Aoife Cree

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Aoife Cree
Player: Zoetrooper
Name: Aoife Cree
Species: Hyur - 'Highlander'
Alignment: Unknown
DOB: 29th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Age: 25
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 125ponz.
Eye Color: White and Black
Hair Color: Blonde
Marital Status: Single-Widowed
Base of Operations: Ul'dah
Freecompany: Deity
Guardian: Nymeia, the Spinner
Job: Summoner


Aoife (pronounced Ee-fah) has delved in the arcane for quite some time, some consider her to be a 'go to' for information as her nose is more often than not wedged into some old grimoire. There are some that say she can see the future or the truth but that is all speculation. A rumour that has mainly to do with the appearance of her left eye.

The young summoner was wounded in the war with Garlean forces four years ago, and while the healer on hand was able to repair function of the eye he could not remove the scarring. How well her eye works these days Aoife has yet to reveal.

While recovering from her wound a great tragedy hit, her husband Gerard Cree was fatally wounded, leaving Aoife a widow and their two children fatherless. Worry not for her children, they are well taken care of and loved. Most of their days are spent with their aunt Ellice in Eastern Thanalan and when she isn't completely taken away by her duties Aoife is a frequent visitor.

After reestablishing herself Aoife was approached by many offers of work by individuals looking to reclaim artifacts and the former glory of magics long abandoned. Many clients were 'convinced' she could see where the relics were hiding.

Some jobs Aoife took while others she refused, but most importantly she found she quite enjoyed treasure hunting. One particular job refusal caused a friend to become rather flabbergasted, they were surprised that Aoife could just turn down such a large sum of money. Young Bioo, aspiring arcanist, decided to offer her services to the treasure hunters instead despite Aoife's warnings that the client could not be trusted.

While Aoife was kept to date on Bioo's progress the adventure ended very poorly. The client, Aldith, acquired great power and refused to pay up the sums of money she had promised Bioo, and ended the young arcanist's life in the most grisly of ways. After that Aldith simply vanished, leaving the bodies of her former party members strewn across the desert. Aoife blamed herself for the incident, wishing she had been insistent that Bioo stay and refuse the job as well. Vowing to not let this tragedy repeat she decided to set up a treasure hunting business of her own with a secondary function; to safeguard dangerous relics and prevent them from getting into the hands of those most undeserving.

Founding Arcanum was the next step, a sort of shop and reliquary, and to this day she runs it to make Eorzea a safer place.