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Example Below (an old character of mine):

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Height: 4 fm 10 im
Weight: 90 pz
Hair Color: Brown, with purple streaks
Eye Color: Deep purple
Skin Color: Pale
Fur Color: Brown


Excerpt from one of Amy’s journals:


“I suppose I should talk about myself for a moment. I’ll try to be as honest about this as I’ll let myself be. After all, what’s the point of chronicling your own history if you don’t make an unbiased report of things as you truthfully perceive them?

I sometimes feel as though I’m peoples’ advice guru, though I do my best to only offer advice if I’ve been asked, or if it’s sorely needed. I’m not trying to say I know better than other people, and I’m not saying that I’m always right, but I do feel that I have been granted the ability to see most situations from every side, and to offer the best advice I can. That’s not to say that I’m always serious. I will admit, I unconsciously put on a more serious persona for people I’m not familiar with, or people that I know I need to maintain some authority over. After all, when people are coming to you, and the life of their loved one is hanging in the balance, they want to feel that they can trust you. It’s easier to trust someone who isn’t cracking jokes and making witty comments, isn’t it? When I can, though, I relax a bit. I can get a bit snarky sometimes, and a little crude, but it’s all in good fun. I believe I can tell where the line is with specific people, and what buttons not to push.

As far as my attitudes towards others, I try to be as unbiased as possible. If a man is bleeding in front of me, I won’t ask his nationality, nor will I let anyone stop me from doing what I need to do to keep him alive. I don’t care if he’s my worst enemy, he has a family too, and people who will be sad if he’s gone. I won’t do that to another person. I don’t want anyone to feel like that. I’ll do anything that I can to save everyone within my grasp. Anything.” - Journal 1

Amethyst lived her teen years in the Twelveswood, tending to sick and injured. She is dedicated to keeping others alive, through any method available, no matter what others think. She does her best to always be polite and respectful, as she feels any good medic should do what they can to earn the respect of their patients, both before and after they're needed. Lately, she has joined a company dedicated to studying and battling the voidsent threat, which has taken her to parts of Eorzea she hasn't seen since she was small.


As explained by excerpts from Amy's journals

Key: -Romantic Interest -Family -Friend +-Liked -Neutral -Enemy -Disliked
§-NPC -Deceased

Gaius Hastiliarius:

((This is a WIP))

Qhora Bajihri: +

((This is a WIP))

Motogoe Toriai: §

"...As I’ve grown up, I’ve begun to understand my father and why he was the way he was. He must have loved my mother very, very much." - Journal 2

Kikyo Toriai: §

"My mother died shortly after I was born, just a few days I think, so I don’t remember her at all." - Journal 2


(Not necessarily true)

Easily Heard
(mostly around the Twelveswood)

Hard to Hear
(Only one or two npc characters
would think this)

PC Rumors

  • “Have you heard of the Miqo'te with a hut outside of Hyrstmill? She heals people the Conjurer’s guild won’t touch.”
  • “She’ll take payment in goods and services, so even if you don’t have a gil to your name, she can help.”
  • “I heard she’s a Garlean sympathizer.”
  • “Sometimes you can see her racing through the forest on her Chocobo, though it doesn’t look like she’s actually going anywhere.”
  • “They know her pretty well in Tailfeather. Her father traded Chocobos there a lot.”
  • “She used White Magic to heal my son. I asked her about it, and she asked me not to tell anyone.”
  • “I heard she lived with a Garlean in her house for a year. She might be trying to overthrow Gridania!”
  • “I’ve seen an evil looking man lurking around her house sometimes, like a black ghost, watching her. Gives me the chills to go near there. I think that’s why she left.”
  • ((There are no rumors here yet. Feel free to add one!))



You may have heard of her/know her if you:

  • Trade/breed Chocobos
    • Her father traded in chocobos that he bred himself. His flock is gone except for one that Amethyst still has.
  • Live/lived outside of Gridania and have talked to any NPCs considered an ‘outsider’ by Gridanians since the Calamity.
    • Amy treats people that many Gridanian nationals might turn their noses up at, and she gets ‘advertisement’ by word of mouth.
  • Were around Gridania for treatment after the Calamity.
    • At around 15 or 16, Amy was helping to treat wounded in the Twelveswood after the Calamity.
  • Have any need for help with/dealings with Voidsent.
    • The Company Amy works for, Order of the Gate, is a company that can be hired to help with Voidsent problems. They would likely advertise by word of mouth and flyers.
  • Have any association with Ascians
    • You'll have to talk to me about this, or read my Tumblr.
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As far as Lore, I am okay with lore ‘bending’ but not lore breaking. If the lore team has not explicitly come out and said “You can’t do this” and you have a valid reason for doing it, and it’s not super Mary Sue, I have no problem with it. I feel like everyone is entitled to one or two ‘super powers’ or ‘snowflake-isms.’ If you have enough to the point where your character is unbelievable, or if you choose to disregard lore entirely, I may decide not to roleplay with you, as your character breaks my character’s immersion.
One more side note, Amy was an Au Ra for a bit, but I race changed her to a Miqo'te. The change was not IC, so if you'd met her before and you choose to not start the relationship over, please act as though she was a Miqo all along. If they ever come out with Viera though... that's what she'll end up being. Just putting that out there now.))



Gridania-transparent.png Amethyst Sute Toriai
((I am doing some character revamping, so this wiki is not currently accurate.))
Gender Female
Race Unknown
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Gridania
Nameday 14th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Patron Deity Nymeia, the Spinner
Age 18 years
Sexuality Heterosexual
Relationship Status In a serious relationship
Nicknames "Amy" "Sue" "Tori"