Amitiel Custos

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 Amitiel Custos
Amitiel 02.png
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Uldah, Limsa, Gridania
Age 36
Height 7 fulms, 5 ilms
Weight 320 ponze
Nameday 4th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon, 1541
Character Alignment Neutral Good
Server Balmung
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Amitiel is the oldest of seven and was born in Ala Mhigo. After the siege he moved to Limsa and Joined their military to take care of his siblings. As they got older they moved on with their own lives. From the time right before the Calamity to five years after he was gone, and presumed to be dead by most, but recently he has moved back to La Noscea.

A titan of a man, even for a Highlander, he walks about with a discerning gaze and a silent demeanor that is known to unnerve some. Most don't have a bad thing to say of Amitiel as he is very helpful and community oriented commonly being seen assisting his neighbors and people in the city with many tasks.

During his day to day life, Amitiel is known to run an orphanage in the La Noscea territory. An enormous amount of land located between Eastern and Lower La Noscea, it was rewarded to the unit he was a part of long before the calamity for services rendered. After years of seclusion he returned to the estate, the only survivor, and claimed it to turn it into a home and place of safety for children of all ages who have lost their families to wars. Currently there are twelve children living there with a few friends and family to help him raise the children.

((If you are interested in being attached to the orphanage there are many ways just contact me in game and we can build something.))


Amitiel is tall, even for a Highlander, and his build boasts strength and endurance for him. He is broad shouldered, square jawed, and looks like a man people do not want to meet in an alley. Amitiel has a few obvious traits, the first and most obvious being his right eye that has had the color some how lost from it. Some think he is blind, but that his vision seems not to suffer at all. Next is his scars, especially if one sees his bare chest. His body is covered in scars caused by a myriad of tools, weapons, and natural animals. The majority of them are old.

Other then those features Amitiel has a tanned skin, Caucasian in color, yet darkened from years in the sun and appears to be like leather.

In the last year people who get within two fulms of Amitiel can feel the temperature drop anywhere from eight to twelve degrees. It seems odd, and every so often, even in the hot air, one can see his breath as if he was standing in a freezing environment.


Many think Amitiel is shy or a recluse, but he really is just a quiet guy that opens up more as he gets to know people. He usually keeps to himself, but doesn't hesitate to hand a piece of food to the less fortunate when walking through the major cities. When in the markets he is known to be shrewd and a fair in his dealings.

Amitiel doesn't show a lot of facial expressions and his dry, deep, tone of voice really throws people off taking much more seriously than he can sometimes mean to be. However, those who are good at reading people's emotions will see a man who is, and had been for decades, fighting a battle with his own anger, and it shows in a very feral manner when it comes out.



Amitiel is very skilled with both melee weapons and hand to hand combat. He has excelled to levels where he has been asked to spend some of his time as a member of The Maelstrom teaching new and some veteran members a thing or two. His strength leads to devastating blows, his grip has been rumored to snap bones, and his body has been seen to shrug off some harsh attacks without yielding any skin.

On the the other end of the spectrum it is no secret that Amitiel has little to no grasp on magic, even to the point that the arts of his own peoples Monk order are lost to him. He does not wave it off as useless or look down on it, in fact he finds his own inability to weave even the most basic of Aether charged powers frustrating and a weakness.

Relying on his Strength and Endurance only gets him so far, so tossing into the mix his tactical nature and mind it is not uncommon to see Amitiel let an enemy appear to have him on the run, ropes, or down to come back at the end. He will wait for the right moment, especially with faster enemies, to strike at an opening he knows he will hit with a devastating blow that will usually wind, stun or ground an enemy. Sadly, using this method has caused him to seriously hurt some people on a permanent level, so if he is afraid of that he will opt to go for a pin or submission hold and just lock his target up and let them tire themselves out.

In this way he fights like others play chess, trying to find checkmate and always trying to stay steps ahead of his enemy.



  • Family/Children
  • Community
  • Hard Work
  • Assisting Others
  • Nature


  • Abuse
  • Slavers
  • Bullies
  • Liars


  • Labor, yes it is a hobby for him.
  • Training himself and others.
  • Reading, anything he can get his hands on.
  • Eating, he will, when not working, go out of his way to try something new.


  • When thinking he will usually be seen rubbing his chin with his thumb.
  • Will sometimes 'talk with his hands'.
  • His patience is rarely lost, but when frustration settles in his right eyebrow will begin to twitch.



Amitiel grew up in a large family. Eldest of seven children he took a role of the older brother well, which is why he most likely does so well with children today. His younger siblings are alive and well, each with their own personality and quirks, but all of them very close and loving. None of his siblings are what one would call evil or malicious, but not all of them are Law abiding.

Illyana Stormbreaker was a loving mother, and had a compassionate persona about her that drew the community in. When she passed during labor of the youngest child the whole of the village felt it. A strong woman with fierce convictions for right and wrong, she ran her household and managed her children in a way that made other soon to be mothers seek her out for advice. She died in the year 1561 when Amitiel was only 15 and one year before the Garlean assault.

Spero Custos, Amitiel's father, was a strong and stoic man. Few on words, he left his actions to speak for him. He was a laborer, carpenter, and smith always willing to use his skills to better the community and help those around him. Spero rarely asked for much, but his children all lived for his approval and looked up to him. Spero stood his ground in the fight against Garlean invasion, giving himself to his community once more so others could flee to safety.


Ka'ren Shieldbreaker: Ka'ren is the oldest of Amitiel's younger siblings. She has four children and is currently pregnant with a fifth. She is tall, but still with in the average height range for a Highlander female. She was attractive and carries herself well with confidence and strength. On one hand she can be loving and compassionate woman, on the other she can quickly become and enraged and scolding mother leading with a ladle or shoe into a disapproving scowl. Her husband, Aleric Shieldbreaker, currently works in the Thanlan as a stone mason. Not as skilled as some, but he is a large and strong man who is known to be reliable and resourceful.


Moenlona Yssenwyn

Abaigeal Causland

Portia Bartel


Viktor VonHausen: (NPC)


Common Rumors

  • "What kind of soldier doesn't drink, that is just so unnatural."
  • "I heard he was at the battle of Certeneau Flatts. Well yeah, lots of people these days were there, but I heard it was especially bad for him."
  • "That man turns red as Ifrit's eyes when he is around women. Poor fool has no idea what to do with them."
  • "By the Twelve! I saw that man defend a woman in the streets of Ul'dah, hit a man so hard in the head we SAW his skull breaking before he hit the ground."
  • "I heard he has seven children, all with different women."

Moderate Rumors

  • "The man is half Gigas, no seriously I met his brother and he told me all about their father over drinks."
  • "I hear he "likes" animals, that is why he never seen in the company of women. Disgusting."
  • "That guy has a rage control issue that dwarfs Rahlgr."

Rare Rumors

  • "Bless the Twelve for delivering unto me salvation! That eye of his, it is like it bores a hole into your soul, you can't hide from it."
  • "I heard he eats the hearts of his enemies, be they man, beast, or...other."
  • "Rumor has it he is actually a Garlean loyalist. People swore he was killing Erozean soldiers on the field during the Calamity."
  • Screw what all the others say. I have seen that man in person, he is plagued by the shadows of his past, but fights to bring light to others when consumed by their own.

PC Rumors

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