Alyss Rose

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Alyss Rose

The Rose of May
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

A Bard in her free time and a Free Paladin every other hour, Alyss goes to great lengths to keep those she holds dearly safe. As a Free Paladin, Alyss is well versed in martial and Gladitorial combat, and would rather see herself get hurt than anyone else. Those whom she trusts dearly are granted a personal linkpearl with which they may reach her at any time, and she will do everything in her power to answer those calls no matter the time nor place. Although she tries to do numerous other things, Alyss finds herself drawn to the more simple styles of combat, and has only a limited proficiency with Magic through being a Paladin. She is highly organized and militaristic, having served in the Brass Blades for two years before becoming a Sultansworn, and only recently became a free Paladin. She has a House in the Goblet which doubles as an Office for people to come in and recruit her services, though her fee is fairly high at 100,000 Gil a day. Those whom have the linkpearl in her name, however, are waived the fee and allowed to ask her services at any time.


Appearance & Personality

Glass-lips.png Appearance & Personality

Nature & Demeanor

Nature & Demeanor

Demeanor: Alyss is highly militaristic and organized, keeping herself and her places of residence in high order. She values the control she has over these things, as many things in her life have been ripped from her without her ability to stop them. Although she has a big heart, and will go out of her way to help others, behind closed doors she weeps for her fallen comrades and loses her ability to keep a stoic face; the moment she steps back outside, though, her demeanor returns to normal. Although it's rare for Alyss to show emotion in public, she is actually quite an emotional person and simply fights to keep it as under wraps as she can, though very high-tense situations do often reveal her true nature.

Nature: A highly emotional and standard Eorzean girl, Alyss fights with her nature at every turn to keep it under wraps. She enjoys life, and enjoys helping others, but finds herself hormonal and crazy at random intervals where she needs to cry or scream. Only those whom she trusts dearly have ever seen her true nature, and given the circumstances which led to her Husband's death, she doesn't trust as easily any more. When she performs as a Bard, she often uses it as an outlet for her emotional needs, enjoying the music both as she plays it and in her head while she's playing it.

Trope: Action Girl, Addiction Displacement, Being Personal Isn't Professional, Beneath the Mask, Berserk Button, Chronic Hero Syndrome, Creature of Habit, Crowd Pleasure, Cuteness Proximity, Everybody Smokes, Eyepatch of Power, Fearless Fool, Honor Before Reason, Lady of War, Lawful Neutral, Lethal Chef, Martyr Without a Cause, Misery Builds Character, No Place for a Warrior (Circumvented, she's getting better at it but still feels uncomfortable), Not so Stoic, Smitten Teenage Girl, Something About a Rose, The Paladin,

Habits: Alyss enjoys the casual cigar, has a problem with gambling, cannot at all hold her liquor and often ends up in a drunken stupor after a single shot of Whiskey, and plays her harp to calm herself when she gets emotional, sometimes even losing herself in her music.

Notable Features

Notable Features

Common Appearance: With soft, pale skin and bright orange hair framing her face, Alyss has a very feminine appearance that she has, admittedly, used more than once to get what she needed accomplished. With white eyes and blue scales, including her horns and tail, seeing that she's an Au Ra is not very difficult, though some are thrown off by her pale skin and name. As short as a Xaelan Au'Ra can be, Alyss stands at 4'9.5" and weighs only 120lbs, most of which is musicle.

Scars & Markings: Wearing a black bandanna to cover her left eye, Alyss is nearly fully clothed with only few parts of her body exposed, all of which seem to be pristine, though her fingers are scratched with knicks from combat and there are a few pale scars on her face. Her greatest shame, however, is the large scar on her chest from her near-death experience two years ago.

Voice: Atypically for an Au Ra, Alyss speaks in a soft but stern voice with a standard Eorzean accent. She attributes this to having been raised in Eorzea despite Au Ra not being well known until the recent Astral Era, as she was raised in a town that few have ever heard of by Eorzans, hence her name. Alyss typically tries to pronounce words correctly, but in highly emotional times can be found to shorten her words, using contractions and sometimes just dropping entire syllables just to get her point across.

Clothing: As a Paladin, Alyss normally presents with a long white coat and fingerless white gloves, dark red pants and white boots. Though her sword is proudly displayed at her hip, she is never seen with an actual shield which leads some to believe she doesn't use one at all. Finally, Alyss wears a black bandanna covering her left eye, though she never answers questions about it truthfully, and always seems to make up a different story every time she's asked about it. Although hidden by her gloves, Alyss also wears an Eternity Ring on her left hand, and doesn't like to answer questions about ``that`` either, though mostly because she still misses her now-deceased Husband, Siegfried.




  • Music
  • Smoking
  • The Beach
  • Salty Food
  • Watered Ale
  • Money
  • Selflessness
  • Strength
  • Reading
  • Limsa Lominsa


  • The Open Ocean
  • Self-Righteousness
  • Pretentiousness
  • Weakness
  • Showing Emotion
  • Bad Music
  • Most Nobles
  • Corruption
  • Blatant Evil
  • Gridania


  • Coffee
  • The Color Red
  • Roses
  • Travelling, Walking
  • Writing
  • Hard Work
  • Cold
  • Other Paladins
  • The Maelstrom
  • Ul'Dah


Although she tries very hard to hide it, Alyss actually dislikes most Au Ra and Lalafells she meets. The former are almost always arrogant pricks who feel they're better than most Eorzeans, while the latter are all greedy capitalists. Even though she hails from Ul'Dah, or at least Thanalan, she doesn't approve of the constant money that moves behind any major event in Ul'Dah and blames Lalafells for it almost every time. That said, she is always open to being proven wrong by either race, and has met a few of each that have broken their stereotypes and have been approved to be friends to her, though it's exceptionally rare that any of them would receive her linkpearl.


Glass-sword.png Abilities



Diplomatic, Levelheaded, Extrovert, Empathy, Perception, Independent, Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Faithful



Gullible, Seasickness, Soft of Heart, Anxiety, Idealist, Naïve, Apparent Apathy, Comes off as Cold and Callous


Excels in Close Quarters Combat, is a Master with her sword, and is semi-proficient at Magic. At range has exceptionally less options, but is clever and quick to change her tactics in any circumstance.

People & Places

Glass-people.png People & Places
Romantic Attraction Attraction Platonic Love Family Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure



Ebron Ovar [] - The Bard who inspired Alyss to pick up the Harp in the first place, Ebron has proven time and time again to be a friend she could count on, and someone whom she can trust with her life.

Ceana Cross [] - Ebron's Fiancee, Ceana is someone whom Alyss found herself to get along with quite well, and looks forward to their next encounter.

Fufuvachi Pepevachi [] - The girl who first paid Alyss' fare to Kugane, Chi employed Alyss at the Angel Tavern in Shirogane where she spends about half of her time. Alyss is indebted to Chi for this.

Siegfried Wolfshead [] - Alyss' dead husband, Siegfried was the only man she's ever truly loved.



Common Rumors (Use Freely!)

  • "I heard she's merciless in a duel, and won't hesitate to kill... but you didn't hear that from me." -Anonymous
  • "Girl can't hold her liquor worth shit but I'll be damned if she isn't skilled with that sword..." -Ul'Dah Innkeeper
  • "What kind of gladiator doesn't use a shield? I just don't understand it." -Gladiator, moments before defeat
  • "Alyss? That girl does not do well on the sea. She puked four times before we pulled into Kugane's docks... poor girl." -Ferryman
  • "No one can be that emotionless. She's gotta be faking it. Right?" -Limsan Merchant
  • "The Rose girl? Yeah she plays harp here every once in a while. Pretty good, but not the best I've seen." -Ul'Dahn Drunk

Rare Rumors (Ask Please!)

  • "There's actually nothing wrong with her eye. She just uses it to get pity." -Brass Blade
  • "She's killed hundreds in armed combat, and never once showed any remorse for it." -Sultansworn
  • "Alyss Rose? That's not even her real name. Her name is..." -Unknown
  • "She never actually trained as a Paladin. She just picked up a sword and was good at using it." -Maelstrom Private
  • "I hired her to Escort me to Limsa Lominsa from Ul'Dah. She was a stuck-up bitch and didn't even make any small talk. Ugh..." -Limsan Noble
  • "I heard her husband ran off with a more attractive woman and that's why she... oh shit here she comes." -Unknown

PC Rumors

  • None yet. Write for me!


Glass-hourglass.png History
Alyss is a very private individual, and only shares bits of her history at a time. Several parts of her history are stated throughout this page, but to learn any more I'd ask you to talk to her in game and earn her trust.


Glass-circle.png Picture

OOC Information

Glass-heartlock.png OOC Information

Hard Limits

Hard Limits
Basically the only true hard limit that will make me simply walk out and/or blacklist you is attempting to ERP with me. I have no interest in that, and I never will. Aside from that, basically anything is free game; however, I'd prefer to steer away from people who sit in the corner and are all "poor me, my life's been shit" and sadistic gore, though I don't mind a cut or description of blood. Additionally, excrutiatingly non-lore-friendly things may also be declined:
  • Other-world canon / Inter-dimensional travel
  • Fantasia
  • Death and Rebirth
  • Making me change my character to fit your plot
  • ACME bullshit

Hooks & RP Favorites

Hooks & RP Favorites
I'm open to nearly anything except the Hard Limits by proxy, but I'm particularly fond of very adult-themed mature content, and I'm also keen on light-hearted humor and fun. I'm okay with being the villain or the hero, and you're free to act any way towards Alyss as long as you're willing to accept the consequences of it. If you want a reason to Roleplay with Alyss, there are a following that would catch my eye:
  • Recognizing her / Requesting her services
  • Meet her on the road
  • Looking for a duel
  • Want to swap stories

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