Amelia Almandine

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Amelia Almandine
"From this moment on... I will forge my own path."
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Job/Class White Mage
Server Balmung

A classic example of a sheltered girl who's life really only began when she set foot outside her front door and into a much larger and unknown world.



Full Name: Lady Amelia Lin Almandine

Nicknames/Aliases: Ami

Age: 20

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Marital Status: Married/Eternally Bonded

Guardian: Menphina, The Lover

Alignment: Lawful Good


  • Height: 5'2"
  • Body: Standing slim, petite and not very toned at all, Amelia is very much the young, refined lady.
  • Clothes: Most, if not all of her clothes are finely made, mainly consisting of leggings and bliauds or more modest coatees, or robes of the White Mage.
  • Hair: Dark Brown. Long, layered and for the most part, finely kept. Usually swept or braided to fall over one shoulder if not left long.
  • Eyes: Deep Chocolate Brown.
  • Skin: Very smooth and fair. One could tell she has taken good care of it most of her life.


Amelia is very much what you would call a “straight arrow.” She always strives to follow the rules, and is put out of her comfort zone if anything seems to stray out of order.

When in her comfort zone, she can be warm and welcoming, albeit strict. One might call her pampered, prissy or sheltered, but is a very warm-hearted and nurturing individual none-the-less.

When out of her comfort zone she is rather nervous and shy.



  • Magic:

Amelia has had an affinity towards magic since she was a child, but didn’t have the knowledge or control to apply towards any specific skill. Any ability for the most part was squashed down by fear of upsetting her father, whom didn’t want her to practice magic. Since she’s run away and realized her own power through training and nurturing from different guilds, her own abilities have blossomed.

White Magic- When Amelia was a child, she fell and sprained her ankle while playing outside. As she clutched it in pain, she miraculously healed much of the damage. She tried it again when playing with a friend who had skinned their knee, with success. Her childhood friend informed their parents, who contacted Romulus to thank them, praising Amelia for her ability at such a young age. His father waved it off, stating that Amelia would not be practicing magic, but would be putting her mind to better use in school. He only cared about her being a proper heir, one day marrying and becoming co-head of the Almandine Estate. He strongly discouraged Amelia from ever using magic again.

When Amelia joined the Conjurer’s Guild after running away, her latent abilities flourished with her drive to help others.

Summoning- Amelia has felt a pull or call to ‘beings’ since her childhood- spirits and creatures alike. But much like her drive to pursue any white magic, this ability was also squashed for the most part in her youth, causing her to ignore any call or sign of spirits or creatures.

  • Knowledge:

Amelia has extensive knowledge of history and economics, as her father was very particular about her studies while in school.

  • Weaknesses:

In social settings, Amelia is not very strong. She has been known to be very diplomatic, but suffers immensely from not having regular peers of her own growing up, causing her to be shy and naïve in some cases. She is not physically strong at all, and is easily over-powered.



  • Music- Particularly with string instruments. She loves to sing.
  • Gridania, forested/green areas, nature.
  • She’s come to admire the simpler things in life, (but still won’t skimp on clothing.)
  • Children
  • Class and good manners
  • The occasional sweet wine
  • Fruits, Vegetables, Grains and Roasted Quail
  • Fine clothes
  • Dutifully doing the right thing
  • Following rules
  • Literature (both historic and fables)


  • Rude individuals
  • Slobs
  • Rule-breaking
  • Persistently lewd individuals
  • Cold, snowy, icy places
  • Her father’s business tactics
  • Being trapped and/or controlled
  • Confrontation, or being put on the spot


  • Very proficient in the art of White Magic.
  • Has a lovely singing voice.



  • Father: Romulus Almandine
  • Mother: Amalthea Almandine - (deceased)
  • Brother: Remus Almandine - (missing, presumably deceased)
  • Husband: Vallon Jennessy


  • Vallon Jennessy: Amelia first met Vallon when she was a fresh student of the Conjurer's Guild. When she was out in the field performing a task, she found herself outnumbered and overwhelmed by beasts. Passing by on his patrol, Vallon had jumped headfirst into the fray and helped her defeat the mob of angry wild boars. Their first introduction was brief, but she did get his name and the fact that he was of the Twin Adder. Impressed by him in some way, she sought to become a part of the faction, wishing to help others as he had helped her. Upon her recruitment, Vallon was- once again- passing by the office and spotted her. He immediately named himself her superior officer, and thus began their rocky relationship. They often butted heads with his 'devil-may-care' attitude and her usual straight-arrow approach to everything. As the months went on, they eventually did become rather close. It was after they decided to leave the Twin Adder and look for work in Limsa Lominsa that the relationship became more intimate. Before leaving for Ishgard, they were able to be wed among their closest friends.


  • Romulus Almandine: Amelia has always had a rather strained relationship with her father that has only gotten worse after her brother went missing and her mother passed away during The Calamity. She has always seen him as the man who kept her locked away indoors, sheltered from the outside world and unwilling to let her follow her out path. After her injury however, she and her father have rekindled their relationship.


  • Varus Rosenthal: Before his demise, Varus was responsible for many of her friends being injured or tormented by himself or his minions. During the final conflict, he wounded her, nearly taking her life.


Common Rumors

  • Citizen of Ul'dah: "Lady Almandine? Her father had been priming her to take over the family's business ever since her brother went missing."
  • Citizen of Ul'dah: "No one had really seen her for almost a year, until now. I heard her father was putting her through intense studies now that she's older, and that she finally cracked. Left home to live elsewhere apparently, but now that things were sorted, I guess her father bought her a house in Lavender Beds!"
  • Twin Adder Sergeant: "That girl, Amelia? I didn't know much about her at the time, come to think of it. She never did talk much about herself. She was always very good about following orders... unlike her superior officer..."

Moderate Rumors

  • Citizen of Ul'dah": "I've heard that there'd been trouble at home, and that Romulus treated Amelia poorly. THAT'S why she finally left home. But apparently that's all water under the bridge now..."
  • Twin Adder Lieutenant: "Amelia was recruited by Vallon Jennessy, one of our more unorthodox officers. He had taken her under his wing, but thankfully he never really rubbed off on her. We were sad to see her leave our ranks."
  • Citizen of Ul'dah: "I heard that because Amelia Almandine had magical capabilities, her father refused to let her practice. And ever since Remus disappeared, he'd been hellsbent on making her take over the estate when he'd gone. I would have left, too..."

Rare Rumors

  • Shady Citizen of Ul'dah: "Word is, the Almandine girl had run off. The father hushed it up for awhile, and then he went through some different channels, see? Offered a massive reward for her safe return. Soon enough, these bounty hunters sent to find her ended up dead... She had some powerful people protecting her for awhile. I guess now things have cooled down between her and her father, since she's been seen more publically again."
  • Bounty Hunter: "Ah, yes... The Almandine girl. The trick was to simply watch and wait... let the other rabble make all the noise to flush her out. In the end, she was a simple, silly girl to collect once the Allagan collar was in place."


Amelia lost two pieces of her heart during the Calamity. The first being her mother (Amalthea), who passed away due to an illness. The second being her brother (Remus), who mysteriously disappeared and was never to be heard from again. Amelia has always felt that he might be out there somewhere, even if her father does not. After losing Remus, her father (Romulus) became more obsessed with Amelia becoming a proper heir to his business, which mainly deals in real estate in Ul’dah and the surrounding areas in Thanalan.

Since the Calamity, Romulus has been using the devastation of the land and its people to his advantage, filling his own pockets with coin. He’s certainly not an evil man, but is in no way a fair one either. Five years after the Calamity, Amelia wanted more out of life. She wanted to realize her own abilities and follow in the footsteps of the fabled “Warriors of Light.”

When she tried to confide in her father her feelings on the matter, they argued, and he promptly locked her in her room. He deemed this desire an unhealthy phase in her life that she would need to quickly outgrow. He could not have another heir to his business disappear.

After a few weeks of solitude, Amelia fled Ul’dah, climbing down from her window in the dead of night. She made her way to Gridania by merchant-carriage, where she joined the Conjurer’s Guild and realized her own power and strength to do good and help others. She soon after joined the Twin Adder and was assigned to Vallon Jennessy as her superior officer.

The two grew rather close and fond of each other within the several months that followed. They decided to leave the Twin Adder to join a company known as Reacher's Fall, and the two of them relocated to Limsa Lominsa where they currently they resided in the city until they moved to the house called Cliffperch within The Goblet.

Convinced by Vallon that the best place to hide from her father was underneath his nose in The Goblet, they have since lived among the other Branded there. Nearly a year after her departure from home, Amelia was found and kidnapped by one of the various bounty hunters her father had employed for her safe return. Donning an Allagan collar imbued by a strong silence spell, she was powerless to make her own escape.

With the help of Vallon and a team of her friends, Amelia was rescued from the clutches of her controlling father and finally stood up to him so that he would understand her mind. She left his house with her Vallon that day, never to return or live under his looming shadow ever again.

She no longer hid her identity and now lived happily with the others in Cliffperch for quite some time until a conflict would render Cliffperch unsafe for her and Vallon.

During the confrontion in Ul'dah against Varus Rosenthal, Amelia was wounded, nearly killed. Not knowing where else to take her, as Cliffperch was no longer an option, Vallon brought her back to fer father's home. There she recovered, rekindling her relationship with her father. After recovering, she and Vallon left to live and work on a ship for several months.

Upon their return, they purchased a small plot of land in Lavender Beds where they currently live happily and in peace. They were able to be wed before leaving for Ishgard to aid in the Dragonsong War effort, and have also started to occasionally work for Charlemend and Lumont Accounting and Services when needed.


The actress who would play Amelia is Adelaide Kane
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