Amelia Nelan

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Gridania-transparent.png Amelia Nelan
Gender Female
Race Hyuran
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Gridania
Age 28
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Amelia Nelan is someone most people would call lucky. She was raised in a good family without loosing someone during the calamity. Her youth was faily regular as far as midlanders are concerned. Amelias youth was pretty normal over all, she wasn't required to fight or fend for herself, her needs being met by her family and those around her even as she began to butt heads with her father. She was raised in a Family that is leaded by the men in the family. She had to deal with strict decisions from her father and also had to place herself under her brother, even if he was a year younger as Amelia.

Her Family is in the carpentry business since many generations. So the name Nelan means something in the Area around Gridania. She is not noble born, but its some kind of a higher citizenship. Normal Folk looks up to the Nelans as they build a very good working business over the years. Most people say that the Nelans take way to much for their services, but still they get enough costumers.

Thats also the reason Amelia Family never had to worry about money, but its also the reason the Nelans got a bit vain over time. This and the fact that Amelia doesnt realy like the carpentry business of her family she choose to do her own way. She went out of Gridania and visited the other Citystates while looking for work. Eventually she met Clara Kleefeld on the way and Ciel Wulfe from the Order of the Sword and Rose. They pointed Amelia to the Conjurery, so she moved back to Gridania to join the Guild. Today she is an Apprentice of the Conjurery Guild and also joined the Order of the Sword and Rose with Clara Kleefeld. Her main Role in the Order is as one of the healers and alchemists. On a side note she is also studing natural and aetherical sciences.

As most of the things that happened in the Order are not know to public, it is not known how and when things changed Amelia, but she was seen leaving the Order towards Coertas. Some of the Order may claim that they saw her in Coertas on a Mission, but nothing much is known after after that. Death is a possibilty, as she was not seen again.


Most of the Time Amelia is wearing very modest clothes. It is rare to see her without a cloak or a coat if she is on a journey or outside of her Orders House in general. With it she has her Conjury Staff always with her. She wears her natural brown hair bounded as a pigtail and spectacles on her eyes. As she is wearing these all the time, it can be known that she has probably a bad vision without them.


Some people would call her a bit crazy because of some of her studies. She is realy open minded for everything on the natural and aetherical sciences and also trys ways most people wont. Also she is not as tough as some people would see her. As a fact she has some problems while dealing with other people, but trys to hide that most of the time. She gets a bit more open over time, as she gains some trust to the people in her surroundings. Still she is a bit shy because of the fact that she is worried about people thinking bad of her, but because of that reason she also trys to do her best when she is needed for something. That also comes beneficial to her studies.


Amelia is not realy a fan of combat and if possible would avoid it. In case she has to fight, she would try to get out of it as fast as possible. During fights she uses her Conjurery skills like healing and protection spells. Its very rare to see her doing any offensive spells.

Things must have changed in her Time at the Order of the Sword and Rose, as Amelia was sean casting Spells and also was seen wielding a Sword shortly before her disappearance.



  • Her Studies
  • Her Friends
  • A nice cup of Tea while beeing with or doing something from the above


  • Combat as whole.
  • Offensive Spells as she doesnt think the nature gave Magic to the people to hurt each other.
  • The Carpentry business of her Family.


  • natural sciences
  • alchemy
  • aetherical sciences



  • Her Father is called Jakob Nelan, he is a business men in Gridania for Carpentry. He leads his Family with Strengh and his strict in his decisions as every male Member of the Nelan Family. She doesnt realy have much of contact to him. Its not that she does not like him, she mostly writes her Mother if she has to speak about something. [Died last year, cause of death unclear]
  • Miako Nelan as her Mother is somehow holding the family together. She is that warm person everyone likes to speak to. She is the Person Amelia normaly talks to in case she is looking for contact to her Family. Is the same nature of trust most doughters have to her mother. [Died last year, cause of death unclear]
  • Roger Nelan is Amelias younger brother. On first look most people wouldnt see that as Roger is also a very demanding and leading person. What he says is law to family if his father is not around. If nothing important changes in the future he would take over the familys carpentry business soon. Roger joined the same Order as Amelia and died a few months laters. Amelia disappeared soon after that.


  • Clara Kleefeld is one of the first People Amelia met after she left her home in order to do her own way. Clara and Amelia became realy close friends and Amelia sees Clara as something like her little sister. Amelia is always looking out for her and would bring hell to eorzea if someone would hurt her. Sadly history happend and they lost each other. Will they meet again? Who knows, but she will stay in Amelia's Memory.
  • Avila Ashton is another close Friend at the Order of the Sword and Rose. They got a little bit of a rough start, when they first met. But things changed overtime and they became close friends. Avila left the Order of the Sword of Rose and returned to her home, so Amelia also lost this friend as she lost hope after much time that she will ever come back.


  • There were some in the past, but they are no more...


  • People say the carpentry business is not realy about building houses if someone would dig deeper. (local Gridanian Folk)
  • Also it is said that Roger joined the same Order as Amelia because he wants to watch her in her doings.
  • It is said a Familiy tragedy occured and her parents where killed, some claim Amelia as the cause of death. Whatever that could mean.
  • It is said Roger lost his live in the following months, leaving Amelia as the head of the Family business.
  • Amelia disappeared as well and there are also rumors she is dead. The Carpentry is no more because of that.