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Ishgard.jpg Titus Artorius
Commander of Divine Vengeance
Titus profile.png
"It is with order that we build the foundation of power."
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): Dark Knight / Paladin
Main Tradeskill: Blacksmith
Preferred Role: Tank
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Lawful Good
Reputation: By the books, Unyielding
Occupation: Adventurer
Education: Formally Educated
Marital Status: Presumed Single
Sexuality: Irrelevant
Guardian: Halone, The Fury
Free Company
Divine Vengeance <<WRATH>>
Items Carried
Ornate Longsword named Radiance , Greatsword
Race: Hyur
Clan: Midlander
Age: 27 (?)
Height: 6 Fulm, 2 Ilm
Weight: 178 ponze - pound
Eyes: Golden
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Complexion: Fair skinned
Physical Build: Athletic, well toned
Notable Features: Numerous scars across his body
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

When darkness all but swallows the land whole. It is our duty to be the light, the beacon for which the denizens may look upon and find guidance.

Recent news

Divine Vengeance thrives amidst the Dravanian Conflict and Titus has been at the center of it. Working along to secure a beneficial arrangement alongside the Temple Knights of Ishgard Titus has played the part of diplomat to the Ishgardian warriors. Relations were slow to build until he proved to them he was worthy of an alliance in the defense of Ishgard against the Heretical forces.


Learning new things
Order and Discipline
Honourable actions and deed
Technology - preferably Alligan and Garlean


Undeserved praise
Double talk and lies
Injustice of any kind
Over the top vulgarity


Alignment: Lawful Good
Virtue(s):Diligence , Temperance , Charity
Vice(s): Wrath, Pride
Favorite Food: Rare steak
Favorite Drink: Doman Tea and Ishgardian Hot chocolate
Favorite Color: Gold

Appearance & Personality

Beautifully handsome may be the best, if not only way to describe Titus. With golden hair that seems groomed to perfection, it is evident that he takes some pride in his appearance. His eyes also share the golden hue of his hair, deep set and long lashed they peer out to the world with an ever present stern look of judgement and determination, constantly analyzing the world around him. They frame a semi faded scar that sweeps just above his left brow, downwards across his nose and into his right cheek it has been there a while as only the indented scar tissue remains. The gore of the wound long had since faded and added a sense of battle hardened distinguishedment to an otherwise boyish face.
In a world that contains Roegadyn, dragons, behemoths and primals , Titus looks quite unassuming. Though tall with a slender frame and narrow waist, it's clear that he has endeavored to build his strength. Lithe, defined muscles stretch beneath pale and barely sun-kissed skin throughout his frame. The majority of this skin is often hidden beneath reinforced armors or high-collared coats when he's in public view.
To a cynic, Titus may seem one given to naive optimism and idyllic ideology, ever striving to improve the state of the world around him. If given the chance, he will speak - and has often spoken - at length of his plans to accomplish that goal. Passionate and driven, he can seem shrewd with his commentary - a quick wit and tongue able to cut to the core of a conversation or person with precision.
To the carefree or strictly fun-loving, he may seem a sobering man, quick to highlight injustices present in the world and to hold a moral highground. A belief he holds is that goodness is not subjective; it is attainable in spirit should one be willing to reach far enough and devout thought to it.
This outwardly willful and stoic nature could be blamed for why the man does not seem to have a plethora of visible friendships. Those with whom he shares friendship, however, find him steadfast and fiercely loyal, return the same in kind.


Enigmatic on his origins Titus keeps his past a closely guarded secret allowing his actions in the here and now to speak for him.


Although a Paladin by title Titus lives by the knowledge that experience and wisdom trump youthful vigor, and as such does not allow a single fighting style to fetter his training and displays proficiency in a wide variety of weapons. Self described "Scholar of War" he furiously persues the knowledge of any fighting style that he can, choosing to expand his knowledge of all forms of Combat. It is to be noted that he does not rely on strength or agility to overcome his opponents but instead leverages his knowledge to analyze and exploit weaknesses. He chooses to adapt fighting styles to his own needs rather than adhere to rigid and unbendable combat methodology firm

Some differences that are visible include:

Titus wears his shield lengthwise down his arm so the point extends past his knuckles. He keeps the edges and tip sharpened utilizing them as a second blade utilizing it in shield slaps and punches he gives the shield duel purpose as both defense and offense and has trained extensively to use his blade in harmony with these strikes.
When without a weapon Titus is at his most defensive, without the strength to back up his strikes he counters weak points in opponents strikes working to defeat him with quick incapacitating strikes to joints and vital soft areas.
Utilizing daggers, he disregards the flair rogues have for the agile and sometimes flashy movements instead relying on fundamental swordmanship lessons to fight in a style reminisent of a duelist.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC (Don't be a dick)!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Man's always doing paperwork of some sort in the bar, should maybe order a few more drinks and work as little less" - Ishgardian Bar Patron.
"Man will preach at you from a damned mountain if he sees you do something wrong. I hope he has enough sugar for that damned high horse." - Ul'dahn Brass Blade
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"With armor and a face like that, you just know he had to come from Ul'dahn money. Probably a spoiled princeling." - Yellowjacket
"Heard he started that Free Company as some kinda adventurin' troupe... sure seems streatchen to call it as company." - Ul'Dahn Adventurer
"Yeah.. I worked once with that guy. Strange, he used magic but it looked and felt.... off." - Gridanian Wood-Wailer
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I could swear I have seen him in a war of some kind.. maybe it was someone else? I don't know it was years ago." - Ul'Dahn Citizen
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"Don't let that stuffy appearance fool you, when he starts to loosen up? That's when the fun really begins." - Neeka
"S'a moment in a good fight when one combatant looks't th'other as though seein' em fer th'first time fer what they really are. 'Appens most often when one underestimates th'other an' finds't they've bitten off more'n they can chew'r swallow. Underestimate 'im. Please. S'way more fun t'watch when ye do." - Nalukai Manoa


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Close Friend Good Standing Poor Standing

Bellona Bloodrose - Company Member - Ever has she been my companion since the formation of my adventuring troupe. Wherever I am she is as well, If i did not know better I would think her my shadow.

Nalukai Manoa - Company Officer - My second in command and one of my greatest friends. Steadfast and trustworthy. Despite her past and her "job" She is one of the only people I can truly count on.

Dominique La'fleur - Mercenary - An interesting woman with perhaps not the best set of morals. Never the less, she is a professional and that is a rarity in this day and age. She remains a mystery however, just what she will or won't do for money seems to be information truly only privy to her and that leads me to not trust her on instinct. I am curious how she can remain warm in Coerthas in what she wears though.

Tarasa Blaetwyn - Company Member - Yes, Aspirant Blaetwyn. I have only had a brief few moments to speak with them. From those meetings they show composure and intelect though I admit I wish I knew more than that.

Ariuq Adarkim - Company Member - Aspirant Adarkim, He is an interesting one. We had one true conversation, and since that moment I feel as though I have always known him. It is interesting in how quickly someone can learn of you and you of them. He is open, friendly and smart. I am glad to have him as an ally, as an opponent , with a mind like that, he could be the most vicious of people in the world.


Thematically Appropriate Music
Cassiopeia - Starbound OST
Titus' Theme - Warhammer 40k: Space Marine Soundtrack


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