Jancis Milburga

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 Jancis Milburga
Ffxiv 05032014 021437.png
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Gridania Limsa (Nomad)
Age Between 27-30 (Unknown)
Occupation Conjurer/Healer
Height/Weight 5 fulms, 2 ilms / 115 ponz
Guardian Thaliak, the Scholar
Other Given Names
  • Milly
  • Solkeim "Blessed Violet"
  • Kindheart
  • de Bayle
  • Jan, Janjan
  • Janny, Janni
  • Jan Pie-Bane
  • Orator
  • of the Calm Light
  • Little Dove

Jancis Milburga, a midlander hyur, is a merchant's daughter orphaned in the Twelveswood and forced to come into her own.

Jancis is currently:

  • Travelling to Kugane and territory around Doma to find a 'mythical' beast to assist with her venom antidotes.
  • Exploring remote parts of Gyr Abania for flora and fauna opportunities.
  • Searching for a means to free the hold of the Ruby Shadow upon her.
  • Giving sermons monthly.


Jancis by Meishali. Gift from Artist

First Glance

Spoken that meet Jancis will usually get wide eyes and an blatant observing unassuming look at them.

She'll say hello, bow, and typically call people "Lord" or "Lady" without question.

Happy and honest, she looks a bit naive, optimistic, and helpful.

Dressed in cloth and robes with healer supplies with markings of being a conjurer.

Hooks - Points of Approach

  • Healer - Conjury, Basic First Aid, Emergencies, Jancis looks ready to help.
  • Maelstrom - Fellow sailors might know her face.
  • Ishgardian Family - Seen about with the Ishgardian family De'bayle and kin.
  • Orator - Heard of from pilgrimages and sermons. Unorthodox and not a priestess.
  • Herbs - Gathers, gives, buys, or sells herbs and products.
  • War - Present at the last battle of the Dragonsong. In many of the GC battles in Gyr Abania as a medic.
  • Music - Has sung at amateur nights or played the harp for small crowds.
  • Children - Local nannies or foster families would know her. Aids in early child care.

  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Place of Birth: Unknown
  • Gender: Female
  • Race/Clan: Hyur Midlander
  • Social Class/Community Status: Reputable
  • Language: Eorzean Common
Physical Description
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Weight: 115ponz
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Eyes: Pale Green
  • Markings: Multiple Scars, Aether Signs
  • Typical Clothing/Equipment: Cloth armor, medic supplies, handkerchiefs
  • Personality/Attitude: INFP - The Idealist
  • Habits: Quoting
  • Patron: Thaliak
  • Residence: Nomad
  • Occupation: Medic, Plants
  • Family: De'Bayle


Jancis is overall quite plain in her manner of attire and appearance; clean and kept, she does not follow the fashion or trends of higher classes or wear makeup.

Jancis by Meishali. Gift from Artist


Hair is a dark shiny brown - going into the purple/copper hue in certain light - with a gentle wave. It grows quickly and when long is kept in braids and wrapping ponytails to protect it during combat.

Eyes are a pale jade green and expressive. She has a mild mutation of Distichiasis making her eyelashes look darker.

Jancis has an alto voice range and no formal vocal training.


Her hands are warm and strong, lacking calluses, and she'll typically wear gloves to protect them. [Album of References] [Tumblr References]

Clothing ranges from robes to dresses. She has a fondness for leggings. Accompanied with T-strap shoes, button shoes, or boots. Decorations in her hair, usually a feather, or chains gems. Most of her garments are mended and well-kept, stitching and patches with a suture-like texture used in the thread.

Beyond what the character actually wears:

  • Has a plain handkerchief of cotton (not always the same one she constantly gives it away).
  • Typically has a small book-sized satchel containing basic medical supplies, a map, and a waterskin.
  • There is a wand or other natural-wood on her person or in her satchel.


Part of Jancis' fearless nature tends to leave her scarred. Her body has a myriad of soft tones of well-healed scars, but not all of them vanish as well as others.

  • A knife scar across her cheek done in a purposeful design which has stretched and faded as she's come into adulthood. Received as a child.
  • A keloid scar with a spider-like style with thin branches on her stomach and on her lower back; gotten from being impaled with a conjured stalagmite from Melfice Vainchelon in disguise.
  • Left leg has uneven texture from a zombie attack during the onslaught at Ul'dah's gates headed by Jin'li Epinoch.
  • Right shoulder has small jagged scars from the claws and teeth of a possessed imp attack. Received while rescuing L'aenoh Tia from a dark blood mage.
  • Three indented slots on her left side starting at her lower ribs which look like a giant fork stabbed her (which is what happened). Inflicted by Augustine Frost while under the influence of "Pink Primal" Memeli Meli.
  • Left arm has speckled skin coloring from burns and aether damage, a mix caused by Jana Ridah, Delial Grimsong, and fighting Louvel for Ja'ren A'lenthin.
  • Right hand has very faint white lines in the shape of teeth, caused by Reginald Ozrik biting her hand during an ordeal and healed hastily to lessen backlash.
  • Right torso under the ribs has a deep sword wound from a Ishgardian recluse after being attacked with Denz De'bayle.
  • Has a rune marking on her right shoulder-blade near the middle of her back. Tiergan Vashir explained the marking.
  • Prominent scars on her forearms, right leg, and hairline on the back of her head a bit shifted. Caused by an ceruleum explosion in Eastern Shroud while fighting off Garleans with Denz De'bayle and Barengar Armsbreaker.
  • A large soft red marking across the majority of her torso by her ribs over one third of her body, front and back, after surviving a cleave from an dark aether empowered sword. Matches the one on Denz De'bayle in reverse.


Jancis is awkward socially, ranging from blunt questions to over elaborate sentences as if talking in a storybook. She calls nearly everyone by some kind of title and will avoid saying the name of people she does not care about.

Having a kind heart, Jancis is very patient and forgiving with others. She's happiest when she is feeling useful and is a good follower. Has a soft spot for children and young animals, but in general she's very 'hands on' touching people on their arms or shoulders and taking their hands to make connection.

Fearless and willing to speak up to bring about understanding and clarification on matters she finds to be wrong, particularly if it is hurting someone. Defensive of friends and allies, or those she deems in duress, she will stand up in protection and literally block words or physical attempts of harm.

Combat - View/Behavior

Jancis Milburga - Art by Syrie Gift from Autochthon
  • Skills
  • Fearless While not very smart in battle, Jancis does not fear it. She will go in and try to support everyone she's an ally with regardless of her own safety.
  • Combat Healing As a conjurer, Jancis is sensitive to the elements and through training has become more sensitive to the aether and magicks around people she's close to, giving her an edge on healing serious conditions at crucial times.
  • Agile She's light of foot and quick to find a place she thinks will not hinder her allies.
  • Toxin Resistant She is trained in poisons and venoms, taking them herself in small doses to build up an immunity.
  • Weapons Trained with basics of a shield and staff. Usually does not have both at once and will two-hand whichever she has. Carries a wand and has natural items on her person at all times to form conjuration.
  • Hearing After years, "Turns", of study and meditation Jancis can focus and listen to the land, hearing the elementals and other aetheric presences.
  • Weaknesses
  • Melee Face-to-face with a foe that Jancis cannot gain distance on is a great vulnerability, keeping her on the defense.
  • Distraction Prone Jancis is typically too preoccupied watching her allies she fails to watch out for herself and would be an easy target.
  • Strength Her strength in a fight is limited, only available to carry wounded through sheer will. Climbing, holding on, or carrying can be done in short bursts.
  • Aether Sensitivity Despite having an innate ability with aether and conjury, battles with voidsent, dark aether, and multiple rituals have left her sensitive to corrupted aether, leaving her drained and exhausted after a significant encounter.
  • Vocal Being a conjurer, she relies on her voice to call out to the elements to assist her. Anything that would hinder that or interrupt her would leave her to rely on physical abilities alone.
  • Armor Armor weighs her down, despite training in some, the most she can wear is padded armor on her chest and waist - arms and feet are too heavy.


  • Hermit Upbringing Jancis grew up mostly on her own out in the wild of the Shroud. Her habits and words do not follow current culture 100%; she will use odd terms and not understand idioms.
  • Clothing Wearing pants her entire childhood, she compensates for typical 'style' by wearing leggings.
  • Kind Apologizes constantly. Thinks the best of people and is optimistic.
  • "Touchy" Tends to be hands-on with people, touching their arm or shoulder, and does not understand the concept of personal space.
  • Respecting Gives everyone a title, typically using their first name along with it. Lord, Lady, Master, Sir [Resource]


  • Honest Jancis is honest to a fault. She will not lie or tell a half-truth. The best she can do is not bring up a topic unless asked. She also complains and isn't cooperative if someone wants her to lie or is lying, calling them out and then correcting their words.
  • Trusting While someone have to give trust to earn trust, it makes her a pushover when given to the wrong people. Unless it's overly clear she thinks the best of everyone and their intentions, believing them to be the victims of misfortune or simply their good attempts failed. In very few cases has she deemed someone beyond mortal abilities to save from corruption.
  • Currency Concept Not growing up with gil, and seeing it as the useless material it is made out of doesn't really give it any value beyond what people tell her. She can't haggle and always overpays.
  • Fearless She is fearless and will come forward to defend someone, run up to help someone, reach out and touch things that could be dangerous. It's without a second thought.
  • Pain Hypersensitivity Being sensitive to others have made her overly-sensitive. Her hands are kept soft and able to feel problems, but that also leaves them prone to wounds and blisters that are not allowed to callus over so it happens over and over. Hot food is hot. Bitter things are bitter. Spicy foods are spicy! She will cry out when wounded and the only hardened part of her is her mind which endures it.

Developed Quirks

  • Baking Based off of a past horrific experience, Jancis does not use ovens. She will cook everything on stove-top or campfire.
  • Pie Jancis discovered a fondness for pie after working for a company in the Mist that had an affinity to have sweets around constantly, particularly rolanberry cheesecake. Luckily winning a pie-eating contest and hearing a song written about the unlikely victory, she has continued to hold a sentimental fondness for the pastry.
  • Infant Care After having her own child, Jancis continues to maintain supplies and aids with other infants and mothers in her travels. She has a large wealth of experience in new baby, and new mother, care.
  • Ill-favored Well aware of her lacking competence from past experiences, Jancis is quick to apologize and save others from making that mistake.
  • Children and young animals.
  • Feeling useful & following others.
  • Natural trinkets:flowers, sea shells, rocks, etc.
  • Being called by a nickname.
  • Fruit, by itself or in other things like drinks.
  • Music & poetry.
  • Mistrust and dishonesty.
  • The unnatural/voidsent.
  • Promises
  • Corrupted people, power grabbing, misconduct.
  • Being called "Child" or childish.
  • Starlight parties.
  • Reading/Writing
  • Healing Arts/Conjuring/Hearing
  • Poisons,Venoms, mithridatism and basic Herbal uses
  • Basic Cooking
  • Flower Pressing/Paper Making
  • Hand Harp/Singing


Jancis has no known family.

Mostly as an observer, Jancis finds herself lucky to be included to call folks an acquaintance or a friend. After the past nine years regularly around others and having social experience, she still thinks the best of people, asks for no oaths, and is happy for however much time spent together.

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” ― Elbert Hubbard

Friends (Current, Distant, and Old)

Friends are addressed by name in person and as "Lord/Lady/Master" when speaking of them to other aquaintances.

Armont De'bayle - Ishgardian lancer.

The eldest brother of the De'bayle family, Jancis sees the man who she was initially given a very savage and pained account of to be a jovial and praising figure in the family. With the many related features of his younger brother, Denz, the conjurer holds the knight in friendly familiarity. In the past months of growing to know him more, be there for a few life-changing events for him and her, Jancis considers herself part of his family. She believes his time away from Ishgard and with dragons will give him a greater means to help the city-state change and thrive. She's very curious about his fondness for children and considers him one of the people she trusts with Torene.

  • Location: Ishgard
  • Has a corrupted eye. Infused with dragon's power that Jancis understands little about.
  • Champion of the Grindstone
  • Father of Hestia, husband to Carina.
  • Eldest brother of Guillemont, Astrelle, and Denz.
  • Lancer and dragoon trainee.
  • Is a bit racist, particularly against Au Ra.
  • Armont the Ardent
  • Aged Quote - "Sir Armont. A kind and steadfast man without the feral heart I expected to find. He reminds me of Denz in many ways."
Past Events
  • Been missing for a year before returning with a clarity and patience that surprises everyone. Where Jancis expected a torn feral man, a calm eager to be back (even if a bit battleworn) knight was what she found with Carina and Denz.
  • Attended his bonding to Carina. [Painting]
  • Carried Jancis after her ordeal in being ambushed by a group looking for Barengar.
  • Represented Ishgard at the Grand Company Alliance Rally.
  • Set up the house to help with patrols of rogue dragon groups through Coerthas, coordinating with Sir Alfraut Rehon. The group including Denz, Jancis, Basile, and Samael encountered two dravis and a wyvern, Alfraut nearly losing his life in the process.
  • Came to Starlight party, hopping in a sack with his daugher Hestia, and didn't like the idea of destroying an ice sculpture depicting Halone.
  • Visited Jancis during her recovery from the wall battle. Brought tea from ishgard and served it as a milk tea (important to use yak milk).
  • At a charity dinner, witnessed Armont try to get over his awkward prejudice while speaking to an au ra.
  • Knighted Denz.
  • Caught up with Jancis and learned of Denz's change of view from Jancis.
  • Joined at the Second Grand Melee.
  • Helped with the Re-Kindle.
  • Met Torene and spent the night talking and catching up, offering to help care for the girl.
  • Witnessed Jancis' joining to the De'bayle family.
Astrelle De'bayle - Master Mechanic
109604 J0011.png

Nice lady who wears a hat and works with magitek items. This pesimmistic woman is loyal and consistent which Jancis heavily admires and respects for her views, taking it as a good balance to her own naive views. She marvels at the interesting machines and contraptions, and items Jancis refers to as "mammets", Astrelle can create. Jancis has been rescued and cared for multiple times by this woman and considers her a good example of steadfast family and tries to be the same in kind.

  • Location: De'bayle Vigil Manor
  • Sibling to Armont, Guillemont (twin), and Denz.
  • Uses the aether of others to bolster herself.
  • Been off in the Far East for almost 20 years after escaping an arranged marriage.
  • Carried wounded Jancis back, unknown to her, after saving Denz.
  • The Silver Bullet from aiding with Gyr Abania's liberation.
  • Aided with the Re-Kindle.
  • I like Lady Astrelle a lot. She is honest and sees things clearly. She is a survivor.
  • Meditate together in the morning whenever possible.
  • Keeps tabs with and send any mechanical oddities she finds to.
  • “You look wonderful,”
Past Events
  • Introduced to by Denz at Lower Spangledance on Pie Day.
  • Aided with saving Guillemont from a cult.
  • Joined at the Second Grand Melee
  • Won a bet for dinner when Denz won a duel in the yard.
  • Found Jancis and Denz in the Shroud with Torene at her birth. Brought food and blankets, including a special heated blanket she had made.
  • Gifted with a bell for the house chapel 'sanctuary'.
  • Witnessed Jancis' 'joining' to the De'bayle family.
Barengar Armsbreaker - Ala Mhigan Axeman & Mercenary

A mercenary who is good with an axe and has a habit of expression emotion and thoughts through a series of grunts. Though the two met by outside influence and both hold the more disagreeable aspects outfront to one another, the two manage to get along and see more through the outer shell. She struggles to not apologize to the man; standing quiet instead.

  • Location: Nomad
  • Dishonorably Discharged from the Ala Mhigan Resistance.
  • Mercenary of Mythril Blade.
  • Erstwhile Love - Had a brief romantic relationship, Jancis had a lot of care for the Ala Mhigan and held him highly over others.
  • Has a 'moonpearl' that allows her to speak to Barengar and know his general direction and physical condition.
  • Believed his younger brother, Bertram passed away in the Ala Mhigan Resistance. Barengar holds a lot of guilt over it, even after events that revealed what happened to the man.
  • Has a shark tattoo across the left side of his face in honor of his father, called "Greyshark" for his swift skill and ability.
  • Once thought to have 'Swimmer's Shoulder', the man had an old injury and past encounter with a monster called Osmund Garrett.
  • Gave Jancis the name "Kindheart"
  • Has a bluebird named Ishild.
  • Aged Quote - "Sir Armsbreaker is a very honest man." "Barengar is in my heart. I trust him entirely. He has shown me my hopes and dreams are real."
  • Aid Barengar in searching out Garrett.
  • Jancis' Bracelet.
  • "Ya've got gumption, ain't anyone gonna take that from ya. Ain't a lot of folk that're willin' ta do what they know ain't easy, seems like ya ain't most folk."
  • “If they’ve got a problem with ya, then they’re makin’ a problem with me.”
  • “Lotta things out there that I ain’t the keenest on, lotta things that I don’t understand… but there’s ain’t a way fer me ta say ya don’t show remarkable strength in what ya do and be honest while sayin’ it.”
  • "So we build."
  • "Figure if there’s anythin’ that I’ve come ta know about you it’s that ya’ve got a fire that burns bright. Ya ain’t afraid ta do what ya’ve got ta do, even if it ain’t the easy thing ta do. Rare thing."
  • “I love ya, Jancis, and I ain’t sure what ta do 'bout it.”
  • "“You … All those nights … I … I felt it s'strongly… I … thought you did too.”
  • “Nothin’ short of breathtakin’.”
  • “Ya give m'strength, Jancis.”
  • “Yer better'n a storybook, Jancis. More'n jus’ a fantasy.”
Past Events
  • Met in the Sea of Clouds at the urging by Sen to help cure and deal with Barengar's shoulder that was causing him a lot of pain. The same time Jancis aided Kaguya "Flower" with her infected horn and gave Barengar the ornament she took off while cleaning the wound. Concerned the axeman would simply ruin the work she put in, based on her initial impression of his reluctant demeanor and reaction to Kaguya, Jancis hires the man hoping paying for him to rest would be enough. He informs her it is not and she ends up struggling to figure out how to honor the contract as much as allow his body to recover.
  • Erstwhile Relationship. Show text
  • The Ruby Shadow - Aiding Jancis as she's targeted by a rogue guild. Show text
  • Attended the bonding of Ciel & Jonathan, Reiner & Elear, and Cliodhna and Erik together. At the after-party for the Red Wings, Gareth and Chachanji talk about a name for Jancis and ask Barengar to name her, which he does with "Kindheart".
  • Attended Flora & Ghalleon’s Bonding with despite unspoken changes. Barengar gave Flora a spearhead that was his mother’s.
  • Attended Chachanji's nameday surprise party.
  • For Barengar's nameday, Jancis surprises with some restful fishing. Denz, unfamiliar with how to fish, ends up being taught for the majority of the night until they retire to listen to music and eat fish inside.
  • Over a month later, though the fish is gone Jancis gives Barengar a present for his moonstone which turns into a trade with his Starlight gift of the same.
  • Assisted in fighting at the wall between the Shroud and Gyr Albania, carrying Jancis after her injuries and tending to during recovery, including the hard task of evening up Jancis' hair.
  • Got a bard to sing a song to show Jancis' appreciation for their continued friendship.
  • Was escorted to help with rescuing Claire from bandits, witnessing how cruel and vengeful many of the House De'bayle acted in battle.
  • Worm in the Apple: In figuring out why Engelbert Deadeye was stalking Barengar and his associates, Jancis came to help find a more sinister source behind the stalking involving a midlander named Garrett and hope for Barengar's long thought dead brother. Show text
  • [Setting the Standard] Being hired on by the Grand Companies, Barengar ends up aiding a group of griffin riders during the liberation of Gyr Abania with the help of Jancis, Denz, and Shana.Show text
  • Got a singing telegram for Starlight for the man about keeping her in his heart awhile. ((Keep Me In Your Heart))
  • Went duck racing with.
  • Offered to find Jancis' missing charm bracelet. Jancis gave him the journal Otto provided on Alveo's movements.
  • Agreed to be there for Torene after being confronted by a very pregnant and emotional Jancis. She hasn't held him to it since.
Berrod Armstrong - Fist of Rhalgr "Berry"

Fist fighter and leader of the Agents. Jancis admires the strength and compassion she sees in the man. His gruff demeanor throwing people into realizing the potential they hold, despite the quite and reserved manner he treats her in with their brief meetings. She thinks quite a lot of the man and his company; relying on their hospitality when she passes through the desert.

  • Location: Goblet, Gyr Abania
  • Has the ability to focus his chakra and empower others.
  • Has a problem with his knee, reason unknown to Jancis beyond the odd coloring of his skin during. Leaking aether if she gets close enough to focus and notice.
  • Has a set of violet-colored stones given to her by Berry.
  • Wears a pin of multi-colored roses she made from flowers Berry grew and gifted her. Also has more in a bouquet in her quarters.
  • "Sir Armstrong is a good leader, an inspiration, and a true example of strength." "Berry is an important friend to me and I admire him greatly."
  • Return preserved roses to him.
  • Write more often.
  • "I'd thought ta bless ya, but yer more blessed than us all, in all of Them. Don't forget it, an' don't put it aside when this pilgrimage is over. Keep it, use it, know it, an' take pride in it."
  • "Not givin’ it ‘cause I think yer weak. Givin’ it 'cause it’s an honor to be a part o'what y'do. Remember that."
  • "The best part of comin’ to these things is knowin’ I’ll probably see you."
Past Events
  • Blunt intimidating man. First time seeing him the man made a crude basic pass at Jancis with a remark, calling her girly, which made the other man present upset. Jancis, in turn, tells Berrod her name so he doesn't have to guess again.
  • Met in the Agent's headquarters in their, then, fighting pit. Berrod and Oscare were fighting and Jancis stayed behind to see how Oscare was recovering from his defeat.
  • Had to heal at Grindstone previously when the man would fight in it. Every time she did, he is quiet and reserved.
  • Further meetings at the Grindstone Berrod oversees the event and keeps an eye out on the healers' work, particular to keep them from succumbing to aether exhaustion. Jancis has been given endurance by the man's ability to channel mental vitality (at least as how she explains it). [Scene]
  • Meeting again moons later, Berrod had a striking difference in character, bright and energetic, to apologize and thank her for all the tolerance in front of an intra-FC argument and fight.
  • Took up a favor from the man bringing another Ala Mhigan, Barengar, to meet him and hopefully give some insight and understanding she is not capable of.
  • Attended his bonding ceremony to Caleb. Missed the reception due to many circumstances and her dress being used for bandages. [Scene]
  • Spoke at Rhalgr's stone and received pilgrims and participants.
  • Attempted to bid on at his company's auction, but he went for four times as much as she could borrow.
  • Gifted Jancis with some of his botanical hobbying. Dried out and kept in Jancis' room as well as the smaller flowers as a hairpin.
  • Host of the Levinfist Tournaments. Jancis attended the first.
Carina Roussos - Beastmaster & Alchemist
There she is.png

A lady that Jancis has some to relate to and empathize with. A master of animals and potions, Jancis finds herself as comforted by the woman's presence and is a link through the very different culture from the Ishgardian De'bayle family. Eager to learn more about the woman's memories, she does her best to bring into perspective of her scars.

  • Location: De'bayle Vigil Manor
  • Alchemist. Known for her potent potions that taste bad purposefully to keep peopel from getting addicted to them.
  • Arcanist of a sort with a familiarity of runes and beasts.Has a behemoth named Joseph.
  • Wife of Armont and mother to his children Hestia and Aegisan.
  • Has a habit of mistrust, showing physical anger, and asks too much to keep secrets and surprises at times.
  • Skilled with an axe
  • Is removed from her parents, grew up with an older brother she misses.
  • "Lady Carina carries many tasks and roles. She is benevolent as she is strong." "Carina is so nice to share and talk with her. I love listening to her voice for bells."
  • Aid with Aegisan as possible.
  • "It is why I do what I do. I wish for others to never be in a situation I was once in… I hope to inspire those close to me to avoid injury. I just hope it doesn’t make them want to avoid me."
  • "it is nothing… you are just so endearing. It warms my heart…"
Past Events
  • Met through Denz, a confident woman who gave him a potion to inhibit his aether which also caused him to sleep. Met on an expedition through Coerthas to find Armont. The quest was successful, and Carina was pained about the envious situation of Denz finding his brother while her own was lost and gone.
  • Bidden to meet Carina once more by a concerned Denz, Jancis finds her nervous and worried because she is with child after her brief meeting with Armont. Realizing this, she waits hoping the woman will give the news and not hold the conjurer to a secret.
  • With the pregnancy advancing in a peculiar manner, Jancis accompanies her, Denz, and Armont to the De'bayle's dilapidated manor. To help her deal with the pain and aether corruption, she is linked to their family by a aetheric tattoo. Jancis is asked to assist, filtering out the barrage of memories and feelings during the process due to the special circumstances. Panting and exhausted, Jancis is relieved that the link is a success and Carina's pain is eased.
  • Gave Jancis advice when she was grieved by heartache for her growing affection for Denz and commitment to Barengar. Carina told her to follow her heart and stop apologizing.
  • Carina plans a celebration party out in Costa Del Sol for Denz's Grindstone victory. Awkwardly, Jancis manages to get the man to the woman's party without telling him.
  • Able to make it, Jancis helps Carina cope with the idea of branding Hestia with a tattoo on her forehead (even if she doesn't entirely agree with the lady's final decision, she supports it). She later guards the infant as Carina does her best to help an elezen heretic who suffers from dragonblood.
  • Visited after the confrontation with Armont, Jancis welcomes Carina to the boarding house she lives at, Lower Spangledance, and grows more interested and connected with the lady. Trying to be a source of sharing and understanding, she finds Carina has left in the night to return to her family. While feeling helpful to at least give Carina a choice and some outer perspective on her situation, Jancis looks forward to make up on the missed opportunity of building their friendship.
  • Attended her bonding to Armont [Painting]
  • Learning more about one another in the Shroud, the two plan to have a picnic soon to celebrate Carina's bonding. Jancis learns more about the tentative relationship Carina has with her parents and encourages her to keep it that way and not hurt herself with more disappointment. Carina in return helps with Denz's unsure feelings for the conjurer, consoling and urging her that he deserves to be loved.
  • Went out to find old fancy wine in a river to have a celebration picnic for Carina's bonding.
  • Assisted in Jancis and Denz's recovery after the ambush that took Barengar.
  • Came to Starlight Party where she decided to beat up Denz for having an ice sculpture of her daughter, Hestia.
  • Hosted a tea party to help welcome Shirayuri, where her estranged father arrived and assisted with some of the clothing.
  • Visited Jancis during her recovery from the wall battle. Brought some of her elixirs and promised many hugs after recovering. Sounded upset about if Jancis had died.
  • Aided in the birth of her second child, Aegisan.
  • Welcomed Jancis to live in the Dawn Vigil and work with Killian, after Denz convinced her to move.
  • Was excited and encouraged others to be happy for Jancis' pregnancy and surprised her with a nursery for the Vigil's children.
  • Helped with Torene, taking care of her after Jancis did the De'bayle "joining".
Chachanji Gegenji - Doman Paladin & Smith

Knight, smith, and the ideal model for the future Jancis hopes to support and help. Two have grown closer upon hearing more about his family and all of the trials he has endured on her behalf making Jancis think highly of the younger man. Finds it encouraging and also endearing how he looks to "halp" people. While quiet, she fancies him a great deal and will go out of her way to make him happier and less frustrated with his failures.

  • Location: Goblet Smithy
  • Has a little cactaur earring, his brother having the match of the set.
  • Talks about his family: Gogonji, Mama, Papa, Nini - mom makes a mean potpie.
  • He is the Rabbit of the Red Lotus.
  • Took over for the Dentra family, becoming the heir to their smelting and mining guild ties.
  • Has a smithy in the Goblet with a guest room that Jancis frequents when passing through.
  • Has a charm on Torene's bracelet that he made personally in the design of his smith shop and a small shard of his aetheryte that will flash when faced the correct direction.
  • "Sir Gegenji is a model knight. His sword is to protect, not harm." "Chachanji is kin to me. I want to help him help others."
  • Travel to Othard and camp out at some mysterious crystals.
Past Events
  • Met briefly in Quicksand and then at Grindstone.
  • Snuck into Memeli's slumber party and got kissed, though Jancis was asleep at the time and missed it.
  • Infiltrated a den of cultists looking for hostages together; Jancis was very taken by his insistence on disarming and incapacitating the foes they encountered as opposed to outright force.
  • Hosted a surprise party for his dear kin Leanne at the Bismarck. [Scene]
  • At Dhemgeim's funeral, the two take a walk to share concerns and thoughts, where Chachanji speaks more on his missing brother and his dreams.[Scene]
  • After surviving the ordeal of the voidsent Gwendoline, Jancis is torn and depressed about the rift the creature left behind. Going to Chachanji's room where he works on a forge, along with Memeli and Virara, he takes the dagger that would have been used to mercy kill and reforges it into a garden spade. Being a generous friend, the three stay in his room that night and read stories before falling asleep.
  • Finding the man wounded in Mor Dhonna, the group finds out that his brother is still alive and is plotting to cause problems with the small Garlean outposts that remain. Working together with other close friends of Chachanji, the group circumvents other groups of Gogonji's plan and finally confront the man after many grueling fights.
  • Spoke at the pilgrimage for Byregot, sharing his Doman heritage and the benefits of crafting in order to help others.
  • Had a nameday party with funny hats at the firepit in Coralhaus.
  • Performed at the Show of Mad Love as a tonberry with Aya.
  • When I Grow Up: Chachanji, letting the words of others get to him about being too small and youthful to help, decides to try a concoction from a questionable figure to make him grow in height. The elixir works, but poorly, and Jancis finds him nearly stuck in his room from the ill effects.Show text
  • The Tin ManGained his help for a curious tin ingot that was given to Jancis by a fairly adamant travelling smith.
  • Finding out the tin was only a coating over three high quality and rare ores, Jancis and Chachanji find a note in it "Find my Family" as well as some markings as to where the ore came from. Show text
  • Invited to his surprise nameday party by Y'zhara, theme of yellow, to enjoy cake and presents. Brought bubble chocolates.
  • Enjoyed Heavensturn with Chachanji and Y'zhara where he got engaged.
  • Going Going Kugane Got invited to join Chachanji in visiting the place of his childhood, Doma, and seeing Kugane for the first time. [Tumblr Posts & Logs]Show text
  • Went duck racing with.
  • Agreed to be there for Torene, making his own charm for her bracelet.
Ciel Sauveterre - Bard

Jancis finds herself quite enamored whenever she sees the lady, which is typically always at a venue with music. Though the two have mostly an acquaintance relationship, it seems as a unspoken bond that Jancis cherishes and silently supports.

  • Location: Ul'dah
  • Part of the Solioquy.
  • Hostess of the Shows with Nathan Telluride, a monthly themed performance.
  • Performed at nine of the pilgrimages to the Twelves' stones: Nophica, Halone, Menphina, Thaliak, and Nymeia, Llymlaen, Oschon, Byregot, and Rhalgr.
  • Delivered Oscare's song to Jancis. Has a beautiful voice. [Image]
  • Attended bonding to Jonathan [Album]
  • Performed at Celebration of Autumn Stars [Song]
  • Sang at the Grand Company Alliance Rally.
  • Performed like a unicorn at the Biota Masquerade, singing a lovely song (David Bowie cover from Labyrinth).
  • Ciel Grayve
  • Immortal Flames - Ciel the Mellifluous
  • Joined at the Second Grand Melee
  • Sang at re-enactment of the Calamity.
Denz De'bayle - Ishgardian Knight-Errant

Knight-errant of Ishgard. He grins often and teases. On a never-ending quest to become strong. Jancis is fond of the man and has a lot of history with him and considers herself a part of his family. She continues to answer his call and asks for aid when in duress.

  • Location: De'bayle Vigil Manor
  • Erstwhile Love & Husband - Jancis was courted and had a long chaste relationship with the knight, comparing him to a romance novel character, until being bonded for over a year and having a child together.
  • Youngest sibling to Armont, Astrelle, and Guillemont.
  • Father of Torene
  • Named 'Butter Bane' - likes bread
  • Has a mark on his forehead that his hair blurs from sight. Originally believed to be a heretic mark, it is the crest of his family.
  • Could harness dark aether to manipulate the space around himself and shield. Very disheartening torn about trusting the man to not be overcome by it, and not trusting the power itself. Last she heard the cursed crystal was given to another.
  • Hates titles
  • Can play the piano
  • Called "Graverobber" by the dragons of Anyx Trine
  • Denz Furyblade from his work in Gyr Albania
  • "Mother" of Lehsohmarrn
  • Aged Quotes: "Sir Denz possesses the strength to help herald growth for his family and homeland." "Denz is like my shadow, ever present and comforting, showing me the way forward and giving me more."
  • Write while travelling.
  • “That I could meet someone like you. So contrasting. So simple.-Yet beneath the ocean’s simple surface lies deep and unimaginable beauty.”
  • "Each person has a reason to shine, to be bright. None though, have I met as bright as you, Jancis."
  • "You need not answer this, my lady, if you do not wish to. But I must ask… Have you ever loved, before?"
  • "I would see you do not fall to the tribulations I once faced, Lady Milburga."
  • “Do I make you lose your sense of reason, my lady?”
  • “Have you ever had a dream so vivid it ceases to leave your mind once you awaken?”
  • “Just as I enjoy your smiles, your spirit soaring, carefree, greater than any dragon’s flight. Tribulations upon your shoulders do little good for you.”
  • “How much I’ve come to care about you. To see you happy and in good hands. Be it as this… smitten follower of yours’ or as a chaste protector at your side, -that- is all I would wish for.”
  • “I’ve been in a bed long enough to know it is a privilege, not owed to us at the end of everyday. When the nights come that I do find myself in a bed, it is then I must reflect and wonder what I have done to make it there. For twenty years, that answer was always ‘Nothing.’, but at least now, nursing wounds on your bed prove more meaningful.”
  • “Pray, be safe, wherever you are… my light.”
  • “Your love is all I need in this life now, Jancis. I could have nothing else, and still have a reason to sleep soundly, to wake up with a smile on my lips.”
  • “My standing with him is not about who he is, or what he has gone through, but only how he has acted before me. I can come to terms with him, but he -must- learn to quell his love for you, what it once was. He cannot have you. You’re min-A-ahem, I mean, my heart.”
  • “Not all our efforts are ever rewarded. Even then, it can often breed complacency. To have you in my life is greater than any reward I could receive.”
  • "Every moment with you is a reward. No matter how small, ‘tis a reward nonetheless."
  • “Your heart speaks true, as it always has, my Light. I have no regret on my mind, no weight upon my shoulders that would ever wish an ilm be put between us. We are bonded, you and I. There may be no paper to prove it, no words of a priest or a lord or an officiant, but I believe we are. Do you?”
  • "That was very beautiful, my love." ((After singing aboard the Rusty Adamantoise))
  • "-That’s- for letting the garleans plunder you, and threaten your guests, my -wife-."
  • "“You deserve more than that bed. Much more than that bed…”
  • “I am yours, Jancis.”
  • “I wouldn’t expect that of you, nor would I ask it of you. Simply know I would give my last towel, coat, or clothing to protect you before I worry about my own… ‘honor’.”
  • “You are a treasure, one given to me by you, as well. Know that that, that you, could never hinder me.”
  • “No, no… I’m not sad. Only missing the son we do not have. The house we do not live in. The life we have not built for ourselves.” “Not yet.” “I don’t hurt, my love. You are safe, here with me, and that is all I could wish for, right now.”
  • “Jancis… fix m-… my mistakes… please…”
  • “You cannot covet what is already yours.”
  • “I would remember you as were as well, if what always came next was not so beautiful.“
  • “This simply means that we will always be returning to one another, no matter how long we are separated for.”
  • “I want to make sure you understand that I will be placing your safety above everything, my love. I do not wish to treat you like a glass vase, but… You are carrying our child. Please, promise me you will not put yourself willingly into any dangerous situations? It… it doesn’t work in just one direction, though. -I- would need to step away from the battlefield myself, to ensure that you are okay during all of this.”
  • “You look lost, my lady.”
  • “I’ve had too many nights of comfortable sleep in Ishgard. This is the first time in moons I’ve lost sleep on watch. And mine charge could not be greater.”
  • "You deserve to know."
Past Events
  • Fought on the bridge against dragon attacks and met Jancis while returning with a wounded comrade. Still being not much help after the battle and a foreigner to the city, the knight finds a place to eat and also gets her accommodations in the Pillars. En route the exhausted knight talks about his fears and the lies he's been living under, claiming people like Jancis "lead to our salvation".
  • Erstwhile Relationship Show text
  • The Trade:Training in Armor, Sword, and Conjury Show text
  • Finding Eachother in the Twelve: Visit each of the Twelves' Stones to learn more about them for Denz's sake to learn more than his teachings of Halone. Show text
  • Bleeding Red: Wanting to assist Jancis in ridding herself of being marked by the Ruby Shadow, Denz tries to inflitrate the rogue organization.Show text
  • Made possible the breaking of Coatleque's mind free of being imprisoned by the shadowed form.
  • Attended Chachanji's nameday surprise party. Walked over Barengar's lap.
  • Helped host the Starlight Party Jancis wanted to have, even if it meant he got beat up by Carina later on.
  • Assisted with a job from Nathaniel to find a rare flower in the Churning Mists, the Seventh Heaven, where she learned the dragons call him "Graverobber".
  • Wore an eastern styled garb for a tea party made by Carina's father, Kenta. Jewelry on his arms like chimes.
  • Cave of Wonders - Jancis hoping to find another source for a rare healing fungus travels down the frozen river of the west Highlands searching for caverns. Refusing to let her go alone, Denz comes along to find what lies beneath the surface... if anything actually does. Show text
  • Responding to a call of the Grand Companies to deal with the potential Garlean threat at the Eastern Shroud Wall with Gyr Albania, Denz (with Jancis and Barengar) witnesses the explosion and deals with some stray Garleans that attacks an Adder post. Blocking a cereleum vial, Jancis is wounded and unconscious with multiple injuries, Barengar taking a blade to his side. After the attack, the three return to the medic bay where they were wrapped up, Denz carrying Jancis back to wash up and care for.
  • Feeling guilty for Jancis' injuries resulting in having to have her hair cut off to deal with the back of her head and with how badly it upset her, Denz cuts off his hair to match hers.
  • Witnessed his Knighting by Armont, which was quick and awkward during the knighting of Alleria and Basile so Denz could knight them.
  • Helped rescue Barengar, again, and Windshadow by fending off thralls in Garrett's workshop and taking multiple wounds in the process.
  • The Dark Crystal - Denz is seeking a means to end the De'bayle burden of having someone harbor the painful and dark memories of their heritage.Show text
  • Denz struggled with not wanting the dark aether back to keep him strong.
  • In Operation Rhalgr's Beacon - scared Denz by getting caught under the rubble of a falling tower.
  • Aided Jancis with Barengar in saving some griffins. Held off a powerful Garlean officer with his shield in a firey explosion and jumped midair off a griffin to disarm and destroy a Garlean airship.
  • Visited Kugane and Doma with, invited by Chachanji. Show text
  • Aided in helping find Guillemont after being persuaded to join the voidsent cult the Black Mantle. Stayed with in the Dawn Vigil infirmary as he recovered ffrom being shoved off a ruined building; made him "Feather Vigil" out of pillows found around the manor. Also helped with wounds and possible corruption from a brothel, The Coeurl's Cove, that was a front for the cult. Failed to retrieve the lost brother in a ritual in Gyr Abania.
  • Aided in the Re-Kindle.
  • Joined at the Second Grand Melee
  • Offered and helped Jancis through the De'bayle 'joining'. Carried her back to recovery afterwards and watched over.
Engelbert Deadeye - Rogue and Former Enslaved "Windshadow"
Engelbert Bust Meishali.png

A very curious man that has held a whole spectrum of feelings for Jancis from loathed and untrusted to concerned and very cared for. Light of foot and only found when desired, she tries to send him food and notes in random ways hoping to keep in touch with the man. Seeing a lot of herself in his struggle for freedom and finding himself, she also is torn with a deep bias and desire to help him remember who he was. Believing him to be Bertram Greyshark and confident that once he recalls that he will feel more value in life.

  • Location: Nomad
  • Missing left eye - has a semi-magitek setting in his socket.
  • Rogue - Can only be noticed by the wake of air that his aether steps take. Jancis calls him a Windshadow.
  • Gave Jancis a very specific linkpearl device that looks like a blue moonstone orb. Contacts a specific aether flow and gives direction of the person as well as the ability to speak to them. Set of two with Barengar Armsbreaker.
  • "Windshadow has overcome so much. The longest winter; I will give him every chance to bloom into a honeysuckle."
  • Take care of Osmond, who has terrorized, tortured, and enslaved the man for an unknown amount of time.
  • Red is the Color Of - Bertram finds Jancis in the middle of trying to free herself from the Ruby Shadow and agrees to help. They try to scout out Red, the leader of the rogue group, which they are set up to find her and persuaded to deal with Scott Parker, a defecter trying to take over and apparently the one who has power over Jancis.
  • “All The Twelve’s angels come to us disguised…”
  • "You are you and you matter."
  • Truly one of the Twelve’s angels … And you are important, Jancis. To many. You are treasured."
Past Events
  • After being warned by Barengar of "the worm" who had been stalking him for a few years, Jancis is approached by a charismatic man posing as a travelling merchant outside of the Mist. Believing him and making a commission for a secure linkpearl for Barengar and herself, she finds out later that it was in fact, the worm.
  • Approached later in Limsa watching a red runestone that he somehow dropped and left behind with Lucaell, Jancis tells Engelbert of how Barengar had been attacked for it and it wasn't safe. She offers to help him, or have him help her moreso. He vanishes after saying he can take away this problem by having the stone. She confronts him about deceiving her before and refuses, given a reason to not trust him.
  • Given what she's been told and how she was lied to, Jancis refuses to say his name for some time.
  • Over a year later, Jancis runs into Engelbert while escorting Barengar to the Goblet. He delays their passage long enough for more to come to attack, and abduct, Barengar. This comes after finding out Engelbert was taken by Osmond, using Barengar as bait, and he has a very keen likeness to Bertram, Barengar's deceased younger brother. The two manage to take down Engelbert, removing a lesser runestone from his eye.Show text
  • Concerned about the winter, Jancis uses Barengar's sizes and clothing as a base to have a set of leather clothing made for Engelbert and leaves it in a box for him hidden underneath her boarding house. Finding him inside of the house for the first time and wearing the clothes, she compels him to stay part of the night. Asking her why she is working so hard, she answers that he deserves a chance whether or not he is Barengar's brother. The two sit by a fireplace in the upstairs study while Jancis reads. She ends up falling asleep in the comforting atmosphere and presence only to wake up later finding him gone, the book on the shelf, and a blanket about her.
  • Continuing to work and keep contact with the man and show care, their face-to-face time increasing, Jancis boards a room specifically for the Windshadow at Lower Spangledance, happy he accepted her attempts to offer a home.
  • Comforted after travelling with Barengar and having to defense himself to Flora and Shana. Rescued from Garrett and worked to mend the stomach stab he took defending Barengar.
  • Help him in his desire to aid Gyr Albania. - Failed Goal
Daghbheri Himalspyr - Disgraced Maelstrom Captain "Dogberry"

A survivor and old friend, Jancis works with for the Maelstrom and Crystal Alliance. Meeting through other Coral members, Jancis admires and answers the calls for assistance from him for his boisterous nature, clear concerns, and ruthless determination. His likeness to Tausen affects her subconsciously which makes her more comfortable in his presence.

  • Met at a drinking party in the Wench with Dhemgeim.
  • Assisted the Captain with fighting primals and other miscellaneous threats when he puts out flyers for jobs; particularly after the man lost his legs to the Leviathan. [Shiva] [Ramuh] [Titan]
  • Met up at Cliodhna's Drinking Contest in the Goblet, where the man came in second place. Helping to make sure he didn't ride his chocobo of a cliff, Jancis walks them both to Brynhilde's house called Cliffperch.
  • Invited to his nameday celebration to play drinking games and view a strange world phenomenon((GMs show up)). [Scene]
  • Worked with on Maelstrom interests in a GC Alliance initiative - offered to make room for Torene.
Hestia De'bayle - Dragoon "Sweet Zinnia"

One of the De'bayle cursed - Jancis has known different sides of Hestia from a jovial energetic child to a driven woman. Two sides of a coin Jancis both cares for the child she remembered and the new person she found a friendship and new relationship with during their pregnancies. Concerned about how much work the woman takes on herself, Jancis accepts the many failures on herself and the independent choices of Hestia.

  • Location: De'bayle Vigil Manor
  • Calls her "Sweet Zinnia" for the handkerchief with a yellow zinnia embroidered on it, harking back to missing the earlier times between them.
  • Went by the name Adelise for some time.
  • Daughter of Armont and Carina.
  • Erstwhile Wife of Killian. Two children Loth and Aine (twin set).
  • Has tonberry plushie "Tomtom"
  • Liked to draw.
  • Hakkinslayer from the Gyr Abania Liberation.
  • Aged Quote - "Lady Adelise is quite young despite her appearance; I will not hasten that treasure of my sweet zinnia easily."
Past Events
  • Following in the line of cursed in the De'bayle bloodline, Jancis has the painful task of recalling Adelise as an infant and child as much as the now adult. She waffles between both with an overly protective nature for the girl and respect as a woman. There's a motherly devotion nonetheless that takes all the painful choices Adelise makes with the hope it will build more character and maturity as the years now come naturally.
  • Abnormal growth from corrupted aether.
  • Visited Jancis crying about mortality when Jancis was nearly killed by a Garlean bomb.
  • Drew a picture of Jancis and Denz as birds.
  • Found during healing in liberation of Gyr Albania she now goes by Adelise and hid it from Jancis.
  • Visited Nuarmac with Denz and Siovant to learn more about the family heritage where Jancis was reminded how painful and alienated she is from the girl.
  • Ran into at Nathaniel's Shirogane manor party where the woman makes herself sick with a hookah and gets upset about the elopment of Jancis and Denz and Jancis learns about Denz's harsh words to the girl. They write to her to meet up where they got the rings and to apologize, which isn't taken overly well.
  • Went to Starlight party hosted by her and Killian. Received a handkerchief with a yellow zinnia embroidered on it, prompting Jancis to take it as a message of being missed and thought of fondly and calling Hestia "Sweet Zinnia"
  • Jancis returned the next day to drop off a dress from Kugane that is unfinished.
  • Helped with some wounds while searching for the Black Mantle and witnessed Killian's impromtu proposal.
  • Scolded Jancis for going to Azys Lla and gave her advice on Allagan replicas found in Mor Dhonna while trying to learn more about the Kindled Crystal.
  • Attended her Bonding to Killian, gifting the pair with chairs and a speech of how love is like oatmeal.
  • Joined at the Second Grand Melee
  • Fix the hem on her dress. Failed Goal
  • Witnessed Jancis' De'bayle "joining".
Killian Waltz - Conjurer & Healer
KW Cell Portrait.png

A worried and worrisome healer, Jancis has found herself in the man's company in some of the harder situations she's been in while helping House De'bayle. Another practiced healer, she ends up trying to assist him to keep from being confusing that usually falls apart. She does her best to understand the way he gets upset, but then sees a reversal when under his care. For all the problems the man has, Jancis admires how he doesn't let that hold him back in most situations and doesn't really try to help him out of general politeness in announcing her presence and things normally seen. He insists he is not a Lord much to Jancis' insistance that if he is not, then there can be none.

  • Location: Lavender Beds Cottage
  • Erstwhile Husband to Hestia and father to Loth and Aine (twin set).
  • Was Healer for House De'bayle and Adelise's love interest.
  • Blind from birth. Killian has gained some sight.
  • Extremely sensitive to aether and movement.
  • Liability in battle.
  • Plays the harp.
  • Aged Quote "Lord Killian may look like a porcelain doll, but he is far far more."
  • Check in on for aether drain periodically.
  • "There's no need to apologize. You're very pretty, Lady Milburga."
Past Events
  • Take death very difficulty and might become purely pacifist.
  • Hosted a Starlight gathering in his quarters.
  • Fought together in Gyr Albania during an ambush.
  • Doctor to Carina's childbird with Aegisan.
  • Was there for Killian's De'bayle mark. Stayed out of the way upstairs.
  • Joined at the Second Grand Melee
  • Made Brunch for Carina and Jancis.
  • Told Jancis about being pregnant, though afterwards was very cold and impersonal at her later months.
  • Left infirmary in her care during a sojourn and indirectly taught Jancis more about braille.
  • Returned and shared meeting his father under duress and regained some sight - partially blind now and very sensitive to light.
  • Stayed with a few nights after departing the Vigil Manor to help with the twins and daily chores.
Nathaniel Salem - Priest and Arcane Alchemist
20-01 add.jpg

Priest of Nald'thal and Alchemist. Gathers herbs and reagents for him, particular from the Twelveswood. Jancis percieves the man as a loving soul who knows a person's strength, generous without belittling others and sharing his knowledge with those who ask. She's otherwise in the dark to the man's secrets and doesn't even recognize them as dark, sure his intentions are for the best and he understands the darker side of Ul'dah. She's quite fond of him.

  • Location: Nomad
  • Knows Barengar and hires him for work off and on.
  • Calls people "love" often.
  • Dislikes the people in Gridania and their culture.
  • Has a tattoo on left shoulder.
  • Asked for other favors with other chaotic aether she's come across.
  • Has curious devices for aether manipulation.
  • Speaks of his ancestry in Belah'dia
  • Owns the Respite in the Goblet.
  • Has Hazel.
  • "Lord Nathaniel is so benevolent and honest. I admire him greatly. He has so much ambition."
  • Help with his patronage of the Matron's Hand and offer antivenoms.
  • “I can not be kind in return, but I can most certainly pay well.”
  • "Little. Very little. I trust you, Jancis. More than most, due to your nature, and not what we lived: we know little about one another. But I know enough about the world to realize that you are very special."
Past Events
  • Ran into Jancis while she was seeking out a cure to a volatile concoction Chachanji had taken.
  • Purged her of chaotic aether before it could do serious damage
  • Danced with at the Bell Charity Ball.
  • Hosted the Matron Wish Charity Night.
  • Aided Denz with learning more about the Ruby Shadow, showing the power of influence the ruby shard can have on the victim.
  • Invited to the housewarming of the Shirogane branch.
  • Pulled aside at the blessing of the Matron's Reach's new clinic. Jancis was asked to help Nathaniel with a grave task and grave fact about the man, persuaded to not speak of it unless directly asked.
  • Helped Jancis in her grief after Denz's departure.
  • Helped Nathaniel with the favor he asked and her ability with wind aether to performed a protection ritual.
Tausenadel Geispyrsyn - Sailor & Beastmaster

Sailor in Coral Sea with a jovial soul and a knack for cooking, Jancis revers the man for his manly expression of compassion and his ways of dealing with bad situations under pressure. One of the leaders Jancis will take seriously. Considering all that has happened, Jancis tries to do whatever will make him comfortable, but is fairly sure his heart and spirit went to sea with his dead wife.

  • Great storyteller and writes his own romance books. Time-to-time Jancis will borrow them because Tausen writes them and they have a huge amount of absurdity to them which appeals to the conjurer.
  • Loves animals and has a whole zoo of them living in his room. Has a particular fondness for cactuar.
  • Father was a servant in Ishgard, but was swept away to a life at sea at a very young age.
  • Grew up on the Cactaur's Promise
  • Name means "Thousand Needle"
  • "Tausen has a big smile! Taught me to dance and to keep smiling. his stories are amazing!"
  • One Small Steppe for a Roe - Helping Jancis with her goal to have help making antivenom, the pair set off to find a mythical beast on a far off continent. Show text
Past Events
  • Jancis met him during his grand return from overhearing his story of living through the temptations from Garuda herself.
  • Received a pet coblyn, which is something of a managable runt, for telling a story during his campfire time together.
  • Living together in the Coral house, Jancis has been fed and even cared for after a slavery ruse gone wrong, staying on Tausen's cot for the night after killing a man for attempting to touch Lady Reinette.
  • Worked with Tausen along with fellow company members Naga and Guil. The most reliable of the party, they find out that Hnaba has been misleading them the entire time and in a grueling fight barely make it out with L'aenoh still alive.
  • Later on when Hnaba is brought by force to the Coral house, despite Jancis' protests, the conjurer is injured trying to give the wicked woman peace. Tausen follows Jancis to her room and tries to console her while also rebute the old miqo'te's nonsense rambling with the problem of bringing trouble to the company's own walls.
  • With cunning knowledge, Tausen is one of the few to figure out Memeli's clues to recovering all the food in the Coral pantry from her hijinks. With the reward of a kiss, Dhemgeim, Tausenadel, and Jancis all succumb to Memeli's 'pink tempering'. He's one of the first to recover from the lalafel's whims.
  • Attended the wedding of Dhemgeim and Tausenadel, which filled the entire Sanctum of the Twelve and celebrations lasted long into the night.
  • Mocked in a story written by Chaska, Jancis looks to get an apology for Tausenaden for being a victim in the obvious attack on herself. Finding out that Jancis has made a terrible mistake and Chaska has no idea about the story itself. She still does not know who tried to humiliate Tausen.
  • Attended a Turnsday celebration that Tausen was at, helping the man leave when a drunk lady was starting to hang off the man.[Scene]
  • After Lady Dhemgeim's death, she tried to help the man recover by failed and has doubts the man will return from his sojourn to the north truly, only visiting now and then instead. [Scene]
  • Despite her certainy, Tausen returned and is once again running about the house and the desert Gold Saucer, helping tend to chocobos and putting all of his time and effort into assisting animals.
  • Told stories at the Twelves' pilgrimage stones for Althyk, Llymlaen, Byregot, and Azeyma.
  • Danced with at the Bell Charity Ball.
  • Won a wager against Tausenadel on Leanne's fight at the Grindstone. Told a story at Camp Bronze Lake about a yellowjacket stuck barefoot in a building stopping a band of thieves alone in what seemed like a hard way to die.
  • Continuing the the wager, the trio decides to go to the Bismarck and invite friends for "Steaks and Tales" where he tells a funny story about a woman lost in a labyrinth.
  • Went duck racing with.
  • Agreed to be there for Torene.
Tiergan Vashir - Former Enslaved Gladiator
DA tier.jpg

Every interaction Jancis has had with this man has only improved her opinion of him. He is one of the few that will call for her help and sees more sides to her than most even in their brief interactions. She thinks very highly of what the man has overcome, though not well known, and hopes to show the same gratitude in return.

  • Location: Goblet
  • The Lotus Clandestine
  • Back and most of his body is overlapped with scars, particular weapon ones.
  • "Sir Vashir gives all of himself into others. We are connected and I am glad for it."
  • Check in on.
  • "You're never a tool. Just a beautiful friend both inside and out. Never forget that. I spent all of my life being shaped into a weapon and a tool for another's use. I know one when I see one. And that is not who or what you are."
  • Quote: “Your kindness reminds me of why I fight. It reminds me that there’s still hope and that I needn’t give up just yet.”
Past Events
  • Met as part of the Coral Sea, the knight joining and calling for assistance over the linkshell for his companions, including Teld're.
  • Worked with on hunting the tempered for the Siren, following his lead and helping to encourage Chuchukepa against the tempered kraken they ran into.
  • Followed Tiergan to root out the slavers that imprisoned Caen and forced him to fight in the pits.
  • Dance of the Red Lotus: Jancis receives a curious red stone at a Valentoine present from an curious group. Little did she know it was for a vile purpose with Sir Vashir's life hanging in the balance.Show text
  • Gifted Jancis with an orb depicting a scene of flowers and butterfly out of silk.
  • Was at the Apology Dinner involving the Storm.
♦ Torene De'bayle - Infant "My Cherished One"

Quiet and calm, Torene is the daughter to Jancis and Denz.

  • Has a small bracelet made of silk with jade beads upon it, one for each month old. It was a blessing from Eiden the kami priestess.

Vibrant Green-blue eyes, soft ears, olive skin. Basic cheek and brow like her father. Hair and body like her mother.

  • Jancis
  • Carina
  • Astrelle
  • Chachanji
  • Denz
  • Armont
  • Dogberry
  • NPCs around Eorzea pre-arranges by Jancis: Drybone, House Fortempts, Fane, Maelstrom.
Past Events
  • Born in the Shroud while trying to head north to Coerthas.

Aged Contacts

A'randr Tia - Merchant

Finding him quiet and kind with a weird awkward bashfulness, she always tries to talk to him for no particular reason. After seeing his childish display, she keeps her tone more polite than before considering how poorly his body and temperament react to hardships.

  • Brother of A'rho
  • Has sweaty hands
  • Sells tobacco and other smoking novelties.
  • Enjoys juice boxes, particularly apple.
  • Met at the All Saint's Wake party, unable to talk to him with all the commotion and crowd.
  • Going to Leanne's picnic, the two travel via aether which leaves A'randr ill. Telling her to go on ahead, Jancis finds out later how bad it affected him.
  • Making a leftover eel dinner, Jancis asks Sigurd to make juice which the twins help with. Coming over with surprise cake, A'randr destroys an orange in his hand which Jancis helps clean off while quoting from a book.
  • “If love were a color, it'd be orange. Not because that's a romantic color, but because it's the sweetest. If you want to know how I feel about you, I just made some juice out of it. Grab a glass—a tall one.”
  • A'randr found out that A'rho has been marked by the voidsent Gwendoline and asked for a sample of blood to follow-up with, giving to alchemists he knows. After asking about the results, the man avoided answering and had a fit about a strange woman in his house. Jancis hasn't seen him since and worries what happened with her contaminated blood.
A'rho Tia - Arcanist & Artist
Arho wiki profilepic.png

Easily enchanting for his witty humor and curious ways he shows care to those around him, particularly his twin brother and L'aenoh.

  • Has a twin brother A'randr, who is he very close to.
  • Can manipulate aether into a carbuncle as an extension of himself.
  • Met via Rinilda and spoke in-length at the Grindstone one night about healing and even assisted in smaller wounds.
  • Met again and spent a good deal of time together during All Saint's Wake where the man continued to encourage and compliment the conjurer's costume.
  • Won the story contest with the girl and mirror.
  • Most of the time he comes around the house, Jancis gets distracted and unknowingly helps the man steal many of the juice boxes L'aenoh keeps at the bar.
  • Coming to Leanne's picnic, Jancis aether travels with A'randr and he gets very sick. She tells A'rho who claims that his brother could have died and is furious. She feels very calleous and neglectful for leaving A'randr as he was.
  • A'rho was marked by the voidsent Mistress Gwendoline. During the fight, A'rho came by and was helping with the wounded at Coralhaus. Asked to look into this voidsent Gwendolyn, he took a sample of everyone's blood to hopefully figure out the problem. Becoming marked himself, he worked to help stop her influence by calling everyone affected together to share information and come to a resolution. Held one of the rings that contains Gwendoline's feelings and memories.
Aeron Volkova - Ul'dahn Fighter, Bartender, and Father.
Aeron Tree Zero.jpg

Man of the Jewel with purple eyes that does not remind Jancis of the past. His self-deprecating demeanor use to make Jancis more concern to help aid the man and overcome his grief, convinced that he's done the same for many others. Partly charmed by his daughter and their behavior together, she enjoys the few platonic moments with the man and his family.

  • Location: Ul'dah
  • Works with the Mythril Blade.
  • Has a badly wounded right arm that is withering and might become completely useless.
  • Has a twin sister, a gentle frail lady in a mamet chair.
  • Daughter Ruby
  • Likes to giggle and say "Wapwap" with plushies, particularly a dog plush.
  • "Lord Aeron is a generous soul that can make anyone feel welcome. He deserves the same."
  • "Do not take this in a offense, Miss Jancis… But you’re a somewhat weird individual in the things you say, otherwise you’re an ordinary person with a kind heart."
Past Events
  • Worked for the Seaside Bar
  • Met at a Flames Festival at the Silver Bazaar where Jancis won a pie-eating contest.
  • Ran into at Azemya's stone where offering some aid to a goblin, Ploknox, Jancis got kicked by a man protecting the goblin and was 'rescued' by a well place rock Aeron threw at her attacker.
  • Enjoyed a salad lunch with him and his family in his quarters among the Matron's Reach clinic.
Ameline Valtin - Speaker & Storyteller

A well-trained lady and what Jancis believes is an Elezen from a prominent family. Overall the time the conjurer spends with the lady is pleasant and inspiring.

  • Adept with lance.
  • Member of the Solioquy bard troupe.
  • Jancis met during Oscare's Story Time in La Noscea.
  • Accompanied to find her lover's family who was being plagued by their patriarch.
  • Storyteller for pilgrimages to the Twelves' stones including Halone, Menphina, and Thaliak.
Alveo Soulseeker - Sailor
Solhai Alveo.png
  • Erstwhile Love: Jancis met Alveo while working as a support in the same Free Company and ended up having feelings for the sailor
  • Name Alveo Camp
  • Once recovered from his life-long ordeal, they confessed their feelings for one another and were to be wed.
  • Uponing joining the Harbingers of Dawn company, Jancis got wrapped up in a personal condition of one of the soldiers. By chance missing the worst of his afflicted curse; she ended up trusting Alveo and his companion Rynn.
  • While mostly being forced to be a source of outsider support, Jancis continued to bring aid and deal with the awkward man with a gruff demeanor. She was there when Alveo defeated Illear, freeing himself, and found him to be much more than a cold husk.
  • Looking to prove her worth and ease the conscious of her beloved, Jancis joined the Maelstrom as a medic. Unknown to her, this only caused her lover more worry and concern. Her current work has her going along the coastal towns assisting the locals with their ailments and concerns.
  • Al-well that ends well: After many trips North to find her beloved and assist him in his ordeals and endeavors, Jancis continued to find only traces left behind by the man. Contacting his other friends and mentors, whom had not heard of his ventures nor received word back from him, as well as sending multiple letters she was assisted in the end by another friend who confirmed Alveo was actively receiving her correspondence and was going on his own missions of his own accord. Though heartbroken, she learned to live with his decision and discontinued her trips North or holding out for contact; knowing his indecision before about a life of settling down and his refusal to put her into danger clearly trumped any importance she held on his heart previously.
  • Being brave and strong-headed in a rare occasion, Jancis lost her proper demeanor with Sir Filangieri which led to a complicated encounter with the two. Alveo finding out and taking it poorly, Jancis decided in order to "forgive herself" to take up a huge amount of debt to protect Alveo. Jancis was indebted to Lady Tasa.
  • Reuniting with Alveo by chance while working, he convinced her that they could "go home", but the soldier's true intentions were to goad the knight Sir Filangieri into a fight. After being humiliated in front of the others, Jancis was strained with thoughts of giving up on her beloved. The situation was more compounded by his additional apologies and a very intimate offer. Jancis' trust in Alveo has improved dramatically from the sailor's continued efforts to compromise with the stubborn knight.
  • Key events including rejoining the Maelstrom, night of the Pumpkin Cafe opening, and Dhemgeim's nameday celebration have solidified Jancis' commitment to Alveo.
  • In a show of loyalty and to give Alveo clarity, Jancis has entrusted him with her most precious possession: a silver charm bracelet, infant-sized, with a seashell-shaped charm bearing the engraving "L.F.".
  • At Alveo's lack of concern and mix-up that he intended to take on a near suicidal job for a shady mercenary group, she struck him. Anytime this is brought up, Jancis feels very guilty.
  • Alveo proposed on the 30th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon, after the Grindstone they traveled to the Sagoii Desert where the two had first realized how much they cared for one another. While Jancis did not grow up knowing such culture of marriage outside of fictional books, she is excited about the title and reacts to it, particularly from Alveo.
  • With a surprising change, Alveo has gone North to assist his mentor in an emergency call. Cleaning out their home and resigning from his position with the Coral Sea and the Maelstrom.
  • With little word of his departure, Jancis finds his mentor and learns he has no information on his departure nor had insight of it, much as he does not care for the woman.
Ashmira Honzen - Astrologian from the Far East.

This mysterious and beautiful au ra has curly hair that Jancis will gaze at quietly and a very sinful smile where she finds delight in most everything. A skilled healer, Jancis will step aside and be very awkward if having to lead healing in front of her. Though Jancis fails to be close to the woman, she looks at Ashmira fondly.

  • Gave Jancis a special gift - a water talisman with a soothing balancing well to channel aether into and bolster despite odds. Has a pitcher shape and the symbol of Thaliak and Ewer upon it.
  • Brother is Ashravi
  • Has a fondness for gems, jewels, and novel luxuries.
  • A talent in cold/ice drinks and treats.
  • “The Ewer represents a mighty river, born of the water spilled from a vessel in the Scholar’s grasp. Within the river flows the entirety of knowledge from past and future alike. Aether springs forth from it, employed by the Spinner as that from which all aether is drawn and returns to.”
  • Met at the Coralhaus, spending time together to understand more about the influence of the stars on the world and her upbringing.
  • Fought side-by-side and then helped deal with Caen's wounds particularly the drug that was overdosed in his system.
  • Helped defend and protect J'azhar and Ashravi as they took down a runaway exotic buffalo in Summerford.
  • Rescued and tended to Caen's wounds after recovering him from slavers.
  • Jancis viewed a All Saint's Wake auction her and Ashravi participated in. When the bidding died off and friendly parties stayed quiet when her brother joined, Jancis spoke up and won the auction, going into debt for half a million gil.
Autgar Bloode - Monk & Former Enslaved
Autgar Thumbnail.PNG

A monk who seems close to Berrod, Jancis sees Autgar for having a lot of space in his life for friends and carrying them along with him. He's bright and generous in nature which brings easy smiles and it's easy to think she might have a crush on the man from a stranger or acquaintance.

  • Location: Gyr Albania, Goblet
  • Has a dog named Rufus.
  • Lord Autgar has a great need to become strong, but also keep those close strong.
  • Be there if Autgar calls for help in Gyr Abania or otherwise.
  • Make good on the spar he requested.
  • “Dear, I don’t think you could ever be a hindrance. If anything your company so far has only lifted me up.”
Past Events
  • Met at the Levinfist Tournament.
  • Finalist in Mister Eorzea
  • Went to speak to about Rhalgr, but has a more indepth conversation between eachother and their feelings which is taken in misunderstanding as courtship, but the two rectify and decide to still visit and speak as often as possible.
  • Had a picnic in Autgar's quarters with blankets and pillows. Learned about his mother and many sisters.
  • Escorted Jancis through Gyr Abania scouting for resources and contacting folks. Saved her possessions from a vagrant.
Aya Foxheart - Barmaid and Fighter.
Aya felice.jpg

Jancis loves how the lady always smiles and greets her, though she refuses help from or be served by passively. Finds Aya inspiring, happily listening to stories and the thoughts of the woman and admiring her ability to do the same for other adventurers. Regards the former lancer as a healer for the work she does feeding and serving in the busiest place in all of Eorzea. Aya always replies that it is 'not that busy'.

  • Fond of Limsa.
  • Has northern accent.
  • Gave Jancis a special watch that shows a depiction of the Twelve at the hour bell.
  • Jancis met when Cici introduced them after missing one another for many moons.
  • Visited on and off, particularly after the HoD tavern night in the Mist.
  • Met up at the new location in the Lavender Beds, where to two spend time talking about Aya's former life, guarding the northern reaches of the Twelveswood and the people she use to know.[Scene]
  • Recited poem during Halone's pilgrimage.
  • Recited poem at Celebration of the First Snow.
  • Performed at the Show of Mad Love with Chachanji a song about a tonberry.
Bartolomeo Filangieri - Knight from southern islands.

He left quite an impression on her from his approach and kindness, even taking a particular interest in one of her childish toys. After a particularly crucial fight Jancis has dropped her overly-polite demeanor with the knight which can easily be taken the wrong way. She also reacts acutely to his mannerisms, be them good or bad. She will follow his direction without question. Jancis will refer to him as "Sir Filangieri" strictly.

  • Met as a Harbinger.
  • Jancis would go to the man for counsel about the actions of others, to which he would usually tell her to follow her heart.
  • After seeing the man drop out of a spar at the Grindstone with a miqo'te, she finds out more about his terrible past and gives him an embroider handkerchief to hopefully bring some solace to the man.
  • At the Coral beach party, Jancis treats the knight in a particular way which causes him to kiss her. Saddened by her childish mistakes, she ends up apologizing to both him and her then betrothed.
  • Losing track of the man's movements through Ul'dah and then Gridania, she believes the man dead or gone.
Caen Jabari - Wanderer

Jancis finds him adorable and endearing, unable to not smile at most anything he says and does. Easy to approach, she will go towards him and travel nearby to keep him safe from harm.

  • Part of Clandestine
  • Lost his family in the Calamity, was found adrift by his foster father Ser Faust Jabari.
  • Among those lost his brother Vailyx.
  • Considers Sir Vashir to be his cousin.
  • Enjoys fish and juice.
  • Mainly met up at the pilgrimage for Menphina, traveling awhile together to Ul'dah where they got to talk on the road of his past.
  • Met once again during Lady Hawke and Lady R'lexia's blessing pilgrimage for their bonding. Jancis found out how much Caen respects and adores Azeyma.
  • Singing Canary - Caen is caught up in the corruption of Ul'dah and forced into slavery.
  • Tiergan confronted some friends in Coerthas about finding out why Caen has been distant for the past couple moons, Lurial discovering the man had been lost in the paperwork of Ul'dah, arrested, and sold into slavery.
  • The group agrees to look for records of gil movement and any paperwork that might give a clue as to where Caen could have been taken with Angora and Lurial heading up the recon mission. Ashmira and Jancis, with the assistance of Eruantien and Ashvira, will go around on goodwill healing to fighting pits and labor camps hoping to find sign of the man.
  • Jancis, unable to wait and worried that Caen might crack and accept his imprisonment, goes to Momodi and the two think up a subtle way to pass around the word with signs of sunshine, canaries, and some of Caen's favorite food to hopefully reach the man through word of mouth. [Advertisement]
  • Working with others the group finds out where Caen is being held and stage a raid on the slave fortress to pull their friend from its depths. He initially tries to attack the group, but is calmed enough to recover and wrap wounds, leading to nearly a month of recovery in the Forgotten Springs.
Carina Hlaiwa - Magi & Cook
Carina Lir by Flynntastical.png

Jancis views the woman as the ideal mother and something of the example of a living Nophica for her generous and nuturing nature.

  • Location: Lavender Beds
  • Great cook that has a habit of worrying if people like what she makes.
  • Enjoys spicy food and lamb.
  • Studying with conjurers but has an innate magic talent, particularly with fire.
  • Grew up in Limsa with her mother who stopped sailing to care for her family. Has a sister that tends to wander and dissolve her relations with Carina.
  • Met for the first time at the Pilgrimage to Mephina's stone with Ilwe'ran.
  • After Thaliak's pilgrimage, assisted Ilwe'ran in finding Jancis on the road looking for what she thought was the missing man. Resting briefly, the three sort out what occured with saying farewell and moving forward.
  • Answering Ilwe'ran letter for assistance, Jancis goes to the alchemist guild to find an answer to assist with developing nursing and becoming a milk-mother.
  • Made dinner for others at Ilwe'ran's house despite being uncomfortable in early pregnancy.
  • Was invited to join at their home about a family celebration once the baby was born.
Chaska Dakwhil - Sailor
Chaska Dakwhil.png

Though mute, the lady is very opinionated about everyone around her, will stare and share feelings regardless of the means of communication. The two share a tentative relationship for their differing ways of dealing with tough situations. Jancis trusts her, despite the disagreements. She has been missing since showing up before Starlight.

  • Mute, Jancis gifted her a captain's whistle with multiple notes in case of trouble.
  • Mostly met Chaska at her induction into Coral Sea, particularly because her horrid look after Captain Renaud looked into her eyes.
  • After fighting off the Leviathan, Chaska is pulled into a horrible situation concern Hnaba.
  • Chaska witnesses Jancis upset and torn after trying to bring a peaceful painless death to Hnaba.
  • Critizing everyone involved, Chaska watches as Jancis is forced to spongebathe the woman and also later watches as L'aenoh slays Hnaba, carrying her to a watery grave.
  • Jancis mistook her handwriting for who wrote a raunchy 'hoax' story of the conjurer getting pounded by two roegadyns, one a good friend.
  • Gave a whistle to in case of trouble.
  • Confronted with an irate Syl who is destroying her cake, Chaska slams her with a frying pan since she's unable to call for help. After talking with Dhemgeim, Chaska fears for her continued life with the Coral Sea. No charges are filed and Jancis tries to comfort the woman with giving her a whistle so she has a small way to communicate and call for help.
  • Moons later, Chaska re-appeared after a confrontation and a change in appearance, as well as finding a voice. The meeting was broken and brief resulting in the woman leaving.
Chuchukepa Hohokepa - Thaumaturge
  • Jancis regards the man as one of the most bravest people she knows for his ability to answer calls for help regardless of his own welfare and despite his own nervousness.
  • Connected with the Ossuary.
  • Fights with Lady Meli constantly about Jajara.
  • Has a very important hat.
  • Momma Said Knock You Out: Chuchukepa's mother is a slave (or was) and her location is unknown. Headed up by Stefan, the Coral Sea tries to find and hopefully rescue the woman.Show text
  • Assisted in saving Sir L'aenoh from Hnaba in a fearsome battle with voidsent, the only one to come after Jancis' call over the linkpearl. He even returned to the crypt, despite the dangers, and found a bottle of the liquid L'aenoh had been poisoned with and determined that the man was now addicted to somnus.
  • Drank some tea that Memeli messed with, causing Chuchukepa to become Chuchufema for a short while.
  • Fought against the tempered masses of the Siren along with Tiergan and Ja'ren. [Scene]
Cliodhna Eoghan - Mechanic and Magitek Expert.

Jancis continues to run into the woman to share feelings about family and other lifestyle concerns. She sees Clio as the background and sanity of her company to keep them together and working as a team.

  • Location: Goblet
  • Close to Sir Mynhier and becoming part of his family [Scene].
  • Hosts a drinking contest [Drinking at Sable Hall]
  • Hostess of the Bacchus Drinking Contest.
  • Has a curious knack to put Jancis next to possible suitors.
  • Has a bet panda named Cinna
  • Met during the pilgrimages and also at the Grindstone. Assisted during Nymeia's and Oschon's pilgrimage. Shared a personal family story at Rhalgr's.
  • Attended the bonding to Erik [Album]
  • Picnics together, including by the windmills outside the Mist enjoying dodo soup made by Kurt, to talk and catch up on thoughts and concerns. [Time together in the Shroud]
  • Commissioned a "bird toy" that would mimic real flight to assist in teaching nest-dropped birds how to fly. Clio completely overwhelmed Jancis with a mechanical bird that is powered by wind shards and has a mammet core.
Dhemgeim Shyrdoenwyn - Fallen First Mate of the Coral Sea.
Jancis remembers the woman for her who seemed anchored on the ground but also a fierce fighter and protector. When she is mentioned, she tries to recall the warmer and inspiring thoughts than her untimely demise. "Lady Dhemgeim"
  • Jancis originally met the woman as a warm and welcoming beach comber who invited Sir Filangieri to a beach party.
  • Upon joining the company, Dhemgeim invites her to try smoking, which has a fairly pleasant taste at first.
  • Dhemgeim's Nameday Celebration at Costa Del Sol. Jancis brought a bottle of rum but then was pulled off by friends shortly afterwards.
  • Arriving late for an induction, the company is up in arms as Dhemgeim, drunk with rage, impales Captain Renaud with a sword. Ganzjaega takes her for almost a week to go recover and quit cold turkey.
  • With cunning knowledge, Dhemgeim is one of the few to figure out Memeli's clues to recovering all the food in the Coral pantry from her hijinks. With the reward of a kiss, Dhemgeim, Tausenadel, and Jancis all succumb to Memeli's 'pink tempering'. While the others recover, it takes nearly half the company to snap Dhemgeim out of the pink clutches. She later grounds Memeli for attempting to get sweets from the Sultana with her spells.
  • Attended the wedding of Tausenadel and Dhemgeim, which fills the entire Sanctum of Twelve with kin and friends. The party lasts long into the night.
  • Dhemgeim, having been tempered by the Siren, succumbs to her aether flow condition. In a frantic hope to cure her condition with a questionable complex spell, many Coralites witness the horrific burnout and suffer physically and mentally from the loss of their First Mate.
Edda Eglantine - Land Owner & Arcanist
Jancis worries for the lady's safety as well as trying to be closer to the curious woman; though each attempt has failed.
  • Jancis believes the woman to be nervous and shy, which really she's simply easily disgusted and has high standards.
  • Has a fondness for buying fancy food stuffs including rolanberry cheesecakes.
  • Gave Jancis a very special herb satchel, clearly a special memento of Edda's childhood. The satchel is faded and has the letter "M" embroidered on it.
  • Met at the Grindstone, relying on the lady to assist with some of the smaller wounds on competitors.
  • Joining the Coral Sea, Edda finds a new home away from her mysterious family. Jancis continues to see the woman around the house off an on typically confronting Franz. Checking with the woman, they come to a light understanding of the reason people gather together despite their backgrounds.
  • Seeing the woman ill and coughing, Jancis tries to follow-up with other people who know Edda, which drives her back to her father's estate. Recovered, but badly beaten, Franz Reinette Leanne and Ameline strive to stick it out and make her stay.
  • Overheard Edda speaking briefly with Chuchukepa about needing a powerful magi to deal with something. Confronting Edda as she assists with Staelufre's wounds, the timing is perfect as the lady confesses the request was for the miqo'te's behalf to help with a secondary way to break a spell that binds Staelufre to Lord Teld're.
  • Follow-uped with Franz's condition and needs as requested by Edda as much for her own gaffer. Talking with her, Edda does not consider herself Franz's friend and cannot even bear to say his name. She encourages Jancis to be there for him. Sadly, for all of her attempts and truths the two shared, Franz keeps the woman at an arm's length.
  • Told a story for Nymeia in the pilgrimages to the Twelves' stones.
  • Edda has aether abilities to heal, but was never taught how to use them and causes her a huge amount of health issues. The two agreed after speaking to work on proper conjury training. On a trip to harness these talents and more so realize she doesn't need her father, Jancis tries to take her into the Shroud only to be left there.
  • After Leanne's concerned confession about Edda's welfare about the influences of her father and a mysterious man Jameson Taeros, Jancis reaches out to hopefully inspire some confidence and appeal to reach out to Cici. While distance, continue to take what is known to motivate Edda to break free of corruption and containment. Contacts were not replied to and with Cici missing, Jancis only speaks in a semi-mournful way about the situation she is not involved in.
Eruantien Valandiel - Ishgardian Knight

The man has a curious connection with his intense emotion which goes from savage to kind depending who it is at; Jancis only really seeing and beliving the warmth of kindness. A strength to the man, she does not see him nearly as often as desired and writes him instead. Has a code name Ochir Shrikelance she doesn't care for and usually botches. Formerly called "Sir Shrikelance" "Eruantien"

  • Has dried lavendar, dried red rose petals, and a worn book of the teachings of Halone from him.
  • Met Eruantien when Vaughn and Jaques were overwhelmed by the red lotus in the company of Tiergan.
  • By whim of luck, the letter she sent him with well-wishes from the Twelve reaches him in a point of wounded duress and they meet up 'candidly' where he demands to understand how she was able to find him when others could not. Helping bandage his wounds, the two encounter Tiergan at Coral's hall which invokes a scuffle between the two.
  • Following Eruantien's trail Tiergan and others meet him in a cavern outside the Mist. A fight starts, despite everyone's attempt to subdue the still recovering elezen, and ends with Tiergan being wounded and part of the red lotus lost.
  • Letters follow with the Prince of Lightning's apology and supposed death, leaving Jancis forlorn and failing to find the man despite her attempts.
  • Word from a man named Ochir comes to her which is written nearly identical and she finds a way to reply and ask. Meeting up in the cold tundra of Coerthas, he reveals that he is in fact Eruantien and apologies for his deceit.
  • Helped rescue Caen from slave fighting pit.
  • The man has moved back into the Shroud in the northern part where he has a home. Met on the docks in Gridania and shared information while Angora is recovering from wounds.
Faolan Woodlock - Ranger

Jancis sees him as polite and awkward much as she felt coming into society years ago. She fails to see the fury and amount of patience the man tries to exert in public, so she approaches him easily.

  • Part of the Clandestine
  • Wears a mask over his face and is very awkward.
  • Has a ring inside and etching on his ribs. Tampering with them causes a violent upheaval of darkness. Jancis knows no more than that as to what it is or how it got there.
  • Uncomfortable on chocobos.
  • Abilities to heal wounds, even if afraid in combat. It's a bit of a struggle to protect.
  • Quote:“That’s what critter ye’d be like, Jancis. A bluebird.”
  • Jancis meets Faolan after his induction at the healer meet up, learning briefly about massage therapy from his recommendation for L'aenoh's ankle. He briefly mentioned his clan and their techniques, even if he didn't actually bring her any information.
  • At the pie swap, Jancis hears very little over the bustle of the area of Faolan trying to apologize to a very non-responsive and hurt Lady Ember.
  • At the fortune telling Lady Iskierka did, Jancis bothers Faolan along side Staelufre to help with his shoulder injury.
  • Dance with the Masked Devil in the Pale Moonlight Called in last minute to help with a delicate operation, Jancis and L'aenoh help to hopefully remove a ring embedded into Faolan's chest. Finding more, there are metal runes across the man's ribs and while removing it the group is attacked by black inchor and some kind of void parasite within Faolan that leaves the man barely alive. Stabilizing him in this coma-state, he it taken to Reinette's quarters for constant care. Jancis helps assist in his recovery, taking shifts to watch over and chit chat at the man. [Scene] Show text
  • Worked together on inspecting a lead for the stalker Virara has been dealing with, following the man's tracking skills to a trap where the two including others had to keep Virara alive and fight their way back out. Afterwards, Jancis found out more about the fear and bravery Faolan has.
  • Helped name the gifted unicolt from Little Ladies' Day "Muffin" (though in truth he thought is was a horrible name).
Finecia Hawke - Knight
A serious yet compassionate member of the Coral Sea, Jancis holds Finecia in great esteem for her assistance in the past and her strong demeanor in the face of anything.
  • Has special connection to Lady R'lexia, as well as other tribe mates R'sass and R'ostam.
  • A practiced healer and field medic, skilled in both aetheric healing and triage.
  • Assisted Jancis from escaping an avalanche where the conjurer was trapped.
  • Asked Jancis to come along and help with prayers to the Twelve to bless her bonding with R'lexia. [Scene]
  • After being wounded by Louvel and void-touched, Finecia checks in on Jancis and her heart to make sure she is not upset or pained otherwise, forcing the conjurer to relax.
Flickering Ember - Hunter
Flickeringember zpsb55905eb.png

The lady is blunt and honest, yet easy to hurt. Jancis feels a need to try and answer anything the girl asks in a way she can understand and, with most youth, pays attention and watches out for her in her presence.

  • Blind
  • Likes seashells and talks about small game hunting.
  • Bears a red stone, the Firefly
  • Amazing hugger
  • Met at the Saints Wake party, dressed as a ghost.
  • Was at the Pie Swap event, upset and sad over what Faolan had done. Details unknown.
  • Found out by Coralhaus rumor that the lady refused Sir Reginald's apology for yelling to her when his nose was broken by L'aenoh.
  • Pulled into the marked by the voidsent Gwendoline and had the most visions and perception on what the voidsent was doing.
  • Present for the fight and disappearance of Erutain. Jancis failed to notice how the rising water terrified her.
Florence Fishbane - Sultansworn "Cici"
Coatleque Crofte 3.jpg

A strong-willed knight, Jancis met her through guild masters to tutor and teach in the basics of conjuration. Becoming trusted friends, the two travel together often and share studies. Cici is like family to Jancis and is her first source of comfort and will typically try to follow her around despite the city politics and protocol. Though Jancis fails to understand much of the subtle work Cici does, she still will speak up about the shadow sides of it. Is usually left in the dark on her "sister's" real activities, but trusts the intention and meaning behind the secrets. To others Jancis will refer to her as "Lady Crofte" but personally will call her "CiCi". [Gallery]

Past Events
  • During Coatleque's conjury training in Gridania the two were roommates, helping Jancis break out of her initial social blocks and gaining eachother's trust.
  • In an invasion against Ul'dah, Jancis was drawn in when the knight had an explosive collar locked on her neck. Keeping her company in a safe place outside of the city. Returning later at a pained linkshell call, Cici wounded herself severly in order to disable her from going forward with the plan.
  • Being patient as Cici deals with a disgusting man from her past, the man is slain in the middle of the Quicksand. Finding the woman involved, Jancis is called to her court-case as a witness. Another witness is murdered at the case, where Jancis and Cici put the defendant into protection at the Still Shore. [Scene]
  • Calling on the knight for help, Cici gets a favor from a contact, C'kayah, to get a large order of sonmus. Jancis uses the sonmus to help cure L'aenoh, a friend who was forcibly led to become addicted to the drug.
  • You dropped the Bomb on Me, Cici After being pulled into troubles with a enthusiastic smuggler, Jancis gets pulled into a inter-city event with Coatleque Crofte.Show text
  • Assisted Jancis and Barengar in dealing with the "Rubies" who targetted the conjurer with an arcane dagger to gain influence over her. Poised as a "dark-haired Ala Mhigan" prositute in order to get close to one of the higher ups in the dark rogue guild.
  • The Belle Tolls for Thee: With the Sworn up in Coerthas for duties and personal reasons, Jancis is called on to assist in figuring out what happened to her dear friend.Show text
  • Went to Levinfist and Mintonette Games together.
Franz Renatus - Axeman & Arcanist
Franz no furrow.jpg
  • Jancis met in Ul'dah and was taken by the man's selfish and heroic deeds. Despite the strange aetheric aura about him and typically sad expression, she has accepted his changes and is interested in helping unlock his memories. Unable to help heal him with aether, Jancis tries to protect the man from harm at every chance. The man keeps her at an arm's length which saddens her greatly.[Jancis & Franz]
  • "The Hero of Ul'dah"
  • Has a very strange aetheric aura about him.
  • Have to use basic first aid and no aether healing.
  • Is a full-blooded Garlean, a hidden third eye, who has the ability to manipulate aether.
  • Part of Franz's personality is from another mysterious Ishgardian man, giving him the ability to speak and knows the culture.
  • Aged Rumors: "She insists I am a hero, but I am no such thing. Threw me by surprise, that one." "I'm unsure if I could ever admit to her that her care is appreciated. I fear that by trying to push her away to stay safe, it will only incite curiosity. She deserves better than to deal with my problems. If she could only realize that."
  • Jancis met in Ul'dah looking for a pet rat for some of the homeless children of Ul'dah, dubbing him the "Hero of Ul'dah" for his selfless nature in not only rescuing the damsel rodent but also sacrificing his own chest to bait a pudding from Lady Leanne. [Story] [Thank You Drawing]
  • While coming to understand more about the concerns and troubles between Franz and Edda, the man revealed to Jancis part of his past including his Garlean blood, third eye, and more about a man he is 'infused' with who saved his morality.
  • While pursuing a desparate Ishgardian woman, along with Lady Reinette and Lady Ameline, a fight happens causing Franz to take a bad arrow wound. Jancis tries to heal him with conjury which throws the garlean into a panic. Using his aetheric ability to steal her voice, she's realizes his fear of any aether being given to him by another.
  • Once again pursuing the same woman of a tyrannical family, Jancis witnesses the remarkable regenerative property that Franz possesses.
  • Becoming Franz-tastic:Attempting to help the man at Lady Edda's urgings and concern after his current disappearance, Jancis finds out much about the man's troubled past.Show text
  • Received a dinner in the mail before pilgrimage from the Garlean wishing her well and to be happy. [Letter and Reaction]
  • Helping out occassionally at the Grindstone and giving Franz the space he requested, the man meets up with her again and asks to speak once more. With a hug, the two agree to meet back up and spend some time in Ul'dah talking and sharing experiences. Jancis is very glad to hear that a lot of his pain has ceased and his serene life managing to bring back a few feelings of memories.
  • Assisted with the arcane needs for a "Bubble Dance" Jancis performed at one of Nathan's Shows - Sugar & Spice.
  • Ran into at Drybone after Avelyn stormed out and sat to speak and listen to his quiet reserved woes with Leanne.
Gareth Evershield - Soldier
A boisterious and humorous man who has a canny knack to squeeze in a tease or a taunt followed up with a grin. Jancis has become something of a study partner for certain aspects of the man's work particularly with the magical and spiritual side. Learning more about Gareth's past, Jancis thinks of him fondly and much like an endearing friend.
  • Both parents dead and buried outside of Vesper Bay.
  • Believed dead or missing.
  • Quote:"Just remember that there are more people out there that care for you than pity you. And that you are beyond useful to others, as seen as -so- much more than that."
  • Met upon request from Cliodhna to take care of the multiple wounds Gareth received after a brutal training session.
  • Gareth attending Oschon's pilgrimage afterwards asks Jancis to help him understand the Twelve more. Working together they come to terms with his feelings on Rhalgr and easing fears and thoughts on the Destroyer.
  • Helping Kurt deal with his change and rampant feelings, Gareth helps comfort Jancis with her broken heart, speaking of best intentions and assuring she did not 'fail'.
  • With rumors that Jancis is good at clothing etiquette and, with Kurt's help, gets some special attire for the knight.
  • A Rose by Another Name - After a story he told about risking his life through the Amalj'aa for a rare rose for his mother and his regrets on leaving it behind, Jancis offers to retrieve it and finds out more about the reasons behind the knight's pain.Show text
  • Went out to the Shroud to understand the basics of conjury. While out there after a training session Gareth confesses that he had considered Jancis for courtship before falling deeply in love with Vanya. The two share their fond friendship for one another, Jancis very moved by his honesty and trust in her.
Guillemont De'bayle- Ishgardian Knight

Guillemont was one of the shadows Jancis couldn't seem to see fully, a man of quiet awkward demeanor and inner pains that he kept hidden. For all she felt close to the man, she knew little about him and often found her questions or attempts to talk fading away either out of distraction or dissuasion, much like her own tactics about herself. Finding him charming out of such ways as Guillemont reminded her of Denz for awhile, Jancis found this one case of taking a man for granted out of the comfort of him being nearby.

  • Deceased
  • Swordsman and former Temple Knight
  • Middle brother to Armont and Denz and Astrelle's twin.
  • Moniker "The Grey Wolf" among Ishgardians.
  • Received the title "Skullcrusher" for helping to protect others from a group of Skulls and defeating their leader.
  • Aged Quote - "Lord Guillemont is a very reserved man; he keeps important things close to his heart." "I wish I could see Guillemont as happy as a fish once more."
Past Events
  • At Carina's beach party in Denz's honor, the knight finally smiles and enjoys himself which makes Jancis call him a happy fish. “I am happy to have met you, Sir Guillemont. This is the happiest I have seen you in our few times together. Are like a fish, yes?”
  • Told a semi-campfire story at Steaks and Tales.
  • Gave pointers on how to use a sword and attack, showing a commanding voice for the first time in Jancis' presence.
  • Has a dark side, tortured a bandit who held Claire hostage before Jancis stepped in.
  • Got mixed up a cult named the Black Mantle and had to be rescued from the void that tried to possess him. Thought dead but unsure for over a year.
  • Jancis saw a vision of him after death, smiling and peaceful during her De'bayle "joining".
Iskierka Stormspeaker - Seer "Iski"
Jancis holds the lady in high regard for her brave demeanor and foresight and trusts her completely after offering to take on an ordeal instead of Jancis. She looks to the woman for bravery and to follow in life's trials and trusts to endure anything.
  • Wears a mask to cover up the arcanite symbols etched into her face.
  • Iskierka's father entrapped a voidsent within the woman, causing the runes to bleed and the lady to talk in tongues.
  • Put tattoos on her face to cover up the markings. [Image]
  • Has foresight to understand cards and runes.
  • Gave Jancis a luck dice.
  • Followed by a black cat which holds the voidsent being, Ronove, that haunts her.
  • Shared stories, told fortunes, and gave runic blessings for pilgrimages to the Twelves' stones for Athlyk, Halone, Thaliak, and Nymeia.
  • Worked together to infiltrate cultist den and were captured together following up on it, the woman taking the brunt of the torture and much of her aether ripped out.
  • Learned more about the symbols on the lady's face, found while recovering after being captured by cultists, that the symbols were placed there by her father after using her to entrap a voidsent.Show text
Ilwe'ran Hlaiwa - Hunter
Ilwe'ran - By Tiergan.jpg

Jancis finds a comforting connection by the man's subtle nature at being present, but not obvious. Touched by his outreach and his feeling as a foriegner, she will help bridge the gap as possible and take on awkward situations. Beyond that she harbors a curiousity about his family clan and beliefs.

  • A weaver: Jancis as a chocobo plush, winter coat, and spriggan winter hat made by the man.
  • Learned more of his clan and their traditions for survival, including a family bond to keep the aetherflow as a shield long after death.
  • Has four children, two adopted: F'anya and F'elia from his first lover, Olv'a and Linde twins from second.
  • Sister Marva
  • Mate Carina
  • Quote:“I can’t believe that you’re saying your devotion isn’t worth some attention. You might’ve met the wrong people or a lot of them are blind if you think this way.”
  • Meeting among other Seekers and Keepers during the eclipse, Jancis is honored to be included in a special miqo'te meetup on behalf of another, she learns more about their culture and they are patient with her questions, including the keeper man.
  • Assisted in guarding some of the pilgrims to the cold reaches of Coerthas for Menphina as well as overseeing the management of Thaliak on Jancis' behalf.
  • Called for help, Jancis comes to the man's home to talk about the Twelve and bring ease to the man for his regrets. The two end up talking about their own pains and backgrounds for a short while.
  • Afterwards, Jancis travels through the Shroud and writes back to help him find some direction in life.
  • After speaking at the pilgrimage to Thaliak, Jancis is concerned about where he wandered and backtracks. Failing to find him, she stops in Ul'dah for supplies to help his family's needs and ends up sending him and Carina on a wild goose chase to find Jancis along the path north to the Shroud. The three rest and talk awhile, each apologizing and happy the others are safe. [Scene]
  • Jancis invited to Ilwe'ran's house for dinner with other friends.
  • Received letter from Ilwe'ran to help Carina and himself plan a ceremony and celebration for their union and growing family. The man isn't much of a dancer, but they all agreed for a gathering and celebration at the Silver Bazaar with a small token of gift giving ceremony.
Hikari Inamoto - Doman Fighter

Meeting over the course of years, Jancis takes this nervous woman much like herself who is still working out of unseen shackles put onto her by the past, but confident that she will find a means to break free and follow the stutters and murmurs she states without fear.

  • Once known as Uyraies Sonnen.
  • Swordwoman
  • Stutters
  • Wears a flower in her hair.
  • Uses her pinky to make oaths.
  • Aged Quote - "Lady Hikari holds back on her heart often, which is a great feat of strength. Her heart is quite massive.
  • "I know how much…how much you love her. He…he talks about you like you raise the sun and put the stars in the sky."
  • “D… Do it again.”
Past Events
  • Met at Guillemont's acquainance that would flee at any possible misunderstanding of courtship or close friendship at Grindstone.
  • Attended the Bombard dinner and music at the Bismarck.
  • Watched spar with other De'bayles showing her natural physical strength.
  • Met again years later after Guillemont's disappearance, wearing his clothes and staying in the man's room.
  • Aided Denz in a spar with her, confronting the woman on the claim of being in love with Guillemont, which leaves both women battered and bruised from the emotional match. The two rest and recover together as she learns more about Hikari's background, connection, and conviction.
  • Helped fight the Black Mantle.
  • Hosted a snowball fight.
  • Offered to be Torene's godmother.
J'azhar Tia - Seeker

A skilled hunter with a gentle hand. Warm compassionate man that can blush easily. Speaks of the culture of his tribe and food happily that Jancis enjoys listening to. Her treatment of him is partly protective from his reactions under duress and smiles easily when he shares anything from his bright personality.

  • Close friend of Sir Vashir.
  • Has golden eyes, as the story goes they're from Azeyma.
  • Met at a dinner with the Phoenix Rose by invitation with Vaughn and Jaques and continues to help with the rehabilitation of slaves.
  • Competed in the End of Winter Games where his sneeze blew away an ice sculpture of Kan-E-Senna [Scene].
  • Suggested a book store to Jancis (Eagle & Quill, Lady Deitrala, Mist 3rd Ward 10th House).
  • Helped with Memeli's Riddle debacle where Jancis learned how important his tribe and name is. [Scene]
  • Saved a yellow jacket and stopped a stampeding buffalo in Summerford.
  • Experiments with alchemy, found out by seeing a set of crystal growing beakers that were mysteriously broken. J'azhar blamed his own forgetfulness, which both Jancis and Aiouxdaux found worrisome.
Ja'ren A'lenthin - Arcanist
Very straight forward and blunt man, even when it comes to fights and spars. Jancis can only give the man a curious look when he talks.
  • Looks at Lady Chaska curiously.
  • One of the Branded from Aeon
  • Made a mincemeat and walnut pie for the man based off what little she thought she knew of the man, comparing him to Ganzjaega. [Scene]
  • The MistressShow text
  • Met up with in helping Aeon deal with a tortured spirit trapped in a mask.
Jana Ridah - Arcane Soldier

Jancis had only known this fist-fighter/arcanist from afar until one incident. After that and paying more attention to this woman, Jancis has grown to see someone she has come to admire as a strong soul who can learn and strive to make things right, in and outside of herself.

  • Seen on and off by the Grindstone as another healer.
  • Encountered while responding to an inspection call in Moraby Drydocks, a warehouse got raided. During the scuffle and before an explosion, Jancis was wounded by a pair of masked arcanists.
  • Cici being one of the people involved with the raid, Jancis demands some answers and finds out that one was Jana.
  • Working for Captain Dogberry to help with primal threats goes with him on a team including Jana. Knowing the woman's inability to not panic and attack without question, Jancis insists that Jana stay within her sight and not go behind her. With a humble and kind look, Jana agrees.
  • Getting wounded in Coerthas, Jancis relents and takes Jana on her chocobo mount to ride back to Gridania, starting the healing of their trust.
  • Jana guarded at the Byregot pilgrimage, staying around until the very end to assist and watch over all of the speakers.
  • At a charity auction, assisted Jancis in bidding for her friend Zachary Evans, putting up nearly half of the abundant six-hundred thousand gil donation, being very vocal to other bidders to cease their attempts.
  • Spoke at the pilgrimage to Rhalgr's stone sharing a story about taking action for what matters.
  • Helped represent the Flames at the Grand Company Alliance Rally in Ishgard.
Jeris Guillford - Gladiator "Sir Ironblood"
Jancis seems like a bright child beaming to the man for his stories and jovialty.
  • Syl's lover
  • Servant to Lady Meli
  • Met in Ul'dah telling stories about his wins in the gladiator's arena and how he earned the name Ironblood.
  • Protected Syl when she was attacked in the Still Shore by Dhemgeim.
  • Disguised self once to be Lady Jerncis for Memeli's slumber party.
  • Came and assisted in saving Jancis and Iskierka from the blind cultists in the Shroud. Surprising even Jancis, his aether control and abilities were key in stabalizing Iskierka.
  • At Berrod and Caleb's bonding ceremony, Jancis invites the couple and Jeris "helps" mediate the apology between Syl and her about the amorous elixir debacle.
  • Last seen recovering; Jeris was imprisoned at a Garlean base and is recovering at the Still Shore. Syl does not recall memories of him.
Jezune Garinthe - Lancer
Jancis shares a lot of ideals and social awkwardness as Jezune and feels like the man has some kind of kinship for their similar backgrounds.
  • Comments about her eyes.
  • Jancis met the man after his brief association with the Coral Sea company in Quarrymill.
  • Healed the man's wounds after a berserk and childish move at the Grindstone, only to destroy all of the conjurer's work.
  • Saved Jancis from Meli's enchantment.
Leanne Delphium - Bard
Leanne FadedDreams.jpg

Bardess and adventuring archer. Jancis met while healing at the Grindstone, impressed by her ability to deal with pain while Jancis tended to others with more serious wounds. The lady appears now and again to sing at pilgrimages and around Jancis, always sharing more about herself especially in love to be a kindred spirit. A comforting presence. Jancis delights in her songs and will often times try to sing lyrics from them.

  • Champion of the Grindstone.
  • Has a special hat. Regardless of being exhausted or incapcitated, the woman will hold on to.
  • Traveling Bard and Archer Competitor at the Grindstone; winning at least once giving her the name "Champion Leanne".
  • Sings lovely songs about love and adventure. "Put on my shoes, put on my hat. Adventurer am I."
  • Not much of a cook, making a sweet pie for Chachanji out of random fruits and candies.
  • Leanne is The Harp.
  • "Lady Leanne always sings of love in some form. It is what I see in her sun-filled eyes."
Past Events
  • Met at the Grindstone when the lady held onto her own shoulder wound waiting for the other opponents to be healed in a rather brutal round.
  • After assisting Captain Dogberry to deal with the Primal Moogle King, heard Leanne sing for the first time at the hot springs in Outer La Noscea.
  • Encouraged the travelling bard to have a home base with people who care about her, joining the Coral Sea.
  • Dealing with an insane northern house, Leanne helps physical deal with the problem and recover Lady Edda.
  • Bard for pilgrimages to the Twelves' stones for Nald'thal, Nophica, Halone, and Thaliak.
  • Check in with Leanne about her broken heart and inability to sleep. Sent her out to find Cali's Poppy flowers to make a helpful tea or tincture. The two ended up singing together and sharing some woes about lost love. [Scene]
  • Leanne down more than usual, Sir Gegenji thinks up a surprise party with friends to cheer her up. Jancis brings along a small book with a long poem that reminds her of the bard.
  • At the Red Wings fundraiser, Leanne does a favor for Jancis to bid on the kind man who helped them both at Lady Cliodhna's drinking contest at Sable Hall. Leanne wins the bid for Kurt, but insists that it is for Jancis and plays matchmaker. The man agrees to assist them both when they try to decline.
  • Performed at the Celebration of Autumn Stars. [Song]
  • Sparred with her and Barengar after talking about practicing at a Grindstone competition. The trio had a couple duels before eating some farm-fresh food Leanne gathered. Shared stories about how Leanne would sneak into the Wailer's training camp and was finally given a bow by one of them and came to love the weapon style.
  • Helped her gather silk cucoons in Thanalan where the pair ran into Franz afterwards and shared a drink.
  • After a wager with Tausenadel, Jancis wins a story and invites Leanne along since the wager was on the lady's Grindstone fight. She sings a sweet song about her friends. ♪That I love you all, my precious, grand friends… and about a happy one ♪I’m always living, in the middle of the road!
  • Continuing the wager to invite friends to the Bismarck for Steaks and Tales, Leanne arrives and sings a song she wrote with Denz in mind, making Jancis very bashful and overwhelmed by the amorous song. "Pressing those lips against me, I just start to gleam"
  • Explored out to the Great Gubal Library through the Hinterlands, seeing all the ruins and natural wonders along the way. Leanne confessed that there is a book within she needs and has been back to the library time and again hoping to find it.
  • Performed at the Biota Masquerade a song about the world of imagination.
  • Be prepared to answer Leanne's call should anything go awry in her exploration of the Great Gubal Library. - Failed Goal
Kale Aideron - Bloodsworn of the Immortal Flames.

Continues to run into the man time-to-time and assist him with small tasks. Jancis has a curious and polite relationship with the man, particularly because the confusing biased manner he has.

  • Has a friendly chocobo named Eskandar.
  • Cannot read but Jancis sends him letters anyway.
  • Has a sister and mother that he keeps tentative contact with.
  • Once Knight of Ul'dah's Sindicate
  • Met the man at the Grindstone in Sir Filangieri's company, where the two knights found common ground.
  • Assisted in wounds when the man was ambushed near Costa del Sol, coming back to check on the man's recovery.
  • Man has a bad impression of miqo'tes and forces Jancis to stand up for Sir Vashyr. Very dedicated to Thanalan and Ul'dah.
  • Spoke and learned a bit more about one another walking back from the pilgrimage to Halone.
  • Kale the Inexorable
  • Gave the name Jancis of the Calm Light and awarded her with the Aquamarine Cross for unrelenting selflessness and unwavering composure for the sake of friends in Operation Rhalgr's Beacon.
  • Aided in guard work when Ala Mhigo was betrayed where Jancis got stabbed and clubbed in the back.
  • Jancis gifted Kale with a duckling for being the last standing in the Second Grand Melee. The duck went on to be the mascot of the 4th Combined Brigade.
  • Joined at the Second Grand Melee
Kurt Steel - Axeman & Cook

Jancis met him in a curious way that has made their initial contact awkward from her own actions despite his kind, protective, and attentive mannerism. From courting, to a female confidant, to male reborn friend.

  • Erstwhile Love - Jancis keeps a tentative relationship with and still cares for promise unbroken.
  • Raised in Wineport by his mother, who is a tough cookie.
  • Has the ability to channel fury, an old warrior skill.
  • Is a bit of a cook that enjoys coffee and will on occasion send Jancis fruit-based sweets, particularly apple tarts, which is one of her favorites.
  • Had one green eye from an affliction he had before with a curse; this no longer seems the case.
  • Old Feelings - She's taken up the habit to writing him letters and speaking of him fondly and wistfully. Overall, her mannerism to him is conflicted in the urge to help repair the wounds she sees within him and the her belief in her inability to without taking them on herself, something he wouldn't allow.
  • Was Retainer and Steward of Red Wings Sable hall.
  • Acquaintance meeting at Cliodhna's Drinking Contest where the man was helping manage the event. Jancis had noticed his endless supply of food offers to guests and also how he ran off with a large waraxe to get a fresh kill for Spahro.
  • At a fundraising auction for guard services, Jancis uses some of her debt to help out with the funding. Giving Leanne a large platinum coin to bid on Kurt and make sure he went for a fair price, Leanne takes it further and matches the bid to ensure winning. She then introduces the two where the man insists on helping both of them for their contribution.Show text
  • Meeting up for what Jancis hopes is a day to help him with inner pain, she finds a woman much like Kurt waiting for her arrival wounded. Quickly taking care of the wounds, the other ideas are left aside and the conjurer fails to show the manner of quiet decorum he wished for in his ordeal, particularly around others at Camp Bronze Lake.
  • Met up in Coerthas, helping Jancis deal with the cold after a dream ritual for Sigurd. Knowing all of the duties and people Kurt takes care of, she is very grateful for what she has in an ally.
  • Meeting up once more in Limsa, the two sadly agree that their courtship is not what Nymeia has intended. Kurt takes on a new identity of Katherine, or Kat, and has opened up significantly afterwards leaving the two as friends. [Scene]
  • Jancis is invited in to help Gareth with clothes for a friend's wedding and Kurt offers to help. In his typical style he goes overboard and also makes a spring dress for the conjurer.
  • Hearing from the woman-man again after seeing one another at Cliodhna and Erik's wedding, Jancis agrees to go out and help find some formal close for special occassions. The two end up having dinner and talking about vanity and Kurt's desires, then getting a fitted corset long after. Re-connecting, they both head to Limsa and speak of getting back to roots and the way things use to be.
  • Re-connected with Kurt, now a man once more, to rest after a grueling Grindstone. The two spoke of the past and moving forward.
  • Moving with his employers from the Goblet to the Mist, Jancis is given a short tour of the cliffside hall and his new residence. The two speak of current events which is most about Kurt's latest conquest, asking for advice in love. Jancis attempts to be helpful, saying that if he wishes to 'break down her walls' he has to let her 'break down his'. The woman of his affection remains nameless.
L'aenoh Tia - Swordsman "Ganzjaega" "Abarsoemr"
L'ae 2.png

Continues to do the best for this "hunter" as far as dealing with his wounds and problems from his past. Jancis now cooks a particular skillet bread specifically avoiding baking for his sake. Also is very protective of the man and will put up with most anything he dishes out, but continues to fail to protect him from harm since healing is a large ordeal for the man. He is something of a weakness for Jancis, getting upset easily about someone threatening to harm him or actually harming him.

  • Lost his left eye. Half of his right ear is missing.
  • Has a complicated glyph on his back, inhibiting his aether flow.
  • Creates crazy drink concoctions.
  • Green Bottle: Every shot can taste like something else and have a different effect.
  • Black Bottle: Tastes nice, but shoots through the person in half a bell.
  • Carries people like sacks of popotos.
Past Events
  • Jancis truly met the man after Dhemgeim impaled Captain Renaud, particularly for glaring at Alveo.
  • While baking cupcakes with Hnaba and Memeli, Jancis takes a look at the empty socket L'aenoh's eye was in, which he hadn't cleaned. She insists on cleaning it out and finds out more about the hornet that stung it and festered. First hint that the man cannot be healed, but Jancis completely misses it.
  • Touch based on with dealing with the man's odd behavior of staying away from everyone, particularly Zhen. The two later on drifted apart.
  • Hunting the Hunter;What is Love? Hnaba Don't Hurt Me, Don't Hurt me, No more..L'aenoh Tia is kidnapped from the Coral House which leads into a nightmarish love crush with a demented woman and the painful aftermath.Show text
  • Offers to take Jancis to the Starlight Ball, which she declines because he confesses he was going to ask Lady Edda first and only asked to make Oscare leave. L'aenoh does not trust the man for his blatant declarations of being Garlean.
  • Learning that L'aenoh became part of Staelufre's "fury training", the man was wounded which upsets Jancis greatly. She stays the night to ensure their safety. [Scene]
  • Attended L'aenoh's bonding to Staelufre, hearing about a fight. In the end it all turned into word fluff, Jancis confirming it over and over.[Scene]
  • During and after helping X'kohu with corrupted crystals embedded in his body, the man kisses Jancis and tries to hold her. L'aenoh keeps a keen eye on the other miqo'te. Jancis bothers her friend for romance novels, or 'warm books' to help her cope with the lack of love. [Scene]
  • Spoke to in his office about his need to travel and be away for some time, telling Jancis to keep being strong but to not stop being soft at the same time.
Lan Darklyn - Knight

Jancis ran into the man and (by chance) became fond of him. A semi-sad coincidence, Lan looks somewhat like Jancis' lost love, save for the short hair and sapphire eyes. The feelings were more complicated as she learned more of the man's past to nearly match with hyur fostering and training, as well as running into one another from short meetings long before. She nearly sees the man as the success she wanted for herself, and tries to assist the man in subtle ways so his life stays happy and prosperous unlike the 'twin' she fell in love with.

  • Martial Saint of the Harbingers of Dawn.
  • Had adoptive hyur parents in the Sagoii Desert.
  • Found birth parent's history and graves from visions he had been struck with.
  • Reunited with his love and now wife, Qih Lyehga
  • Gave Jancis a plush moogle doll (like the one his wife has) in gratitude for her help.
  • Jancis met early on in her travels and re-met at the auction. To keep the man from being bid on by his subordinate, Jancis gave the highest bid.
  • Offered to assist her and the priests of Athlyk in pilgrimage and has continued to have the Harbingers involved, coordinating guards for Halone and having Arrelaine handle Menphina's pilgrimage.
  • Followed-up on failed assistance with "Lynx". Though the woman was put in Jancis' custody, she failed to remove the foreign aether or persuade the woman to have it removed.
  • Update with the status of the Red Ruby Assassins.
  • Asked for help from Lan and Val about assassins she had been following, Jancis was also attacked and needed a safe house to stay in. Lan offered the hidden room behind his office, where she stayed for a fortnight to recover. [Scene]
Locke Fairwind - Healer
Jancis met Locke on her pilgrimages. The two continue to write to one another and meet up at random.
  • Harbinger in the Support Branch; met briefly there.
  • Calls Jancis "Silly Milly" and will tease her about following him around.
  • Has special glasses from a close friend.
  • Enjoys stories about Balthier the Sky Pirate.
  • Mother is a journeywoman alchemist.
  • "Lush Locke best be smart, less he fall off the dock"
  • Met when doing guard work at one of the many pilgrimages to the Twelves' stones, since Halone's when he asked if anyone suffered from the cold sojourn.
  • A heavy drinker, Locke won at Bacchus Shots and managed to walk out, even forgetting his red coat.
  • Gave a toast after the pilgrimages were done. Here, here. To the end of yet another pilgrimage, my friends. To the performers who so boldly sang and shared their stories, and most of all, to the young lady here who’s been hosting these events for many moons now. You’ve done a fine job, Jan. I said this before, but the next person who comes along has some mighty big shoes to fill. Thanks for all your hard work.”
  • Dressed up as a famous elezen and won costume contest at Celebration of Autumn Stars.
  • Had dinner with at Ilwe'ran's, getting to know a bit more on the midlander.
Memeli Meli - Arcanist

One of the Coral Sea, Memeli has a crazy reputation for being a caring bold company kin and a diabolical arcanist of unquestionable power. Jancis usually tolerates the lady's antics and is used as a piece of furniture by her. In case the lalafel tries to either slap or lie to Jancis, she has gotten into the habit of grabbing Meli's hair. Their continued relationship improves and Jancis has found a very soft and supportive spot for the strangely sweet lady.

  • Very sensitive to hair grabs, but Jancis has also adopted the gesture to show fondess.
  • Loves sweets.
  • Has the strange ability to try and subdue people with chemicals.
  • Unknown cosmic aetheric powers lie within.
  • Meli the Primal: After following along with another one of Memeli Meli pranks, many members are sent on a while goose chase for a riddling pantry thief. While "rewarding" Jancis, Meli's kiss leaves an enchantment that makes the conjurer obsess with the lalafel and her wishes. Show text
  • Has been invited to Memeli's room with other ladies for rituals Memeli calls "Slumber Parties". The ritual usually ends up speaking truths of life in the matters of love, eating a lot of sweets, and then falling asleep. [Scene]
  • Memeli is suffering, sleeping long times and having time lapses in memory. Searching her aether flow, the arcanist's body is flooded with a chaotic ramble of elemental aethers and none with her own distinctive natural mark on any of them. Realizing the woman has supplemented her own powers with random crystals, the fear of her contracting the same curse Dhemgeim had is alleviated. Working with Reinette to help purify the aether flow in Memeli, the condition clears up so the primal can return to her usual activities/schemes.[Scene]
  • Memeli's Bread and Butter: After heading to a ruins for other reasons, Memeli falls under a curse from the ghost of a white mage. [Scene]Show text
  • Meli Day: In a celebration of springtime and bringing the company together after many ordeals, the company comes together for Meli Day to eat cake and arrange flowers. The day is highlighted by a speech Memeli herself gave... which most did not survive through.
  • Fire and Ash: Memeli had a spirit stored within her to change the fate of Eorzea, and it grew discontent with Memeli's lifestyle. Staying behind as others fight, Memeli lays in a coma after the spirit inside her is defeated and vanquished. The spirit moving on to Stephan, it is baited and stopped by the work of I'tsu, Aiouxdaux, Chachanji, Virara, Valentinoix where the issue is resolved and the pink primal recovers.
Nathan Telluride - Bard

This man has a dashing smile and advice for any occasion. Jancis shares a polite and happy relationship, giving him patronage and following his work.

  • High with praise and compliments, a true bard.
  • Good at drinking, always participates and sometimes wins at drinking contests.
  • Host, with Ciel, of the Shows a monthly themed performance.
  • Performed for nine pilgrimage ceremonies for the Twelves' stones including Nophica, Althyk, Halone, Menphina, Thaliak, Llymlaen, Oschon, Rhalgr, and Azeyma.
  • Gave Jancis advice on how to treat highlander men after seeing Oscare suffering.
  • Second in command for the bard troupe Solioquy with Lady Xenedra.
  • Assisted in sending out token love messages during the Valentoine celebration.
  • Taught Jancis the art of Three Fates - a game with numbered gems much like 3-card poker.
  • Hosted the Celebration of the Autumn Stars, naming Jancis as the spirit of the celebration. Included music and a costume contest.
Obsidian Hornet - Sellsword
Ffxiv 08302014 203155.jpg

Jancis met the Hornet during a beach party briefly then again as part of the Coral Sea. After inquires from her on Jancis' safety and her relationship with Alveo, Jancis trusts and feels protected around the ebony lady.

  • Has a golden linkpearl in case of trouble from her. Jancis keeps at a momento.
  • Met the flirtatious woman at a beach party.
  • Always had the large woman looming over her, hugging and excited to hear news about love and joy from Alveo as well as being protective if someone bothered Jancis. [Bulletin]
  • Met her then fiance Gharen at the Grindstone and spoke about their relationships in the Goblet after.
  • A brief encounter at the Grindstone after moons, Jancis heard she lives in La Noscea on a ranch.
Ojune Wajune - Archaeologist, arcanist, and cartographer.
A man of many traits and trades, Ojune is wise, magical, and cultured. Jancis is very fond of the man for his bravery and ability to continue on despite his handicap; having a great balance of not being held back by it and not afraid to ask for assistance because of it. She enjoys talking and listening to him.
  • Archaeologist, arcanist, and cartographer.
  • Protege of Master Lelerano Sasarano, known for making most of the maps available and an eccentric cartographer and explorer. Lost to the Calamity.
  • Has a limp from an injury.
  • Jancis signed up for an exploration into ruins for aetheric relics that Ojune was heading up. Them along with Vaughn and Z'enath found undead and chained voidsent, sending them out to research the dangers within.
  • Continued through more of the ruins after finding a way to supercede the aetheric death mark the voidsent guard could put on the group.
  • Part of the Soloiquy, Jancis was visited by Ojune with deliveries both at the Quicksand and Coralhaus. The later, the two sat and spoke at length about his training, his master and his possible death, and his dream of traveling the world before his injury. [Scene]
  • Performed for the Twelves' stones including Nophica, Menphina, and Thaliak in telling interactive stories.
  • Attended a cultural geography class about the history and culture of Ul'dah, including a tour around the city proper. [Scene]
  • Check in with continuing the exploration of the ruins, following up with a guardian stone golem. [Letter and Diagram]
  • Help Ojune with a demonstration on a particular crystal.
  • Create a book of flower-paper and colorful pages for a children's book, a special gift for Ilwe'ran "Where Spirits Lie" [Part 1] [Part 2][Part 3]
Oscare Iono - Hunter
Ffxiv 11012014 182920.png

Jancis was really taken from his care and concern over Cici's exhaustion when they met. Jancis blunders in their friendship by dishonoring the man with her attempts to repay him and make him smile. She continues to watch and visit the man, despite how much his rejection upsets her, doing her best as he ends up running off.

  • Oscare openly admits his Garlean roots and some of his intentions, which makes reefs between them depending who is involved, forcing the highlander into a shell of emotional suffering.
  • Has violet eyes and multiple scars around them.
  • Has a family still alive and will talk of his father and two sisters in particular.
  • Has a rosewood crane he carved, a mechanical toy man that shoots confetti he made, a rare aether-weaved red scarf, a card with the Queen of Diamonds on it, and a hair clip with feathers of a rare bird the man hunted. [Crane]
  • Has a 'happy' pink outfit made from dye he sent while Jancis was recovering from wounds. [Outfit]
  • Aged Rumor: "It's almost like Nophica herself blessed that girl with the power of eternal kindness. If I ever met a gal nicer than her, I think I may just faint."
Past Events
  • Jancis met Oscare at the Pumpkin Cafe while he was working as a bouncer along side Cici. Jancis was really taken from his care and concern over Cici's exhaustion, offering to walk them back to the city and giving up all his pay for a room at the inn.Show text
  • Jancis had gotten involved with a friend's contract to find a thief. Not knowing the ultimate plans, she knows the man has taken an important heirloom of Oscare's. With Alveo agreeing to assist, she took it to pursue the problem and help the tall hunter. After finding out the man who stole the bow is known to Oscare's family, the man was found in a hideout in the Shroud. Oscare and Alveo took on the group and recovered the heirloom ending in a nasty fight. [Post]
  • In a journal of family notes and pictures Oscare gave her, Jancis finds that in some of the pictures of Oscare and his dad, Oscare's dad was carrying a simple bow with a small piece of ruby on both ends of the bow. Overall, it looks like a standard longbow, but with gray and yellow stripes. Oscare's dad has the same skintone as Oscare, same purple eyes, and has vivid red hair.
  • After the Grindstone contest where Oscare lost control and tried to kill Hornet, Jancis was charged with caring for the man the night after. Able to visit him at the Agents' bar briefly, Jancis noticed the scarring around his eyes and the color of his eyes a startling violet. Her trust in the man dwindles as he continues to fail controlling himself.Show text
  • Oscare hosts a Story Time out in the cliffsides of La Noscea, where Jancis offers out snacks and tells a children's story about Minglo Moving the Mountain. [Scene]
  • Oscare drops off a card from his company, the Agents, thanking Jancis and her company for their assistance in a dispute and discord in their own halls.Show text
  • [Received a poem from Oscare by the Solioquy performed by Ciel.]
  • Overhearing a bit of Oscare and some others at Leanne's party at the Bismarck, more people start coming to Jancis asking how the courtship is coming along and what Oscare is talking about. Trying to approach the man, along side Kale, both of them clam up.
  • At the party before the hunter leaves, he gives her a ruby-colored box. The box itself lovely, inside is a very rare scarf made of aether-imbued silk which always has a warmth. [Scene and Sketch]
  • Working at the Grindstone, Oscare stops by with his face bruised and beaten. Jancis treats the nose and upper lip despite missing other wounds.[Scene]
  • Being told she can request his presence 'when she wishes', Jancis invites the highlander to the farmlands in La Noscea to show him a 'magic trick' which is more or less a conjurer training exercise with wind and water. The trick ultimately lures birds to come fly around Oscare in search of seeds. Calling it 'beautiful' he runs off quickly afterward instead of smiling as she hoped.
  • Invited to attend the bonding of Kayllen Stormbringer and Sojiana, other Agents, afterwards the two gave wishes and blessings at their guardian's stones. [Ceremony] [At Thaliak's Marker]
  • Called to the Goblet, Oscare presents her with a little mechanical toy she doesn't really understand beyond its amazing ability to spit out confetti and fanfare. A gift for Little Lady's Day. During so, he confirmed that his actions, gifts, and manner are a show of friendship and not an act of courtship.
  • Performed at the pilgrimage for Thaliak, disgracing the celebration.
Osric Melkire - Sergeant of the Immortal Flames.
Osric by Tiergan.jpg

Jancis knows little of the man but believes the best of him. Known for his intelligence and being what the conjurer thinks of as a shadow knight, she realizes the man takes a lot on his shoulders and has strong beliefs.

  • Met during Sultana assassination attempt with collar on his neck. Concerned and crying over woman after his blown attempt to get into the Sultana's chambers; Jancis on hand to help heal the wounds he and an associate received during the scuffle she realized in what dire duress the man had been in and still managed to not cause Ul'dah further harm. [Scene]
  • While unknown at the time, he played a key part in getting Jancis information regarding a cure for somnus addiction, which she then used to make a slow withdrawal antidote for L'aenoh.
  • Re-met through L'aenoh with warning about Crow resurgence, learning the man's name. [Scene]
  • Part of the Dauntless company, assisted in the more treacherous pilgrimage to Thaliak's Stone in Rathefrost.
  • Attended Osric's eternal bonding ceremony to Kanaria Galanodel. [Scene]
  • Fought at the Levinfist Tournament.
Otto Vann - Artist and Merchant
Jancis met the man while he was dressing one of her company members. By random chance the man continues to come to her for her opinion and now some of her work in dealing with concoctions. More concerned with the man's well-being, Jancis continues to learn and tolerate his extravagant lifestyle to get a glimpse of understanding this man's way of thinking. Very willing to help the man and is still amazed by the amount of detail the man can pay attention to; she cares deeply for the troubles that no one else seems privy to or could even fathom.
  • Well-known for his clothing and jewelry line, particularly in Ul'dah.
Past Events
  • Outside of the Drowning Wench, Otto Vann made an appearance, dressing up Rinilda and calling her "Shipbreaker" for her accentuated hips, Jancis makes an impression by making a recommendation on the look.
  • Worked at Otto's Fight Club, a brief ring where brawls and hand-to-hand combat was for sport and gil.
  • You Otto Know: Jancis continues to run into the artist "by chance" and ends up having strange and endearing conversations with. The man's lifestyle is confusing for the conjurer, but she does what she can to help this, overall, good-natured highlander.Show text
  • Spoke at a pilgrimage to Byregot's stone on the ambition and mindset needed to build and keep going towards success.
  • Jancis gets fishing equipment and the two sit sharing ideas. With Z'enath long passed on and Kurt showing interest, Otto suggests Jancis ask the man to dinner so all the two can do is talk and understand one another. [Scene]
  • Tested more of the materia gifts Otto gave her and catch up with the man on his projects. In his curiosity about the powers of materia, Otto sends Jancis some of his notes to get her opinion as well as a ring of his own design imbued with strength. [Scene]
R'lexia Thras - Swordswoman
Jancis trusts and feels close to the woman for her pure heart and selfless nature.
  • Skilled with sword and shield.
  • Close and bonded to Lady Hawke.
  • Was a crucial part of saving Jancis and four others from an avalanche.
  • Jancis was asked to come along with her and help with prayers at the Twelves' stones for her and Lady Hawke's bonding blessings. [Scene]
Reginald Ozrik - Swordsman

Jancis views this man as a quiet resilient knight, full of virtue especially towards women and those less fortunate. She treats him with respect and honor that he deserves. Not understanding his darker side and misfortune, she tries to defend the man with all of the poor treatment he receives.

  • Wearing glasses for unknown reasons.
  • Weak in large amounts of aether, getting sick easily.
  • Fought against the Leviathan that threatened the coast.
  • Attempted to take care of Hnaba while she was imprisoned, breaking into L'aenoh's room to find her and bringing the woman food. Refused to help with washing and caring for the woman otherwise, despite the blood runes found on her mattress. Was there when she was slain, protecting Chaska.
  • Helped protect Sigurd, Tausenadel, and Jancis going through unearthed ruins at Qarn. The situation become more dire as the man started to succumb to aether sickness, leading to their quest to find an exit from the labyrinth.
  • Lead up another group heading through the Wanderer's Palace ruins while others checked for Chachanji's brother.
  • Jancis gave Reginald his physical, learning more about him and his sensitivity to aether. The encounter was awkward as L'aenoh had just broken the knight's nose.
  • Defeated the corruption that had moved from Sigurd into A'malria's body. Jancis is still guilty for trying to help and failing miserably in making him help destroy the voidsent in a dream beforehand.
  • Reginald suffering from some kind of darkness, craving meat on a regular basis. Put onto a juice diet for awhile put the man in a deprived and emaciated state. In a sadder point, the man bit Jancis firmly while she was trying to keep raw meat from him.
  • Tried to find out more about how to treat the man for the corruption, she takes a group up to Coerthas to get an aether-cleansing fungus. A'malria, Syrress, Faezbhar, and Staelufre all come along to assist. [Scene]
  • Jancis holds a lot of guilt to the man for trying to incite him to anger to save A'malria from the influence of a voidsent.
Renaud Becquerel - Captain of the Coral Sea.

Jancis knows very little of this man and finds him full of rumors and contrasting behavior, going between a caring father figure to a careless and ruthless figurehead. She listens to him quietly, torn with her feelings to respect a title. Despite his change to Renee Becquerel she still refers to him as a man.

  • Hosts the induction for all members joining the Coral Sea.
  • Has the ability of Echo, unknown to what extent.
  • Suffered a near fatal stab and attack by Dhemgeim which put the Captain out of commission for moons.
  • Became a woman after Dhemgeim's death, using Memeli's slumber part as an excuse.
  • Could possibly have a child as found out during the one truth one lie game.
  • Held a trial for Sigurd, pressing a loophole that the man disobeyed a direct order to not act on Dhemgeim. He later, despite the show of emotional anger, drops all charges against the mage.
  • Got involved with dealing with Gwendoline, which pains Jancis greatly for his cold demeanor with reminding her of killing the lost and calling her an 'incompetent hunter'.
Reinette Sompt - Alchemist
Jancis admires the pacifist for her determination and benevolence. She also delights in the many books belonging to the elezen woman. Jancis follows the lady's direction particularly in the welfare and care for the others in the company.
  • Practitioner of Coral.
  • Her right hand is severly burnt from what Jancis knows as a fireplace accident, though it is clear the wound has many layers of old scar tissue and neglect.
  • Keeps notes and records of her lost mentor which shocked and tramatized the woman severely. Jancis knows the man had a tragic ending (though in reality he was tested on victims and the like which has eluded the conjurer's knowledge and leads her astray in comforting the woman.)
  • Met during a Dare Drinking Contest, where she came and picked up the intoxicated Sigurd Rainecourt who ended up kissing her.
  • Jancis protected from a slaver, the 'papper'. While her and many others posed as slaves to find the whereabouts of Chuchukepa Hohokepa's mother, one was harrassing Reinette to the point that Jancis stepped in and 'fought' off the woman for the man's attentions. After being successful and fight broke out and Jancis conjured a large boulder upon the man which ended up causing fatal damage. Surprised at the outcome of not disabling the man, Jancis still feels remorse for the encounter, but heartened that Reinette was not forced into the situation more.
  • Prayer leader for pilgrimages to the Twelves' stones including Nald'thal and Nophica.
  • Assisted with dealing with Memeli Meli's aether condition, which had bad timing with the First Mate's death and instilled fear that the curse passed on to the lalafell. Sitting in a simple ceremony of purified soil and crystals, Jancis was able to channel aether to clear out Memeli's flow from all the toxic randomness she sucked in before.
  • Assisted Reinette with helping Faolan recover after his horrific operation around Coral's house. [Scene]
  • After asking Sigurd about his lack of attention to her and how busy the woman is, the man confessed he is self-focused and his offers have gone unanswered. Jancis has confronted Reinette about this clash, getting an answer from the lady that she is unsure how she feels and has kept her distance. Ultimately, the two split from other influences.
Roen Deneith - Swordswoman

A quiet awkward lady, Jancis tries to see all of the good and pain that she's been told about in the woman. She treats her kindly and is curious about her.

  • Lady is important to Cici, the first real mission the knight took on in order to save.
  • Sister to Sir Gharen.
  • Friend to Obsidian Hornet
  • Imprisoned by the mysterious love of Cici.
  • "Lady Deneith I know little of, truly. What I do know, of all hardships she is unbreakable."
Past Events
  • Met at the Grindstone through Cici after hearing many stories and concerns about the lady.
  • Welcomed to the Coral company after hearing stories of her trials and ordeals from Ul'dah.
  • Participated in the Dance Practice hosted by Tausen before the Starlight Ball.
  • Though close to Cici, the lady was imprisoned by the mysterious Jameson Taeros. Left without answers, Jancis finally finds the woman hiding in the background of Osric's bonding ceremony and reception with Lady Edda and Matron Kiht. Though useless to help it seems, Jancis offers to what supplies she had left and a simple way to contact for help.
Shana Deftarm - Ala Mhigan Magi

A seasoned Ala Mhigan with a strong grip on aether. Jancis admires and trusts the woman greatly for the battles they've fought together. Unsure about the way the woman shies from her healing energies, she tries to not bother her with it unless in great need. She's come to recognize the woman's brave face with a smile and a quirk.

  • Location: Ala Mhigo
  • Mythril Blade
  • "Lady Shana is like Rhalgr's storm. She destroys suffering and pain."
Past Events
  • Met when Barengar was injured at the Mythril Blade infirmary.
  • Helped rescue Barengar and Windshadow from Garrett's workshop. Doesn't seem to like Jancis for her defense of Windshadow and being a healer. Came to Jancis to help with finding Windshadow and repairing their relationship.
  • Powerful with fire, making a giant firewall as a distraction to aid in the safety of Quilcover's griffins.
  • Aided in a leve to find out why a farm was barren and found a treat purging old chemicals left by the ixal in the dirt.
  • Aided in helping Ala Mhigo deal with a drug cartel, Escape. Still unsolved.
Sigurd Rainecourt - Thaumaturge

Jancis views the man with regard for his intelligence and natural ability to reason with just about anyone. She holds more empathy and compassion for the man after being used as a scapegoat for Lady Dhemgeim's death on top of the mysterious tragic past the man has only mentioned before. Jancis listens to him for his eloquence and ability to haggle/barter any deal as well as his abilities to coerce others as well as holds a lot of care and fondess for a man she believes saved her from death.

  • More muscular that most mages.
  • Gets seasick easily, even on simple ferries or calm waters.
  • Has a pet coblyn named Cookie, which is very protective of his territory, Sigurd's room. [Doodle]
  • Quote:"You seem like the regular Jancis to me, and that's a pretty good thing."
  • Prayer leader for pilgrimages to the Twelves' stones for Nald'thal.
  • Put in charge from the Ossuary to follow-up on certain Primal threats, including having two organized teams to deal with an attack on the shore of La Noscea.
  • Lead expeditions into the old allagan ruins around Eorzea.Show text
  • Got to assist searching for the mysterious Maelstrom officer Derrick Drake which led the two, along with Tausen and Monty, on a whilwind chase that ran into a crazy highlander with a trust in manly muscles. Surprisingly, Sigurd was no slouch and was forced to flex to earn enough reputation to continue the search.
  • During the terrible ordeal of trying to find a cure for Lady Dhemgeim's condition, a spell is used in quick timing which fails, taking the woman's life. Blamed for the death, Sigurd is put on trial for disobeying a direct order. Viewing everyone's pain and anger being directed at the mage as a means to making him a scapegoat for the numerous complications, Jancis defends the man bringing up the moral obligation he had to at least attempt to save the dying First Mate.
  • Asked for his help,with Gwenoline's mark on Jancis. Taking time in the deepest halls of the Ossuary, the man remarkably finds an ancient book talking of a Gwendolyn and her succubus-style abilities. Protecting the Coralhaus with wards, he helped gain information on the voidsent, contact another who knew of her, and took on the disagreement in the company. Jancis tributes much of her salvation and recovery from the voidsent to Sigurd. [Scene in the Shroud, finding Gwendoline's last victim]
  • After learning how the man barely sleeps, he's encouraged to pursue cleansing himself. Sadly, after many dream rituals him and the group realize they have been tricked by those who serve the voidsent within Sigurd, which tries to take over A'malria as well. Jancis learns that Sigurd is lost in the battle against the creature and his remains taken by his family.
Staelufre Lysmerl - Wanderer

Jancis has grown grateful and closer to the Staelufre after the ordeals her lover and the advice they have given one another. Admires her initiative and bravery to make life better for everyone around her. Does not agree with her ways of handling problems, particular for her violent nature.

  • Namesake of the Coral Sea's home, Still Shore.
  • Has a wooden fawn that was carved for her.
  • Given the name "Solkeim" by.
  • Staelufre is The Owl.
  • Quote: "You are the Solkeim, for you are of the lush greenness of grasses in forests and valleys. Of the meadows where the wildflowers grow most thick. That you are the scent of summer blooms and the gilded lights that dance across violet petals. That this is you, and it is how I remember you. Visions of woodlands and small, beautiful things. Strong, growing things."
  • Jancis met the huntress through L'aenoh as the woman was skittish about being under a roof.
  • In following on L'aenoh's kidnapping, Staelufre returns and follows another route in hopes to assist. Afterwards she does much to help the man recover, falling in love with one another.
  • Attended her bonding to L'aenoh. [Scene]
  • Hosted a treasure hunt event with kin. While not first, Jancis' group managed to answer each riddle correctly. [Scene]
  • Ran into one another in the Eastern Shroud, catching up on life's woes and promising to watch over one another. [Scene]
Syl Souther - Healer "Sylian"
Jancis finds the tough and harsh-tongued woman delightful. Since nearly leaving the Coral Sea, she tries to do extra work and nice things for the lady, even after their close experience.
  • Told a story about her healing adventures, including dealing with groin itches in Ul'dah.
  • Suffered from a doppleganger harrassing her and Jeris, causing many burns and wounds to the woman.
  • When learning to dance with Tausenadel, she misunderstands his teaching for flirting and comes on to him, which infuriates Dhemgeim and punches the woman.
  • Returning to the house beligerent and drunk, Syl ends up assaulting a cake. Chaska having no idea who she is, hits her with a frying pan. The lady decides to not live in the house and only returns once Dhemgeim is dead.
  • After being tricked by Memeli, Syl drinks the entire elixir of a love potion. Being overdosed, Jancis feels trapped to not try and purge the woman's system for how Lady Meli reacted to the same treatment and lets the potion run its course. Syl ends up giving Jancis a kiss before the conjurer can stop her and is forced to use her magicks to let Syl sleep off the rest.
  • At Berrod and Caleb's bonding, the two finally get a chance to talk about what happened and apologize to one another.[At Wedding with Jeris]
  • Received a letter from the woman signed Sylian. Jancis now refers to the woman by that beautiful term.
Tasa Rhyzul - Veteran Warrior
Jancis met Tasa while preparing with the company to save their leader.Despite Tasa's brash demeanor, she is a wise woman with a lot of heart and patience for the less experienced and has earned quite a bit of Jancis' respect. She is technically the warrior's indentured servant as she pays back a debt and is bidden to comply with any requests Tasa makes, though the lady does not enforce it.
  • Meeting the warrior, Tasa becomes a love and confident of Cici, and Jancis comes along on different training and rituals between the two including sparring with Sir Filangieri, soaking at the hot springs, and drinking endeavors.
  • Looking to relieve Alveo of all the debt he has accrued, Tasa agrees to repay the majority of it from her vast amount of wealth. Jancis feels a need to repay Lady Tasa for her generosity and kindness. Convinced the warrior isn't actually pushing for reimbursement, she looks for other ways to be loyal and giving.
  • After Lady Tasa effectively "proposed" to Jancis, the conjurer feels that she's not obligated to help the warrior out of a gil contract and more to be kind in general. Also, Jancis encouraged her to talk to Cici about their relationship. Tasa took her up on the advice, effectively moving from romantic attraction to more platonic.
Val Nunh - Fighter

Jancis met Val while she was being evaluated to study under the Harbingers. Catching her attention with the nickname "Milly", Jancis has built up a respect for the miqo'te for his realistic and kind-hearted views as well as his honestly in all matters. She tries to keep in touch with the man and support his feelings of usefulness and wanted. Sends him random items with cards, particular naming the item.

  • Use to refer to him as "Lord Saint" and join his command under the Martial Branch.
  • Looks for 'books written by him' that Verad sold off.
  • Tries to help the man become better at reading and writing by sending note cards with words on gifts.
  • Took direction from underneath the other Saints as a Harbinger.
  • In the event of saving the Patriarch, Jancis came to understand more of the compassion and direction of the man, going out to retrieve items for his lover despite her own condition.
  • Dealing with the concerns of another lancer and selfish man in the company, she admitted to aiding despite being directed not to and was pardoned by Val.
  • Visiting one another in the Mist to return something of Aya's, the two have time to catch up with one another where Jancis awkwardly asks for advice concerning tails and fighting.
  • Date Auction before Starlight. Seeing Val up on stage to be pawned off to anyone, Jancis takes on debt to win. She brushes off his offer to pay her back.
  • Overwhelmed by another man who paid an exorbitant amount of gil for Val at a Ladies' Day auction, Jancis fails to continue the tradition.
  • Meeting up in the Mist for awhile, the two talk about life and their concerns in it. Jancis picks up the habit of sending him letters with random items with their names on it so he can become a better reader. [Scene]
  • Coming to visit Val as he recovers from an torturous ordeal, he gives her advice on love by telling her to "Jump". Jancis is concerned how odd Val acts about being rescued and then isolated. [Scene]
Vaughn Antain - Dancer & Singer

A benevolent man who helps recovering slaves and the downtrodden of Ul'dah that Jancis is growing to know better and revere. It is always a delight to run into the tall elezen and his other half Jaques. She tries to listen to his ideas and is always delighted to eat any of the food he's prepared.

  • Plays harp, sings, and tells stories.
  • Hauntingly beautiful
  • Highly skilled cook and confection maker
  • Met in Ul'dah at a fortune telling with a silversmith. The man defended Z'enath against Kale's racist remarks.
  • Worked with while exploring aetheric ruins led by Ojune.
  • Participated in pilgrimages to the Twelves' stones including Nald'thal, Althyk, Menphina, Thaliak, and Llymlaen.
  • Invited to the Phoenix Rose hall, Jancis finds out more about Vaughn's and Jaques' main work which is liberating and giving former slaves a new lease on life. They share dinner with Tiergan and J'azhar including some other company members.
  • Was invited to say a prayer and poem at a farewell funeral ceremony for two fallen Roses.
  • Found again at a Moonfire celebration, Vaughn and Jancis start to share memories, Jancis mostly, on their past. After a visit to the cabaret he was performing at, he meets up to confine in some griefs and how another friend Asa has helped with intervention. He offers to be a lover or assist in, which Jancis declines.
  • Gifted golden cloth to.
Virara Wakuwa - Fist-fighter

Close to Lady Meli and Sir Gegenji. Jancis feels a closeness to Virara for her blunt survivalist and emotional-less tone which she really responds to. The two share a similiar background save for the past few years. She feels a deep desire to help the woman break free of her servitude mindset and see her prosper.

  • Has no aether of her own that can be found.
  • Grew up on a boat house.
  • Wears an eye patch like her Master, but has both eyes, one dilated (like Bowie).
  • Calls Jancis "Jancis Lady"
  • Did physical for and found out more about Virara's childhood including her Master lady and the diligent training and desensitization Virara was forced to have.
  • Spending more time with the lady through other hardships, Jancis feels closer to the protective and brave woman including sleeping in Chachanji's room for comfort and protecting others together.
  • Heading out to an old farmer's hovel to understand a tie to the person harassing Virara, the woman is taken to a cavern filled with traps. Poisoned and garroted, the group with Valentinoix, Faolan, Y'rhen, Chachanji, and Memeli escape the trap with their companion and recover from wounds at home.
  • Assisted Chachanji and Jancis in the "Tin Man" and discovering the puzzle of the tin ingot that lead to a family fortune and business.
X'Kohu Tia - Weaver
Jancis has known him for most of her time outside of her isolated past. She considers him a generous and social friend.
  • Weaver and Arcanist
  • Jancis believes from a joke that he can weave tapestries that seem lifelike.
  • Writes stories
  • Acquainted with Cici, making her clothing and other embroidery
  • Friend with Loronus
  • Given Jancis hand-made gifts including a chocobo plush, a winter coat, and a hat covered in flowers.
  • Both former Harbingers, Jancis looked to Kohu as their Crafting Saint.
  • Implored the man for help in taking on some debt to him, but was refused.
  • Afflicted with void-infused crystals that slowly drain his aether and caused him pain; the result of an encounter before with Jancis' past love. Jancis felt very empathic to his cause and did what she could to help ease the affliction, which turned out to be very little, the man opting for others to drain and remove the crystals. [Scene]
  • Reached out to Jancis more for emotional support, growing closer to the woman to hug and show fond kisses. She latered turned down his generous offer to teach her more about love.[Scene]
Xenedra Ambreaus - Bard
Xen commission.png

Jancis is very grateful to the efforts from the woman and inviting her to partake in discussions of art and performance.

  • Met briefly in the early days of joining the Coral Sea through her association with L'aenoh.
  • Performed at pilgrimages to the Twelves' stones including Nald'thal, Nophica, Halone, Menphina, and Nymeia.
  • Formed the Solioquy group with Nathan, holding meetings and preparing a stage in her home for performances and other artistic services.
  • Hosted gatherings including Lady Iskierka's fortune telling.
Xydane Vale - Swordsman
Xydane by Lurial.jpg

Jancis met the man when he came out of nowhere into the Coral Sea's house holding a letter she had written to Cici. Seeing his condition and overwhelmed by the selfless act, Jancis tries to follow the swordsman's tracks and whereabouts to repay him for his kindness with her own.

  • From Coerthas
  • Has friends in the Shroud
  • Returned a letter that was on a caravan being raided by bandits to Jancis. He then went the extra mile to delivery the letter to Cici in Ul'dah himself.
  • Made soup and had the man sit and recover as much as possible when they first met despite everyone's eyes on him.
  • Meeting by chance again at Otto's fist-fight club in Coerthas, Jancis is overwhelmed by the poor condition the man is in. She insists on sending him food and what gil she earns in hopes he will recover.
  • Assisting in guarding pilgrims to Nald'thal, the man is withdrawn and quiet, heading back north shortly afterwards.
  • Jancis hears word that a search party is being sent to find him in the frozen north, but never hears back about it.
  • Ran into the man during the Saint's Wake festival at the Harbingers house, where the now colder man swore to destroy any of her enemies before vanishing once again.
Z'enath Vashyr - A Free Paladin of Ul'dah

Has a smile that always catches her off-guard. Jancis would ask for his help and wrote him often; struggling with the amount of attention and reverence he gave her. Coming to care and love the man deeply, she will often look sad and longing at random times after being reminded of his absence. Believed in hiding and incognito to find assassins linked to his past or killed by them. His loss resulted in Jancis dealing with a long recovery and lack of desire in many respects. [Random images of Z'enath and Jancis]

  • Erstwhile Love: Vanished
  • Owns a home that his caretaker/father left to him in the Mist. Jancis keeps it clean and sits there time to time.
  • Would Sneak her flowers every time they met. Jancis still has many of them pressed and saved in a book.
  • Has a painted map and sketch of herself from him among other trinkets.
  • Refers to his eyes as garnets and his presence as "the sunrise of a new day".
Past Events
  • Finding him cheerful and inspiring, the two became more than friends after his continued assistance and support.
  • His Name Was Z'enath: Remembered from her past, Jancis is reunited the who takes her life into a new path and whose departure leaves her waiting.Show text
Zachary Evans - Arena Fighter
Pit Fighter.png
  • Met during the zombie invasion into Ul'dah fighting side-by-side. Has close remember-able connection with the 'Lost Warriors of Light' who he's willing to sacrifice life for to rescue. Jancis greatly admires the man for his self-less behavior and the passion he shows for all the things he takes on. She loves listening to any story she manages to catch from the man, particularly about his family, and the way his entire body will turn red with bashful or frustrated thoughts.
  • Wears traditional garb from his family's homeland.
  • Talks of his mentor Raging Behemoth.
  • Interested in a woman named Siha.
  • Feastday with family.
  • Encountered a phoenix, keeping many of its downy feathers.

"You're -NOT- a tool! You're a person, living and breathing-the exact same as me! You're as much of a tool as the Warriors of light-MY Warriors of Light- were! Only the -ignorant-, and -ungrateful- masses of Eorzea see them as tools. You're as valuable as a Sultana, Seedseer, or Admiral!"

Past Events
  • Fighting off the zombie invasion against Ul'dah from the nefarious actions of Jin'li, Jancis ends up fighting side-by-side with the man including Kahn'a.
  • A Final Dream: Jancis' encounters with Sir Evans with his goals and aspirations.Show text
  • Thought dead, the swordsman returns from the nether at Berry's bonding ceremony. Shocked that he has returned, wounded with a broken arm, she insists he go visit with his friends as she uses her dress to bandage up his wounds, in turquoise. The man ends up leaving with a promise to return for everyone including her. [Scene]
  • At Red Wing's fundraising, Jancis takes on extra work for the gil to donate to their coffers. With Jana's help, she wins the bid on Zachary despite all of the taunters. He insists on taking her out and talking.
  • Agreeing to meet up at the Bismarck, they enjoy dinner and get to know one another a bit more. Travelling a bit, they finally end up talking and Jancis realizes the burden the man has taken on and how important his family is. She vows to help him return home with his family he came for years ago.
  • Touched base with at the Grindstone after his last journeys to the Void for his missing family.
  • Zachary joined the pilgrimage to Rhalgr, where he reminded Jancis of her abilities and freedom, saying she was not an instrument (despite her bad habit) but that she at least wielded it herself.
  • Tried the stew his aunt made for Cliodhna and Erik's bonding reception afterwards. The man was overjoyed by the union, spinning Jancis around in his glee.
  • Partook in Agent fundraiser, gaining support from Dominique La'fleur, who dismissed him. Asked about Jancis' dreams.
  • Traveled to Zachary's family briefly. Returned to Eorzea unescorted.


Acquaintances are referred to as Lord/Lady/Master before a given name. In times of stress or pain, Jancis will drop the title. Despite someone asking her to stop, she will pick it back up soon after. People that she has a connecting meaninful event together or spend a great deal of time with she'll consider a deeper friend, but is friendly, trusting, and thinks the best of.

Many entries are aged and outdated, left where Jancis last saw them.

A'malria Khage - Reginald's love. Helped to save Sigurd from the corruption inside and ended up being a carrier of the voidsent curse. Was freed from the creature with the help of Reginald, I'tsu, Shinjo, and Jancis.
Aaron Frostheart - Swordsman. Jancis met at the Grindstone particular when the man tried to refuse aid to his wounds. The two continue to meet up at random times and she tries to talk to the otherwise quiet and conflicted man. Hugged her after returning his sword in a surprise display. "Champion Frostblood"
Aedida Aldricht - Close friend to Hestia. Has a melodic voice. Leads the Free Company network for the GC Alliance initiative Crystal.
Aedwen Morning - Bright cheerful lady who helps Lucaell. Wayward Romantic. Denz's love interest.
Adalhaid Rask - Highlander who shared words and gave inspirational blessings at Rhalgr's stone during the pilgrimages to the Twelves' stones.
Adun Blackblade - Monk from the Mythril Blades. Name unknown
Aekira Swyfte - Archer that competed and won at the Grindstone from the bridge, overseer Berrod.
Aerostein Epitaph - Elegant model at the Pumpkin Cafe. Alveo refused to speak to someone 'without clothes on'. Has vivid memory.
Aerlys Brighthand - NPC from Setting the Standard. Ala Mhigan. Works with griffins. Bard
Aidan Khontus - Quiet child-like au'ra man. Introduced at Black & White Ball by Ashmira. Name unknown
Aiouxdaux Beaumont - Elegant elezen man that can host a feral sinister grin. Friend of Lady Staelufre and participated in the End of Winter Games. Took great delight in utterly exploding an ice sculpture of late and beloved First Mate Dhemgeim. Close to J'azhar and a skilled healer assisting with after effects from the Red Lotus and helping Jancis with toxin tolerance.
Aiswynd Drakareus - Displaced au ra refugee. Spoke at Azeyma's stone for the pilgrimage to the Twelves' stones. Healed his eyes from being lost completely, but failed to recover all of his vision.
Akito Saejima - Friend and love interest of Hikari. Met at Starlight gathering. Monk of Rhalgr. Not good at snowfights. Helped with the Black Mantle.
Alaric Whiteseer - Older sage that taught Gareth and knows of his past. Posed as a beggar when first seen.
Aleric Steelbird - Tall kind highlander that usually helps with tea at the Twelve Oaks Library Book Club.
Alexander Gomez - Free Paladin from Ul'dah. Following in his father's footsteps. Met on pilgrimage to Halone. Kind.
Alexaria Whiteraven - Blue-haired highlander lady. Burlesque dancer which the most amazing stories. Gave Jancis a massage that made her doze off.[Scene]
Alexei Volkov - Met when Cici was collared, painted a symbol with his blood on the wall of the Drybone Inn. Alchemist/Medic - Healed Oscric after collar event. Name not known, only face.
Alexis Sutherland - Friend of Jayne Avery; helped after he got shot. Name Unknown
Alleria Surlaint - Member of House De'bayle. Bright blue eyes and hair to match. Has a large black arcane scar on her back from childhood. Champion of the Grindstone against Denz. Witnessed some of her knight trials. Followed under her authority to assist with a bandit raid and watched her turn a blind eye to torture. Witnessed her knighting in Armont's office. Helped with the Black Mantle cult. Joined at the Second Grand Melee. Alleria the Loyal
Annaliese Sellecerre - Quiet elezen usually seen mumuring to Giselle.
Angora Khilo - Lady and caster from the Phoenix Rose. Fought side-by-side in one of the cold ruins in Coerthas looking for Dravian metal with Jaques. Jancis spoke at the funeral for her friends, Lyria and Ser'ai. Wears a mask for battle. Sister to Eruantien. Helped with the rescue of Caen. One of the Branded. Assisted Aeon deal with a tortured spirit bound to a mask.
Anstarra Silverain - Old acquaintance from HoD. Lancer.
Aoi Obinata - Overseer at the Grindstone.
Aoki Miyamatsu - Close friend of Astrelle.
Arblis Ellhis - Attended Flora & Ghalleon’s Bonding. Name unknown
Arcian Martell - One of the Branded in Aeon. Assisted in going through the ruins in Northern La Noscea to find a mask linked to one of the spirits that destroyed the weapon that all Branded carry a piece of.
Arialys Xhau - Arcanist from Astral Agents. Met at their fundraiser auction. Likes books and learned to summon egi for assistance. Ate sandwiches at the Runestone. Grew up in a secluded Keeper clan in the Shroud. Not good with a bow. Use to being in the way and breaking things. Gave Jancis a blue clematis flower - good for perfumes. Lover of A'mauro.
Ariaut Tis'falin - Close friend of Vaughn. Met after a De'bayle Spar. Asked to be called Ari.
Arielia Ryella - Vain elezen woman seen with Eva and at pilgrimage. Talks of herself as "the huntress". Name unknown.
Armel Winterson - Hyur and one of the Branded of Aeon. Met briefly while repairing the mask for the lost soul. Said “Then stay alive, you are the bearer of their Remembrance. You can do no such thing as a marionette of the Void.” Name unknown
Arrelaine Fashonti - Part of the Martial Branch for the Harbingers. Performed at the pilgrimage to Menphina.
Arthurioux Lisieux - Coral Sea. Frail elezen.
Ashravi Honzen - Tall brother of Ashmira. Skilled in thaumaturgy and protective of his sister. Always wears shiny glasses and red accents. Took down the large exotic buffalo in Summerford.
Asher Rukoth - Plate-wearing mercenary met at the Mythril Blades during a cultist attack. Name unknown.
Ashur Decius - Healed at the Grindstone.
Askier Mergrey - Seen when removing Osric's collar. Crazy man from the grenade and blown up warehouse in Moraby Bay. Name unknown.
Asmodean Gaidin - Axeman Jancis met at Llymlaen's pilgrimage, then he spoke at Oschon's and stayed reciting lore and books at Camp Bronze Lake. Quiet humble man who is duty-focused. Met up with time to time in Ishgard. Has a small fawn unicorn. Has a journal from his mother who died at a young age.
Athil Thorne - Only known by name for a singing telegram to Maril.
Augustine Frost - Chaotic Warrior of the Coral Sea. Companion of Threed. Led the slavery troupe to find Chuch's mother. Believed dead.
Avelyn Firestone - Aquaintance of Barengar and Franz. Met at the Bacchus Shots competition. Firey personality which is quick to enjoy adult content and taunting humor. Fist, seen around the Grindstone. Watermelon crusher. Mercenary for the Mythril Blades.
Avenio Naemig - Axe-man warrior that's quiet and stoic with caring eyes. Reminds Jancis of Barengar with his mannerism. Close to Faolan. Helped rescue Caen from slavers. Part of one of his dreams of a destroyed city plagued by magics and vengeful illusions. Named Jancis' unicolt 'Muffin' from Little Ladies Day.
Aydren Gloamthorn - Healer from the Grindstone. Seen at Twelve Oaks Book Club.
Baelyn Teken'ghym - Duskwight elezen dancer. Has fancy clothing. Love of Gwannes. Shared some of her pain of losing her family and home during the Cataclysm after the 'date' bait hunt with Gwannes happens to be on the grave of her homeland. Spoke at Thal's Respite for some time about loss and pain.
Bahldur Kahkol - Helper at Chachanji's surprise party. Name unknown
Baileywick Thibault - Older elezen. Very confident and full of advice. "My dear girl, has your heart so been plagued by age that you have lost sight of the magic in this world? You are young yet, I promise you, your views have yet much changing to do." Name unknown
Barbarccia Valadis - Former Harbinger. Woman of business and tactics.
Basile Feurieux - Acquaintance of House De'bayle witha history of not agreeing with them entirely. Met when his wounds were tended, the only survivor of his group taking on a rogue dragon. Jerace's bodyguard before taking up work with the house. Helped with Jancis' job to find a special flower, where she got to see how much bloodlust the swordsman has. Witnessed some of his knight trials. Kicked unconscious duskwight in the face. Witnessed his knighting by Denz in Armont's office. Helped rescue Denz from the Ruby Shadow in Upper La Noscea.
Batu Qalli - Attended Flora & Ghalleon’s Bonding. Name unknown
Bevereau Beauregard - One of the Branded of Aeon. Part of the mask team with the lost soul. Name unknown
Bizaza Biza - Mage of the Coral Sea. Writes books about voidsent.
Bravaden Warder - Retired Soldier from the Maelstrom. Part of the Coral Sea. Noticed Jancis and Syl as victims of Memeli's love prank. Friend of Syl; tracked parts of items for Meli's condition with the ghost that cursed her.
Brave Horizon - One of the Branded of Aeon. Assisted in finding the mask of a tortured spirit from one of the people who destroyed the weapon the branded carry a piece of.
Brianna Dunham - Fighter. Met as Overseer at Grindstone. Gruff. Moved in with armored lancer Matthrian Gothmyr. "Bri"
Bruno Suvois - Squire of House De'bayle. Gardener. Lost his father at a young age and is unsure if he's dead. Has Denz's dark crystal.
Brynhilde Wulf - Fighter and leader of the Aeons. Friend of Sir Vashir. Met when tracking the woman through Coerthas then on a crazy chase back through Eorzea to the Goblet. Enjoyed cake with at Coralhaus. Met up with escorted by Captain Dogberry at Berry's bonding ceremony. Learning more of her as a Branded, assisted in helping ease a tortured spirit bound to a mask with her group the Aeon. Spoke and shared the story of some of Ala Mhigo's history at the pilgrimage to Rhalgr's stone.
C'kayah Polaali - Man of the Underground. Helped Jancis get sonmus for L'aenoh's addiction. Devote follower of Menphina. A shadow knight.
Caithe Faulkner - Highlander shaman who aids the Mythril Blade. Mooches off of Tristram for food and company. Met in the Fringes where got mocked for interest in the practice. Lies a lot.
Caleb Agron - Agent. Seen around the Grindstone and always glares at Berrod. Has a kind smile that he shoots at Jancis. Attended his bonding to Berrod. [Portrait]
Camille Everardi - Talented arcanist. Friend of Barengar who healed his legs and assisted learning more about the red runestone. Always dresses classy. Attended her bonding to Enkh. Gave Jancis a dried yellow rose for her hair.
Cardre'a Dfhey - Storm Captain. Sent sweets during the Hatching celebrations to subordinates. [Letter]
Carth Chambers - Corporal of the Red Wings. Met with Kurt when the man had been training.
Castus Allard - Loud bolisterous man. Husband to Xenedra.
Ceonix De'bayle - Cousin of Denz and Armont. Smith and knight of Ishgard. Has a sword named Azureflame. Lives as a hermit somewhere in Coerthas.
Cerina Borlaaq - Friend of Ignera. Met at the Matron's Wish charity event. Patiently dealt with Armont's prejudices on au ra clans.
Certia Soteru - Quiet chef in Coral. Loves to cook for others; very shy and reserved. [Picnic]
Chuta Allfriend - Elderly bard who performed at the pilgrimage for Nald'thal, Nophica, Halone, Menphina, and Thaliak.
Ciceroix Pellicier - Elezen from up North.
Ciciru Ciru - Sang at the Festival of the Flames about Jancis' pie-eating abilities. Participates in Nathan's Celebrations.
Cinnabar Prentice - Lancer and Squire of House De'bayle. Has a stutter and can be a bit of a pushover. Fancies Jacline. Aided with the Re-Kindle. Joined at the Second Grand Melee
Clalaris Sil’laris - Attended Flora & Ghalleon’s Bonding. Name unknown
Claire Nyhmidu - Former member of House De'bayle and jeweler. Saw during a spar. Did some work on her crushed hand from an unnamed assailant. Lived with Guillemont. Held by bandits in the Shroud. Likes books more than mintonette. Removed glass from her eye in Gyr Albania. Invited to dessert with her courter Verus. Doesn't like her titles. Claire the Aspiring. Had a daughter, Emma.
Clayton Ambercrombie - Leon's friend. Suggested to Jancis during the Agent fundraiser. Haven't met in person. Has a daughter - overheard.
Coraliza Velia - Bard who performed at the pilgrimage for Nophica.
D’ranmaia Shenn - Attended Flora & Ghalleon’s Bonding. Name unknown
Dalmar Ferrera - Friend of House De'bayle and Adelise, some kind of shadow knight from the desert.
Dato Koelklin - Old veteran of the Maelstrom. Grew up on the ocean. Muscle for Gold & Glory. Shared real name Koelklin "keel-klin" at Calamity Remembrance.
Defiant Bride - Stuttering lady. Makes jewelry. Immortal Flame. Had to snap her hip back into place after a brutal battle in Gyr Albania with triage healing. Defiant of the Stalwart Spirit. Joined at the Second Grand Melee. Helped Lucaell with her family history and hosted a book club night.
Delial Grimsong - Unknown assailant. Attacked Jancis at Moraby Bay. Met at Osric's bonding receiption; enjoyed light bubbly wine.
Devereau Beauregard - Acquaintance from Ul'dah. Visited at pilgrimages and has a grand house. Loves shades of lavender. Gifted Jancis with a beautiful set of warm barding for Aven.
Diana Barlow - Avery's Lady. Something of a healer. Jancis only knows her in the depressed state of dealing with Avery's bad wound.
Doctor Ozerov - Healer met at the Grindstone. Harbinger. Spoke and got taken offstage at the Grand Company Alliance Rally in Ishgard.
Dominique La'fleur - Lovely woman that is a wealthy merchant of Ul'dah by Jancis' assessment. Met at the Agent Auction. Name unknown.
Dren Ghonne - Quiet unsure man that follows Memeli and Virara around.
Dylan Thorne - Bard that delivered Starlight telegrams for Jancis.
Eaubront Shopont - Healed at the Grindstone.
Ehla Selhah - Coral Sea. Arcanist. Widow. Met in house with Sigurd. Got injured looking for children for Derrick Darke on her leg; blamed Jancis for it. Was the strong figure dealing with the fact that Gwendoline had taken over Jancis. Shows a lot of tender care to Reginald. Quick to be a happy-go-lucky drunk.
Elear Morierea - Attended her bonding to Reiner.
Elijah Braddock - Patron of the Twelve Oaks Book Club. Overheard having child.
Elise Wolfe - Lady that helps guard the pilgrimages for Althyk and Halone. Goes by the name "Lynx". Very mysterious but generous. Has foreign aether the woman refuses to remove. Was briefly in the care of Jancis from the Harbingers, but left when ideals clashed and did not contact the conjurer back. Can play the piano [Scene]
Emmaline Clarke - Arcanist from Limsa. Lives in Lower Spangledance. Close to Windshadow. Nearly stole some of Jancis' supplies and inks.
Emmette Stringers - Strongwilled and assertive woman that employes Avery. Has the same blood type.
Erik Mynhier - Paladin and 'boss' in the Red Wings. Priest of Halone. Took Cici through the Sworn Trials. Gave opening and blessings at the pilgrimage for Halone. Attended his bonding to Cliodhna. Gave Jancis a calio cat for winning a pie-eating contest.
Erioch Koren - One of the hands behind the Mythril Blades. Met at the Gold Gala. Friends with Odile. Has special armor for crushing melons.
Estellise Levesque A generous herbalist and kind-hearted conjurer, Jancis met Estellise after watching a dare-drinking contest. The elezen is a compassionate soul that Jancis loves to listen to and hopes to learn more about the landscape with.
Eva Zelorius - Priestess who performed a parable at the pilgrimage for Nophica and Nymeia. Serpent Healer. Eva the Dutiful
Evangeline Primrose - Citizen of Ul'dah. Hears about from Cici time to time. Thought Deceased
Evariste Garnier - Messenger from Coerthas. Made Jancis' pregnancy underwhelming and ignored. She knows the man's name, and to no fault of his own he's the first 'proof' her doubts in ties to the family were low priority.
Faezbhar Rysswilf - Healer in Coral Sea. Boisterous and funny. Helped on the trip to find a aether-friendly fungus up in Coerthas.
Faolan Donne - Maelstrom. The Reaper's Bane
Faye Covington - Saint of the Harbingers. Learned more about healing and body/mind wounds under her branch. Beloved of Val.
Febriel De'drine - Known from previous FC. Never spoke. Recognized by face only.
Felix Cyprus Former gladiator and meditative duskwight. Carina's trainer. Met meditating on the coast of La Noscea.
Fhiliht Merlhaemrwyn - Lady friend of Savana. Met at the Challenge of the Traders.
Finnia Aurifort - Arcanist in Coral Sea. One of the company's best healers. Has a glass eye. Had a dream 'image' of her mother.
Fio Arasgain - Met at Grindstone. Beautiful Face. Arrow Joke. He assists Cici with dangerous mission that Jancis is appreciative for. Owes dinner. Jancis is very confused after Fio's behavior to another miqo'te she does not know the name of, particular when she tried to move in and support Fio against the creepy man. Deceased
Fiona Delaine - A witch from Ishgard. Kind friend to Jancis. Helped find the Re-Kindled crystal. Made a spriggan friend Figgy. Knows songs and lore from older ages and can sing. Has shared many candid parts of her history with Jancis including her self-imposed "curse" and attrocities from the inquisition.
Flora Valerian - Kin of Barengar. Child of Ala Mhigans. Sweet and stuttering nature. Likes tea. Jancis has a trading card of her hostess persona 'Eden'[Card]. Escorted Jancis to Little Ala Mhigo to buffer the reception with the locals. Attended her bonding pilgrimage to Ghalleon and gave her a handmade set of clay dishes. Helped rescue Barengar and Windshadow by tracking down Garrett's workshop and fighting off thralls. Visited during Menphina's "Celebration & Challenge"
Flynt Reddard - Overseer at the Grindstone.
Frederique Sombremont - Kind elezen met at Twelve Oak's Book Club.
G'lahs Tia - Sailor in the Coral Sea. Does a lot of manufacturing and trading.
Gaelle Favagenieur - Lady of House De'bayle. Knows about firearms. Close to Lucius. Aided with the Re-Kindle.
Garryson Shipkeeper - Spoke at the pilgrimage to Nald'thal. Large group of friends.
Gelfradus Greywolfe - NPC. Lost Soul from Aeon storyline that was set free after a broken mask was brought together.
Ghalleon Helseth - Husband of Flora Valerian. Wears robes. Long blonde hair with glasses. Very awkward in an approachable way. Nervous around other Ala Mhigans other than his wife. Has an elezen sister that's close to him. Reveres the Traders. Helped with the Re-kindled Crystal Sanctuary. Spoke at the Challenge of the Traders and others, hosting the Menphina Challenge and taking offense to Jancis' unorthodox demeanor and painful subject matter.
Gharen Wolfsong - Met at Grindstone with Hornet. Was fiance of Hornet. Older brother of Roen.
Giselle Friloux - Archer in the Coral Sea.
Guillaume Rigolant - Former Coral Sea. Warrior with questionable mental capacity. Blunt and crude. Very nice to Jancis. Does not take care of wounds or bathe regularly. Gave her a yellow stone (that he stole from Annie). [Guil and Jancis together at home.]
Gunduin Banedriver - Brother of Y'zhara. Alchemist, archeologist, and therapist. Has many heartaches and very at ease with physical contact. Offered to assist with Jancis' wounds. At Chachanji's Nameday surprise party.
Gus Pumpkinweed - Cafe Properitier.No Name.
Gwannes Oskwell - Friend of Nathaniel. Likes green. Lancer and woodsy. Has freckles and is awkward. Has pet cat Bully rare calico male. Got to kiss Baeyl's nose to fix it after he elbowed her. Bid and won the chance at a auction (Jancis will call it fundraiser) to hunt with. Ended up having a picnic to lure the Albino Date Auction Cactaur along with Baeyl and Denz. Aided in hunting a cult, blowing up one of their fronts. Likes omelettes. Gave her poison to drink at Starlight. Helped Lucaell with family history.
Gwayne Highwind - Associate of Jayne Avery; there the night he got shot. Name Unknown
Gwendoline - NPC. Voidsent succubus that has marked Jancis. Hops from host to host. Plaguing the Coral Sea with marking others and caught up with a cult that killed people for their aether.
Gyosei Tsuwamono - Met in Ul'dah. spoke about his trip to Eorzea.
Ha'uruh Nunh - Friend of Sir Castille. Fighter at Grindstone. Refuses proper healing.
Hannah Castille - Overseer at the Grindstone.
Harper Brightwind - Arcanist in Coral Sea. Obsessed with carbuncles.
Hassan Pakravan - Immortal Flame. Hassan the Desertaxe
Hnaba Jinjahl - Former Coral Sea. Deranged mage that kidnapped L'aenoh and nearly killed him. Only tells lies. Will not say name. Slain by L'aenoh for crimes. Deceased.
I'tsu Fhuz - Lady of the Coral Sea. Part of the slave setup for Chuch's mother. Wears a lot of pink. Speaks well and is a powerful healer. Assisted in saving Memeli from the Phoenix. Helped save A'malria from the voidsent corruption.
Ignera Arbell - Lady of Agent from Ishgard. Very candid. Hosted auctions for both Berrod and Nathaniel. Friends with Carina.
Ikuri Aratani - Archer in the Coral Sea. Has odd eating habits. [Dinner in his quarters]
Ingrid Lachance - Highlander Lady that owns a hotel in the East. Met at a Palazzo event.
Integra Coiter - Curious sun zealot. Ala Mhigan from a cultist monastery with a flair for selling properties and serving Ul'dahn business. Loves gold. Loves the sun. Has a powerful aether ability. Enjoys philosophical discussions. Asks about Jancis' devotion to Barengar nearly every time they meet up.
Iriel Bell - Older miqo'te scholar. Smokes constantly.
Isla Sahb - Priestess of Nald'thal. Met at the blessing of the Matron's Reach. Knows Nathaniel.
J'maaira Tuhl - Harbinger and part of the Martial Branch. Met while trying to help with Lynx.
J'nangho Jhimei - Fortune Teller in the Coral Sea. Noticed odd behavior at Leanne's party from Oscare.
Jacline Kerelle - A 'lowborn' that's something of a streetrat with street smarts. Met in House De'bayle. Owes Hestia something. Close to Cinnabar. Helped with the Re-Kindle. Has a horrible father that has used her for aetheric energy. Elezen form changed after a large battle with him.
Jajara Jara - Coral. Part of slave setup for Chuch's mother. Protective over.
Jaques Guillaume - Tall elezen who guarded the pilgrimage. Kind face towards Lord Vaughn. Met up with at random weddings and was given a tour of the Phoenix Rose training hall. Man helps liberate and rehabilitate slaves found within the Jewel. Went to Coerthas with to gather supplies and injured shoulder in Keep ruins. Aged Rumor "Guarded at one of her pilgrimages. Overfond of titles. Don't know much about her."
Jayne Avery - Bastard child of a noble house in Ul'dah; product of rape noble mother. Shadow knight that rough houses and helps out the poverty. Usually has a bruised face. Helped out Jancis with fighting. Fighting a questionable stepfather for the family title and also for the welfare of his mother and sister. Shot at a masquerade party and clinging to life. Said “Having a hard life isn’t an excuse to treat people poorly.”
Jhur Banecruth - Quiet fighter in Coral. Has a habit of widdling wood into figurines. The two talk time-to-time, Jancis finding his shy and quiet nature something humorous and easy to relate to. Has a wooden squirrel made by the man after their talk when they first met. Deceased [Jancis and Jhur]
John Gallaf - Fighter at Grindstone. Speaks in humor and charming words.
John Waterstrike - Arcanist. Jancis met off and on at her volunteering at the Grindstone. Has the ability to see visions and travel into another's mind with his touch. Very shy and reserved becasue of it. Assisted in healing Chachanji's team after recovering Gogenji. Spoke for awhile at the Grindstone about self sacrifice. Writes time to time.
Joikan Leisthelm - Knight of House De'bayle. Met at knighting ceremony where he was knighted as well. Wears bright white formal armor.
Jonathan Grayve - Husband to Ciel. Attended bonding ceremony. Known for his humorous comments at pilgrimages when accompanying the lady.
Jophoix Suinuet - Duskwight of a caring and nervous nature. Tried to protect from the Lotus' Jester.
Jubal Satele - Lancer, previously in Coral. Lost his parents and is tracking their murder. Quiet, kind, collected man. Came to help deal with the buffalo loose in Summerford.
Judge Jredthys - Overseer at the Grindstone. Has a booming voice.
Kage Kiryuu - Fighter. Close to Ilwe'ran.
Kaguya Nightsong - Close friend of Barengar and Sen. Lost part of her horn to an infection that Jancis cleaned out in the Sea of Clouds. Thought to have been Barengar's lover, but no longer; got drunk and asked Jancis to promise to take care of him. Oversees at the Grindstone. Real name unknown.
Kahn'a Ohditra - Archer. Met on zombie invasion of Ul'dah. Capable fighter that fended off zombies that came at her.
Kanaria Galanodel - Lady of the Dauntless. Bonded to Osric Melkire.
Kaito Nagano - Met and danced with in company at the Bell Charity Ball. Name unknown
Karima Hawayek - Friendly Immortal Blade. Karima the Diligent
Katalie Mindena - Helper at Chachanji's surprise party. Name unknown
Kaylie Epocan - A swordswoman formerly Coral Sea, Jancis met along with others particularly when the miqo'te was furious at Alveo. Noticing her quick remarks and defensive mannerism as well as the tender and soft-spoken attachment Kaylie has to the other members of the company, Jancis has taken a liking to the woman. Gave Jancis a stuffed bear in a blue robe "Jannybear".
Kayllen Stormbringer - Agent. Attended his wedding to Sojiana. Knightly figure in blue armor.
Kegashiyo Thoth - Immortal Flame. Magick User. Kegashiyo the Everburning
Kenta Roussos - NPC. Carina's father, relationship strained for his lack of involvement in her childhood. From the far east. Met at a cultural tea ceremony in Carina's home.
Keroa Mosuke - Masked miqo'te that makes Jancis feel comfortable to be around. Met through Ilwe'ran and Carina after her hospitality to them. Had dinner with at Ilwe'ran's house.
Kestlona Guhtgeiswyn - Redwing, seen on pilgrimages. Has a little chocobo.
Khaidai Kha - Maelstrom. Khaidai of the Fearless Offering
Khaisan Tumet - Quiet au ra. Met at Agent's Hall as Jancis told a story. Spoke of training with his father, the difficulty, and the strength of surviving in the wild.
Khenbish Mol - Shaman of the Mol. Elderly man who works with herbs and other medicines. Has sad eyes and an amulet he'll often touch.
Khira Lhizahla - Attended Flora & Ghalleon’s Bonding. Name unknown
Kida Dhano - Attended Flora & Ghalleon’s Bonding. Name unknown
Kiera Hawkeye - Hostess of the summer Melon Crushing contest. Miss Eorzea 2017.
Kiht Jakkya - Matron of Keepers in the Twelveswood. Met at the eclipse miqo'te event for Z'enath. Close to Roen. Met up with briefly at Thaliak's stone talking about the burdens of leadership and letting go of past pains.[Scene] Attended Flora & Ghalleon’s Bonding.
Klynestyn Ketteram - At Flora & Ghalleon's bonding. Name unknown.
Koporo Aporo - Spoke at Althyk Ceremony. Threw sword away at Sworn test. Yelled at Memeli.
Kyuu'sae Yuusatu - Healed at the Grindstone.
L'vi Lyrre - Former Coral Sea. Knows Sylas. Use to be in a cult.
Laurentoix Beaujolais - Immortal Flame. The Northern Herald
Lawrence Wallace - Knight that aids House De'bayle. Wields a greatsword.
Lehsohmarrn - NPC from Cave of Wonders. A silver-hued dragon."As Midgardsormr came to Hydaelyn with the clutch of the First Brood. The shells cracking under the foriegn sun. And in this the air did draw breath and give into draconic epoch. As did Ratatoskr, to Comradkr, to Solmkarikr, by Denzelerrn, to I, Lehsohmarrn. The Promised Land has risen anew." Thinks of Denz as a mother figure. Learning in Dravania.
Leilani Leilai - Member of the Coral Sea with a bright and happy nature. Great cook. Might be related to a certain Goblin King. Held a pie swap event where Jancis got paired up with Ja'ren. Shared Wish Cake and other special blessing treats for her nameday celebration. [Scene]
Lendroit Varigeant - Hired hand in House De'bayle. Missing some fingers. Met during the betrayal in Ala Mhigo.
Leodaire Beltardois - Friend of Tiergan. Assisted in the raid and recovery of Caen from the slavers. Has a sassy mouth and a real flair for clothing. Name unknown
Leodaire Trevanchet - Elezen friend of House De'bayle. Joined minonette games on beach.
Leon Valerion - Mage with an affinity for controlling the void. Uses gems and crystals regularly. Met at the Grindstone while healing together. Escorted Jancis at the Agent fundraiser auction suggesting who to bid on. Helped make a counterspell crystal. Obsessed with the Magi War and exploring the covered ruins from it. Has an easy way of lying that makes Jancis uncomfortable. Also Leon Azarias.
Lewenhart Swiftstep - NPC from Setting the Standard. Ala Mhigan. Works with Griffins. Spear-wielding arcanist.
Lidhja Zhwan - Miqo'te that knows R'lexia and Finecia. Green hair.
Lilithium Rinannis - Hyur lady and mother. Former Coral. Spoke at the pilgrimage to Menphina.
Lionnet Blodoint - Cleric at House De'bayle. Met in the chapel.
Lorentz Rivers - Swordsman from Ul'dah. Has a small place in the Goblet. Met Jancis while she was doing the canary ruse promotion to find Caen. Very kind and showed interest in Jancis, discouraged after Shinjo approached.
Loronus Deatro - Bartender. Friend of Reginald. Met at the induction ceremony. Invited to his bonding ceremony. Knows X'kohu.
Lottie Forsaidh - Bard and Agent. Performed at the Thaliak, Llymlaen, and Oschon pilgrimage. Friend of Nathan and Oscare. Wants to have a picnic together.
Lucaell Townsend - Bard. Was Tareth'eian. Met at the watermelon crushing contest. Knows Barengar and about Deadeye and the aetheric garnet. Called Barengar "Lady Killer, Literally" Sang at the Celebration of Autumn Stars. Complimented Jancis on wearing pink. Rumored to be daft and usually looks blank. Invited to the Forgotten Stage, where she sang many songs and got drunk. Helped rescue Barengar and Windshadow though had trouble in combat. Gifted Jancis a pot of flowers. Found out the fate and legacy of her mother with friends on an isle of Vlybrand.
Lucerna Sainahs - Healer at the Grindstone.
Lucky Mewrilah - Attended Flora & Ghalleon’s Bonding. Name unknown
Lurial Vashir - Kin of Tiergan.
Lucius Giuscareaux - Knight from Ishgard and part of House De'bayle. Dealing with his brother who is hellbent on restoring power to his house and the Dragonsong War. Has a sister. Aided in the Re-Kindle.
Lyriah Karnelle - Immortal Flame. Close to Navei. Lover to Alleria. Met on Alleria and Basile's knight test. Helped search for the Black Mantle. Lyriah Trueheart
Madison Brookstone - Lady met at a Crescent event. Basile's love interest.
Madje Sahashin - Bard, the Black Magpie. Sang a telegram song for Barengar. [Song Log] [Song Lyrics]
Magma Dancer - Charismatic roegadyn baretender and performer.
Makyn Loneseeker - Swordsman. Met during the tour of Upper La Noscea and at the Grindstone. Walked home with injuries to the Kinship Hall [Scene]. Ended up walking to the inn in Gridania after the Bacchus Shots Competition. [Scene]
Malai Takahashi - Nice man with a lilting voice and big smile. Met at Twelve Oak's Book Club.
Mandrag Gannon - Maelstrom. Mandrag the Intrepid
Marcellain Chevallier - Bard seen at shows performing and heading telegrams.
Maril Hawker - Healer. Manages the Matron's Reach clinics. Met at the Matron's Wish Charity Party. Sang "Witch Doctor" to her as a singing Starlight telegram.
Martel Zero - Brother of Fin. Something of an gentleman and refinement.
Matthrian Gothmyr - Lancer. Seen at the Grindstone. Connected to Brianna. Healed nasty chest wounds from axe cleave.
Melfice Vainchelon - Known only by name and former company association. Unknown that he was the assailant that nearly slew her in La Noscea outside of Mist.
Menelwen Veara Scout master. Fought along side with Captain Dogberry on some of his primal control crusades.
Mialee Moonbrook - Duskwight woman met in Nathaniel's manor.
Mikh'a Korofi - Leader and healer of the Dauntless. Jancis met the man formally while he assisted to guard the pilgrimage to Thaliak's stone. Likes cookies a lot. Very thoughtful and sweet look. Likes books and compliments Jancis' eloquent nature.
Mikha Sunthistle - Vibrant young archer. Met around the Mist then again at Agents in the Goblet. Gave a compress for his shoulder after a keeper landed on him. Talkative and quick to help.
Mimiko Miyuki - Bard. Known from former company. S'honji's sister. Warm and friendly, but easy to scare.
Montresoix Baudelaire - Coral Sea. Elderly elezen gentleman.
Mylene Wharf - Limsa local. Known through random encounter Alveo set up. Polite shy woman. Name not remembered.
Naja Aliapoh - Gunduin's love. Met at Chachanji's nameday surprise party.
Nako'li Chalahko - Merchant and caster of the Red Wings. Has a fake eye. Gets annoyed at Jancis' use of titles.
Nananomi Nomi - Attended Flora & Ghalleon’s Bonding. Name unknown
Natalie Mcbeef - Late colleague of Cici. Takes a lot of damage at the Grindstone. Sassy and speaks freely. Met in person in Limsa. Had run in with at a warehouse in Moraby Bay where an assault occured under her command leading to the destruction of the building and her own death.
Navei Asue - Met at Alleria and Basile knighting training. Close to Lyriah. Received massive near fatal wounds in Gyr Albania. Missing in Action. Sent a letter thanking Jancis for saving him. Navei the Uncapitulating
Niklas Gran - Deceased Knight. Dressed corpse for burial.
Nixa Shaana - Fighter in Coral Sea.
Nonika Noki - Fighter in Coral Sea. Smarter than average lalafel and not easily drawn by snacks.
Nonope Nope - Attended Flora & Ghalleon’s Bonding. Name unknown
Nonotome Tototome - Priest of Nald'thal. Quiet lalafel man who likes to stand and give blunt answers.
Nuarmac De'bayle - NPC. Eldest De'bayle. Uncle of Denz. Hermit with eyes of pain. Has pure aether magic and conducts a lot of the family magic bonds. Lives in the ruins of the De'bayle Manor with Jadea. Nursed Denz back to health after the ritual to purge the dark aether. Jancis struggles with the pain of being unwanted by the man while also trying to make him feel less isolated and reunite him with his family. Calls her Janice and can't see her easily. Brought him food from the Far East to keep a promise to visit him without wanting a boon. "Uncle"
O'jirho Tia - Harbinger, Martial Branch. Met at Nymeia's pilgrimage, where he was disappointed how peaceful it was. Blind.
Odette Saoirse - Bard. Sang a song about Jancis from the Flame Festival naming her Pie-Bane. Sang at the Celebration of Autumn Stars. Sang at the Grand Company Alliance Rally in Ishgard.
Odile Delacroix - Hostess and organizer of the Sea Breeze Bazaar. Captain in the Mythril Blades for mercenary assignments. Assisted her in cleansing cultist corpses of corrupted Dalamud aether. Has a bum leg from an aevis attack. Helps with hosting events funded by Nathaniel.
Ojene Suinuet - Lady in the Link that wounded Jancis. Close to Sylb. Joined at Second Grand Melee. Had apology dinner.
Oki Qualli - Flirty au ra. Met in the Quicksand with Val while she was trying to gain his affection.
Oleandre Torchier - Bard and leader of Palazzo Aldenard. Performed at the Biota Masquerade singing of phantoms.
Orenji Kharn - Captain and possible pirate. Trained Denz and Armont during their early days in Eorzea. Apparently has a bounty in Ishgard. Met at the Matron's Wish charity party. Likes tea. At the gold Shirogane party where he encouraged Denz to visit again. Got badly wounded in a pirate camp while helping Lucaell.
Orrin Halgren - Temple Knight. Orrin of the Stout Banner
Osmund Garrett - A horrendous man who tortures victims mindless and makes them into thralls controled by garnet runes. Ambushed Barengar and also Jancis believes the man to cause years of turmoil to Engelbert (whom Jancis believes is Bertram). Too disgusted with the man to call on by name.
Oyun Ilydena - Chef and hostess of Saika. Hosted Chachanji's surprise party.
P'kohta Tia - Tribal Seeker and fist figher. Hates clothing. Helpful and listens.
Percelle Charlemend - Lady Elezen and friend of Guillemont. Met on many occassions with the De'bayle family. Went swimming in the Shroud at Carina's bonding celebration party.
Pflaume Wein - Lady of Coral Sea. Goes by the nickname "Plum". Loves anything purple.
Ploknox - NPC. Goblin. Met at Azemya's stone with Aeron.
Popolan Lililan - Daggerman of Coral Sea. Mischievious and quiet. Likes snacks. Name unknown.
Popomi Pomi - Memeli's younger sister. Shy and quiet, very reserved compared. Gets pushed into doing things by Memeli.
Q'nagali Yehn - Fist Fighter in Coral Sea. Helped saved L'aenoh. Friend of Guil. Former tribal miqo'te. Promised to go cliff climbing with. "Lady Naga"
Qhora Bajihri - Quiet and curious lady. Gave a great scare at the Hallows Eve party. Friends with the former Grindstone overseer.
Quarcy Questant - Member of House De'bayle. Has a dim library. Met the night Killian got his mark. Hemlock orphan.
Quentin Roseaux - Coral Sea. Tall elezen man with a opo.
R'ostam Tia - Quiet Seeker of Coral. Enjoys books about ships and the ocean.
R'sass Thras - Lancer of Coral.
R'tashana Hhaig - Protege of Vaughn. Pilgrim at Althyk. Name unknown.
Raphael Delarue - Ishgardian Knight. Works with Nathaniel. Likes peaches. Asked about hearing the Twelve.
Rageant Lacordaire - Mysterious swordsman that knows Hestia and aids House De'bayle. Abandoned the group on the Re-Kindle.
Raging Behemoth - Sir Evan's mentor and trainer. Took him in for his debt with Gridania. Strong tall older man full of pride and wisdom. Jancis met at the Coliseum while Zachary was missing in the void.
Raik Samil - Champion of the Grindstone. Leanne's friend. [Raik at Grindstone]
Raisan Arcmantle - Saint of the Harbingers that handles the bar night and entertainment as well as crafting.
Reika - Friend of Chachanji from Doma. Grew up on a farm. Interested in herbal medicine.
Reiner Dorn - High Standing citizen from Ala Mhigo. Known through the Grindstone. Attended his bonding to Elear. [Album]
Remioux Beauvais - Elegant elezen man. Sat next to and met at the Show of Sugar & Spice. Attended his bonding to Tieve.
Revilo Bluesummers - Met at Levinfist Tournament.
Rhea Zaheela - Business woman in the Goblet. Met briefly at Meli Day talking about her associates and house damages.
Rikoh Zhys - Competitor at the Grindstone. Carried to the rock by Berrod from the bridge. Associated with Jadoth and friends.
Rinh Panipahr - Maelstrom. The Dauntless Tide
Rinhilda Stonebreaker - Colleague of Coral Sea. Straight forward and asks questions. Dressed by Otto Vann once, "Shipbreaker"
Rolling Stone - Large roegadyn who is a mercenary for hire and follows orders. Met with the Fractured Man at him eyeing up Jancis' legs before Vaega stepped in. Protective of his smaller friends. "Lord Big Baby"
Roysia Stone - Bounty hunter in Ul'dah. Was close to Leanne, causing the bard a lot of pain. No name spoken.
Rurutekki Okoktekki - Lalafel in the Coral Sea. Met on Story Night, clung to Jancis' leg while she made him a snack and got him a place to sleep.
Ryanti Veanysus - Half-Hyur Half-Keeper. Knows Sounsyy and Barengar. Met at Rhalgr Event. Knee injury revealed a curious magic inside his body where the memories and actions of ancient folk use him as a host. Called Jancis "precious". Barengar doesn't like him - another pluck. Met at the Grand melee "Never change, Jancis"
Rynella D'moranth - Librarian and leader of the Book Club leader at Twelve Oak's.
S'hayla Riki - Kind woman met at Twelve Oak's Book Club.
S'honji "Hayakawa" Nunh - Former Saint of Harbingers. Acquaintance rogue.
S'imba Tia - Seen around Quicksand frequently. Part of the group that confronted Tausen with Fabala. Name unknown.
Sadie Mercer - Met at the Grindstone. Makes cloth for furniture.
Saelsria Grumble - Polite Hell Guard with a stutter. Met at the Agent Hall. Runestone meetup on his outing from the fundraiser. Listened to Jancis tell a story.
Sairen Collier - Lady of Coral Sea. Made a pie for Leilai.
Samael Bernon - Knight of House De'bayle. Met on patrol.
Sasasori Kokosori - Coral Sea. Brother of Jajara.
Sarij Rahzersyn - Met at Agent fundraiser. Knows the Agron brothers. Name unknown.
Sasha Rochester - Researcher of Coral Sea.
Savo Kesslivang - Bard known for her emotional songs. Scene at shows an on a miner stage in Thanalan.
Scott Parker - NPC. Villian in Jancis' main story line. One of the high ranking members of the Ruby Shadow and one of the wielders of an aetheric lifestream blade. Cut Jancis after ambushing her. Met with Barengar and barely escaped from his own trap with the Ala Mhigan. Vicious and uses people for power and wealth. Name unsaid.
Set Kattalakis - Keeper from Ul'dah. Has a fake arm. Healed at the Grindstone. Let nose set crooked and had to reset.
Shas Tarry - Sultansworn. Older wiser woman.
Shinjo Dawnedge - Knight in Coral. Older wiser man that will quote books and other scripture which Jancis is very impressed by. Hates being called Lord. Very strict in the conduct he allows himself. Entrusted a portrait to Jancis of the Sultana. Helped save A'malria from a voidsent trying to possess her.
Shino Akihiko - Immortal Flame. Shino the Silent
Shirayuri Toriko - Record Keeper for House De'bayle. From the Far East. Plays the shamisen. Nervous and stutters.
Sigberta Quilcover - NPC from Setting the Standard. Old Ala Mhigan woman that was an egg handler for the griffin Calvary. Shaman. Passed away after the liberation of Ala Mhigo.
Siha Xinkei - Keeper that is Erik's 'sister'. Dauntless. Zachary's interest based from Erik's words. Met at the eclipse event for miqo'tes.
Siovant Parlemaix - Squire to House De'bayle. Met at the knighting of Alleria and Basile. Writes with a silver pen. Serpent. Siovant the Implacable. Briefly married to Adelise and wanted to fight Denz for her and to test his mettle. Met the elder De'bayle and heard of their history. Typically selfish though Jancis sees it as being protective over a hurt lover.
Sister Fury - Maelstrom. Fury of the Ruby Shadow
Solaire Stark - Gentle healer of astrological arts. Solaire of the Lone Star
Soren Kha - Maelstrom. Soren Stormseye
Sounsyy Mirke - Stoic fighter. Met at Nald'thal pilgrimage. Spoke at Llymlaen's pilgrimage sharing a story from history. At Grand Tournament of the Fury "I were given this as a token to give to one in the crowd. In the past ye’ve supported meh, I figured that yeh should keep it." Spoke at the Grand Company Alliance Rally on behalf of the Maelstrom.
Solis Claritas - Swordsman. Friend of Aaron. Met and danced with Jancis a couple times at the Starlight Ball. Name means "Bright Sun". "Sol"
Stefan Delumiere - Swordsman of the Coral Sea. Led the quest to find Chuch's mother.
Subtle Raptor - Healer at the Grindstone.
Suiren Waterflower - Rambunctious lady met on pilgrimage. Has a habit of hugging and giggling. "Lady Oka"
Svana Heart - Strong savvy woman associated with House De'bayle. Helps Lucaell and friends. Hunted by Garleans.
Swozbhar Rymmskyfsyn - Bartender at the Marton's Wish charity event and Shirogane housewarming. Very friendly. Name unknown.
Syhrborg Glahzkeltsyn - Fought beside in the Gyr Abania liberation Rhalgr's Beacon.
Sylas Peregrine - Swordsman met at Coral Sea. Strong confident and level-headed highlander who is a close friend of Tausen. Has a habit for eating bugs or trying bizarre pleasure techniques.
Sylastair Wolfhart - Charismic man that dresses in gold. Works in many Crescent events. Danced with Jancis at "Disco Night".
Sylbfohc Ostulmsym - Kind-spirited Captain in the Maelstrom. Joined at the Second Grand Melee. Holds parades in Limsa. Part of the apology dinner and Clandestine.
Syrress Detilderan - Healer and lady of the Phoenix Rose. Pulled the lightning crystal shards out of Jancis' shoulder after being wounded while assisting Jaques. Continue to meet off and on.
T'ahl Tia - Shy man with tabir pet. Met at Nald'thal pilgrimage. Dressed up like a woman for Saint's Wake.
Tairyo - NPC in Going Going Kugane. A poor fisherman from Doma that got exiled to Kugane and tried to steal from Denz, making the man a retainer. Stayed with to settle him in a town in Doma with an old rice farmer.
Telos - Mysterious 'man' that is tied to Teld're and Faolan. Little is known about him beyond the point he can only be reached in dreams.
Teld're Eska'aldren - A curious man of arcane power that has interesting mood swings. Very vain about his appearance. Fixed his ear during a scuffle outside of the Agent's headquarters. Connected by a link to Staelufre and Faolan. Knows a mysterious man named 'Talos'. Knows a lot about metals and their properties, magical and non.
Tellah Fortemps - Erik's father figure. Loves tea and telling stories about his ward.
Terretha Nightsong - Healer at the Grindstone.
Tetebino Hihibino - House De'bayle knight. Competes at the Grindstone.
Thaarus Vithala - Highly educated elezen met via the Coral Sea. Nothing whack about it. Deceased
Therron Basque - Cursed knight of Ishgard. Met through Carina who has been trying to help him with his aevis blood. Started to turn into one after a duel with Armont. Likes seagulls. Denz calls him "Basket".
Threed Crowley - Kindly and giving healer of the Coral Sea. Companion of Frost. Knows a lot about tea and birds. Gets upset easily. Deceased
Tieve Cadalelle - Lady of business. Met at the Show of Sugar & Spice. Attended her bonding to Remioux.
Tiroro Roro - A musical bard and adventurer from a well-to-do family in Ul'dah. Good friend of Chachanji. Uses paint arrows at the Grindstone. Met at the Show of Sugar and Spice. Performed at Nathan's shows: Mad Love, Fortune. Attempted to heal burns on her back and shoulder when the woman's paperwork was not found by the Support Branch of Harbingers bringing much dismay to Jancis.
Titor Jaraba - Doctor. Associated with the Red Wings. Met with Jezune's wounds. Weak ill man.
Togy Brandmakt - Overseer at the Grindstone. Wears a mask.
Trishelle Kimishima - Seen at Twelve Oaks Book Club.
Tristram Greythorne - Elder Ala Mhigan that works with the Mythril Blade with a curious aether affinity; something of a shaman. Tends his own wounds. Got badly wounded after an attack from some aether-swollen cultists from a shard of Dalamud. Good with herbs. Gave Jancis wine. Failed to speak to him in a timely manner and got mocked when talking in Fringes, she tries to not bother him anymore.
Tsubasa Ryunosuke - Midlander in the Coral Sea. Worked for Otto Vann. Deceased
Tsun Kha - Poor aura magi. Common Tongue is difficult for her; struggles with language. Met at the Agent house looking for work in rags and had honey. ♦ Tuli Qualli - Energetic au ra who likes fighting. Met in the Quicksand with Val.
Tyo'li Tayum - Eccentric Keeper. Met at the Agents Hall. Likes to wink. Curious about having a mask created as the Wailers use.
Tyr Frostwyght - Tyr Skybinder
Ulysses Derosiers - Knight of House De'bayle. Met in a mask at a Hallow's Eve masquerade, promised to dance if they met again. Oddly tall and strong for an elezen. From the Chocobo Forest. Helped Jancis with aether seals. Has a bear.
Una'sae Viqqoh - Reserved Keeper of Coral Sea. Studies under Harper. Loves food.
Una Poki - Lady of Coral Sea.
Vaega Navarro - Beautiful model who enjoys physical pleasures. Known through the link with Tiergan. Finds comfort in for his positive manner and pure honest nature. Strong in martial arts.
Vaerimont Lectoroix - Harbinger. Acquaintance with from pilgrimage guarding and Ladies Day. Name unknown.
Valenor Ashmoon - Recruiting officer of Coral Sea. Old, confusing, and a womanizer.
Valentinoix Thibault - Quiet man in the Coral Sea. Helped deal with cultists in the Twelveswood with Jancis. [Scene] Good hearing and wise.
Valeriaux Marquaile - Steward and main Patron of Lower Spangledance Boarding House. Warm helpful and charismatic. Assisted in a Dalamud cultist problem by cleansing some of their corpses of the corrupted aether. A friend of Nathaniel who goes to many of his white list parties. Heard of Jancis' Kindled Crystal and assisted in hiring a group to retrieve shards of one of them from an underground lake in Coerthas. Knows things of arcane and crystal.
Valirelia Ferox - Good-hearted swordswoman and adventurer. Connection from knowing Lady Tasa and other former Harbingers.
Vallois Villeneuve - Guard mercenary employed with the Agents.
Vanya Caladhiel - Long lost daughter of Erik that he didn't trust at first to be true. Lover of Gareth. Smart intelligent lady who has a quiet presence.
Verad Bellveil - Peculiar elezen. Shot someone with a bow at the Grindstone. Sells questionable goods. Met at the trial for Hawk over Tane's murder; shared nuts.
Verus Inanis - Hired hand to claire. Met at dessert.
Vevekera Lelekera - Arcanist of House De'bayle. Ruthless and has little care of life. Part of a group on a bandit raid to recover Claire. Aided Guillemont after his capture by the Black Mantle.
Vilsewaen Steinhoh - Odd older miqo'te grown up in roegadyn tradition. Comes by Still Shore with advice time to time.
Von’ni Sayomi - Attended Flora & Ghalleon’s Bonding. Name unknown
W'chaza Theli - Met at Levinfist Tournament.
Whran'a Mhakaracca - Nervous pilgrim at Althyk. Name unknown.
Warren Castille - Free Paladin of Ul'dah. Champion of the Grindstone. Was the love of Cici. Humble and grateful. Usually found in a state of disrepair. Frostbite problem after searching through Coerthas alone. Poor standing after having a change of heart.
West O'hteco - Stylish lady who is seen at many of the social events. Charismatic and always asks patrons to pose for pictures. Commissioned Jancis to create a stationary kit for her friend; but did not delivery until long after the requested date. Jancis refuses to accept payment for the delivery. [Description]
Wyra Panipahr - Twin sister of Torora. Never apart.
Wyra'li Polaali - "Lee". Emotional man who runs off or yells at a moment's notice. Overall caring. Possibly tortured and imprisoned previously. Met in Avenio's dream.
Wyra'to Polaali - Level-headed man who is protective of his brothers and takes many leaps of faith. Met in Avenio's dream. Known for following and tripping to control his brother "Lee".
Xehn’a Hmyr - At Flora & Ghalleon's bonding. Name unknown
Xidh'a Zhorali - Coral. Arcanist. Got wounded looking for children for Derrick Darke. Name unknown
Y'rhen Tia - Coral. Quiet Keeper that follows Memeli around and pays for things.
Y'zhara Zekial - Chachanji's past love. Met when she was poisoned with slow acting lethal venom from a dart. Held surprise nameday party for Chachanji. Shared a conversation on how to deal with meeting Chachanji's racist father for Starlight. Hosted Heavensturn Eve party where announced engagement to Chachanji. Part of the WYND music group. Held a Friendship Festival. Joined on a trip to Doma, sang a duet with aboard a cargo ship. Accused Jancis and Denz of being slave drivers.
Yangh Linh - Free-roaming Keeper. Priestess. Strong accent. Met at Grindstone with Lady Leanne. Name unknown.
Yishusen Mol - Company mate, quiet but approachable. Friend of Flower and Barengar that introduced Jancis to the couple. "Sen"
Yurei Saionji - Associate of Nathaniel. Wears bells.
Zaius Rhal'seer - Fighter berserker in Coral Sea. Very close to Sir Vashir. Met the man the first time being outbid for Tiergan on an auction for a hefty fee. Refused healing from and likes to fight. [Zaius in Goblet]. Went ahead to help free Caen from slavers.
Zalina Chauntese - Sir Ceonix's lady. Has pink hair. Met at the Bell Charity Ball.
Zaphir Zurlac - Attended Flora & Ghalleon’s Bonding. Name unknown
Zhen Malraj - Lady of the Coral Sea. Very shy and hides her face. Loves muffins.
Zike Lancean - Knight in House De'bayle. Helped with the Re-kindled Sanctuary. Usually gives Jancis rides and treats her as a noble. Found the draconic smith in Dravania
Zularti Vensar - Figurehead of Harbingers. Jancis use to serve for him. Childish crazy manner. Believed to be cursed. Deceased


NPC Rumors

  • (Gridania local only) "I use to see her around running errands and cleaning. Real quiet and kept to herself. She wore a mask, too. She's back around."
  • "A real talent with conjuring. Didn't she only join after the Calamity? Doesn't look the type to have a tutor."
  • "I see her running around with toys and things for tots. She has one of her own now I saw."
  • (La Noscea area) "She comes 'round th' farm 'n checks in with everyone. Got 'er Cherries on. Pleasant."
  • "I see her out by th' cliffside, all throwin' 'er rocks and lots of wicked stuff. Always bloody trainin' after 'er shift. Then she just sits there!"
  • "Don't be daft! She's the Orator! I got ta see the Destroyer's stone thanks to everyone travellin' togeth'r. Made me feel not so abandoned by 'Em, ya know?"
  • "Okay I didn't say this, but sometimes I see her sitting and moving around like she's talking, but she doesn't say anything. Just moving her hands and face around in some inner conversation. I think she talks to herself."
  • "Short girl with the dark hair? She checks in with the Brume and helps with injuries time to time."
  • "I-I-I I got attacked by a morbol. We were just havin' fun, ya know? but then this morbol came and I don't remember much. They said I was all pale and... and... she came with this antidote. People said she made it herself. She's like half morbol."
  • "That midlander. Indeed, she has been about. Who could miss her throwing titles without any regard to their purpose. Shame the De'bayle lad couldn't teach her some manners."
  • "She has some crystal. I swear it was hummin'!"
  • "Her daughter is beautiful and so well behaved."
Jancis by Tohoru. Gift from Nightmaze

PC Rumors

  • "The best thing that's happened to me. I'll do my best to keep her strong." - Oscare Iono
  • "My friends kept telling me that I had to meet her, and now that I have I can tell why! She's fun and sweet; I hope she comes around the Quick Sand more often!" - Aya Foxheart
  • "Haven't seen that babyface guy around her lately. Too bad I'm otherwise engaged. The nice ones are always a lot of fun." - Augustine Frost
  • "Jancis? Returned a letter to her once and she has some amazing talent when it comes to cooking! Send the lovely girl my regards." - Xydane Vale
  • "My dear friend Jancis, she is like a sister to me. Would that I had more time to spend with her..." - Coatleque Crofte
  • "Ah! The pretty woman who hosted the pilgrimage. Yes, she seems a kind sort. Definitely someone worth knowing." - Vaughn Antain
  • "She fixed my arm up, didn't deserve it but she did. . . I owe her. She and Otto watch out for me a lot." - Aaron Frostheart
  • "There's no one kinder, or more welcoming. I imagine her friends hold her close and dear." - Aya Foxheart
  • "There's nothing I can tell you about her that you haven't heard thousands of times before. She -is- kind, the very picture of generosity. There's definitely a special place for her in the Heavens when her time comes...but, well, I think something from her past is haunting her. Something we have in common..." - Zachary Evans
  • "Miss Milburga is a very kind woman, I noticed it the first time I saw her. I regret not getting to know her better in the past. If she needs me, she has but to ask." - Lan Darklyn
  • "At a celebration full of Moon-keepers and Sun-seekers, that Hyur woman appeared out of nowhere. She was as friendly as she was mysterious. I would not mind meeting her again one dusk." -Kiht Jakkya
  • "She was very friendly and very helpful, even, prior to the pilgrimage of Halone! I wonder if I'll ever meet her again so as to get to know her more..." - Alexander Gomez
  • "Beautiful, charming and from what I hear, quite influential. I do admire her in that fashion; she would make a good servant leader, should she so choose." - Berrod Armstrong
  • "Solkeim, to mean the Blessed Violet. Gentle and adoring, so soft beneath within the canopy of the woodlands. She is graceful and elegant, as all flowers are. Yet she is blessed. Gifted. By the Twelve, she hales against any storm weathered and any grievance given. There is strength within such a rare flower that can grow against contention. She is one of them." - Staelufre Lysmerl
  • "Milly's prolly one'f th'kindest girls I know. Idunno how else t'describe 'er. She's all proper an' stuff, too--always offerin' t'help me learn things what I ain' learned an' all that. F'there was anyone in this world good things should be happenin' to, s'her." - Val Nunh
  • "She recently stepped up to assist us in an endeavor at the Rose and in the process was injured. However she gave no complaint and stayed until the task was completed. I have nothing but respect for her." - Jaques Guillaume
  • Brightens up instantly at the mention of her name. "Ah! Yes. Lady Jancis is.. Beautiful and kind. And very generous with her time, skills and knowledge. I hope she is taking care of herself and that she'll ask if she every needs -anything.-" - Ojune Wajune
  • "Should Lady Jancis need help, she only has to ask, for her grace is a rare one. The kind worth protecting." - Kahn'a Od'hilkas
  • "Gentle woman of faith, and surely one of the sweetest people one could ever meet. I am ever grateful for her presence and the light she brings." - Ciel Wulfe
  • "Outta all th' folkses in Coralhaus, I think she's th' one that gets me th' most. If'n I have a pro'lem, I know I can always go ta Ms. Jancis fer halp. 'n I know I'd do th' same fer her." - Chachanji Gegenji
  • "There is a gentle soul behind those eyes when they look into you. She has in her the greatest capacity for good I have ever seen. With strong ties to the Twelve, she does not allow it to rule her. She places the well being of all before herself. Truly remarkable." - Erik Mynhier
  • "As true a friend as I've ever had. Not that I've had many." - Iskierka Stormspeaker
  • "... She calls me Lady. No one calls me Lady. And when she turns away from me, I feel nostalgic... Why, I wonder?" Virara Wakuwa
  • "I have only encountered her a few times, but each time I was met with kindness and generosity. Most recently she helped a woman she did not even know and tended to her as one would a close friend. I suspect she is a rare breed of unselfishness and humility that is too lacking in this world." - Roen Deneith
  • "Mayhap were I to host some sort of party, I might ask of that raven-haired girl. A friend of Roen's, I think...? Whatever was her name? Excellent taste in drink, regardless. Most excellent." - Delial Grimsong
  • "Miss Jancis, now well I've only met her twice, once in a shots competition and another when she had indirectly bought me. Let's see, she seems like quite the kind and understanding person, manifested when I tried to cut the jargon out of whatever the seven hells I was saying but she tried to understand anyway. Also she strikes me as a helpful person or at least very knowledgeable. I do hope she gets her money's worth out of me." - Kurt Steel
  • "The Priestess. She offers healing services to those in need and occasionally goes above and beyond in her assistance. She is altruistic and prepares delicious treats to those who assist her. " - Lynx
  • "Jancis is one of the kindest, sweetest women I've ever had the pleasure to know. But it feels like there are times where she doesn't see her own worth, or the fact she's not a tool to be used, but a person with hopes and dreams. I hope I can help her see these things, in time." Zachary Evans
  • "Jan is always give love. She is happy with other people. She want them be safe and happy. It is very many feeling she give to other. She take care other people. But...who take care of Jan?" - Flickering Ember
  • "Jancis... A kind-hearted woman who can bring the side one might think long dead back to the surface. Also respectful and caring even to those she has only just met, Eorzea would be a far better place if the lot of us could follow her example. - Asmodean Gaidin
  • "She is that Hyur woman who oft appears like a spirit sent by the Twelve to show me that this land and its people are not so bad." -Kiht Jakkya
  • "While I might deny it to her face, she helped me through many of my troubles. I should think it is my turn to return the favor in any way that I can." - Franz Renatus
  • "Lady Jancis! She's so pretty always, plus, she knows all 'bout th'Twelve! You think she had lunch wiv'em too? That's alot o'lunches!" - Caen Jabari
  • "Lady Jancis? There's so much I could say. She is truly a shining light in Eorzea, a beacon of hope for the lost, and those who've gone astray. I respect and admire her greatly, and urge any who've not had the pleasure of making her aquaintance to do so!"-Syrress Detilderan
  • "Ain't got proper words fer it, but there's somethin' ta her. Quiet, attentive woman like her doesn't wind up servin' as a subtle pillar ta so many without harborin' somethin' different inside. Foolish as I think it, there ain't any denyin' it." - Barengar Armsbreaker
  • "Forgiveness doesn't come easily to me, which is why I think I owe her such a debt. I've given her hundreds of thousands in gil and literally taken an arrow for her, and still feel this way... Honestly, it's beginning to bother me." - Jana Ridah
  • "She is unique, in her grace. That she is patient with even me… Woe betide anyone that seeks to take advantage of her gentle heart." - Edda Eglantine
  • "I've seen that man following after her recently. That mercenary. He'd better watch his hands if he wants to keep them. I'll not let her be hurt again." - Coatleque Crofte
  • "I've only had t'pleasure of meetin' Lady Jancis on a few short occasions... well, in addition t'heraldin' her fortitude fer pie inhalation... but rest assured each an' every one of them were as much of a delight as she is." - Odette Saoirse
  • "The more I hear of Miss Milburga's kindness, and the more I witness it, the more I wonder. Was it always like that? It feels that the woman, at times, has no will of her own, and truly is a perfect creature of the Gods. Sent only to do good--and nothing else. Eorzea might need characters such as her, but knowing if we deserve her is another matter. I pray she does what she loves, and loves what she does." - Nathaniel of Salem
  • "Jancis is like the morning sky when the sun rises: warm, kind and unforgettable. Something that always makes ones heart sore to see once more." - Carina Roussos
  • "She's one of the most... socially awkward Hyurs I've ever encountered? Nonetheless, she has a great heart to her and I feel she keeps my brother in line well enough..? Halone that must be a feat keeping him in line..." - Armont De'bayle
  • "Jancis is someone special. She has a power and a presence that moves and inspires, and she is livin', breathin' proof that you can love someone dearly even if you see 'em once a moon, or jus' write letters back an' forth. I owe her so much, I wonder if she even knows..." - Berrod Armstrong

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Jancis Emoticon by Etherelle. Gift from Lurial


Jancis by Svashing. Participation Prize for FFXIVWrite2017

Jancis Milburga was born as Lleuedwyn Fishcot, daughter of a middle-class merchant family. The Fishcots were known for their ability to export fish and were a successful travelling merchants. Misfortune came upon them on a trade route in the northern part of the Twelveswood; their caravan was overrun by scouting soldiers looking for monks from Ala Mhigo.

The Rest of the family murdered in the heretic hunt, the toddler Lleuedwyn was left to die in the woods. The soldiers had not been far off, refugees from Ala Mhigo as supporters of the monks escaped before persecution had been near the caravan. Coming to salvage what was left, they found Lleuedwyn and kept her as an asset to survive. Hiding out in the dawn of war, they found a secluded cavern deep in the Shroud protected by the Elements and the Woodswrath because they were caring for a child of the woods.

The highlanders were known as "Guardian" and "Shaman Milburga". Lleuedwyn was referred to strictly as "Child" and taught basics of survival, given books, and even taken into close villages with a mask and large clothing. She was mostly secluded from interacting with others and learned most of what she knew in the world from books or overhearing her two "protectors". As she grew into adolescence Shaman Milburga began to teach the child how to feel and understand the elements; partly to continue their protected place in the woods but also as a means for the girl to take care of herself later on in life.

From one of the many books Jancis picked out her own name and became more restless with the lack of interaction that she had so often read about. Over time she became more aware of her situation, the fate of her parents, and a limited recollection that she was an orphan. She became more adventurous and gathered items from her 'secret outings'. Caught on several outings, Guardian decided their time was up in the seclusion and the war had left more refugees around Gridania.

In the wake of the Calamity and seeing an opportunity, Shaman Milburga gave Jancis some supplies with instructions to find the city and appeal to the generosity of the Conjurer's Guild. For about five years she worked for room and board at the Canopy while studying the art of conjuring.

Realm Reborn (2013-2015) Timeframe Show text

Heavensward (2015-2017) Timeframe Show text

Stormblood (2017-2019) Timeframe Show text


Jancis by Raelcs. Gift from Nightmaze

Jobs, Groups, and Companies

  • Daily Routine and Company Connections
  • Jancis is a Storm Sergeant 1st Class in the Maelstrom, working as a medic. Her primary role is to travel around the island and assist the local settled pirates and families with ailments and other basic needs. She will typically be talked into helping out with manual labor chores.
  • Hearer of the Fane, obtained from two decades of training. Outside of working, she will practice her conjury and meditation on the sea cliffs of the Mist, the streams of Lavender Beds, or another quiet area where she is travelling.
  • Sits around the Admiral's Waterspire. [Collage] [Bench Moments]
  • Part of the Branded Clandestine.
  • Former member of the Harbingers of Dawn.
  • Former member of The Coral Sea.
  • Former Baroness of House De'bayle
  • Orator to the Twelve.
  • Odd Jobs
  • [Grindstone]: Works some nights as a healer for the competitors. [Screenshots of Healing the Grindstone]
  • Jancis has basic cooking skills and specializes in skillet/campfire. She avoids baking after a traumatic experience and deceit that made L'aenoh swear off baked goods.
  • While studying with the Conjurer's Guild in Gridania, Jancis paid for her studies by working the kitchen at the inn, cleaning dishes and taking out food.
  • Presses flowers into books and makes potpourri and paper with them. Usually binds the paper into books and journals.
  • Basic botany and alchemy for items like extracts, tinctures, teas, and blood-specific plasma like antitoxins.
  • Singing at shows and friend's events: [Celebration of the Greatest Gift]
  • Speaking at formal ceremonies and events for blessings, funerals, bondings, and reflections.
  • Tutoring on reading and writing.
  • House De'bayle: Denz's family, Minor House of Ishgard in service to Fortemps, that Jancis feels a part of despite the lack of any official paperwork to deam here such.Show text
  • The Coral Sea: Furthering her career as a medic with the Maelstrom, this branch off free company assisted with un-official naval tasks and took on work commissions.[Logs & Screenshots]Show text
  • Harbingers of Dawn: Jancis' first free company after being granted leave from the Conjurer's Guild. Based in the Mist at the time, the group worked on benevolent mercenary duties in a military structured ranking. Also commissioned to provide guards and escorts to pilgrims to the stones fo the Twelve. Show text


Making trips across Eorzea to become closer to the Twelve and the values they represent. The work of a Turn with bringing together pilgrims, guards, speakers, priests, and wayfarers have earned her the title of Orator in some circles.


Jancis from the Halone pilgrimage by Nightmaze. Gift from Artist

Milly Red

Milly Red is another of Jancis' name, but particularly a stage name for performances and songs that calls out to ideas and feelings that revolt the conjurer.

Born out of a need to contact a 'famous' former slave by means of winning an audition to perform next to the woman. Rumor spread about the outfit through the bard community until Jancis was asked by Nathan Telluride to put the costume back on and sing at his gatherings and shows time to time.

Jancis' persona was built from one of her favorite nicknames, Milly as Val Nunh calls her, and the color red she had been wearing. Adorned in a red and silver wig, including bright choker, large dangling earrings, a pants suit and bold sleeves are typically the attire.

There's no difference in Jancis' mind between the 'alter-ego' and herself. She'll always refer to the idea as something she read in a book; that in art it helps to sing about either "something you love or something you hate" to truly give a sincere performance.

In this case, Milly Red will typically sing about exploring something uncomfortable or taboo.

Jancis by Sewercatgirl. Gift from Artist


Lower Spangledance

Overlooking one of the many streams of the Lavender Beds, this Boarding House hosts a permament room free of rent for Jancis, Barengar, Chachanji, and Virara in their roles of breaking the Ruby Shadows' grip on the heirarchy of Gridania. Once a den for the sinister rogue group, the building was reclaimed by the city-state and funded by patrons and benefactors to clean the house of traps and information, creating a boarding house for the independent adventurers.

Organized as the Babbling Brook Bour under the house's steward Valeriaux Marqualie, Jancis takes a responsibility in the house's daily maintenance and tending for the animals and plants mostly around the house.

Lower Spangledance includes an open kitchen, library, study hall, lounge, chapel, lecture hall, and garden. Rent includes room and board, due at the first of the Moon. Chapel and theme is always kept up to date to celebrate the Twelve associated and other Eorzean observances.

  • Inhabitants
  • Ms. Magpie: Elezen lady with a no-nonsense attitude that keeps the household tidy.
  • "Ivory": A chatterbox mi'qote that takes care of much of the workings of the house; a regular handy man. Friendly and loves to talk, he can be relied on to have spare building materials in the house storage and will sell it at cost.
  • Autumn Wind: Main hostess of the residents of the boarding house, this roegadyn helps out the renters with gear, food, and other basic needs.
  • Bun: A small bun mushroom seedkin that lives under the raised foundation of the house. Mainly feeds off of the rodents and moss that tries to grow under the house. Can be spotted bathing in the fountain.

[Images of Lower Spangledance]

Sanctuary Brook

Hanging in the room is the Kindred Crystal. A rare type of crystal that was originally created to mimic the Echo and failed, it has the power to help people focus their thoughts and contemplations and soothe violent temptations.

Only those attuned with the crystal or of strong will can fight in its presence.

Jancis uses this space for special cases to let them recover out of sight.

Pets & Notable Items

Jancis Cherry Blossom by Raelcsart. Gift from Nightmaze
  • Animals

From the nuturing nature, people have gifted Jancis with animals she calls "Little Ones" like children. With the help of others, relying on Tausenadel in particular, she tries to provide them a safe haven while also challenging them.

  • Kuchen: A calico cat with an endless appetite. Given to Jancis as the prize for the Flame Festival from Erik for eating the most pie. Because of the reason, the feline's name means just that, pie. Rumored to have eaten that actual prize, therefore becoming it and wanting to go home with Jancis. She spends most of her time around the infirmary looking cute and tricking people out of their food, keeping up her marshmallow-like body despite Jancis' walking trips.
  • Pumpcoblyn: A small runty coblyn with a whining habit. He will keen in a pitch when concerned, scared, or hungry. Given to Jancis by Tausenadel after he had a clutch of the critters; happy with the story she shared at one of his gatherings. Enjoys sitting in potted plants or under shelves. Earned his name by hiding under a hallowed-out pumpkin during All Saint's Wake causing mass chaos in the Coral hall.
  • Muffin: A unicolt with a timid yet maternal attitude. A prize from Little Ladies Day celebration from Sen. The colt was named by Avenio and Faolan, though Faolan promptly argued about the absurdity of naming an animal after food.
  • Heardwine: A young shoat found rooting in the garden, Barengar coaxed and saved the little critter for Jancis to tend to. This curious swine is quite savvy, paying attention to inflection and tone to make spoken people feel like he understands what they say, and also have a habit of patrolling the grounds of Lower Spangledance to protect it from intruders. Jancis named him for his bravery and friendly nature.
  • Unnamed Critters she tends to: Tortoise, Tadpole, Fawn
Tarot Card drawn by Rhea Zaheela with Jancis as Temperance. Gift from Artist
Nathaniel Salem and Jancis by Meishali. Gift from Artist
  • Belongings
  • Heated Blanket: Made by Astrelle. This small round blanket has a cord and fire shard container, allowing a shard to be distributed into the blanket to keep it warm.
  • Mask of Fear: A mask that looks like a lion imbued with the power to cause anything that hears the person in it to be afraid of them. Any words spoken while in the mask will create an ear and throat tripping roar. The wearer cannot speak the next day after wearing the mask.
  • Bonding Ring: A 3-stoned ring had a diamond flanked by two sapphires, all three surrounded by fine etchings in the metal that was their pedestal. Gift from Denz during their travels in Kugane, bought from a jewelry stall near the well.
  • Moonstone Linkpearl: A small round sphere that glows softly like moonlight. A gift from Engelbert he claims to have been made by the evil genius Garrett, this linkpearl is one of two that link their owners' aether signatures together, giving the capability to speak to, know the general direction of, and general condition of the other's owner. Barengar gifted Jancis a clasp to hold the pearl like a pendant on a necklace, made of rhodium and shaped like two wings folding over the stone.
  • Denz's Hair: A long length of black raven hair tied up with a wrap and rough on the edges. A gift from Denz after the attack on the Wall that caused Jancis to lose a great deal of her hair.
  • Mammet Bird: A small mechanical bird made of a metal skeleton and false feathers. Runs off of wind shards and can take vocal commands for hopping about or flying in circles. A gift, once commission, from Cliodhna Eoghan to assist in teaching abandoned birds to fly.
  • Twelve Watch: A locket of polished silver with filigree covering the piece and hidden latch. Opening the watch, the face of the piece is a continuation of the filigree to depict the symbols and representations of the Twelve for Bells as well as Moons. After opening the watch, the current honored of the Twelve appears briefly within the locket. Treasured gift from Aya Foxheart symbolizing Jancis' work for orating pilgrimages to the Twelves' stones. [Screenshots]
  • Water Talisman: The item is slung upon a slender but sturdy chain. A pendant of sorts… a talisman. It thrums to the touch, vigor pulsing, igniting nerves with the cool sensation of a dip in a lake on a hot day, of gentle rain. Looking upon it, it is a vivid blue stone in the shape of a wide pitcher, spilling metal water from it to form a frame about the stone, intricately carved to show off each ripple of bubbling spring pouring forth from the vessel. The symbol of Thaliak lies boldly carved in the center of the stone, within the vessel, shimmering faintly. When clutched, when a bit of one’s personal aether touches it, a presence is nearly felt, a strong sense of ‘being’, of the Scholar and the word ‘Ewer’, chiming in one’s head with the came cooling, refreshing sensation. Serenity, peace, a deep well of understanding. Gifted to Jancis from Ashmira to help the conjurer overcome the hardships she endured after losing love and keeping up with the pilgrimages. Jancis can tap into its power every so often to ease pain and bolster her energy. [Reference]
  • Desert Rose: Magical purifying plant that belongs to Gareth Evershield. Retrieved from the abandoned and cursed estate where the man grew up, Jancis tends to it in a pot in her quarters keeping it where it can get a lot of sunlight and takes it out regular in fair weather. The plant is always in bloom and petals regrow, plucked only rarely for the worse of corrupted flesh and materials. [Reference Post]
  • Spade: A small blackened iron garden spade. The item itself has a curious handle that's not a design for digging tool. The spade was originally a dagger which was held by Jancis' captain in case her and Ja'ren's possession by the powerful voidsent, Gwendoline, became permament and the company failed to save them. Throwing the dagger to the sand, Jancis retrieved it and brought it to a close friend, Sir Gegenji, who melted down the metal and reforged it into something more fitting. The original hilt was reused.
  • Herb Satchel: A small cloth bag, no bigger than Jancis' palm. It is tied with a bow faded in color and filled with sweet smelling roots. Embroidered with an initial "M" on the front, the satchel is plain otherwise. Given to her by Lady Edda; a goodluck charm the lady made when she was young. "A small herb satchel made by her brother for her 16th nameday, with Edda's middle initial sewn on it. Worthless, but high sentimental value." [Source]
  • Flower Scroll: Parchment with a simple arcanima spell, with instructions written for novice casters or those unfamiliar to arcanima. When cast, it would create an image of a beautiful field of flowers, according to the season and month. The scroll itself is hand-drawn with care, to ensure that the spell would be usable for repeated uses.
  • Red Scarf: A regular-sized square scarf of shimmering red silk which no other decoration to it. The silk it is made of, however, has fire aether within it from a very delicate process of some of the adapted creatures among the crystals around the land and picking up the elemental aspect. The scarf itself always gives off a subtle warmth.
  • Wooden Fawn: A fairly large wooden carving, about the length of her forearm, depicts a gentle and observant fawn from the Twelveswood. The wood itself has been scented with oils to have an aroma of violets.
  • Red Lotus Stone: Kept wrapped in handkerchief, a small crimson gemstone, flat and palm-sized with the symbol of a Crane is somehow carved within it. The gem has subtle aether trace that connects this stone to its many others and a device called "The Lotus".
  • Feather Hair Clip: A silver hair clip adorned with a aquamarine gem and the feathers of a rare bird found on La Noscea. A gift from Oscare, who found the bird and got some of its magnificent feathers, had the clip made for her as an apology gift and a token for the Starlight Ball.
  • Birch Squirrel: This squirrel seems to be perched on part of a log, one of the common animals of the Shroud she grew up. The carving has a very organic feel where knots and twists in the wood were used in the design.
  • Rosewood Crane: A small hand-sized crane carved from a rich rosewood. The bird has been polished many times and has very simple deeply-scored details of wings to give it a glossy and smooth appearance.
  • Cushioned Rug Bed: A leather and fleece rug built with extra padding in it. A gift from Otto that he made personal when she continued to refuse one of the beds he had crafted. The man delivered the rug himself. While most of her furniture belongings were made by Otto, this one is by far the most endearing.
  • Lapis Ring: A simple silver ring with a small lapis lazuli set. The blue stone in this ring once belonged to the mask Jancis would wear while travelling. Promising her first love to not wear the mask anymore by giving it to him, the mask was shattered and all that remained was the stone. Later on, it was set to be her engagement ring. The item is kept on a chain now instead.
  • Painting: A hand-painted map of Eorzea done in more artistic brush strokes than one for locating and serious use. In particular on this painting are key points highlighted: the city states and everywhere of note that pertained to what Z'enath and Jancis knew of together at the time.
  • Seashell Charm Bracelet: A small scalloped-shaped silver charm had the engraving "L.F." upon it. The bracelet itself was also silver and meant for a toddler's wrist. The item was given to Jancis' first love and lost somewhere, possibly in the snowy mountains of Coerthas.
  • Map of the Black Shroud: Now just disassembled pieces of paper from the amount of times it's been folded and re-folded, this old map is outdated and written over, erased, and written over again. A random assortment of 'landmarks' and notes are on it to determine where Jancis was raised.
  • Coverless Book: Her favorite book, the binding is worn out and it's carefully kept in a handkerchief to keep from losing pages. It's where she chose her name from and inspired her to fight for freedom which brought her to where she is today. It's basically based off of [The Renegades of Pern] if she references it with dragons and nomads and discovering what life could be.


Misc Fun Stuff

  • [Way to the Future - Theme Song for Jancis from Dhemgeim]
    • ♪The way that you love dear, the fate of the world you leave behind ♪ A way to the future, making a moment built to last ♪ You want to love, well now's your chance ♪ "To me, Jancis is someone full of opposites. She is strong, and gentle. She is withdrawn, but extroverted. There is so much honesty within her, but she's mysterious in her quiet nature. The clearest thing I've ever seen about Jancis is how she loves. She loves everyone, good and bad, because they are people and to her that is the most important of all the things. Jancis is someone who wears her heart on her sleeve, and is strong enough not to let it get broken by the world. The slow but up-beat tune of this song suits her to me. I love the way it goes up and down, because I feel Jancis must have had a lot of hardships in her life. But overall, this song is full of hope."
  • [Legend of Mana - Music for Jancis from Edda]
  • [Fountain of Life - Theme Music for Jancis from Barengar]
  • [Aerith's Theme w/ Erutan Lyrics from Barengar]
Triple Triad Card by Gharen. Gift from Artist
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