Anasa Shallowtill

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This character is no longer active. Please refer to Ahris Shallowtill for an active Highlander by the same player.

 Anasa Shallowtill
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ul'Dah (formerly Ala Mhigo)
Server Balmung

First Impressions

Her bearing both regal and reserved, the Highlander woman's features rest just on the verge of worry. A familiar face or voice is all that is required to bring her out of the reverie, allowing her friendly nature to blossom. Gentle curiosity with a ill-fitted mask of collected calm defines her conversational manner, at least until she missteps. At this, her apologetic nature comes forth. Anasa seems keen to take any twist of misfortune squarely upon her own shoulders and make amends for it, presuming there is even a small chance that the matter is her fault.

Basic Attributes

Age | Early 30's
Current Residence | Ul'dah
Occupation | Private Researcher
Marital Status | Single
Sexual Orientation | Bisexual
Alignment | Neutral Good

Strengths and Talents

Disciple of Magic | While not the most potent of the magics that Anasa can bring to bear, she is by far the most experienced with conjuration.
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Brief History

Born into the lap of wealth in Ala Mhigo, Anasa's fortune shifted during the tender years of her youth when the Garlean campaign forced her family to flee the city.

Character Relations

Father | Ricard Hillson: Residing in Little Ala Mhigo
Mother | Yda Hillson: Status unknown
Siblings | None
Spouse |
Child |
Romantic Interest     Intimate Friendship     Friendship     
Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing     Rival/Hostile
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◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
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