( ) - "Caring * Benevolent * Innocent"
Ember is another interesting person to Aurou. She's spoken to the child-like woman a few times, forming a loose friendship through their interactions. She sees Ember as someone to watch over when she's around, the Roe's unquestioning trust in Aurou is something that she has yet to come across in anyone else. Aurou has not seen Ember in moons and worries that something dire might have happened to the woman.

  Kail Gerrad ( ) - "Entertaining * Surprising * Trusted"
Her first encounter with Kail was an eve where he was dressed (as far as she knows) as a pirate for costume party, leading her to call him a 'Captain' through banter among the group. To this day she still views him as a Captain: a salty and drunk sailor that looks out for his crew. Her respect for the sea-dog grows by the day, though she still knows little about him. Aurou began to see the pirate in a different light after aiding him and Norah to care for a group of refugees.

  Shinorah Nightsbane ( ) - "Intelligent * Resolute * Powerful"
Always a gracious host when she is around, Aurou has come to see the older woman as a friend. She is pleasant company and a welcomed female presence to confer with. Norah aided her in understanding troublesome dreams, serving as someone that she felt safe to confide in and begin to trust. Aurou has come to realize that once the Mhigan has set her sights on something, she's hard to persuade otherwise - causing some concern for the woman's well being.

  Broenfarr Niunglsyn ( ) - "???"
While she's only met the energetic Roegadyn a few times, each has been a memorable event. His antics entertain her, making her look forward to his next appearance. Aurou's respect for the man has grown leaps and bounds as he looks out for Khuja'sae, which ultimately lead to the younger Miqo'te to land his current job.

  Aruktai Olkund ( ) - "???"
An Auri refugee and fellow Branded. Aurou finds his customs curious and his personality delightful, even when other friends find the man to be repetitive and rather strange.

  Shattered Sword ( ) - "???"
Aurou's first meeting with Sword was at the Aeon Company pie swap. His boisterous demeanor and ability to banter with her brings a smile to her face whenever she sees (or hears) the Roegadyn nearby.

  Sataka Tanshi ( ) - "???"
Aurou met the towering Au Ra man while chasing rumors in The Goblet. His innocent outlook and curiosity with the world around him captivated her. The mystery surrounding the man (even to himself) only further grabbed her attention. She finds his presence calming and somewhat comforting.

Enemies & Rivals

People that have left a profoundly negative impact on Aurou:


Footnotes and OOC

Please feel free to utilize any of the above information in RP, but make sure that it would make sense for your character to know such things. I rarely will pre-coordinate RP's and even more rarely will allow for do-overs. I like for my interactions to be as organic and free flowing as possible! It's more fun that way~ Feel free to contact me in game (on the Balmung server) or via the RPC. I play during EST evenings and nights, and also can be found online throughout the day during the weekends.

I will feed plot hooks and hints as I see fit based on the amount of interaction given. Aurou, by nature and design, is a somewhat secretive character about her own history. It may take two or three sessions before she feels that she can trust another enough to open up. She is not an open book, a relationship must be built or be in the works.

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