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Seeker of The Sun
Byregot, The Builder


Introduction to Arky - A Community Driven Character

Arky is 'normally' a social creature by nature and thus enjoys spending time others or making friends. His appearance is less than that of the average Seeker male, in the sense that he's less physically built in comparison; lithe, this due to his way of life prior to the Calamity. He's known to spend time frequenting the Quicksand for company as well as buying meals for others, his less than fortunate lifestyle growing up leads him to help others where and when he can. Arky founded Aether Corp, a Free Company which is operated out of Ul'dah in Ward 2 - Plot 4.

Currently Arky is providing a bed, warm meals, and a place to bathe freely to several that have taken up residence with him.

OOC Note on Roleplay Style

As a player, I Roleplay Arky in a very realistic and sometimes subtle way. If you're not looking or paying attention to something, I will not emote details about it. If you're not pressing a conversation, I will not give details freely, unless it's IC for Arky to do so. I don't broadcast body language as a whole, you have to actually emote a glance to observe them, and I will respond in kind with details. Arky's only tells which are used freely, are ones obvious to a face to face conversation: Facial expression, ear orientation, and sometimes his tail.


Arky enjoys a variety of things, he's a known socialite, drinker, and sometimes entertainer. He's well rounded in most regards and tries to remain as such with anyone he meets. If he had his way, Arky would sit around every day just to meet new people, and buy less fortunate ones a meal.


As with his likes it comes as no surprise that he dislikes liars, thieves, and people who would drag down others. While he dislikes such, he won't get involved if there's no reason to do so, however mistreatment of less fortunate never goes unnoticed. He also seems to be a stickler about etiquette in general, lack of table manners, as well as social manners, is a big put off.

Days Past


Arky originally came to Ul'dah with Keroa and Nanokie, all at a very young age, their reason for leaving the tribe more than rumored. Arky grew up in Ul'dah feigning femininity, living as if he was female to avoid the eyes of his tribe, managing his facade with scented oils and by avoiding activities which would develop him physically. During this period of his life Arky forged his way as a 'Free Paladin', serving to help others when and where he could. Due to his way of life, Arky lost most of his inhibitions, and it shows in the company he keeps.

During the Fall of Dalamud, Arky lost his younger sister, Nanokie, to Aether Sickness. Arky ended her suffering with his own blade. The years after the fall slowly revealing more of his male counterparts, Arky shed his facade and took up life as his true self, but still to this day retains a slight feminine charm to his figure.

Arky's most notable event was his brush with death, his body weakened with the same illness his younger sister took, was responsible for allowing him to be incapacitated only after to be fed an aetherbound panacea, which ended his life. Arky was barely brought back from the void by the combined efforts of a few friends, their happenstance on him completely by chance. To this day Arky has had a fear of closing his eyes to rest, the idea of returning to such a void haunting his memories.

Up until after the incident, Arky was serving for the Immortal Flames, however the injuries combined with the contact slander from citizens around the city have pushed Arky to resign his position. Arky left the Immortal Flames at rank of Lieutenant. He currently has no wish to serve again, and it's unknown if there would be anything to sway that opinion.

Arky Today


While suffering from his illness, and recovering from a deep depression, Arky has recently moved to found a Free Company with the goal of researching Aether. Aether Corp, his Free Company has an HQ in Ward 2, Plot 4 of The Goblet. The Company itself hasn't had it's public debut, though it's known Arky has something in the works.

After surviving a brush with death, Arky is plagued with a fear of sleeping or closing his eyes for long periods of time, however Flandre Alwanya helped start his road to recovery regarding his issue after running into him in Limsa where she talked him into sleeping for the first time in over a week. Arky and Flandre made up during their first and second encounters in Limsa, only to split shortly after when he opened up to her.

Arky seems to be managing his condition for the moment, though he still claims he's not cured, as there's no known way to remove corrupt aether from someone completely without killing them. Even still Arky seems to have a new confidence, his demeanor towards his condition no longer greeted with a frown when discussed, it's left to wonder just how he's doing so well. Arky refuses to shed any light on the subject of his treatment, the demeanor in which he goes about it leads others to wonder, and draw their own theories.

Recently he is most frequently found in Ul'dah at his Company HQ, rather taken with Carpentry, Arky has made a hobby out of improving his property for everyone in Aether Corp, and all the people they take in from the streets.


Keroa Mosuke, known in many circles as Arky's sister, though the two are not related by blood nor seem very brother sister like, Arky has been known to try and distance himself from Keroa, several occasions having run off without so much as a peep to his whereabouts.

Arky and Keroa have since developed a closer bond, though from the outside they now seem like affectionate brother and sister, the nature of their relation to each other is still a mystery. One thing is certain, Keroa is very loyal to Arky, the one defining trait of their relationship that is obvious to others.


Haruki Aoyuki is well known for being the silent type, while most either misunderstand him in some part, or completely, Arky and Ao do manage to get their points across every so often. Though it's lead to many an incident between the two, it seems even a little misplaced anger doesn't stand in the way of their near silent friendship.

Arky cherishes Ao in more ways than one, and garners a deep respect for him, Ao being the only one Arky has ever left Keroa with in the entire time he's known Keroa. This alone, even misunderstood, was a symbol of just how much Arky trusts him.

Distant Relationships

Flandre Alwanya was one of the few Arky knew prior to the Calamity, her and Arky would spend time fishing in the eastern shroud off a small bridge near the waterfall. After over five cycles, Arky and Flandre met again by chance, the first meeting was rocky but the two quickly grew close.

A series of misunderstanding caused them to split, the entire ordeal leaving a hole in his entire being.

As dear to Arky as Flandre was, Arky found himself unable to to make things between the two better, everything he would say or do was always taken as hostility or wrongly. No matter how dear to his heart she was, Flandre was blind to Arky's best efforts to make things right. Flandre is quickly becoming nothing more than a distant memory.

Budding Relationships

Onuma Ahntifi met Arky in direct relation to Mila, but the two got off to a rough start fairly quick, after a moon or two they ran into each other once again in Ul'dah and have since started to make up for lost time and bad impressions. Arky considers Onuma to be a great friend and cherishes the little time they have spent together. He'd like the spend more time doing so, but the two of them seem to have conflicting time frames, making it hard for them to keep up.

Yangh Linh, a female Keeper, was a constant strain on Arky's mental stability at one point in time, the rather conniving Yangh has wreaked one and nearly destroyed another relationship with people dear to him. Arky, while not avoiding her altogether, never takes anything she says seriously anymore, seeing her as a known liar and manipulator.

Yangh claims she saved Arky's life twice, though to anyone that knows the both of them, this claim would be -highly- discounted as false, as the two fight near constantly. The most recent encounters noted being Yangh sneaking into his home, sleeping on his bed, and causing general disarray.

Lissa Belle and Leilani Belle were discovered one eve snooping around Arky's newly acquired home, after a few questions and some time talking, Arky accepted the twins as residents in his home with nothing asked in return. They became great friends over the time spent together, then one day Leilani snapped and packed everything they had and left, nothing other than a one sided argument and no goodbye. Lissa also never returned.