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 Amaterasu Okami
Finder of False Gods
Amaterasu Icon.JPG
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): Samurai
Main Tradeskill: Omnicrafter
Preferred Role: DPS
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Reputation: Quiet, Friendly, Brave
Occupation: Adventurer
Education: Tutored
Marital Status: Married
Sexuality: Bisexual, Female Leaning
Guardian: Azeyma, the Warden
Free Company
Items Carried
Katanas, Lances, Bows
Race: Miqo'te
Clan: Keeper of the Moon
Age: 28
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 117lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair: White with black highlights
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Athletic
Notable Features: Red markings around her eyes
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity


Born in a chilly village near Daitenzan, Amaterasu Okami and her family based their living on hunting meats for sale in Kugane. Exposed to a plethora of trades in Kugane, Amaterasu developed a curiosity for the unknown. She took up an apprenticeship to become a samurai and studied carpentry at 10 summers. At 20 summers, she began to plateau her abilities. Blaming the fact that Amaterasu only knew Hingashi, Amaterasu began a journey to Eorzea to experience life a new. Ever since beginning her journey, she had put her hand in near everything Eorzea had to offer. Still now, she strives for more.
As of the events of Stormblood, Amaterasu learned the details of her birth through an incarnation. Learning that she is divine without divine powers, Amaterasu intends to seek more answers during her time in The First.


Arctic Regions
Girly Guys


Not Learning
Arid Regions
High Shelfs




Height: 5 fulms 4 ilms

Complexion: Pale skin with red markings surrounding her eyes. White Miqo’te streaks on her cheeks. Flawless with no freckles or moles.

Hair: Naturally white and ending in black tips. Usually kept long on her left side and swept to her right.

Eyes: Normal red eyes.

Body: Lean with sizable breasts (32c). Muscles are well defined and her six pack is prominent.


Amaterasu is usually known to be quiet in a crowd. Though, she is incredibly kind, mature, and gentle while interacting with her friends and loved ones. Amaterasu is noted for her fearlessness, not only in battle but also in social interactions through being unafraid to voice and motion her opinions.

Amaterasu is incredibly intelligent and makes a shrewd tactician and teacher. However, Amaterasu has a low attention span and tends to zone out when something discussed is not of her interest. She is also offended quite easily but quick to forgive others wrongs.

With the events leading to the deaths of Hikari and several innocents, Amaterasu found a deeper persona of hatred and delusion. Hunting down the Cult of the Sun, Amaterasu seems to be unapproachable, hostile, and defensive, devoting her focus onto her vengeance. Though this is truly not her, it seems a wake up call is needed to return her to her true self.



Sun in the Sky (Personal) Amaterasu is the Sun Kami of the Far East. Benevolent and loving, she finds great horror in the civil war in Hingashi, commonly referred to as the age of blood. Consulting her siblings, Tsukuyomi and Susano, Amaterasu decides to incarnate herself into mortal form to serve as a sentinel of Hingashi, aiming to never allow a tragedy to befall Hingashi like that ever again. However, as Amaterasu prepared for her incarnation ritual, she neglected to drink a specially prepared sake that would allow her a margin of powers to be transferred to her new baby body, making it easier to recover her full powers and retain her memories. As such, Kamuy, her wolfen form, was dispelled into the Far East to wander while her godly abilities were locked away with Amaterasu’s conception. Noticing that Amaterasu had made her mistake, Tsukuyomi incarnated herself, but made a mistake as well in being born continents away from Hingashi. As Susano watched his siblings leave the Celestial Plain, he sat idly and lonely, hoping that they would return to him soon.

The Keepers of Daitenzan (Personal) Amaterasu was born in a snowy mountain village in Daitenzan to the priest Ryujii and the priestess Keiko. Born on the sunniest day of the year, Ryuji found inspiration to name his new daughter: Amaterasu. Seeing her as blessed by the Kami with her naturally white hair, Ryujii and Keiko raised their daughter modestly after having their first son, Kamui, be taken by the Hingan Royal family to be raised alongside the Princess Aiko as a retainer. As such, Amaterasu was held much closer to the couple as they were saddened to have to let Kamui go.

Growing up, Amaterasu proved to be adept in her learning. On her early mornings, Keiko would take Amaterasu to her little school that she ran for the village and teach her the joys of learning and the history of Hingashi. Coming home, Ryujii noticed that Amaterasu loved to play with wooden weapons alongside her male peers. Instead of pushing her to a traditional gender role, Amaterasu was encouraged to learn martial arts. Starting with the katana, Amaterasu’s sensei treated her kindly, as he had never raised a female student. Guiding her by the wrists, Amaterasu strived for perfection with the katana, soon able to cut thicker logs with even cleaner cuts.

By the time Amaterasu was 12, she was sent to Kugane to study with the Sekiseigumi as an apprentice. It was there that she met Kurona Kazerashi, who would become a life time friend as well as reunite with her blood brother, Kamui. With the Sekiseigumi, Amaterasu perfected her katana arts and mastered the three Iaijutsu as well the Hissatsu. She also learned the work of the lance, bow, and how to fight unarmed.

Before Dalamud, It was You (Amaterasu x Kensei background) By the time Amaterasu had completed her training with the Sekiseigumi, she had turned 16 years old. Deciding it was time to see more of the world, Amaterasu boarded a boat to Limsa Lominsa. It was there that first witnessed the magics of the Arcanists. Interested in their work, Amaterasu began a study with them and lodged at the Drowning Wench. Funny enough, Amaterasu found an actual drowning wench in the form of Kensei Hokuto drinking a sorrow away.

Amaterasu learned of Kensei’s plight about her inability to accept a certain loss of a loved one. Unable to sympathize fully with Kensei, Amaterasu chose the path of empathy, spending more time with the Auri woman. Amaterasu and Kensei shared their life’s story, with Kensei calling Amaterasu young and naive to the world, which would be a good thing for her as it was a light that Kensei needed. Amaterasu and Kensei eventually began a relationship together, mainly for sexual gratification as well as the fact that Amaterasu had not had an actual relationship aside from a brief one with her friend, Kurona.

Unfortunately for Amaterasu, their time together came to an end when Kensei had gone off to the fields of Carteneau to fight the Garlean Empire. Waiting for her lover to come back, Amaterasu watched as Dalamud approached ever closer to the ground. Unable to wait any longer, Amaterasu boarded a boat bound for Hingashi and left Limsa Lominsa right as Dalamud fell apart and Bahamut brought upon a Calamity to Eorzea. Amaterasu dropped to her knees, mourning the presumed loss of her loved one.

About a month after returning to Hingashi, Amaterasu found that she had become pregnant from Kensei. Rubbing her growing belly, Amaterasu shed a tear for what she had lost and what she had gained, vowing to raise her new child well in Kensei’s memory. Naming the baby girl, Hikari, Amaterasu returned to Daitenzan and received the aid of her parents to raise her new child.


Twenty One Summers (ARR Background) Amaterasu had little difficulty in raising Hikari as Hikari grew up to be independant and as adept as her mother was. Believing that there was some time to remember the world, Amaterasu ventured out to Eorzea again to behold the Realm Reborn. Amazed that the tenacity of the nation could withstand a calamity of that scale, Amaterasu decided to stay in Eorzea for a time, learning some Eorzean magics. Residing in the Drowning Wench again, Amaterasu met C’amneko Quon, a Sun Seeker who had been cast out from her tribe for growing up female with a male sex. Examining C’amneko further, she found that C’amneko had a great hatred for herself. Amaterasu spent time with C’amneko daily, slowly pushing her to accept herself and grow to love who she is. With Amaterasu’s help, C’amneko slowly crawled out of the deepest pits of depression and the two became close friends.

In her trips to the Arcanists Guild, Amaterasu met Kyux Nilvalen, a Lalafellin Arcanist who studied the Ancient Nymhs. Venturing out to Outer La Noscea, Amaterasu happened upon a soul crystal and shared it with Kyux, who took it to become a Scholar who was able to summon Eos and Selene. Thanking Amaterasu for her help, the two remained close friends and Amaterasu often found herself returning to Kyux for when she had been hurt physically.

Amaterasu also spent some time in Costa Del Sol, meeting Mamamai Mamai, another Lalafellin warrior. Amaterasu and Mamamai often drink together and share tales of adventure either in person or over linkshell.

As time went on, Amaterasu and C’amneko’s relationship deepened as Amaterasu confronted C’amneko’s old tribe to reinstate her status as a tribe member. After some violent convincing and a rite of passage, the C tribe accepted C’amneko into their tribe again under a new name, which would be C’amneko Quon. Opting to travel with Amaterasu, Amaterasu decided to take her friend back to Hingashi in which C’amneko immeresed herself in Amaterasu’s family and home, adoring it greatly. By this time, C’amneko had found romantic feelings for the white Miqo’te. On a sunny day at Daitenzan, the two laid together in the field, watching the birds roll by. Here, C’amneko mistakenly confessed to Amaterasu to which Amaterasu returned her feelings. C’amneko, flustered, but happy beyond belief, moved in with the Okamis at Daitenzan.


Prophecy Unfolding (Heavensward Background) In the months that C’amneko moved in with Amaterasu, Amaterasu noticed a strange affliction on her face. A tint of red pattern had begun to manifest over her eyes. Thinking that she had a bit too much to drink, Amaterasu walked about Daitenzan and was stopped by her mother and father, concerned for her well being. C’amneko at the time, was worried too as the poor girl did not want any disease to befall her best friend. As Amaterasu suffered no other symptoms, the family decided to leave the matter alone, thinking that the red would fade away much like a scar.

However, the red only deepened. Taking a closer look, Ryujii noticed something odd about the pattern forming on Amaterasu’s eyes. Resorting to religious text Ryujii discovered that the red on Amaterasu’s face bore great similarities to a trio of Kami, their names lost to time but referred to as Three Cardinal Kami of the Far East (though this name will vary depending on the text’s origin).

Amaterasu was greatly disturbed by this revelation and pondered what to do. Keiko, asking for a favor, told Amaterasu not to worry and that she would find further answers along with Ryuji. Leaving Amaterasu, C’amneko, and Hikari for a time, Amaterasu decided it would be a good time to seal her knot with C’amneko. Spending a day secluded in her room, Amaterasu fashioned a ring for C’amneko and presented it to her in front of her entire village. C’amneko graciously accepted and the two were wed some months later.

Ryujii and Keiko returned to Daitenzan for Amaterasu and C’amneko’s wedding, presiding over the ceremony proudly. Some time later, Keiko and Ryujii took Amaterasu aside and told her that they had visited a run down shrine in the village of Ise. Once Amaterasu’s honeymoon period had ended with C’amneko, Ryujii and Keiko suggested that Amaterasu visit Ise to meet with the Shrine Maiden, Serika. Serika is very learned in the Three Cardinal Kami and offered to meet Amaterasu and study her affliction personally. (4.0-4.55)

The Mother to all that is Good (Joint RP w/ C’amneko Quon) Amaterasu and C’amneko’s honeymoon was in full force in the time of the liberation of Doma and Ala Mhigo. The two took along Hikari for their Honeymoon and the family made plans to travel to the places significant to them. The first was Daitenzan, where Amaterasu was born and Hikari was raised. Starting from there, the family then made their way to Kugane, where Amaterasu completed her studies as a Samurai.

In the long travel to Eorzea, Amaterasu approached C’amneko as they were sailing across the ocean. Bashfully, Amaterasu asked C’amneko to have another child with her. Obliging her, the two tried for a child in the mists of nowhere, which eventually would lead to the birth of Touka Okami.

The family ended up in Limsa Lominsa where it was announced to old friends of Amaterasu and C’amneko were wed. Met with celebration, the two left very flustered, as Amaterasu and C’amneko were not used to being the center of attention. Retreating into Thanalan, the family eventually returned to the C Tribe, with the tribe congratulating Amaterasu and C’amneko on their wedding. Planning to stay a bit longer, Amaterasu suddenly felt her red affliction grow on her. Glowing with some burn, Amaterasu winced and lay bedridden for some weeks as deep red markings permanently made their marks on Amaterasu. At the same time, it was found that Amaterasu had become pregnant with a child. For her health, the honeymoon had ended and Amaterasu returned to Daitenzan with C’amneko and Hikari. By the full months of her pregnancy, Amaterasu’s affliction lessen their burn and Amaterasu found that aether would flow stronger in her body and by tapping her markings, a faint glow and spring of strength could be found within.

Eventually, Touka Okami was born from Amaterasu. Spending some months nursing the child, Amaterasu’s glow seemed to become uncontrollable. Fearing for the safety of her child, Amaterasu decided that now would be the time to see Serika Mizukami of Ise and see if her affliction could be cured.

Kamuy of the Nine Tails (Personal Arc) Amaterasu ventured to Ise to find a rundown village built around an even more run down shrine. As Amaterasu caught the eyes of the villagers, Amaterasu felt pity for the people as they seemed poor and malnourished. Coming to the shrine, Amaterasu met Serika Mizukami, who shortly berated her for not coming sooner to the shrine. Decreeing that her presence will bring back prosperity to Ise, Serika began to tell Amaterasu what she knew specifically about her.

It was revealed to Amaterasu that she was in fact the incarnation of the Sun Goddess and proved it through a number of facts. In legend, the Sun Goddess would be born with animal ears and a tail as a reference to Kamuy of the Nine Tails. She would also bear red markings over her eyes and as she grew older, the incarnation would emerge with more red markings over her body. Lastly and a more recent fact, if the Sun Goddess had been incarnated, she would not appear with Kamuy as a Kamuy like creature had been roaming the Far East for 26 years now. Serika pleaded with Amaterasu to keep her divinity a secret to outsiders as declaring that she was the Sun Goddess could have dire consequences for her life.

Amaterasu became confused with her new nature and at first, rejected her divinity as she wanted to live a normal life with her growing family back in Daitenzan. Serika, however, revealed that could not be the case as Amaterasu’s powers could become uncontrollable and kill her without the aid of Kamuy, channeling her aether properly. Silently accepting this fact, Amaterasu heeded Serika’s word and began a slow process to draw Kamuy back into her body.

To do this, Amaterasu ventured into the Far East to restore seven shrines devoted to seven wolf kami to gain their favor. By gaining the favor of those kami, Amaterasu tapped into a smidgen of her power and began to control the flow of aether relating to her divinity.

With the kami in tow, Amaterasu tracked down Kamuy of the Nine Tails, encountering her outside of Namai where she had been stealing the villagers crops for a time. When the two had encountered each other, Kamuy insisted on having a duel with her master to be in order to prove that Amaterasu was indeed the incarnation. Amaterasu and Kamuy dueled and the two were evenly matched. By the hairs on her skin, Amaterasu managed to defeat and make Kamuy submit. After twenty-six years, Amaterasu and Kamuy had reunited and Amaterasu’s true strength continued to slowly unfold.

Amaterasu returned to Ise to bring the good news to Serika. Unbeknownst to her, Tsukuyomi had arrived at Ise a month before she had returned. Unfortunately, Amaterasu carried no memory of her sister, which brought great sadness to Tsukuyomi. Serika reassured the two that even without the memories, the two have an inseparable bond to each other through their divinity. Tsukuyomi then pledged to Amaterasu to help her understand the powers within her and recommended that Amaterasu move her family to Ise for her training.

Old Love (Joint RP with Kensei Hokuto and Shino Senkatsu) In the process of moving her family to Ise, Amaterasu happened upon a surname on a register whilst visiting a friend in Shirogane. The name was “Hokuto” in reference to the clan of her old lover, Kensei.

Curious to see how the clan was doing, Amaterasu visited the dojo where the Hokuto’s lived. Coming from afar, she heard the shouts of a middle aged woman training her students. To her surprise, Amaterasu found that the middle aged woman was none other than Kensei, her old lover from years back. The two instantly recognized each other and hugged, showing off a softer side of Kensei to her students.

Retreating back into the dojo, Amaterasu and Kensei caught up on eleven years of both their lives. Amaterasu discovered that Kensei had survived the Calamity, wandering Eorzea for a time before returning to the Far East. Amaterasu revealed the existence of their daughter, Hikari. Kensei’s reaction was content, knowing that one of her daughters was growing up in good hands. Amaterasu and Kensei had married other lovers at this point, but the two remain close friends after everything that they had together.

To celebrate their reunion, Kensei invited Amaterasu to lunch at the Doman Enclave. In that, Amaterasu encountered Shino Senkatsu, one of Kensei’s students. The two got along well instantly and Amaterasu shared with the two her plans to move her family to Ise to help with the restoration of the village and shrine there. Though her time was brief with the two, Amaterasu had no idea that at least one of them would play a much larger role in her coming months.

The Sun Rises (Personal Arc) Amaterasu returned to Ise with C’amneko, Hikari, and newborn Touka. Finally moving into the Shrine, Serika prepared a special section for the family and began to serve them as their head servant. Amaterasu felt awkward about the event, but Serika continued to insist along with the other new shrine maidens.

Around this time, word began to spread that Amaterasu was suspected of being the incarnation of the Sun Goddess. Curious souls had began to visit Ise to witness Amaterasu training with Kamuy, harnessing the abilities of the wolf alongside Tsukuyomi as her trainer. More faithful few had decided to move to Ise and give their respects to Amaterasu. This distressed Amaterasu even more as she didn’t feel like she deserved this kind of praise. Regardless, Amaterasu was forced to accept this as the fact was pretty apparent.

In time, a group of worshippers known as the Cult of the Sun came to reside in Ise, exclusively worshipping Amaterasu instead of other Kami. Tsukuyomi expressed some jealousy and concern over this, but Amaterasu soothed her sister, telling her to not be alarmed. What the group did not tell Amaterasu was that they were a split faction from the Cult itself. Their presence would invite danger, and danger would ultimately come to Ise.


The Cult of the Sun (Joint RP with C’amneko) A few months after Amaterasu and her family moved to Ise, they were woken up by shrill shriek coming outside. Rushing outside, Amaterasu and C’amneko saw the bodies of several Sun Kami worshippers laid out in the main yard. Their bodies were arranged in a horrible display with some being impaled on spears and some missing their limbs. Serika scurried about the yard, trying to make sense of the chaos before Amaterasu helped calm her down.

One of the bodies spoke out, as the man was still alive and his name was Toyoharu. Amaterasu, Serika, and C’amneko took in the poor man and healed him inside of the shrine. According to Toyoharu, he and his past peers were devout worshippers of the Sun Kami. Before knowledge of Amaterasu became more widespread, the Cult of the Sun followed woman named Ohirume. She in turn is also believed to be the Sun Kami and has been benevolent in her work for her followers. When knowledge of Amaterasu came to light, the Cult seemingly split into two factions: Believers of Amaterasu and Believers of Ohirume. Ohirume’s followers were furious when Amaterasu’s believers broke off and traveled to Ise. Ohirume’s followers journeyed to Ise under the cover of night and made their peace with Amaterasu’s followers, killing them and stringing their bodies about the shrine.

Amaterasu brought this knowledge to Kurona, calling her to Ise. Along with her came Kamui as this was to be made an official report for the Sekiseigumi. A small task force consisting of Amaterasu, Kurona, Kamui, and Tsukuyomi traveled to Kugane where the perpetrators of the murders were found. The team apprehended the murderers and turned them over to the Sekiseigumi, in which the cultists pleaded guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi returned to Ise to bury the dead and sought to move on from the matter, hoping that this would not happen again. Unfortunately, the Cult of the Sun was furious with Amaterasu’s actions. Another plan was devised to isolate Amaterasu’s daughter, Hikari, and kill her in retribution.

Hikari was visiting a friend in Ise when it had gotten late into the night. Not wanting to worry her mothers, Hikari trekked home to the shrine when several cultists stalked her. Only a turn away from the shrine, Hikari was stabbed through her back with a katana, piercing her heart fatally whilst the perpetrator escaped under the cover of the night. Hikari managed to crawl her way back to the shrine where Amaterasu found her in horror. Healing her as best she could, Amaterasu was unable to save her fading daughter as she died in her arms.

Amaterasu and the shrine mourned the loss of Hikari for some weeks, though Amaterasu was in a deeper state of depression. Visiting Hkari’s grave daily, her mind raced on what she could’ve done differently to save her. On a stormy afternoon when Amaterasu visited her grave again, something snapped inside of Amaterasu. Returning home, Amaterasu changed her attire and left all manners of communication on her bed. With a mask on her face, Amaterasu left Ise unannounced to exact her revenge against the Cult of the Sun.

Vendetta (Joint RP with Shino Senkatsu) After Amaterasu’s disappearance, a string of murders targeting the Cult of the Sun were committed over a span of three months. Linking the murders to Amaterasu, Kurona and Mamamai began a private investigation into the cult. Mamamai, being too much of a lazy drunkard with a heart for Amaterasu, Mamamai remembered a time when Amaterasu talked about a verdant Au Ra she had met when eating with a past lover. Mamamai recognized the Au Ra as Shino Senkatsu, who she had worked with in a venture with her mercenary company. Mamamai pleaded to Shino to find Amaterasu, to which she obliged after sympathizing with her plight.

Shino eventually tracked Amaterasu down to Doma, which was Shino’s homeland. Though not recognizing each other at first due to a change in appearance for the both of them, Shino managed to help Amaterasu stop a cultist from catching her when she was heavily wounded from a stab.

Amaterasu revealed the full details of the events to Shino, to which Shino decided to accompany Amaterasu on her mission to cull the Cult of the Sun. After Amaterasu had healed up, the two parted ways for a short time as Amaterasu did not want to make her presence in one place to come to light.

About a week later, Amaterasu returned to the island of Koshu, tracking a few cultists to the location. Here, Amaterasu found that the cultists had began to sacrifice their own villagers in the name of Ohirume. Amaterasu’s presence was quickly found and Amaterasu killed the cultists, though, not before the rest of the village could’ve been saved. To the Bakufu, the loss of this village was quickly blamed on Amaterasu due to cultist influence inside of its power. Amaterasu was declared an enemy of Hingashi, which caught Shino’s attention quickly.

Shino met Amaterasu in the ruined village where she saw Amaterasu burying the bodies of the dead. Amaterasu seemed somber and lost, having to kill children in order to defend herself. Whilst burying the bodies, Amaterasu and Shino encountered Ohirume. Amaterasu had been stalking Ohirume’s movement for sometime but lost her a month before the village events. Amaterasu and Shino successfully fended off Ohirume’s relentless attack with Amaterasu summoning Kamuy to fight alongside her.

After Ohirume escaped, Shino told Amaterasu of her new found status within Hingashi. Knowing she would not be safe in the country, Amaterasu and Shino ventured to the Azim Steppe to seek refuge. From there Amaterasu would stage her operations and continue her vengeful path there with Shino ever watching on.

Not Used in Anger. Not Used in Vengeance. (Joint RP with Shino Senkatsu) Amaterasu and Shino remained in the Steppe together for a time until Kurona came before them to pass on information about Hikari’s killer. A middle aged man named Hayato was responsible for the murder and would be key to proving Amaterasu’s innocence to Hingashi, so long as Kurona could take the man into custody alive. With vengeance in mind, Amaterasu and Shino made their way back to Hingashi and entered Shirogane to find Hayato’s dwelling.

Upon entering the apartment where Hayato lived, Amaterasu and Shino restrained Hayato and his family, which consists of his wife and son. Amaterasu demanded the reasons for Hikari’s murder, to which Hayato revealed that blood sacrifice was demanded by Ohirume, who would be believed by him to be the true Sun Goddess. After berating Amaterasu, calling her a demon and the reason for Hikari’s death and the threat to all Far Easterners, Amaterasu nearly killed Hayato by using Kamuy. Shino called out to Amaterasu and Kamuy nudged against her, returning Amaterasu to her senses and resulting in knocking Hayato out. With Hayato at their mercy, they handed the poor soul to Kurona, who had been waiting outside with Tsukuyomi.

Tsukuyomi revealed to Shino some nature of the Kami and how she knew of Shino long before her arrival on Hydaelyn. Amaterasu thanked both of them for keeping her emotions and power in check before heading off with Shino back to the Steppe. For the small moment, the two would part ways in waiting for the next phase to cull the Cult of the Sun.

Amaterasu would receive word from Tsukuyomi that a priest had made his way to Kugane to stay for a time. Amaterasu, though knowing that she could still be arrested, returned to Kugane and began stalking said priest from the rooftops. She encountered T’hoshi, who noticed that Amaterasu was a wanted woman. Though amicable, T’hoshi returned an item of interest to Amaterasu: a picture frame of the Okami family, though shattered. Amaterasu thanked T’hoshi and saw the priest leave a building, chasing after him with T’hoshi behind.

Their chase eventually led them to the Ruby Sea, where Amaterasu and T’hoshi were ambushed by a large group of cultists and Ohirume. The two fought valiantly, but T’hoshi was incapcitated by Ohirume. Before Ohirume could deal a killing blow to T’hoshi, Amaterasu got in her way and took a knife in the gut for T’hoshi, telling her to escape back to Kugane and relay news to Kurona.

Amaterasu was heavily wounded was taken back to Doma by the cult. There, Amaterasu would be subject to touture in both physical and mental ways. Amaterasu found out that C’amneko had been captured alongside her. Though kept seperate, Amaterasu was enraged, looking for any opportunity to break out and save C’amneko.

And such opportunity came with Shino, Kurona, and Tsukuyomi managing to break her free from her shackles. Amaterasu sprinted to the chamber where Ohirume was holding C’amneko. Ohirume taunted Amaterasu, enraging her and berating her for the failure that Ohirume was trying to ingrain in her. By cutting off C’amneko’s ear, Amaterasu spiraled into a frenzy and lost herself to Kamuy’s power. Taking on a monstrous form, she attacked any and all people indiscriminately, while Ohirume slinked away in a portal.

Shino was eventually able to overpower Amaterasu with the help of Kurona and Tsukuyomi. Heavily wounded and depressed, Amaterasu was taken back to Bravura for healing and treatment while Shino comforted the broken person. Amaterasu would rest her head alongside Shino, deepening their connection together.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"She's Far Eastern? But she looks like any other Miqo'te from the Shroud!"
"Always in a hurry, is she?"
"So, she likes girls? Nice..."
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Smarter than she looks. A lot smarter..."
"Always so proud of herself..."
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"She's never where you want her to be..."
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"Do you think she may have some Au Ra blood in her? Her sister, Nio, is an Au Ra, but Amaterasu says she wasn't adopted." -Curious Miqo'te.
"What records exist of Miqo'te living in Hingashi several eras ago? Surely they exist... Just look at her!" -Befuddled Scholar.
"A visionary, that one..." Awed Officer.


Romantic Interest     Neutral Standing     Good Standing     Poor Standing
Kurona Kazerashi- Kurona is the first friend that Amaterasu made when she first came to Kugane. Exhibiting interest in each other, they quickly became close friends. When they were both 17 summers, Amaterasu and Kurona began a romantic relationship that lasted for year and then they seperated. To quote Kurona, "Amaterasu is just so sweet, but... She's too Amaterasu if you know what I mean." Amaterasu had expressed interest in beginning a new romantic relationship, but is grateful for being a sisterly figure for Kurona.
Kamui Okami- Kamui is Amaterasu's older brother.
Tsukuyomi Okami- Tsukuyomi Okami is the twin sister of Amaterasu through divine incarnation.
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Credit to Bancroft Gairn and Chiyo Hoshi for the templete.