Amano Ano

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"Time stops for no one. Not even you nor myself."

 Amano Ano
A woman with a mysterious background, deeply involved in the practicing of magicks and even the darker moments the Lane has seen. However, her demeanor seems to contradict her past; aloof, pastry-driven, ghost-fearing, Amano aims for not what she used to, but instead the peace and quiet her and her family deserves.
Golden-eyed Grandmaster
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Claims Ul'dahn
World Zalera
Main Balmung
Main Combative Art Destructive Magicks
Secondary Combative Art Polearm Arts
Patron Deity Althyk, the Keeper
Nameday 31st Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon



The golden-eyed, silver-haired woman boasts a height of three fulms, eight ilms and with a weight of one-hundred and two ponze, her appearance is certainly more than memorable. Her body shape, however, does betray the fact that she is partial to sweets, though she finds no shame in the extra curves; after all, it's "a small price to pay".


While she tends to carry herself in a rather professional and sophisticated manner on first impression, though it doesn't take long to break down the walls to discover she's, to put it lightly, a goofball.


Her determined spirit is unmatched in the name of adversity, having been through a plethora events that could have dragged down the mere Eorzean to eternal slumber. However, after being presented with those who couldn't allow her to fall into the hands of fate, has she reversed her fate and soon became the woman that she is today; nothing could stop her from this moment on.



Let's Research It:

  • Studies up on subjects of interest and is not adverse to studying on others' behalves should it be requested.


  • Her magical studies have allowed her to pick up on a multitude of skills, allowing her not only to provide combat support but healing, and even some tankier abilities.

Fast Learner:

  • Due to her ability to retain information in a timely manner, it allows her to quickly learn about new subjects, including potential additions to her arsenal such as weaponry or even new magicks.


Attack First, Ask Questions Later:

  • Often tends to charge first into combat without thought as to if her involvement is worth the trouble.

Tunnel Vision:

  • Should something occur that is most likely on the negative side, her mind cannot focus on anything else but that, and seeking out its solution as fast as possible even should it cause exhaustion, burnout, or even pose a danger to herself.

En Garde:

  • Crossing Amano will permanently make her adverse to helping you, even should it benefit her in the long run; if you are able to retain a faint sense of what could be interpreted as an amiable relationship, there will be a continuing tension in the air as her suspicions and wariness do not falter.


  • Sweets
  • Magic
  • Libraries
  • Flowers
  • Negotiation
  • Strategy
  • Silence
  • Piano & harp playing


  • Ghosts
  • Natural Thunder
  • The Pearl Lane
  • The Syndicate
  • Wealthy or rich people
  • The word "fox"


  • Excels with magical prowess, mainly destructive magicks
  • Secretly wields time-based magicks due to her aetherial influence
  • Enjoys reading, and has a record of remaining in one place for 10 hours with one book
  • Skillful with many types of weaponry, though all mainly light arms or ranged weaponry


  • Often dreams of starting a family with her soon-to-be husband, Zuzukasa.
  • Has no living family members save for those of her considered 'found family'.

Family & Friends

Sosoleil Soleil

  • Amano's 'found family' sister.
  • Having nothing but each other in their darkest of times, there is no stronger bond than the sisterly bond they share.
  • Aided in Ano's purifying of Alexandrian aether.

Zuzukasa Mimikasa

  • Amano's fiancĂ©.
  • Brought together by the temporal colossus himself, their adventurers together founded an everlasting love.
  • Amano aided in his own purifying of Alexandrian aether.

Sakura Ryuzaki

  • One of Amano's closest friends.
  • A popular Far Eastern idol that soon became a close friend of both Amano and Soleil's.
  • Present for both the conflicts involving the mysterious character "Fox".

Soliam Murr

  • Amano's adoptive father.
  • After discovering her at a young age in the forest, Soliam tended to her before their unfortunate separation.

Cafefe Cafe

  • The two had two strange encounters on multiple occasions and much had revealed itself between one another... perhaps far too much.

Kayla "Lhuna" Polaali

  • An odd pairing, both a woman who seems to carry herself highly versus a loud-mouthed street witch... their common grounds? Various curses.

Elder Knief

  • Another odd pairing, mutual in meeting with "Lhuna", a tribal individual from a faraway tribe of the Azim Steppe... however, their attendance is unfounded. They get along rather well however.

Hauxvaris Aurifort

  • A self-proclaimed "Guardian of Alexander" who partook in the travels of Amano, Lhuna, and Elder Knief, to ensure her quest was not in attempt to harm Alexander.


  • She often visits the hinterlands of Dravania, and is mostly seen near the base of Alexander during her visits should she be sighted beyond Idyllshire's gates. However, nothing much is observed save for a woman camping alone.
  • A few companies of strange individuals have taken interest in Amano's aetherial embodiment; some say it's the key to controlling primals, others say it's time itself.
  • The few who know her potential know battling her is no easy task; while her defeat is much more than possible, the woman does not go down without a fight, especially with what power she holds at her beck and call.
  • "If you want to scare Amano? ... ghosts. She hates them. Though if you dress up as one, she'll hate you too." - Anonymous


Most of the history seems to be currently unobtainable... perhaps it can be uncovered through interaction with the woman herself.

Or perhaps a collection of autobiographies will soon surface...

Theme Music

Standard Themes

Introduction: Genshin Impact OST - Shadow of Nemesis

Main: Bravely Second: End Layer OST - Magnolia's Theme

Reminiscent: Genshin Impact OST - Say My Name

Battle Themes

When wielding solely magic: Genshin Impact OST - Qilin's Prance

When wielding polearms: Genshin Impact OST - Rapid as Wildfires

In dire circumstances...: Genshin Impact OST - Undersea Encounters

Harp Songs

Looking back on peaceful times...: Dragon Quest XI OST - Serena's Harp

Remembering an old friend...: Final Fantasy IV OST - Theme of Love (Harp Cover)

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