Amaterasu Okami

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 Amaterasu Okami
Goddess of the Land
Amaterasu Icon.JPG
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): Samurai(SB), Summoner(ShB), Black Mage(ARR), Scholar(HW), Warrior
Main Tradeskill: Omnicrafter
Preferred Role: DPS
Server: Midgardsormr
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Reputation: Cheery, Friendly, Idealistic
Occupation: Adventurer
Education: Tutored
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Bisexual, Female Leaning
Guardian: Azeyma, the Warden
Free Company
Items Carried
Katanas, Rods, Books, Axes
Race: Miqo'te
Clan: Keeper of the Moon
Age: 27
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 117lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair: White with black highlights
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Athletic
Notable Features: Red markings around her eyes
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity


Born in a chilly village near Daitenzan, Amaterasu Okami and her family based their living on hunting meats for sale in Kugane. Exposed to a plethora of trades in Kugane, Amaterasu developed a curiosity for the unknown. She took up an apprenticeship to become a samurai and studied carpentry at 10 summers. At 20 summers, she began to plateau her abilities. Blaming the fact that Amaterasu only knew Hingashi, Amaterasu began a journey to Eorzea to experience life a new. Ever since beginning her journey, she had put her hand in near everything Eorzea had to offer. Still now, she strives for more.
As of the events of Stormblood, Amaterasu learned the details of her birth through an incarnation. Learning that she is divine without divine powers, Amaterasu intends to seek more answers during her time in The First.


Arctic Regions
Girly Guys


Not Learning
Arid Regions
High Shelfs




Amaterasu is a Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te with red eyes. She is 5'3" and boasts a toned and pale body. Amaterasu's hair is white and naturally ends in black ends while her tail is all white and long. Her complexion and structure is of a Far Eastern influence. Surrounding her eyes are red markings which have appeared naturally over time.


Amaterasu is a cheery and friendly person with a strong sense of awareness that everyone is a part of "the story." Since she considers herself part of the story in some way or another, she actively tries to play her part the best she can. This makes her sense of purpose have no equal but she'll be very hard on herself if she fails in any capacity. Because Amaterasu was born in Hingashi, her knowledge of Eorzea and her customs has been limited to word of mouth from her parents. She doesn't understand much of the customs and etiquette expected of her in Eorzea and can be easily duped by her closest Eorzean friends. It is very easy to pick on Amaterasu through her accent and conduct. She finds this all good fun until someone actively tries to offend her.



Amaterasu was born to a Keeper of the Moon family who had taken the name "Okami" after migrating to Hingashi out of interest. Raised in a small village near Daitenzan, the family made their living out of the land, which mainly included farming and hunting. Amaterasu was an active child, helping the family with their life in Hingashi. Her young, youthful mind adjusted extremely well to the practices of the Far East where as her parents remained comically inept. At 13 summers, Amaterasu's education in the village began to slow due to the isolation in the village. Amaterasu was sent to Kugane to continue her education. She was alone for the moment, but eager


Amaterasu moved to Kugane and shared an apartment with Kurona Kazerashi. The two became quick and close friends and had a romantic relationship. The two were tutored by tradesmen and women in Kugane and Amaterasu was noted for her aptitude. She built a reputation in Kugane as a hard worker and fast learner. She was particularly noted by members of the Sekiseigumi for her prowess with katanas while priests and priestesses noted her affinity for magic. However, the shine began to dim as her skills found a plateau. Amaterasu soon found herself to be only reliable, but wanted to become extraordinary once more.


To combat her plateau, Amaterasu looked to her family origins in Eorzea. In her time in Eorzea, she found an interest in the lives of others. Amaterasu developed an idealistic view of Hydaelyn: one free of conflict and bound by unity. Carrying this idealistic view of the world into her trade, she is yet to find another mountain she cannot climb without effort. Ever so slowly, Amaterasu is polishing herself to become a shining light for others, but risks destroying herself for others.


As a Black Mage, Amaterasu continuously pushes the limit on how fast she can cast her spells. If there is any moment where she is not casting a spell, she finds it detrimental to her performance. To the benefit of herself, Amaterasu will take heavy hits without any effort to avoid them for the sole purpose of continuing a cast. She trusts her team to keep her alive and fortunately for her, they can keep her alive.
As a Samurai, Amaterasu benefits from continuously attacking while still being able to move. Much like her work as a Black Mage, Amaterasu prefers to always be attacking until she cannot. Amaterasu's quick reactions and lightning fast attacks together make her seem like she is ahead of time itself. With the adoption of magitek aids in her weapons and armour, she had only became faster.


Amaterasu absolutely hates failing. Although she is comfortable with failing as a team, she hates it when failure is attributed to her, especially when she knows it is because of her. Amaterasu's morale usually drops due to her efforts to contribute falling short. When Amaterasu fights as a Black Mage, she absolutely hates to move, putting her in the way of dangerous attacks. It can seriously strain healers whom do not work with Amaterasu on a regular basis. Although she has made efforts to avoid it, Amaterasu's skill can plateau at undesirable levels and it takes great efforts to reach new heights in skill.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"She's Far Eastern? But she looks like any other Miqo'te from the Shroud!"
"Always in a hurry, is she?"
"So, she likes girls? Nice..."
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Smarter than she looks. A lot smarter..."
"Always so proud of herself..."
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"She's never where you want her to be..."
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"Do you think she may have some Au Ra blood in her? Her sister, Nio, is an Au Ra, but Amaterasu says she wasn't adopted." -Curious Miqo'te.
"What records exist of Miqo'te living in Hingashi several eras ago? Surely they exist... Just look at her!" -Befuddled Scholar.
"A visionary, that one..." Awed Officer.


Romantic Interest     Neutral Standing     Good Standing     Poor Standing
Kurona Kazerashi- Kurona is the first friend that Amaterasu made when she first came to Kugane. Exhibiting interest in each other, they quickly became close friends. When they were both 17 summers, Amaterasu and Kurona began a romantic relationship that lasted for year and then they seperated. To quote Kurona, "Amaterasu is just so sweet, but... She's too Amaterasu if you know what I mean." Amaterasu had expressed interest in beginning a new romantic relationship, but is grateful for being a sisterly figure for Kurona.
Nio Okami- Nio is Amaterasu's older sister.
Kamui Okami- Kamui is Amaterasu's older brother.
Tsukuyomi Okami- Tsukuyomi Okami is the twin sister of Amaterasu through divine incarnation.
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Credit to Bancroft Gairn and Chiyo Hoshi for the templete.