Aronaux Farendaire

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Ishgard.jpg Aronaux Farendaire
[[Image:Aronaux in the Clouds.png|250px]]
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ishgardian
Server Balmung
Place of Birth Ishgard
Guardian Halone
Nameday 18th Sun of the Fifth Astral Moon

(Age: 24)

Marital Status Single
Occupation Lord of House Farendaire
Pronunciation Arrow-no Far-in-dare
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Basic Info

"I do believe that there may yet be hope for Ishgard inside that heart of his." —Lady Celinae de Farendaire, Mother of Lord Aronaux de Farendaire, before the Defense of Ishgard against Vishap's forces.


Height: A few ilms above average

Weight: Lean, athletic build

Complexion: Fair-skinned with freckles

Hair: Dark black, occasionally dyed in the Dalamud red of House Farendaire.

Eyes: Dark blue



  • Ishgard, all of it - its culture, its politics, its history, its arts, anything remotely related to the city-state likely bears Aronaux's approval.
  • History - Aronaux considers himself something of a historical scholar, taking after his mother in that regard.


  • The Ardently Faithful - A counter-revolutionary faction within Ishgard for which Aronaux has no patience. The heavy-handed paragon of balance between conservative and liberal sensibilities and a supporter of a strong central government, Aronaux has repeatedly stood before the House of Lords in condemnation of this radical branch of clergymen.
  • Loyalists of Nidhogg
  • The Empire of Garlemald
  • The culture of Limsa Lominsa - Aronaux finds it rather rude and uncivilized, and is a supporter of the Admiral's efforts to rein in the population and impose the force of law on pirates, criminals, and scum.
  • Gridania - Foreign, yet unnervingly familiar.


  • Color: Red
  • Food: Roasted lamb
  • Drinks: Ishgardian red wine
  • Scent: Pine trees
  • Place: Farendaire Manor
  • Festival: Anniversary of the Autumn War


  • The continuation of the bloodline of House Farendaire
  • The safety of Ishgard, its security ensured by the defeat of the Dravanian Horde
  • Ishgard's reentry into the Eorzean Alliance it founded to assist in the Crusade and defend against inevitable Garlean assault
  • Spreading of the message of the Holy Orthodox Church to unbelieving southerners
  • The introduction of a Parliament to the Ishgardian government to give voice to a House of Lords below the stationof the four High Houses


Though once a devout defender of the Holy Ishgardian Orthodox Church of Halone the Fury, mainly out of nationalist sentiments above true religious conviction, Aronaux has become somewhat of a nonpracticing believer, claiming belief in the Fury and Enchiridion while rarely attending mass at Saint Reymanaud's Cathedral.


Lawful Neutral


Lawful good to the point of being terribly uptight, but his heart is in the right place. Lord Farendaire bears a strong sense of duty, courage, and absolute loyalty to House Farendaire, the Holy See of Ishgard, the Faith, and those he has come to consider his friends. On the other hand, Aronaux is terribly standoffish to those he considers his cultural inferiors, such as auri and tribal miqo'te, while giving commoners the light of day only when it is necessary. With changing cultural attitudes and a change of his own priorities, however, Aronaux has begun to shed this bigotry.


Nothing is known yet.



Nothing is known yet.


Nothing is known yet.


Family and Relationships


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Mother: Lady Celinae de Farendaire

Sister: Lady Judiel de Farendaire

Uncle: Lord Shalinor de Embrelle


Virella Douront - After meeting her in a chance encounter at a small tavern in the hamlet surrounding the First Dicasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena, Aronaux held a rather high and positive opinion of the astrologian, and considered her a righteous and pious woman. In the following moon, however, he would discover that Virella had been exiled from the Holy See of Ishgard for bearing the child of an Ala Mhigan highlander, and for but a moment his opinion of the woman was lowered extensively. Yet after much contemplation and a second conversation with Virella Douront and mutual friend Riven Astralyas, Aronaux has concluded that Virella's exile was unreasonably harsh for such a common offense, and he has become wary of the priest behind her banishment and the Holy Ishgardian Orthodox Church of Halone as a whole.

Solenne Lagarde - Originally wary of this foreigner's faith and intentions, Aronaux has grown to count the Gridanian among his friends after the revelations of Judiel regarding Lady Winter and Lady Autumn's former heretic smuggling ring. After discovering Solenne's past with Judiel, Aronaux has put on a friendly, welcoming front - not terribly difficult, as after the events of the Ishgardian Hostage Crisis Aronaux has grown wary of the Church's control - and promised her any aid that she might ask for. While her lack of faith in any particular god remains disturbing to him, Aronaux is willing to ignore her apostasy for the benefit of Ishgard.




House Farendaire

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The Legend of Farendaire, Year 588 of the Seventh Astral Era


Note: This section is editable by anyone. Just keep in mind that the rumors here may be both true or false.

"Lord Galendor de Farendaire was a good, holy, and just man. 'Tis a shame that he fell to the the Dravanians, twenty years ago, but his legacy lives on. Lord Aronaux and Lady Judiel, the twins, are both lovely, pious people, I assure you." - Elderly Ishgardian Servant to House Farendaire

"His father's a man to be mourned, his mother's a woman to be feared, his sister's a woman to be loved." - Ishgardian Knight of House Farendaire

"None of us have been able to solicit even a longing stare from Lord Farendaire! It's not as if he's betrothed to any particular girl..." - Airheaded Ishgardian Noblewoman

"Half the women of the Pillars are trying to bed that poor Farendaire boy. The other half are letting their brothers know about him." - Ishgardian Nobleman

"I believe the boy means well, but he is a product of the culture in which he was raised. He is of Ishgard, proudly so, and therefore he is misled on certain subjects. Unfortunately, ignorance and indoctrination can be as dangerous as malice." - Solenne Lagarde

"I think at his core he is a good man, and true. He is just...woefully, frustratingly sheltered. Nothing that cannot be fixed with a bit of healthy exposure to the rougher parts of life." - Eliane Dufresne


Born in his house's ancestral seat, Castle Farendaire, secluded in a peaceful, sleepy valley at the edges of a lake, Aronaux and his twin sister Judiel knew little hardship in the first four years of their lives. The terror of the Dravanian Horde was known to them, certainly, and they saw for themselves the different lives of commoners, peasantry, and the various ranks of nobility, but hardship and war were distant things for them. Their sleepy life ended when the sun itself was blotted out by the approach of the Horde, and despite the valiant efforts of Lord Garion, his lieges, and the militias of the common folk living in fortress's vicinity, Castle Farendaire and all its lands fell to the enemy; only Lady Celinae, the widow of Garion, her twin children, three guards, her chosen manservants and the wet nurse of the children escaped through a hidden passage under the fortress.

Celinae's political mastery, vast range of contacts and acquaintances throughout Ishgardian territory, her relatives in her maiden House Embrelle, and House Fortemps' eternal debt to House Farendaire (through the valiant action of Ser Abelard, founder of House Farendaire five centuries before) allowed the remnants of her family to settle in the capital and live a comfortable, if quiet life. When he was of age, Aronaux was squired to Lord Sorel, his uncle, and showed a remarkable talent with the bow early in his training.

When Aronaux came of age, he was knighted appropriately and stationed at Camp Dragonhead, the largest fortress in Coerthas flying the banner of House Fortemps; additionally, as the only male heir of Garion, he was now the lord of the house, yet his more politically savvy mother handled most important matters. In time, he found love with a knight stationed in Steel Vigil, under the vassalage of House Haillenarte; despite talk of marriage only some moons before, Aronaux watched from the battlements of Camp Dragonhead with horror as the fire and smoke of the Vigil under siege rose over the horizon.

Lord Aronaux served valiantly in combat as the Dragonstar flared brightly, serving Fury and Country at Camp Dragonhead and on the Steps of Faith against Vishap. He was suspicious of the slow tide of foreigners entering Ishgard under Fortemps supervision; he regarded them as useful allies in the rural areas of Coerthas, but to invite them beyond the Gates of Judgements seem to him then as foolish and impractical. As he gradually made acquaintances with the foreigners, and the lies of the Church revealed, his disapproval and hostility faded away.

As civil unrest in the wake of the Archbishop Thordan VII's fall in Azys Lla, Aronaux took a moderate stance which placed himself between the extremes of the conservatism of his mother and liberalism of his twin sister.

With the end of the Dragonsong War and rise of the Republic, Aronaux is a proud representative in the House of Lords, where he is well-regarded as a brilliant speaker, writer, and hardliner against both clerical and commoner extremism.

Apart from his duties as knight and lord of Ishgard, Aronaux is a noted published historian, writing on such issues as the Dragonsong War, the Autumn War, Belah'dia, and proto-Ishgardian civilization before the murder of Ratatoskr.

Name and Lifestyle

Name Etimology


Lord Red, Aron

Current Residence

The Farendaire Manor, The Pillars, the Holy See of Ishgard

Before Dalamud's Fall

Birth and childhood (0-10)

Teen Years

After Dalamud's Fall


A Realm Reborn (Present, 23)

Other Notes

Wanted for Interesting Roleplay

Ishgardians! If you are a knight of House Fortemps or member of the House of Lords, you likely know Aronaux.

Historians of any race and creed are also desired for academic discussion.