Alveo Soulseeker

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Alveo Camp
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"I been around a bit by now-- enough to know that everything I've ever laid eyes on will crumble, and I'll always be around to watch."
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsan
Age 20
Alignment Neutral
Marital Status Single
Occupation Vagrant
Height/Weight 5'9" / 148 lbs
Orientation Heterosexual

Alveo "Soulseeker" Camp (pronounced /Awl-vay-oh/) (5th Sun, Fourth Umbral Moon (Aug 05)) is a refugee from an unnamed port town in the Garlean Empire. He is of mixed Garlean and Ishgardian descent, however, this is not known to him.

Allegedly loyal to the Archbishop and Holy See of Ishgard, Alveo is a decorated dragoon of House Dzemael. Cursed with a limited degree of immortality and doomed to await the end of the world, there is little left of the world the midlander has not seen. In his bitterness and exhausted attitude toward life itself, he secretly cares little for any person or material thing.
His face is host to three scars-- One wide cut on his left cheekbone, a slash across the bridge of his nose, and a long, jagged and vertical scar over his right eye, the iris and pupil of which are slightly cloudy and dull. In speech, his voice is monotonous and quiet with a mid-pitched and scratchy timbre. Alveo speaks with the equivalent of an American accent (west coast), occasionally using mariners' jargon.
A white cotton mask, smudged and faintly stained with blood, typically covers his face; otherwise, the mask hangs loosely about his neck. He has a weathered fishing knife and a small, seashell-shaped charm on his person at all times, although he rarely displays either in public.

Current Events

Alveo has allegedly been sighted in Ul'dah. His motives for returning are unknown.


Alveo Soulseeker, given the name Alveo Camp by his father, used to be the inquisitive and intelligent sort. Born on high seas on a small vessel (the name of which he does not know), Alveo lost his mother shortly after he was born. The kid, himself, does not know much about his early childhood; only that he was taught to sail since the day he could walk. His father, Alan Camp, reportedly died in a horrid squall when the boy was only six years old, although in reality, the man had sacrificed himself in an occult ritual to buy his son more time to combat his curse. Alveo was taken into an orphanage, and spent many days staring out the window and pondering the meaning of his own existence. There were many books in the orphanage, and Alveo read them all, finding no answers to his questioning and no reason to live. At the age of seventeen, finally filled to the breaking point with existential dread, Alveo forsook his fathers surname, replacing it with "Soulseeker", before leaving the orphanage that had cared for him for far too long. While wandering the streets of a port several miles north of his old home, he was told by a friendly Dragoon, who had taken pity on Alweo's plight, that a soldier's life might shed some light on his questioning. Eager to find a reason for his very existence, and knowing that Eorzea had been stricken with hardship and strife for a couple years or so, Alweo Soulseeker set out to that land, hoping that the life of a sellsword might help him find a reason to live, which he commonly refers to as "a soul".
Shortly after joining the Harbingers' Martial Branch, Al began exhibiting symptoms of undeath, with hair falling out and skin peeling/rotting away. Ultimately, limbs and other body parts began falling apart, as well as his mind. He ended up assaulting Val Nunh and several other Harbingers on the beach, injuring nearly all involved. Via Alveo's own prayer spike, a catalyst for Oschon's work, Al's soul was spared in the last moments before what could have easily been his death.
In the aftermath of the incident, Alveo was wary of his comrades, knowing that many were suspicious of his swift recovery and that some might even accuse him of necromancy. It was known by a select few in the company that Al was constantly stalked/watched by a distant, malevolent form. In the presence of voidsent and other cursed anomalies, Al's resistence to this presence was weakened, and he became extremely vulnerable to its pressure and goading. This could cause regression to an undead state, and depending on the intensity of this progression, could cause Al to become incredibly hostile, as well increase his combat prowess and endurance astronomically at the cost of normal bodily integrity, organ function, and humanity.
Troubled by the resurgence and transmission of his curse to his Miqo'te companion, Rynn, Alveo deserted his free company, The Harbingers of Dawn, for a lengthy period of time, if only to avoid what he assumed would be the shackled treatment the company would give him. Kidnapping Rynn and destructively escaping his own home, he fled to the deserts of Thanalan, where he hid for two weeks while struggling to find an identity for his ailment. During this time, Alveo and Rynn became very close, and nearly inseparable, and Al came to view his Miqo'te companion in the way of a little brother.
After finding passage in exchange for a considerable amount of debt, Alveo set sail for the Garlean Empire in hopes of finding records of his father, and in turn, a hint as to the origin of his curse. Upon arrival in the small port town that he had grown up in, he covertly found the documents in question, but was apprehended in the process, and imprisoned for an unspecified number of days. When sexually assaulted by his cell mate, Alveo fainted and subsequently regressed to a fully undead state, murdering his assaulter and violently escaping the compound, killing all but one guard in the facility.
Alveo returned to Limsa Lominsa in a battered and weakened condition, weary beyond belief and nearly broken, if not for the hope that his finds had given him. Upon examination of the records, it was determined that a lich had cursed Alveo for the sins of his father, who had murdered the lich's flesh form itself, a Garlean engineer by the name of Illear. With this information, Alveo set out to find a means to summon the lich and slay it, and in turn, break his curse. Jancis, the healer, and a woman of Al's fancy, volunteered to assist him, and the two set out to Gridania, hoping to find Rynn and seek advice for the summon.
The day after their arrival in Gridania, Alveo and Jancis lured the foul lich Illear into combat. After brief moments of struggle, Jancis unintentionally summoned the soul of Alveo's father, Alan, which quickly seized control of Alveo's body and vanquished it's old foe with little effort. When Alveo regained consciousness after the combat ended, the pair hastily returned to La Noscea, where Alveo hesitantly confessed his attraction to Jancis. Upon realizing that the feeling was mutual, the two agreed to court.
From that point forward, Alveo focused on both seeking the art of the Dragoon and his growing fondness for Jancis. He trained tirelessly and on a daily basis, becoming a more formidable combatant at a rapid pace. His relationship with Jancis began to make him question his plans for life after soldiering, and became a great source of internal conflict for him.
Alveo quietly resigned from his first free company, the Harbingers of Dawn, in hopes of finding a new start. After freeing himself of debt due to a combination of Jancis's and his own efforts, he moved to Ul'dah in search of honest work. After only a few days, he received an reenlistment offer from the Maelstrom, and transferred to The Coral Sea with an immediate promotion to Sergeant Third Class, taking Jancis with him and returning to Limsa Lominsa.
After familiarizing himself with his new unit, going on one short deployment with the Maelstrom, and ironing out a few more rough patches with his lover, Alveo proposed to Jancis on the 30th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon.
Shortly after his proposal, Alveo was summoned for a campaign in Ishgard and taken with wanderlust, disappearing with little advance notice. While in the north, Alveo fought nearly constantly against the Dravanians and never took leave from duty during the length of the campaign. His tenacity in combat and wanton disregard for his own physical condition (having been reported as "killed in action" four times throughout the campaign) earned him numerous honors from House Dzemael, and he was briefly given command of his own squadron for the last months of the campaign. When operations slowed to a halt, Alveo was released from duty, and he proceeded to wander the frozen wastes alone, contemplating the purpose of his seemingly ceaseless existence.


As a master dragoon, Alveo prefers a head-on, penetrating assault, furiously and repeatedly lunging at his target's defense in forceful and speedy attempts to break any guard. Knowing that jumps are not very effective in one-on-one combat with smaller targets, he tends to use his capabilities purely for speed and mobility, skipping and vaulting to dodge counterattacks and maneuver around his opponents with advanced and practiced agility.
Alveo is also skilled in stealthy approaches and "loud" assassinations (typically via jumping on an unsuspecting or otherwise distracted target), and is adequately proficient with knives and unarmed combat.
Knowing somewhat of the extended limits of his mortality, his actions in combat will become extremely reckless and apparently suicidal to the common observer. Having no fear of death, Alveo will always fight until he is subdued, only to recover over an extensive period of time. Upon recovery, the fighter will always seek out his enemy, time and time again.
-Dragonfire: Alveo's reinforced soul allows him, on occasion, to unleash a hellish burst of heat when combat ebbs against his favor. This generally incinerates all objects within several yalms of him, and quickly vaporizes a specific target should he get within arm's reach.(Never used against player characters)
  • During a long period of rage, Alveo trained specifically to kill shield-wielding Sultansworn. In this training, a great talent for breaking and penetrating shields was realized, although more seasoned combatants with better hardware may avoid this.

Military Career: Maelstrom

Work In Progress
Having enlisted immediately after arrival in Eorzea, Alveo has had ties to the Maelstrom for the great majority of his time on the continent, though lately those ties have become much more apparent. After showing nearly flawless skills in navigation and sailing, the enlistee was given a head start with an initial rank of Corporal and welcomed into the Grand Company's ranks. While his record with the less organized Free Companies is spotty at best, his performance reviews on Grand Company prospects never cease to soar.
After resigning from his first unit, Alveo was not away for long before receiving new orders and, should he accept an extension to his enlistment, a promotion to Storm Sergeant Third Class. Since he was looking for work, the enlistment extension was a perfect answer to the midlander, so he set off in earnest to find his new unit, The Coral Sea.
Alveo has gone on one short Maelstrom deployment since his reenlistment.
Due to a misunderstanding and a report of a training incident gone awry, Alveo nearly deserted the Storm due to a conflict of loyalty. With the issue resolved, and due to his importance to Maelstrom intelligence gathering, he was cleared of a desertion charge and given a reprimand in lieu of harsher punishment.
Al's regular duties included supervision of cargo offloading in Limsa Lominsa, as well as occasional deliveries of shipment manifests, unit coordination notes, and weather-specific navigation information between Thanalan and La Noscea. He also delivered "quiet reports" to Maelstrom HQ about the state of Ul'dah's military after each visit.
Alveo currently retains only loose ties with the Storm.


-The Sun
-Clutter (Easily entertained with garbage and scrap)
-Alcohol; brandy, rum
-Anything related to his training
-Magitek (Secret Fascination)
-Sweet foods
-Being rushed
-Distance from the sea
-Females (Unspoken Misogynist)

Spoilers and Symbolism

As a means of vengeance against his father, Alveo was cursed with undeath by a void lich at birth. While he managed to partially break the curse, this only alleviated the physical symptoms, and he is still fated to walk the earth until the end of time, never dying, only to decay with age and go insane. This does not mean he is invincible, only that he will lose consciousness if inflicted with mortal wounds.
Technically, Alveo is undead, rather than immortal.

PC Standings and Rumors


Remember that some of these may or may not be true. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!
◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"He's rude. Not just to me, to everyone."
"Everything he says is cold. Dunno if it's his voice or his eyes."
"I swore the peasant would ask me for coin. Turns out he ain't a beggar, though."
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"I knew that guy. Used to help him clean up his dirty laundry, if you get my drift. Good for his coin."
"If you ever manage to get him to talk, you're in for a good story. Poor bastard, though."
"Didn't see him for a year or so. He was better kept back then, guess he forgot how to clean himself up."
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
(Almost Never)"Heard he's Garlean. Don't talk to him."
"He stopped a massive dragon before it could get to Gridania."
(In Lower La Noscea) "I swear I saw 'im fly once, a long time ago, while 'e was fightin' some freak. Swear on me mum!"
"Ol' Al... I don't think he knows he's human an'more. Poor sod just sees himself as some sort of tool 'r machine. A weapon. Used t'have a light in his eyes, ain't there no more."
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players, add stuff at will)
"Forgive me, but I will not entertain any thoughts of the like. He will return from the North." -Jancis Milburga


Romantic Interest     Ally     Acquainted     Unfriendly

Jancis Milburga : A vague memory of past commitment, Alveo was once engaged to a woman by this name. After a sudden, lengthy deployment and the recognition of his doomed existence, Alveo sees no purpose in contacting her, as she will inevitably pass away and he cannot.


1 "Healer of the Pride" - Dikembe
2 "The Old Dragonslayer" Metal Cover - LittleVMills (Alveo's Combat Theme)