Chiyo Hoshi

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Chiyo Hoshi
Minimum-wage Pugilist
Chiyo Commission SFW.jpg
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): Monk
Main Tradeskill: Goldsmith
Preferred Role: DPS, Tank
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Reputation: Youthful, Tom-boyish
Occupation: Miner, Wardon (Formerly) Ul'dahn Squadron member.
Education: Self-taught
Marital Status: In an open relationship
Sexuality: Homosexual
Guardian: Rhalgr, the Destroyer
Free Company
Items Carried
Horas, knifes, gil, Pick-axe
Race: Miqo'te
Clan: Seeker of the Sun
Age: 21
Height: 5 fulms, 6 ilms
Weight: 136 ponze
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Red with yellow highlights
Complexion: Deep Tan
Physical Build: Athletic
Notable Features: Scar on nose and body
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

Basic Info

Chiyo had no memory of her real parents. Unlike many miqo'tes, she was not raised by a traditional tribal, but by a lone female amailj'aa named Jol. Jol raised Chiyo almost like any other mother would under the harsh conditions of the deserted, but was when the beast mother tried to protect the miqo'te from the Zanr'aks, she was slain. Fortunately, Chiyo was liberated by Immortal Flame soldiers and grew up in Ul-dah ever since. She had worked multiple and received training from the pugilist guild as well as the Flames, shaping her to be the person she is. She has quite the fondness of other females.
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Spicy Food
The color red


"Girly" dress
Winter/cold weather
The Shroud/Gridana
Being judged
The Syndicate


The Gold Saucer


Chiyo is a miqo'te of the Sun Seeker clan with amber eyes, standing at 5.6 ft with an athletic muscle tone. She has a dark skin complexion with natural strips on each side of her face. Her hair and tail is a natural red with yellow highlights on the side and at the end of her tail. She has a few scars on her body, specifically on her shoulder, back, thigh and more notably on her nose. She usually wears a bomb earring on her left ear.


Chiyo in a word, is a tomboy and has a strong sense of pride. Most of her personality and actions are far from feminine, either wearing a smirk or a scowl on her face. Because of this, she would sometimes come off as rude, often forgetting, or have no regard for her manners, especially on the table. She is a heavy eater and drinker who enjoys meat the most, and is prone to devour as much food as she could, as quickly as she could. She would often come off as witty or sarcastic and make light of the situation, even in dangerous situations. Despite this, Chiyo serves to be a good person and is otherwise, quite friendly as one gets to know her. She has a strong sense of justice and does what she can to make things right, even if it's misguided. She's well known for her loyalty to those she considers her ally or friend and especially her family, even going so far as to risk her live for them. Her loyalty (and bias) lies in the Immortal Flames as well even after being discharged, and although she does not admit it, she looks up to Rauban greatly. She is also a closet Posing Rangers fan.

Chiyo is notably a hard worker. Before being recruited in the Flames, she had multiple jobs in Ul'dah: a miner, debt collector, mover, security, janitor and at one point, a dancer. She takes pride in her hard work and dislikes laziness, but would sometimes overwork herself, resulting in passing out by the end of her shift or even during it. She is known to be very stubborn in getting things done. Chiyo especially takes her training seriously, exercising every day of the week and when giving the opportunity, take the extra mile. This also leads to her hurting herself and even having a near-death experience as she wrested a drake. Chiyo dislikes leaving duties unfinished and doesn't give up easily.

While generally easy-going, Chiyo can be easily angered, especially when her friends or family get hurt or insulted to a point of becoming vengeful. She would often get the urge to start fights, but would usually resist if she is in a public area. Chiyo's also quick to call people out based on their actions or ignorance, even if she's guilty of some of those things herself. She tends to let it go when it's directed at her however even though it would still sometimes bother her. Despite this, Chiyo serves to be the bigger person and does not hold grudges easily.

When in combat, sparing or otherwise, Chiyo is more serious, making note of her actions, progress and mistakes, but gains adrenaline from it, especially when it starts to get exciting, even if she's losing. She finds a slight thrill when she fights but would occasionally show a sadistic side, though not to a point of torturing her opponents. She prefers to fight opponents around her level or stronger.

Beneath her rough personality, Chiyo has a soft side. As stated previously, she cares about her friends and family deeply even if she often doesn't show or admit it. When faced with uncertainty, she'll express a great deal of worry or sadness. She also shows empathy to those less fortunate around her and carries grief knowing that she can't help or trust everyone.

Chiyo also has a flirtatious side and is somewhat of a pervert. She’s known to flirt with women she happens to like and on rare occasions, might even grope her friends. Since she was married however, she has made less advances to remain faithful to Aziza, even though it is an open marriage.



Chiyo was born under the Ebonclaws, an unusual miqo'te clan that doesn't follow the tribal norm. At a very young age, there was a serious mining accident in Thanalan that cause her to become separated from her family and was lost ever since. It wasn't until a female Amalj'aa of all things found her and raised her like her own, rather than offered her to the Lord of the Inferno like they were known for doing. The reason for this is unknown, but she would be raised and trained by her beastman mother for three years under some of the harsh conditions of the desert. When word got out that the lizard-woman was raising the miqo'te, her fellow beastmen turned on her and attempt to slay her and take the child for tempering. As luck would have it though, an Immortal Flame raid appeared to liberate those from the clutches of the Amalj'aa, and rescued Chiyo, but her mother was slain in the process.

Since then, Chiyo was sent to an orphanage where she would spend the rest of her childhood in. She disliked it. When word got out that she was raised by beastmen, her peers teased her, calling her names like beastgirl. Chiyo did not take to kindly to some of the other children as she was prone to start fights. Chiyo was also somewhat of a troublemaker, hanging out with the wrong crowd and was not above stealing if it was a last resort, resulting in getting into trouble with authority figures. Over time though, her sense of justice would begin to develop, a trait learned from Arala Makeo, one of her very few childhood friends. Chiyo had little in the way of education however as she would often skip her classes in favor of most pleasurable activities, though she would however eventually taught herself how to read, albeit barely. She would also join the pugilist guild at the age of 11 where most of her training comes from.


Chiyo had made a name for herself as a hard worker in her early teens and beyond, take multiple jobs at a time, though on rare occasions still committed minor crimes and even got arrested at one point for hi-jacking a chocobo when trying to catch a theft for stealing her lunch. Since then, she actively tries to clean up her act. Depend her run-ins with them in the past, she wishes to join the Immortal Flames and develops an idolize for them, especially for the Flame general Rauban.


For the longest time, Chiyo has never known her real family. It wasn’t under she had join Bastion of the XII where she reunited with the Ebonclaws after over 15 years of separation. She would discover her her three blood-related sisters including her eldest sister, Sabrith Ebonclaw and would develop a rivalry with her and later, her younger sister Yoshi. It was then that she quickly discovers that would have to pass a series of difficult trials in order to become fully accepted as a member of the Ebonclaw family. Despite her feelings about the idea, she accepted the challenge and would eventually pass, becoming a real Ebonclaw herself. It was also where she met and married Aziza Nightshade where she became the love of her life… until she suddenly disappeared for unknown reasons.

Chiyo at one point became the winner of the Grindstone fighting tourney but for reasons unknown, was focused to wear a maid's uniform throughout her fights. This earned her the nickname, "Maid of Battle," much to Chiyo's dismay which continues to haunt her, but otherwise holds her victory in high regard.

Chiyo has a hero persona named Posing Ranger Red, despite the real Ranger Red being a Roegadyn. She uses this persona to occasionally entertain the children at the orphanage, ironically the same orphanage she grew up in, though very few people know her true identity. She is in fact, embarrassed of this profession and chooses to keep it a secret from anyone, even going as far as to mask her voice (albeit, poorly) and poses as male. However, she does this for good intentions, making sure that the children's experience in the orphanage wasn't as bad as hers.


Chiyo is a well-rounded fighter with emphasis on her strength. She excels in pugilism and often fights with horas, but is also quite skilled with an axe or knives, but rarely uses swords as in her own words, "they break easily." When it comes to combat, she is more serious and disciplined, taking her training into account. Additionally, she also can unlock charkas.
Chiyo's fighting style varies, her base resembling that of kickboxing but is known to preform capoeira as well. In intoxicated, it becomes that of drunking-style, albeit, much more clumsy. In addition to her strength, Chiyo has speed to match as well though her agility is limited compared to that of a rouge. Chiyo technically wears light-armor for protection as appose to heavier armor so that her ability to outmaneuver her opponent would not be effected. Chiyo avoids magical combat whenever possible however.


Her recklessness and pride can be self-destructive. Although she is willing to help others, she often refuses help from others, be it out of pride, trust, or self-burden. She favors her own strength, perhaps too much. This also cause her to over-work to a point where she tires herself. Although skilled in combat, she can sometimes be predictable. Chiyo is not the brightest either. While not dim-witting, she barely knows how to read and write. While capable of certain magicks, she does not understand them, nor has the strong desire or patience to learn them. She is especially sensitive to ice-attribute magicks.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"She certainly is 'ghetto,' is she?"
"Such a heavy and crude eater."
"Not very lady-like, that 'Chi.'"
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"She should just stay out of trouble."
"Chi certainly knows how ta fight."
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I hear she was raised by monsters..."
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"The sisterly sorts. Count on her to look after you, even if you're up to something daft." - Ninifae Nira
"I met her at Fesca's wash during a spar with Osric. Her interest was palpable. Perhaps I shall ask her to a bout sometime." - Berrod Armstrong
"I met her Moons ago in the Quicksand, but I did not truly get to know her until we both stood in front of Rhalgr's stone. She told me of what must have been a painful memory just so she could help me gain guidance. She is kinder than she seems." - Kiht Jakkya
"Sticks her mitts right into a situation iffin it takes her. Ain't had one cut off fir it yet." - Flameson Hammersmith
"Chiyo? Yes, she was very kind to me. Even after I beat her at the Sunny Seaside Bar's games! She even took me to see the big village in the desert... Ul'Dah, I think it was called? I'd love to see her again sometime." - Senah Akhabila
"Strong fighter, dedicated, and has her heart in the right place..." - Alyx Quintessence
"I want to be like Chiyo someday!" - Igni Quintessence
"I really admire my sister's dedication. I hope to be as strong as her!" Yoshi Ebonclaw


Romantic Interest     Neutral Standing     Good Standing     Poor Standing
A'zireena- Chiyo's former lover (or at least one of them). What started out as a mere bump on the shoulder quickly escalated into something more as they got to know one another. Her 'cuteness' was hard to resist for Chiyo.
Robert Colt- Robert was Chiyo former superior who was responsible for assigning her to 'odd jobs' in her time of New Conglomerate, as well as fighting by her side on occasion. Although she finds his personality to be odd at times, Chiyo has a great deal of respect for him, even after her eventual departure.
Berrod Armstrong Chiyo's mentor. She has received weekly training sessions from him and has taught her on harnessing her chakra. Chiyo has a great deal of respect for the highlander, so much that he is almost like a father figure. Part of her reason to train is make him proud one day, and to an even greater extent, beat him.
Arala Makeo- Chiyo grew up with Arala during most of her childhood at Ul'dah. Despite Arala's social status and the fact that affiliations with commoners is generally frowned upon, Chiyo and Arala as had a strong relationship despite Chiyo's tenancy to cause trouble. Due to Arala's righteous personality, Chiyo has developed a sense of justice because of her. As a result, Chiyo as looked up to Arala to some extent. To this day, Chiyo considers Arala her best friend.
Markus_Krosse- A respectable comrade of Chiyo's.
Sheena La'veene- A good friend of Chiyo's, if not slightly annoying and troublesome. She and her have similar traits.
Nyxh Jakkya- Chiyo's former lover. She sometimes missed her former relationship.
Artemis Newton- Another comrade of Chiyo's, though some of her 'jokes' are pretty annoying over time.
J'tehn Tia- One of Chiyo's friends, someone who possibly has similar traits to her.
Tayelle Ebonclaw- Chiyo's sister-in-law, who is married to Sabrith. The two are generally in good terms with which each other from the beginning. In some cases, Tayelle reminds Chiyo of Arala due to her kind nature. She communes her for putting up and with and taking care of Sabrith.
Sabrith Ebonclaw- Chiyo's half-sister. She and her have similar traits, though Sabrith is even more crude and violent. From the time Chiyo and Sabrith met, they have had a complicated relationship, often having there disagreements, however, despite this, Chiyo has made an effort to come in terms with Sabrith, even after pointing her into dangerous situations and even seemingly threatened her life during her Ebonclaw trials. Overtime however, they've slowly grown more into friendly terms with each other despite still having a sibling rivalry. Chiyo has a deep care for Sabrith
Yoshi Ebonclaw- Chiyo's younger sister. Out of all of Chiyo's relatives, Yoshi has by far, the closest relationship to her, though is annoyed that she would cling so closely to her, considering it a weakness if anything. Chiyo looks out for Yoshi to a great deal to a point of point her life on the line for her. As a mentor however, Chiyo is more harsh on her than anyone. She is willing to put Yoshi in trying situations or even beating her down if it means making her stronger, though Chiyo also finds the mentor role a burden as she would sometimes question if she is a good role model for Yoshi. Chiyo also teases and bullies Yoshi on occasion knowing her timid personality. Although she would rarely admit it however, Chiyo loves her younger sister.
Kaya Chalahko- One of Chiyo's rivals after first meeting her in Halatali but quickly became lovers. Kaya was considered to be a "friend-with-benefits" to Chiyo as well as a formidable rival and sparring partner.
Shino Senkatsu- Much like Kaya, Shino and Chiyo share a friendly rivalry with each other as the two are seemingly matched. Shino happens to be one of Chiyo's favorite sparring partners and considers her a good friend. She especially respects her for being able to run her own Free Company.
Alyx Quintessence- Due to being one of Xyla's creations, Chiyo didn't know what to think of Alyx at first. She had difficulty trusting Alyx due to her background and emotionless demeanor. Ever since defeating Xlya however, Chiyo is is very good terms with Alyx and considers her a close friend, despite what she is. She is one of the first people Chiyo would turn to whenever she needs intelligence.
Igni Quintessence- Despite the au'ra's constant clinginess, Chiyo has a great deal of fondness for Ingi. She considers her idolism to be both annoying and adorable at the same time. Because of Ingi's naive nature, Chiyo tend to look after her but is not above occasionally teasing her herself. It many ways, Ingi reminds Chiyo of Yoshi.
Solsanna Moonglow- Chiyo's other superior. For coming off as somewhat paranoid and consistently being on Sabrith's side, Chiyo has mixed feelings with her. Unfortunately, Chiyo felts obligated to get on her good side in order to get far in the Bastion.
Alexaria Whiteraven- Chiyo's acquaintance. Chiyo actually likes Alexaria, but finds her emotionless demeanor off-putting.



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