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Personal Data
Real Name: Angelus Mortis
Known Aliases: The Reaper
Race: Au Ra (Raen)
Age: Twenty Two
Name Day: 03/26
Eye Color: Black (White Rings)
Hair Color: Jet Black
Occupation: Soul Shepherd
Marital Status: N/A
Known Relatives: Classified
Voice Claim: Naoto Shirogane (English Dub)

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Greetings from Eorzea. My name is Angelus, It's pleasure to meet you. One can only assume that, since you've come upon this little page, you wish to know more about me. I hail from Doma, but make my stay in Limsa. I earn my keep dispatching the supernatural and returning the restless to their resting places. I do so love my job, it's one of the few things I do better than most. I'm a man of many talents and enjoy helping where I believe I truly can.

Aspects That Stand Out:
Angel is a man. Yes, a man. He may look like a lady, but he is most assuredly male.
Angel has a sweet scent to him, nothing remarkable, yet you can't seem to put it to mind.
Angel always seems to be serious about something or another, no one really knows why.


Angelus Mortis was born in the primordial energy of the Aetherstream. His was a birth shared by many, but nurtured by powers beyond mortal control. Named for his duty, long before he had any realization of it. Raised in Doma and born of common birth, Angelus spent much of his younger years in the humble home of Rice farmers, though as he grew into his teenage years, he began to exhibit an affinity for many things, and unlike his peers, he grew quite differently.

Angel received a grand set in genetics, Stony pale skin, Ivory scale, and a feminine physique led to a pre-teen age of bullying and ridicule, cast out by those of his age and despised by the elders for being different. Over time the stresses of the people lead to the death of his Mother, and his father’s grief lead to his eventual abandonment. Angel spent his days in the graveyard, developing a talent that would lead him even farther down the rabbit hole. He spent his teenage years under the careful watch of an Academy, raised in the wake of a magical spur within Doma, taught, trained, educated, Angel went from a simple farm boy to a prime disciple of Magic.

Years later, after his eventful and tormented time at the Academy, Angel moved on from his homeland and to Eorzea, taking up residence in Limsa after a particularly repressed time in Ul’dah, and now lives on his life, revealing little of his story, but furthering his life as best he can with those who welcome him.

Very, very, very few people know this information- Any attempts to use it against him would be folly. As it isn't something you can simply find out.
This is very light in the detail of his story. Don't try to make anything serious of it.
Take a look, inside a book, reading rainbow.


Angelus carries a very tentative personality, While he is extremely book-smart, he fails to grasp some of even the simplest hints. He prefers forwardness and blunt honesty. He is very introverted, cautious of revealing himself to strangers without having somewhat of an internal trust to them. When it comes to making decisions- he can be very irritating in a sense that he doesn't know what he wants, generally fine with most things- He offers little to the aid of choices. At times he can come off as necessarily aggressive or violent, unknowing even to himself how dark he can become- it being entirely natural to him, but very off to others.


The color Black.
Vodka (It's his favorite).
Books (He's quite the bookworm).
Brutal honesty.


Being in Crowds.
His Homeland.
Thanalan in general.
Being put on the spot.
People who pussyfoot around.


Brewing Vodka.
Exorcising Spirits and dispelling curses.
Studying Magiks.


Combat (Magical and Physical).
Iron constitution.
Not very picky.
Extremely booksmart.
Cautious nearly everywhere.


Forgetful of his own health.
Overly apologetic.
Terrible with hints.


His Loved ones.
Self ambition.


Angelus carries a wide variety of combat techniques, but his style falls onto a combination of magics, primarily Red and Abyssal.
Weapon: Angelus carries the Scythe known as Anima, the name given for it's unique composition and ability.
Weapons of Choice

OOC information for YOU

Below is useful tidbits should you ever be interested in trying to attack/spar with Angelus. Please note that I am very open to gore and violence and am not beyond having my character sport an injury for days to weeks on end. However! Dismemberment, permanent damage, and even death needs to be spoken about prior in vivid detail/discussion before anything will ever occur IC.
Freeform/Honor System:This is the only form of RP combat I utilize, free-form allowing for proper combat without the luck of the draw- (I:E a veteran being shanked in the throat by a novice who can barely hold a blade because he rolled higher) God-emoting and meta-gaming are expectedly unwelcome, every character has strengths and weaknesses but there is an obvious line of balance to be drawn. Injuries will be had on both parties and without a doubt there will be a winner. I am not above losing and so I expect the same of the other person. These fights are not made for an anime duel, so please don't bring that attitude.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
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Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
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Place Holder.. ( ) - Place Holder.
Character's Thoughts: "Place Holder."
Place Holder.



Player Note
I have a very clear distinction when it comes to OOC/IC. They must remain separate at all times if we are to RP together, especially on an extended basis and I reserve the right to end interactions should this be impeded upon. I've been burnt heavily by people mistaking IC care and OOC friendship and attention with romantic regard and honestly I don't wish to go through another such debacle once more. If my character dislikes yours that does not mean I hold the same sentiment. If my character loves yours that does not translate to me feeling the same for you, though I might feel a platonic equivalent. I am not my characters and they are not me. Respect this and we shall get along famously.
Personal RP Limits
I don't have very many hardcore limits honestly as I feel consequences must be adhered to when RPing any character regardless of whom they might be. However there are a few exceptions to this and they are as follows.
I will play Almost anything that isn't described below.
I won't play Death, Rape, Maiming, ERP only Plots. I don't mind romance but it needs to be earned and respected. Do not try and force your character on to mine. If I feel this is the case I will quickly end the RP and speak with you OOCly to either correct the issue or end the RP connection between the two in a faithful manner both parties can agree upon.
Little Tidbits.
If you're ever uncomfortable, tell me! I don't bite! I can get pretty into RPing out consequences however and while I do my best to make sure permission is had and everyone is comfortable I'm not perfect. If you have a problem speak up.
This is a broad statement for all my characters, but I have a hard limit of at least two months before I'll allow my character to enter a relationship. A good friend mentioned their own rule regarding this and I greatly respected the idea of it, so I'll be putting it into practice myself. I've been burned far too many times by hasty RP relationships and want to make it clear from the get go so there is no misunderstanding. If your character is trying to romance my own, be prepared for it to take awhile.


Potential Plot Hooks
While the below is by no means comprehensive, it's a kind of spring board for walk-up RP.
■ Shinobi
■ Often seen just hiding away in a corner
■ Always drinking tea or Sake

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