Ariuq Adarkim

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 Ariuq Adarkim
Хуурамч найдвар
"All problems are but a matter of variables and calculation."
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): SCH/CNJ/AST/THM
Main Tradeskill: [IC: MIN/BTN]
Preferred Role: Healer
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Reputation: Intelligent, well-read in matters of Aether.
Occupation: Strategist/Mender
Education: Informally well-educated
Marital Status: None
Sexuality: Ambiguous
Guardian: Nymeia, The Spinner
Free Company
Divine Vengeance <<WRATH>>
Items Carried
Several pens and notebooks, shoulder brace, hip brace.
Race: Au Ra
Clan: Xaela
Age: Adult (Late 20's/Early 30's)
Height: 6 Fulm, 10 Ilm
Weight: 215 Ponze
Eyes: Bright White, Purple ring around pupil
Hair: Raven Black
Complexion: Dark
Physical Build: Slender
Notable Features: Luminescent eyes, mangled scales on left shoulder.
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

Heroes are but a crutch for the weak to lean upon.
Better that all would stand for themselves than bend a knee to a few.

Basic Info

A dark-skinned Xaela seemingly obsessed with seeking knowledge and research. A man able to see the world as a series of variables and equations, for better or worse. More than competent in all manner of Aetheric Manipulation and theory.


The Ocean.
Research and experimentation.
Performances such as music and dance.


Those who rely too heavily on others.
People who cannot think or stand for themselves.
The Allagans and their technology.


Alignment: Lawful neutral.
Vices: Pride, Detachment.
Favorite Food: Anything spicy.
Favorite Drink: Red wine.
Favorite Color: Azure

Appearance & Personality

Tall (6'10"), lithe, and dark-skinned, Ariuq Adarkim would seem as a living shadow…were it not for the slight limp that accompanies each step and the shining white of the Xaela’s irises. If performing field research, the Auri man can be seen dressed in a heavy, padded coat with armored greaves and gauntlets, however he generally prefers a lighter dress with a loose shirt and long boots. No matter his dress, the scholar’s clothing seems to hump unnaturally at both his left shoulder and his right hip, the slight protrusions signifying the location of sturdy leather braces providing support to old injuries. Though he loathes utilizing one, a narrow cane may be clutched in his right hand, metal tip pressing against the ground to sound out the rhythm of his steps.
Long, sable hair streaks down from the Au Ra’s head to just brush against the top of his shoulders, several dark locks tucked behind sweeping horns that end in sharp tips both in front and behind. His right horn appears to have a small groove running along the outside of the hard material in a perfectly straight line from tip to tip. Black scales line his jawline, collar, and pointed chin, his angular features generally pulled tight with his brow furrowed inward.
Thin cords of muscle run along his arms and chest, the lack of body fat highlighting the thin lines that the Xaela’s frame seems to follow. A line of scales trail up his spine before blossoming across his upper back, a similar pattern repeated on the Au Ra’s chest. The scales resting overtop his left shoulder and right hip are broken and mangled, jagged edges protruding slightly upwards. A small, round scar can be found on the underside of his left wrist, the smooth, shining tissue reaching up to his palm. The digits of his hands are long and thin, more than a few callouses dotting the otherwise smooth palms.
Much like the rest of the scholar, Ariuq’s tail is long, narrow, and scaled, the length of the appendage dipping down well below his knees and giving a slight sway as each step carries him along. If sitting, the wide spade at the end of his tail is generally found lying flat against his right leg, a light twitch shaking through its length every so often.
The Au Ra tends to keep himself calm and collected, though anything inducing enough intrigue or anger can shake loose this façade to reveal the impulsive nature beneath. He enjoys talking, especially about his research or philosophy, his voice a bass-filled rumble as it tends to speak at lengths perhaps greater than needed. When unsure, the muscles of his jawline tend to pull tight as his teeth grind together softly, the erratic dance of his pupils a sure sign that his mind is turning beneath the light of his eyes.


This section is intentionally left blank. Player prefers that character history be learned through in character conversation.



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
Guy'll talk your ears off if you get him started, his fancy diction don't help either.
I saw him testing some mask of his, let a damn Morbol breathe all over him and ended up sick for days. Anyone who would do that is more fool than genius, I'd say.
Don't expect much charity from the Au Ra, once saw him put a group of orphans in Ul'dah to work gathering materials for him before he paid for their meals.
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
Now I don't know much 'bout them Xaela tribes, but I would bet he ain't actually one of the Adarkim, least not originally.
Oh he'll act all calm an' shit, but just get him ruffled up about the Allagans and watch the feathers fly. Hell, I bet his even demeanor s'all just an act, if you ask me.
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
Brains? Sure, but you'll find me damned if the lizard isn't naive as a newborn. Way too easy a mark!
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Close Friend Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing

... :
Nalukai Manoa : Comrade in Arms
"Nalukai is as family to me. Ah, rather, she is as how family should be: a stalwart check against one's flaws and a strong hand to bolster their strengths. Full glad am I to say that she is my closest confidant and comrade."
Bellona Bloodrose : Comrade in Arms
"Bellona has a thirst for knowledge that never fails to impress, she is a joy to converse with as much as she is a joy to learn from."
Titus Artorius : Commander
"*sigh* He may have the heart of a lion, but no beast or pack can save the world by themselves. His destination is admirable, but his path... may not lead where he wishes."
Tarasa Blaetwyn : Comrade in Arms
"It is more than fascinating to find someone who is as interested in Aetheric Manipulation as myself."
Sebastian Taylor : Comrade in Arms
"Sebastian is both wise and kind, a combination sadly more rare than this world perhaps needs."
Sergei Harlenk : Fellow Researcher
"A brilliant mind who seeks to unravel the mysteries of this realm. His drive and passion seemingly knows no bounds."
Dominique La'fleur : Business Associate
"She is quite impressive and I was not misguided when I was told she could handle any job. Also, quite the accomplished chef."
Valentino Thorello : Business Associate
"I do not trust the man further than I can throw coin his direction. Despite this, his efficiency is more than commendable...even if talking to him does render unto me a headache."
Culgrim Darkstorm : Acquaintance
"He is a beast guarding his pack: impressive and ferocious, but I often wonder if even he himself knows what he desires from this world."



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