Andrew Wyndrick

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A stubborn adventurer wannabe with a large ego, shady past, and a flair for the dramatic.

 Andrew Wyndrick (An alias)
[[Image:Andrew art by Abai.png|250px]]
Art by Abaigeal. Body by milk.
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Ul'dah... sort of.
Weapon of Choice His hands and feet.
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Basic Info

Alias: Andrew Wyndrick

Age: 21

Relationship Status: Single

Scars and Identifying Features: His lower body is riddled with scars from all sorts of weapons. He tends to cover these wounds up by wearing long sleeves and pants. And, on occasion, a few people have been known to recognize him by his grin alone. His most memorable feature is a scar in the shape of a triangle, with a seven in the middle, sliced into his right hand.


Clean shaven, neatly trimmed black hair, and dark brown skin, he's not the most interesting looking person you could meet around town.

  • Height: A slight bit taller than average, but nothing too recognizable.
  • Weight: 123 ponz, a good bit lighter than most.
  • Physique: Skinny, with a small bit of muscle on his arms, and a good bit on his legs.

Religion: Very non committal to any god, and on occasion, a few of his boasts have been known to go into blasphemy.


Humble Beginnings:

Andrew was a normal child growing up with few problems... until the age of 16. At 16, a group of adventurers came into town, bringing their swords, shields, and stories in tow. Along with them, came other children his age. Their apprentices. He met with the six his age, and learned they would be staying no longer than a month. He warmed up to them quickly, and spent many afternoons listening to their tales of adventure. He soon learned about what they had planned to do after they left the village. An exciting expedition was under way to find treasure. This quest was to be passed down from the masters to the apprentices, if they could pass a trial they had in store. Time flew as Andrew and the group quickly became friends, and soon, the month had ended, and it was time for them to depart. So, after one last round of drinks at the bar, he said his goodbyes. To his family, of course. Adventure happens once in a lifetime, and he wouldn't miss this one. After a few weeks, the party had reached their destination and unveiled the letter given by the masters. The trial: to split up, and hone their skills. Once they became masters of their own crafts, they would all meet up back here to finish what they had started.

The Trials:

Of course, being young, eager adventurers, the group had their own addition to these rules. They set a few challenges along for each member of the party. The apprentice swordsman was not allowed to use healing items, only spells, thus forcing him to learn some white magic. The talented archer was forced to make her own arrows, and so on and so on. Andrew drew the short stick, being the newest, and was not allowed to use weapons, but these restrictions only applied while he was on land. After this, the group split sliced the figure of a triangle into the back of their right hands, as well as the number in which they had met (1 for the first apprentice, 2 for the one who met her, etc.), a symbol of their pacts, and split up, keeping in contact with letters and so on. After a suggestion from the others, he decided the best way for him to earn combat experience was to go out and fight something. So, after some string pulling from his friends, he managed to join a crew of bounty hunters as their first mate. Five years later, Andrew was the notorious captain of the Galespeed, a ship infamous for preying upon pirates on the seas. He was well known for his skill with the blade, as well as his pragmatism. After docking back at land, and learning that his friends were worried about his sudden and long absence, he changed his name, left his ship to his first mate, and decided to focus on continuing his mission.


Andrew is cocky, overconfident, and has a supreme amount of arrogance left over from his days on the sea. To him, anything that attacks him or his friends needs to either come up with a flawless excuse, or die, immediately. However, he can also be kind, generous, and trustworthy, especially to those he considers his friends. He has a extremely strong moral code, and an iron will. He generally tries not to speak, as he would like his past on the seas to be forgotten and unknown to most. He is polite and calm when he does speak, and snide and sarcastic when he isn't happy.

Despite all of this, he is oddly difficult to anger, despite all of his numerous flaws. He takes things in stride, believing that no matter what happens, something will go wrong. No point in making a fuss about it when you can fix it. Lastly, one of his more redeeming qualities is his overwhelming amount of faith in his friends. If his friend is a goldsmith, and he truly considers them a friend, he honestly believes that they are the best goldsmith in the world, unless that person says otherwise.

At his best, he is intelligent, kind, loyal, brave, and trustworthy.

At his worst, he is arrogant, cruel, manipulative, treacherous, vindictive, and bloodthirsty.

Likes and Dislikes


  • A good fight
  • A challenge
  • Sailing
  • The sound of bone snapping
  • Animals


  • Tight spaces
  • Uncomfortable clothing
  • Speaking to others
  • Cooking


  • Pirates, assassins, and the like
  • Seeing a friend in danger
  • Being betrayed
  • The "bystander effect"


  • Heights
  • Breaking a promise
  • Becoming a "bystander"
  • Needles


  • Strangely good with children
  • Cannot (or will give anything not to) break a promise
  • Will actually happily climb up somewhere high, if talked into it. Once up there, it is a much more difficult task to get him down.

Skills and Weaknesses

Skills: Adept with a blade, a talented captain and leader, and has earned the ability to keep his balance on a swaying ship. For someone so poor with his fists, he is surprisingly agile, able to climb, leap and dodge with ease.

Weaknesses: A lack of social skills leaves him with little ability to start a conversation, his poor and neglected training in martial arts makes him a somewhat easy opponent in a fight, and his determination to fulfill a promise often clouds his judgement, and makes him easily manipulated. Due to his days on a ship, he has developed a paralyzing fear of heights after one too many falls from the crow's nest. And of course, the exact wording of his promise leaves him unable to use ranged weapons entirely while on land. Lastly, he has asthma. Not crippling asthma, but all the same, he shouldn't be forced to do anything too strenuous for long periods of time.

Combat Style

In combat, he tends to be rather brutal. In his mind, there are no such things as cheap shots, unfair attacks, or an ideal of mercy when someone has tried to kill you. However, he is pretty unskilled when it comes to martial arts, a fact that irritates him to no end. Give him a blade, especially a cutlass, and you'll find him happily slicing and slashing through foes. Leave him unarmed, and you'll get to watch him dodge and scramble until he exhausts himself to a sure defeat. Or does something cheap. Either one works.

When up against a weaker foe, he tends to be more playful, trying out more flashy and impractical moves. However, just because he deems his opponent weaker does not mean he'll start giving mercy any time soon.

Due to his pragmatic nature and lack of skill at pugilism, a hobby of his is creating and testing attacks to give him an edge in a brawl.

Rumors, Whispers, and Assorted Gossip


  • "Aye...He's a sack of potates..Ah carried him like a princess..." - Abaigeal Causland


(To Be Continued.)

Other Notes

(To Be Continued.)