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Birth Name: Andre Eugene Louvoix

Gender: Male

Race & Clan: Elezen, Duskwight

Age: Twenty Four

Nameday: 6th Sun of the Fifth Umbral Moon

Guardian deity: Byregot, the Builder

Birth Place: Shroud, Hidden Caves

Citizenship: Ishgard

Residence: No Fixed Abode

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Occupations: Domestic Service/Valet, Squire

Hobbies: Sugar Art, Poetry, Ballroom Dancing, Construction

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A Duskwight Elezen of integrity, perfect table manners and amazing skin. Slender but with lean sculpt physique and around six fulms, nine ilms tall. His skin is pale with only a very slight, blue undertone. If it were not for the mark of the Duskwight clan on his right cheek, he could possibly be mistaken for a Wildwood.

Light, sky blue almond-shaped eyes with specs of brown that sit close to the pupils and the most envious lashes that some of the ladies swoon over and the men ridicule him for. His general presence and being is often described as very warming, protective perhaps but distant if unacquainted. His hair is raven black with ombre ceruleum blue tips.

Attire usually consists of light-travel garb of leather and cloth on a day-to-day basis however he possesses the armour and sword commissioned for him during his time serving his former noble house.

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Earnest, Attentive, Mindful, Virtuous

An oddity owed to his own history. When one comes across Andre they will often find him deep in thought or engaging in some eccentric creative project. Described as gentle, compassionate and perhaps a bit soft by some but his heart is often in the right place.

Despite the troubles and trials the world throws at him, Andre is prepared to fight against any force for any cause he deems worthy and righteous. There is nothing calculated about this man and he is simply trying to find his place through adventure and work for the time being.

Although he is usually quiet, he becomes noticably joyful when he finds himself among a crowd of people and socialisation. It's as if he almost begins to glow.

He speaks pleasantly and well-mannered with a mature, deep and rather gentlemanly voice. Attributed most likely to his lifetime in service.

My Light in the Shadows
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Born within one of the hidden underground caverns of the black shroud, Andre was raised and lived with his immediate duskwight family in the safety of the darkness. For the first thirteen years of his life he was taught how to scavenge, steal and survive the typical duskwight way. However, Andre was an Elezen with a mind broader than the seeable horizons above ground and was found to be in his thoughts for what he was told "was far too pensive for his own good". Despite what his family and many others of his clan thought of him he did not allow his dreams or imagination to be chained away.

A violent storm cracked through the skies over the Shroud one night. The rains were harder than they had been this moon and it was Andre's turn to hunt for food and supplies for his family. He had been on a handful of hunting rounds by himself already but he disliked it everytime. Something inside him stirred each time he snatched, swiped and stole from traveling adventurers' pockets and campsites. On this particular night, Andre was prowling like a coeurl atop a broad tree branch.

He watched the embers of a dying campfire fight the beating rain but it was nearly gone. A satchel lay half open between the fire and a tent that he could hear voices coming from inside. Just moments into his observation, Andre sprung from the tree and scooped the satchel into his hand. As he turned the other way, a young girls voice cried out.


Her voice was dainty and shaken as if she had been sobbing for a long period of time. Andre froze in motion for a few seconds before turning his head slowly to face the girl. She was a Wildwood Elezen. Petite and skinny and her nose and cheeks pink. Her hair and coat drenched by the unforgiving torrent of rainfall.

"Please return the satchel to me... My father is very sick. H-He needs it."

The girl quivered as she stood still, eyes fixed on Andre. A rush of guilt and shame flushed through him and he approached the girl to return the satchel to her hands. Before the girl could say anything else, he had vanished back into the darkness.

My Master, My Lord

My Master, My Lord

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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Coming Soon!

Poems by A.E.Louvoix
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Art & Snapshots


Stance on RP:

- I prefer slightly 'heavy' story-driven RP that can contribute to character development and story building. I prefer to roleplay within the lore and environment in mind but I am no lore guru myself so feel free to correct me if I may say/do something that doesn't make sense according to the lore. But I do know when someone else is breaking the lore and that is a no-go for me i'm afraid.

- I do try to do my research where it's appropriate for my character but sometimes it is difficult for me because of the way things are presented/delivered in the game e.g the Timeline, the old-english style language NPCs tend to speak and other such things. (I am still learning to adapt to this) I hope that you would be patient with me.

Hooks and relationships:

- Open to anything that may provide potential quality RP with my character. If you are interested in my character and have any ideas to make them accidentally on purpose bump into each other, don't be afraid to reach me! Chances are i'm just as terrified as you!

- Open to creating family ties and/or historical/background connections between characters. I often enjoy playing the 'cameo' type character that supports other peoples stories even if I do have my own going on. I'm not for use as an NPC at this time though sorry!

RP combat and injuries:

- I prefer to either roll a dice and roleplay the consequences of that diceroll or completely roleplay as normal without using dice or anything else. I don't do D&D character attributes and HP with dice rolling every move. It completely ruins immersion for me and becomes tiresome.


- That wiki page is pure OOC knowledge unless your character specifically knows or learned about it.

- Important! If you become uncomfortable with anything during RP with my character please don't be afraid to let me know. Communication is everything and it is much better to be able to solve something together than go away and completely break off any potential future roleplay because of a bad experience!

- I'm also fairly quiet and have a bad habit of not reaching out to others in worry of stepping on peoples toes or disturbing them so if you reach out to me I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.

Server and Timezone

Player Info: EU player, GMT+0. Usually available between 19:30 and 23:30 GMT in the week, or most of the day on the weekends. Usually. I have responsibilities and may be AFK but I will always do my best to get back to you if you're still online!

Server: Balmung

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