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Amara Linne Elisse

 Amara Linne Elisse
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Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Formerly of the Kingdom of Lias
Age 25
Occupation Former Queen/Aetheral healer/inexperienced Alchemist/Rising Archer
Height/Weight 5'9" 108lbs
Guardian Thaliak, the Scholar


  • As Princess of Lias*

When Amara had to make an appearance before the people of Lias with her Mother and Father she wore a royal blue gown with small pale white sequins around the edges. She wears a pearl necklace with a dark blue pendant at the center. Her shoes are made of a rare leather covered with topaz jewels. Her hair is pinned up and she wears no crown, she chooses not to so as to not show her status but to remind the people that she "equal" to them. Her wardrobe is made up of many different garments but she never actually wore more than just a few items because her parents never let her go very far outside of the castle.

Her vocabulary implies that she is educated, though to keep her identity a secret she tries to speak like "everyone else." She has a birth mark on her right cheek that if looked at very carefully is shaped like a heart.

Any of the wardrobe of hers was left behind and she arrived with only a cowl that her hand maiden created for her. The look of it is a pale blue color, the robe is torn and weathered from her wearing it for so long. Mostly all of her accessories are mismatched to keep up her "common" appearance in her mind and she has little to no make up.

General Demeanor

Amara is very gullible or lacks life experience due to her parents never actually letting her step foot outside of the land of Lias. She never got a chance to explore anything beyond the borders of the land she comes from and has heard very little tales of anything. Because of the restrictive life imposed on her, Amara has a vast thirst for knowledge. She'll listen to pretty much anything and take it at face value and believe it to be the truth. She depended on many people in her kingdom that watched over her but now that she is looking to find her own strength.

She is approachable and asks a ton of questions but only within the area of conversation that she is talking about. She has a lot of experience to gain. Growing up she would always see various knights guarding the castle and she was always told by her best friend, Lya that she would one day marry a knight who would help her rule the kingdom of Lias and the people would thrive. So every adventurer she comes across that proclaims to be a "hero" Amara puts a little trust in.


Father: Former King Manco Elisse XXV (deceased) - The king of Lias, a fair man who watched over his kingdom with a kind heart and wise mind. He always dreamed of having a son or daughter to over see the kingdom passed down to him by his own father and mother who love the land of Lias. When he found out his wife would have trouble conceiving he started to harden his heart as he believed he was being punished by the Gods. Then he found out his wife actually became pregnant and he believed his suffering was over. Until "The Seer" of the royal family told him that he would lose his throne and power to his daughter unless he were to take her power first.

Mother: Former Queen Ramia Elisse (deceased) - The queen of Lias, Queen Ramia comes from a family of Arcanist users. She gave up her magic upon her family being persecuted for their abilities and killed if they did not bend to their enemies demands. She was offered to the then Prince of Lias in exchange for the family to leave in peace. As a result Ramia fell in love with Manco as he was much more kind than she thought he would be and knew that he would be the man who would love and protect her always. As time went on Ramia was told that she would never be able to carry a child to term. She was corrected by the seer who told her that she would in fact produce an heir but that the child would determine the future of the kingdom and the prosperity of the throne.

Protector: King Ingram Forthright - Amara's protector from an early age and Leader of the Lias Resistence. Upon discovering the King and Queen's plan Ingram staged a coup to the throne. Ingram always keeps a cool head and his knowledge in combat is unmatched in the land. Due to the Lias War he was made The new King of Lias. After the death of the King and Queen and the land observing Amara's magicks, the Elders of Lias no longer saw Amara as the safest choice to rebuild the kingdom after the Seer misused the powers Amara had growing inside her. Therefore they put Ingram on the throne. Ingram thinks of his "Little one" each day and keeps the same love of Lias that she carried in his own heart.

  • Diplomacy - learned at an early age
  • Ability to wield, sense and restore Aether
  • Archery


Archer - Amara had never imagined doing anything with a bow and arrow. She didn't think she possesed the skill. Her focus and reflexes though proved otherwise. Not exactly her first choice but she keeps the skills she gained in her mind until she lost her thaumaturgy skill. Now with the help of a friend she is picking up her bow once again and hopes to master the skill someday.

Black Mage - Once just a thaumaturgy disciple, Amara's gift to wield aether really took off as she focused and applied her self. Her power grew much quicker than she anticipated and there are times she has trouble controlling the strength of her spells. At times then, right when she is about to cast her spell it comes out much smaller. This darker magic both scares and excites her. After Amara attempted to reclaim her kingdom, her parents threatened to destroy her people unless she gave up the power of the void, thus she lost the power of thaumaturgy. After returning to her Homeland, Amara regained her black magic abilities and began to lose them upon her banishment from Lias.

Conjurer - It was here Amara learned about the power of aether through nature. She contributes what she learned in the field of conjury to her aetheral restoration ability and to creating aetheral potions by way of alchemy.

Summoner - While on a mission, Amara found a book that she could of sworn was calling out to her and she read some of its contents aloud and pressed her hand into the book and she received a vision of a blue creature of light asking her what she commanded. This made Amara curious and so secretly she pursues the dead art of summoning magic. It's starting to be more appealing than her thaumatruge duties....(Power was also taken by her parents and died with the Seer)


= Romantic Interest, = Old Friend/Deceased, = Platonic Care )= Poor Standing

Alexander Steelstrike - One night while at a tavern night Amara met Alexander and there was something that Amara saw in him that she dared not to speak on because she was with Granamyr, though the thoughts never went away. After Amara started to lose herself to the darkness Alexander remained the glimmer of light that kept her tethered to herself. Alex came to Lias to save Amara and killed the Seer for her and brought her back to Eorzea to the Harbingers after she was expelled. Amara's soul/heart/mind everything belongs to Alexander. He is her true hero and knight and in the back of her mind she thinks of him as her King.

 Granamyr Artanis:  - Slightly before leaving for Lias, Amara met a man named Granamyr. He appeared a loyal man and experienced warrior but Amara has met many like him before that only looked for gil to line their pockets. This man was different. Over time Amara began to feel something as she once did for Alexander but this time it was deeper and stronger. After starting to lose sight of herself Granamyr ended things with Amara telling her he was going to be leaving and was unsure he would return only to find out he was dating another, thus plunging Amara into total darkness. After the war of Lias, Amara sees Granamyr a friend and will always have love for him.

Lya Devereaux - Lya was Amara's handmaiden, confidante and dearest friend. She overheard the plot to steal Amara's magical energies and helped Amara escape to the land of Hydaelyn. Unfortunately, they were separated shortly after arriving and while looking for Amara was attacked by a bounty hunter who tortured and executed and left for Amara to find.

 'Lynx':  - Met Amara's first night in Hydalyen. Amara sensed a fierceness about the woman who was only known as Lynx. Amara believed she could entrust her with her identity and to help her find her friend Lya. Lynx executed the man who killed her friend and Amara will always be grateful for the justice Lynx served on her behalf. She considers Lynx one of the few people she can truly trust and often goes to her for advice.

 Alexander Gomez:  - Amara met Alexander during the Blessing of Harlone. Her small coeurl cat took an instant liking to him and Amara knew she could talk to him. Upon having a conversation with him and watching him partake in the ceremony Amara felt a feeling she had never felt before, romantic feelings. If ever asked about him she always replies "...There is just something about him." Amara believes that Alexander could be the "Knight" that was foretold of to be the Protector of the land. Alexander was called away on a mission and never returned. Amara received a letter from him that let her know he was alive but after all that happened, Amara's heart was surely broken.

Worren Tigre - Worren saved Amara's life. While lost in the cold region of Coerthas about to freeze to death, Worren found Amara and heard her story about looking for her friend Lya who had since passed. After that he escorted her back to the Harbingers of Dawn estate where Amara began to call her second home. Ever since that day Amara has held Worren in high regard and will trust him with her life any day. Before Amara left for Lias she shared a moment with Worren in which they discussed their possible future. Amara told Worren that she would learn to fall in love with him and that she could see him reigning as King in Lias and being a true father to their children. If it were not for Alexander, it would be Worren.


Amara was born the heir to the Kingdom of Lias. King and Queen Elisse were unable to produce an heir for quite some time and were told it would never come to pass but by way of some miracle Amara was born. A woman by the name of "The Seer" was the closest of advisers to the royal court and did fortell Amara's birth. However the seer also foretold that her arrival would be more of a curse than a blessing. Amara was born with a high potential to wield aether. Higher than most and that her power was going to become a hazard that would eventually lead to the demise of both of her parents unless her powers were stripped before she could come to understand them. Overwhelmed with both fear and sorrow on their newly born daughter, Amara's parents decided to outlaw any sort of practice of magics and anyone caught using any time of aether inspired skills would be executed. So as Amara grew up she never came to know about the properties of magic or what aether is.

As Amara grew up she learned the basics of what it meant to be royalty. She was taught proper grammer and the way a Princess should behave herself but Amara always felt her parent's distance. She figured it was because they were always so busy and so she would immerse herself in books to pass her time. When Amara turned 21 she started having violent dreams in which men dressed in red and black cloaks were chanting and she could feel her life force being sucked out of her body. She would wake up in a cold sweat, her skin would be cold to the touch after having such dreams and then she would calling for her handmaiden and dearest friend Lya. It was her friend Lya who found it strange that she would keep having the same dream but only every full moon. So Lya began to investigate anything the King and Queen might know and she overheard that the King and Queen were meeting with the Seer who told them that she was having Amara's aetheral energy drained from her body and that soon their worries would be over. The Seer did not mention that Amara would die in the process but the King and Queen wanted nothing more than to keep their power on the throne and with Amara's magical energies they would have more than enough power to rule their land.

Lya, concerned for Amara's well being told her of her families plot and told her that the Seer is likely to be behind the whole plan. Amara did not want to believe it and confronted her parents who in turn decided to lock Amara in the castle and not allow her to set foot from her room unless for appearances to the people and if she tried to tell anyone about what was going on they would kill Lya and Amara. Amara went back to Lya and together they planned to escape the kingdom. Lya was able to pay a man to give her passage to a land she'd heard about and that Amara read about called Hydaelyn. This land was full of the answer they needed and it was there that Amara was going to fulfill her destiny of coming into her powers and fulfilling her birthright and then her dreams.

Adventure to Hydaelyn

The hour was late. The moon shined bright bathing the castle grounds with it’s pale glow. Amara laid asleep, her leg chained to a bed post. Destined to meet her fate at dawn. Her parents, the King and Queen of Lias were going to remove her power of aether and kill her in the process out of concern of a prophecy that put fear in their hearts. Unbeknownst to this happening Amara simply believed her parents wished to use her as a tool.

Lya, Amara’s faithful handmaiden was walking down the hall to the royal bed chamber and over heard the King and Queen discussing their wicked plan. They had to kill their daughter and take her Aetheral energy if they were to keep the throne, keep the prophecy from coming true and obtain the power they needed to keep the Kingdom intact. Lya was mortified. She slipped away to Amara’s room and woke her out of her slumber and informed her of her parents wicked plan. Amara was devastated. She knew what needed to be done. She had to flee the castle and find out why her parents were so threatened by this “magick”. And so Lya went and fetched what robes she could and gave them to Amara and told her to act as one of the servant girls. Lya was able to pick the lock which bound Amara and together the two were able to make it to the castle gate at which point the guards approached Lya and Amara asking where they were going at such a late hour. Simply stating they were off to fetch rags for the castle but one of the guards began to approach Amara wondering why she would not make eye contact when suddenly one guard knocked the other out. This guard was aware of the royal family’s plan and believed in the Princess. He told Lya and Amara of a man willing to give passage to a land where Amara could learn about her strange powers. The land is called Hydaelyn.

Lya and Amara made it to the docks where they talked to a ship captain who was willing to smuggle the Princess and her handmaiden to where they wanted to go with the proper compensation. With that as the sun began to creep over the horizon, Amara and Lya were on their way to Hydaelyn and their worlds were to be forever changed.

The Arrival and Departure of the Princess of Lias

Amara and her handmaiden stepped off the boat docked in Limsa Lominsa and it was bustling with people. Amara could hardly hear herself think with the day to day activity going on around her, yet all she did was look up at the sky and take in the smell of the salt air from the sea. Lya could see Amara’s distraction with the hustle and bustle and took her by the hand to a small area that was less hectic and would give Amara a moment to take in her new surroundings. Amara was fascinated with the world around her. She could feel the strangest feeling boiling up within her. The power of the Aether surrounding her like a blanket made her feel like she finally was on the path that she was always meant to walk.

She and Lya walked around looking at all the different people clad in armor, carrying swords and people with clad in various clothing, carrying large books that Amara was sure was full of knowledge. All day Amara and Lya walked throughout the city until finally they reached the a sign that said “Zepher Gate.” Lya asked if Amara wished to continue but the look on Amara’s face implied that she needed rest. So Lya began to lead Amara back into Limsa to find appropriate lodging for the evening.

Just then a Hyur man approached them, a large axe on his back and a black patch covering his eye. He asked if they were new to the city because they looked lost and he said they could use a rest. Lya thought this to be odd of a man observing them so closely and so unexpectedly, but before she would answer Amara told him that they were indeed new and came from a long journey an would need shelter. The Hyur man asked where they were from and Amara told him the land of Lias. Suddenly, Lya noticed a glimmer in the Hyur man’s eye as he mumbled about his prey and quickly took the axe from his back and took a swing at Amara. Lya quickly tackled Amara to the ground and they ran for their lives. The Hyur man yelled for them to come back as the pair ran quickly. Amara could only run in horror as to the thought that her parents would have her pursued so far. She wondered would she ever escape their reach? Amara and Lya approached a cliff and suddenly the Hyur man threw an object that was on fire and the last thing Amara saw was Lya pushing Amara as the object he threw exploded. Amara screamed as she could see Lya smiling, glad that Amara escaped the bounty hunter’s attack. Finally Amara hit the water beneath her and the impact of the water knocked Amara unconscious.

Voices. Loud voices. Arguing. Cold. Amara woke up to a couple of men and she asked where she was and the man simply replied Coerthas.

Catch and Release

Amara’s sight was blurry to say the least as she began to regain consciousness. She felt as though she were laying on a cot or bed. She turned her head to look out the window to see snow outside. The cold was piercing her skin as she woke up beyond frightened. A Elezen gentleman wearing a thick winter coat turned as Amara sprang to life and calmed her down assuring her she was not in any danger. Asking where she was, the Elezen replied that she was in Coerthas. She inquired about her friend and the Elezen was unsure of who she spoke of. He went on to tell Amara that she was found in the sea on their journey north and they pulled her aboard. She was barely alive when they pulled her up and did not believe she would survive. Amara listened intently but her mind only returned to thoughts of the last thing she saw. The Elezen gentleman told her to rest as she needed it and that he would get her some warm clothing as this climate is quite cold as she can tell. He leaves the area and Amara gets up to being looking around the small cabin area. The floors are damp and it seems a fire was just put out as she can smell the smoke and feel the fleeting warmth. Amara begins to make for the door after she gathers her clothing but something felt amiss. She put the rest of her damp clothing on only to discover that the door was locked. A voice, similar to the Elezen yelled back that there was no escape Princess and that he was going to trade her in. Amara, now in a panic looked around for a means to escape. Of course there was the window but her shoes had been taken so could she possibly run off in such cold conditions? Amara began to wrap her hands in the blanket from the bed and hit the glass until she had enough room to get out. She then wrapped herself in the blanket and was able to push herself out onto the cold ground and then she did the only thing she could do. Run as fast as she could. As she was running, Amara saw a gate in the distance. It appeared older and ravaged by a fierce battle but she knew she would find someone there that could possibly help her. Upon reaching the gate, Amara could not believe what she had stumbled upon. There on the ground lays Lya, bleeding and coughing with cuts all over her arms and a large cut on her cheek. Amara rushes to her side and holds her as she screams to the soldiers to help her but they simply ignore her as that is not their duty. Lya opens her eyes and attempts to tell Amara that she was attacked by the bounty hunter and that she escaped long enough to make it here but was attacked again. Amara would leave to get Lya help though her hand maiden begged her to stay as she knew it was too late. She simply told Amara to be brave and to live the life befitting a Queen. It was then that a young Miqo’te approached that Amara met prior to her being whisked away named simply “Lynx.” Lynx vowed to help Amara in finding Lya and now that vow was fulfilled. Amara left Lynx to take Lya not before informing Amara that she would no longer have to look over her shoulder as she killed the bounty hunter and the man who held her captive. She then left with Lya’s body to give it an honorable burial. Amara was overwhelmed with grief and attempted to make her way to the town. Alone and with the thought of her mission, Amara finally made it to a small town before falling to her knees again. The vision of Lya taking her last breath, the look of her Father and Mother’s faces, the hope in the eyes of her people…Just then a voice calls out to her asking her if she is alright. Amara looks up, tears in her eyes to see yet another Miqo’te. He offers her a hand and leads her into the town to a fire but Amara is so tired she could only ask his name to which he replied “Worren Tigre of the Harbingers of Dawn.”

To be continued.