Clara Kleefeld

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Clara Kleefeld
This is my task!
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
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Clara was born and raised in Gridania. Her parents got divorced when she was still a toddler. Clara can not remember her mothers face, as she left her and her dad at such a young age. She grew up without siblings, caring for her father and that way learned how to cook and do the housework. At the age of eigthteen Clara decided to have a look what city life in Ul'dah was like. She would gaze the beautiful dancers on the streets and start to dream of becoming one herself. Eventually she would meet Amelia Nelan in Quicksand and become best friends with her.

Later she joined the Order of the Sword and Rose and found true family in it.


Clara has got fair skin and blonde hair. She does have heterochromia, one eye colored purple the other blue. She is small and slender. Her face reflects a young age.


Clara is a cheerful person that loves to spread joy. Because of her young age and a lack in life experience however she often missunderstands situations. She has a lot of imagination and tends to come to a conclusion too early. She cares for her friends a great deal.


Clara is not a fighter. Before joining the Order of the Sword and Rose she actually never fought against anyone. She is not trained in any sort of weapon. However it seems she is naturally gifted in using magic. Especially when witnessing her friends in danger and/or taken part in extreme situations, she is able of growing beyond her own limits in order to save a life. She can cast simple healing spells. Most recently Clara discoverd that she can use ice spells on some sort of wounds as well.



  • cooking
  • music and festivals
  • dancing
  • to talk with friends
  • the color pink
  • Miqo'te and any sort of pets


  • rude, uncaring and creepy men
  • to feel helpless
  • watch people die
  • to be alone
  • darkness


  • cooking
  • dancing




  • Father: Frank Kleefeld
  • Mother: unknown


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  • "Clara is a lovely young woman. It's truly sad most see her as nothing but a silly girl who knows nothing, but to a keen eye Clara knows just what she is talking about. You'd be amazed by this one, as I have experienced it for myself." - Aerostein Epitaph
  • " Clara? She's nay exactly th' brightest bombard in th' flock, but she is certainly th' most carin'. Her curiosity an' naivity reminds yer of a child but 'er heart is in th' right place. She also makes great Dodo burgers, yer should really try 'em. - Avila Ashton
  • " We all know that Person that cares about everyone and everything. That Person that makes you smile even if you didnt intent to do that. Clara is one of those People. A rare Flower that blooms even in the dryest desert you can think of." - Amelia Nelan



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