Altani Olkund

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Altani Olkund
"I do as I must, when I deem it and how I desire to do so, whether people like it or not."

Altani Olkund.png

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RACE & CLAN... Au Ra Xaela

GENDER... Female

AGE & NAMEDAY... 35 (15th Sun/4th Umbral)






OCCUPATION... Noblewoman/Information Broker


HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 5 fulms, 5 ilms/126 ponz


A woman known for her lack of personality in public, Altani is puzzling to anyone who barely knows her. Though her demeanor seems polite, it is clear she is not kind and most of her compliments are easily insults. Professionalism is key in her behavior and she only interacts if there is a need to whatever agenda she has. In battle, she shows no mercy, not even when her opponent begs. The same behavior applies to her negotiation skills, though she is clever enough to manipulate things always to her benefit, even at the cost of morals. As an Arcanist and a Summoner, Altani's main Egi is Ifrit. Somehow her Ifrit has develop a sort of 'personality' which seems to cause constant banter between it and its mistress. Altani however seems to trust the creature fully, to the extent of sometimes not even needing words in combat for it to do act as she expects.

Her personality does change in more private situations and with people she is close. The facade of a cunning and cruel woman turns into a caring and devoted mother of her son Atherion. To those she cares even if she does not openly admits it, she clearly is protective and almost takes the role of guardian.


As a Xaela, Altani has dark skin with an almost dusky blue hue. Her blue hair is long and straight, rarely decorated by anything. Her red eyes are incredibly bright even in the dark. With a curvier form and delicate features, the woman seems to be easily physical harm. This is far from truth as she is quite agile in her feet. That said, if a hit does connect, it does harm her considerably.

Altani favors tight fitting clothes and pants. On more formal occasions, she wears long dresses in various colors, though she keeps always from using black. In her hand her wedding band is still present.


Punctuality. Be on time or don't arrive at all.
History. The past has much to teach to those willing to learn.
Wine. Only rosé, red wine is too dry and white wine is too sweet.


Greed. To desire more than you need is to show little care for those who have none.
Cruelty. If one has power and uses it for harm they are nothing but monsters,.
Unnecessary aggression. Violence without meaning is just another form of barbarism.


Never Lies. Altani never lies. She simply omits information.
Prone to Pride. Because of her position and her high degree of education, Altani often looks down on others. This is partially accidental.
Fiery Personality. She doesn't show it, but anger her enough and it would be lucky if you come out unscathed.





Color Key
In A Relationship: Altani is romantically involved with this character.
Romantic Attraction: Altani is romantically interested in this character.
Sexual Attraction Altani is physically interested in this character.

Platonic Love/Family: Altani considers this person family.
Friend: Altani considers this person her friend.
Friendly Acquaintance: Altani considers this person mostly friendly, or as an ally.

Good Standing: Altani has no specific feelings about this character, however they left a good impression.
Neutral: Altani has no specific feelings about this character.
Bad Standing: Altani has no specific feelings about this character, however they left a bad impression.

Dislike: Altani doesn't consider this person a friend, and will talk if needed, but try to avoid them.
Hate: Altani consider this person an annoyance, and will try to avoid them. Conflict can happen.
Fear: Altani is terrified by this character, and will try to avoid them at all cost.
Rivalry: Altani consider this person a rival, and will try to initiate conflict every time she gets to meet them.

Family Member: This character is related by blood or marriage to Altani.
Business: This character is either an Altani's employer, employee, or coworker.
Deceased: This character has passed away.
? Hidden Feelings/Unknown: This character has one of all the color keys above, but Altani isn't fully aware of it yet.


Athrune Rhun (Atheloux Dreliere) ( ) ( PC - Retired ) - Beloved Husband
Athrune Leih Page.jpeg

"I told you not to go, you foolish man. It was already a losing battle but you had to be a hero. Now I am alone without you, raising our son. YOUR son. A son who needs his father. Why did you leave me behind, Atheloux? Why did you made me swear to continue your work? Had I not love you... Perhaps I would be free. And yet... I would never change the time we share."

A chance meeting after her exile lead her to become Athrune's confidant and friend. Over time they became lovers, though her desire to explore her new home kept her from settling down with him. She knew every detail of his life, every bit of his personality and only desired to be at his side for the rest of their lives. The two even spoke of taking Leih, the man's adoptive sister, and move back to Ishgard, but his death in Carteneau stop any future they could have. Before Dalamud and while still in the battlefield, Athrune and Altani wed and conceived a child, who Altani now raises on her own.

Even after five years, Altani still wears her wedding band to remember days past and to mourn what could have been should she had chosen to be by Athrune's side for longer than to follow her wanderlust.
Atherion Dreliere () - Darling Boy
"My darling boy, I have little to give to you. I can only protect you and pray you never face the hardships your father and I did. I wish you knew the great man that sire you, but he is gone and there is nothing I can do to change that. All I can do is love you double and pray you believe when I say your father would have loved you dearly."

The greatest gift Athrune left Altani is their son Atherion. A bright and energetic boy raised under the watchful eye of his mother and paternal grandparents, Atherion has never lack anything in life. He grew up listening to stories about his father's days as a Dragoon and now on stories about the adoptive aunt he has yet to meet. Altani is very protective of her son and rarely stays away from him long. She is also very careful with whom the boy interacts, well aware that though they are part of a minor noble house, that is still enough to be a target.
Gareaux Dreliere () - Lord Father
Lord Dreliere.png

"My dear Lord Father, I am forever grateful. You opened your home and family to me, a complete stranger, even before you knew I was to bear your grandson. I deserve only your ire. I was your son's wife. I should have stop him and bring him home to you. I cannot change the past, but perhaps one day I can repay your kindness."

Altani's father-in-law and mentor, she has the utmost respect for the man and sees him as close to a father as possible. He welcomed her into his family even before her pregnancy was known and treated her like family despite her marriage only lasting a day. Both are in agreement that when the time comes, he will take Leih Rhun, the girl Athrune spent half his life raising, as part of the House. She keeps him informed on many developments and acts as his Spy Master.
Elise Dreliere () - Lady Mother
Lady Dreliere.png

"Sweet Lady Mother, I have no words to express how much I cherish you. I just pray I am ever worthy of the trust you have placed in me."

Just like her husband, Lady Dreliere quickly accepted Altani into the family and became a mentor figure to the younger woman. Being a Hyur, she knew it was at times difficult to be part of a Elezen noble family, especially when bearing the heir. She guided the tribal Altani into behaving like a noblewoman and help her raise little Atherion. She also supported her daughter-in-law as she grieverd for Athrune, finding it easier to bear the loss of her son by having Altani as her friend. Over time just like once Altani had been Athrune's confidant, she is now Lady Dreliere's closest friend and confidant.
Orbei Olkund () - Father
Orbei Olkund.png

"Father... what a joke. I hate you. I hate you so much. You are the reason Anarba did what she did. You drove mother away. You are why I was kicked out from my home. I won't let your taint harm what I have. I am better than you. What you did to Yoshiko was... unspeakable. You are a monster that deserves nothing but death. I pray to whatever gods exist that I shall be the one to deliver your rightful fate. In the meantime I will protect Kagero from you. What you did to your daughters will not happen to your son. I won, Father. You will never hurt your son... and you will never see your grandson."

Altani's father was never a good man. He found joy in torture and other unspeakable acts. He tortured his own family, which drove his youngest daughter to seek refuge in forbidden magic. And in the end rather than protect his family he accused them of using forbidden magic, all except Altani whom he kept to continue torturing. His wife Anura and his youngest daughter Anarba died, both killed by their own tribe. He eventually kidnapped a young Raen named Yoshiko Eiji and forced her to bear him a son named Kagero. He then killed Yoshiko and was about to kill Altani when the younger woman retaliated by cutting his hand with his own sword. Altani was accused of attempted patricide and was exiled, much to her father's delight. In the end she had the last laugh and took an infant Kagero with her to Eorzea where she raised the boy away from their psychotic father.
Anura Olkund () - Mother
Anura Olkund.png

"Why mother? Why someone as beautiful and kind as you chose Father of all men? You should have protected me... Protected Anarba... I want to love you. To forgive you. But there is so much to forgive. I can not even understand your decisions. Perhaps one day I will be wise enough. For now, all I can think is that I do regret you are not alive. Other than that, I can not say I miss you."

Anura and Altani were once closed, but when her mother did not even attempt to protect her and her sister, Altani grew resentful. Anura never confronted her mate, instead let him do as he pleased. She did not even fought when she was accused and condemned to death. If anything, she seemed relieved.

Even after almost fifteen years since her mother's death, Altani is not sure how she feels on the matter. A part of her loves Anura and misses her, but for the most part she has yet to forgive her.
Anarba Olkund () - Sister
Anarba Olkund.png

"My Anarba... you stupid, kind child. Even after so many years I still regret not being able to protect you. To keep you from the harm that monster that sired us did to us. If I had been stronger and braver... maybe you would still be here. I can imagine you teaching Atherion songs and inventing the most silly games. You would have been a great healer. Instead, my mistake turned you into a pawn of the void."

As children, Anarba and Altani were incredibly close. They cling to each other for support as their father tortured them and spoke of many dreams for the future. Truthfully, had it not been for Anarba, Altani would have never survived the years she lived with her father. The day Anarba sought the aid of voidsents to end her father's life and in return was killed along with her mother was one of the greatest blows to Altani. Yet even in the grave, it was Anarba's memory that gave Altani the courage to keep living and fight her father. Even the decision to save Kagero came from the desire to in some way honor Anarba's memory.
Yoshiko Eiji () - Kagero's Mother
Yoshiko Eiji.png

"I am grateful, Yoshi... Your kind words, your warm heart... It made me believe there was something better out there. You did for me what my mother never did.Even though my father did so many horrible things to you, you protected me. You are gone now, but I will protect your child. I will ensure he is safe and he will grow to be a good man. You have my word."

Yoshiko was a sweet woman that found herself captured and tortured by Orbei. Despite being the daughter of her captor, she always protected Altani and gave her words of encouragement. This companionship gave them both the strength to endure for months. In secret, she beg a teenage Altani to protect her unborn baby, something Altani did without thinking twice. When Orbei went too kill them, she took the blow meant for Altani, dying first. Her sacrifice was the spark that gave Altani courage to fight back and take her half-brother away.
Elsanne Vierent () - Lady-in-Waiting

"Ely, you are so sweet and innocent. Just like my Anarba was. You listen to my woes and help keep what little sanity I have left. In exchange I swear I will protect you, my dear friend.

A young woman that became Altani's Lady-in-waiting and Atherion's nanny. She was an orphaned peasant found by one of the knights of House Dreliere. Upon meeting a then pregnant Altani, the two seem to get along well and the young orphan was raised from kitchen staff to Lady-in-Waiting. Elsanne is very fond of her lady and the two women act like friends in private rather than a noble and servant. In public, the demeanor is more professional, though Altani is fond of Elsanne's antics and her once in a while lack of tact among the nobility. She is in charge of Atherion's education, which aids her own. Currently she is engaged to a young dragoon and is expecting his child.


Kagero Ittetsu (Kagero Eiji) () - Little Brother
Kagero Jizutsu.png

"Little Kagero, what am I to do with you? You are so energetic and kind. Without doubt you are far better than me. I want you to live your life... and yet I fear to lose you. But you will leave when you are ready, and I shall wave and smile, proud of the man you will be."

Altani's younger half-brother, whom she gave a fake last name for protection. The two are fairly close, though Kagero has become more rebellious in his teenage years. Kagero has decided to train as a Monk and has left for a long time with a mentor. He and his sister write to each other often and once in a while their travels allow them to cross path. Altani never lied to him about their father or what happened to his mother, but rather than separate them, the truth made them even closer.
Orianne Elandril ( ? ) - Ori
"You say I saved you, but you saved me as well. I was lost and alone and so were you. Now we can be alone together. I just wonder... why do you cause me to doubt my own heart?"

Altani's closest friend and partner, Orianne is the one person Altani trusts with everything. After saving her from a checkered past, Orianne has worked with Altani and in time the two became close friends. Though she calls Orianne 'sister' at times, the truth of the matter is that Altani is unaware of how exactly she feels about the Elezen. Their partnership has been long and there is no one who knows her as well as Orianne, yet Altani continues to evade any advances. As time goes by, the Au Ra has begun to wonder how long she can continue that.
Leih Rhun () - Foolish Girl
"When are you going to learn, you foolish girl? You can not walk your life with your heart on your sleeve and hoping things will get better. And yet I am jealous of you. Of your innocence and kindness. No wonder Athrune loved you so much. Perhaps I do too, but I am to bitter to admit it."

As Leih's 'secret guardian', Altani is incredibly protective of the girl. Because of various factors, among them her pregnancy, she did not take Leih from the streets of Ul'dah after the Calamity. Instead, she began searching for Leih's remaining family in an effort to reunite the girl to any possible family. When Heidrek Warsong appeared in the picture, the woman decided to let fate dictate Leih's future, for the most part. She still keeps working to protect Leih from a threat the young Miqo'te is not even aware of.
Ilan Faust () - Ser Faust
"I have the utmost respect for Ser Faust's skills. He seems a level headed man, something often lacking in Eorzea. I have no complains for the work he has done for me so far."

A man Altani hired to protect Leih in secret. She seemed to have come to respect him, possibly because he does not waste time on formalities or stupidity, and trusts him to certain degree. He is perhaps one of a handful of people the Au Ra has nothing bad to say about.
Heidrek Warsong () - Fool
"I have never met such a foolish, annoying, infuriating man! Spirits and Gods, why, of all the people in Eorzea, he is the one I have to deal with? Regardless, for his lack of brains he does have his heart in the right place. I do not know if that matters, but he does give Leih a sense of stability and family. I would never admit it, but I respect him... and I might be grateful. SLIGHTLY grateful..."

The relationship between Altani and Heidrek might seemed negative, and it mostly IS negative, but despite that, she clearly has some trust in the Highlander. And though she would never admit it, she is grateful for his involvement and appreciates his effot to keep Leih safe. To certain extent she even considers him the closest thing to a friend.
Aaron Frostheart () - Ser Frostheart
"Hmm... I am not sure what I think of the man... He is odd. That said he has been good to Leih and an annoyance to Warsong. That is enough for me. I still think he is a fool."

Not precisely Altani's favorite person, but certainly not her least favorite, Aaron is really a hard nut to crack for Altani. She is not sure if she should be wary or more accepting of the man. Because of that conflict, she has decided to simply observe and enjoy when something Aaron does angers Heidrek.
Shaedrea Nulhan () - The Beast
"You are just like my father. Doing as you please, hurting innocent people without care. What has that child ever done to you, Shaedrea? Is your jealousy so great you must hurt a poor innocent girl that has not even the slightest idea about the parents she never met? You are sick... disgusting... an aberration. I swear I will end you, one way or the other."

They have only met once, and it was enough. The hate between Shaedrea and Altani seems to have no limits. Both have sworn to end each other lives, and if there is one thing Altani keeps is her oaths. One day she will get the woman for all the suffering she has caused. And on that day she will make sure Shaedrea begs for her own death.


Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!
◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Lady Olkund has always been very private. Then again, there is little to know about someone constantly traveling." - Ishgadian Noble
"I heard she refuses any man or woman that proposes to her. It is why she still wears her wedding band." - Dreliere's Maid
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"The poor dear... She stares at young master Atheloux's portrait for hours at time. I remember the day her son was born she called his name over and over." - Midwife
"She is quite skilled with swords. I saw one hidden in her chambers. It even has some blood." - Bodyguard
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"She was kicked out of her tribe for trying to murder her father. Or so is the rumor." - Traveling Xaela


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!
"My sister, my friend, my savior. I would go to the ends of the Seven Hells, for her. Problem is, I expect she'd demand to keep me company along the way." - Orianne Elandril
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Personal RP Limits
I will play Anything really. I have a pretty high tolerance for most RP. Just certain limits.
Ask about significant injuries that will require significant healing and rehab to overcome, killing or disfigurement.
I won't play Graphic Rape scenes, graphic child abuse. Background? Okay. Fade to black? Sure.
Communication is key for me. So don't be scared of poking me OOCly if you want a scene to go one way or the other.


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Potential Plot Hooks

I play Altani very rarely, but most of the time she is found in the main City-States. She is always looking for new contacts and is especially interested in meeting anyone from Othard or Doma. She is also prone to help anyone in need, though that is a bit of a secret, so shhhhh. She's not a good person...... Okay she is, but she shall never admit it!


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