Arylisse Dayhelm

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Arylisse Dayhelm


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BIRTH NAME... Arylisse Dayhelm

RACE & CLAN... Miqo'te, Seeker of Sun

GENDER... Female

AGE & NAMEDAY... Twenty-seven, Fifth Sun of the Sixth Astral Moon

ORIENTATION... Heterosexual



NATIONALITY... Thavnairian, Born Eorzean


OCCUPATION... Owner of Quirky Qiqirn and Verge Enterprises

PATRON DEITY... Nymeia, the Spinner

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 5 fulms 1 ilms, 123 ponz - thin enough to stand up, thicc enough to scare away kids

ALIGNMENT... Chaotic Neutral, or how I prefer to call it, rude when there is no benefit from being polite, because if there is, I'm gonna suck Santa's dick for you. Twice.


Work-driven to the point of exhaustion, nothing will get in her way when it comes to her job. Shy and uncomfortable in places where she's the center of attention, she warms up quickly if given a subject she can relate to. Though, she is only that on the outside as she suffers from extreme distrust and paranoia. Internally, and sometimes if provoked externally, she can be incredibly brash and blunt. Her mentality: "I'm gonna say what I think it right and if you don't like it, oh well." She tries to be friendly primarily because she feels it's better to not make enemies but if push come to shove, she will bite back. Still, good luck finding her anywhere but her workshop or running errands as this woman doesn't believe in a day off.


Her first notable feature is her warm toned hair. It's a vibrant hue of warm colors with the most prominent color being orange. Her eyes are a contrast to her bright hair, settling in a more royal colored green. She has a light dusting of freckles across her cheeks that only grow more prominent with either sunlight or whenever she blushes. She's very toned, harder than metal on every inch of her body due to carrying around 110 ponze worth of weights in her light cloth armor. Her right arm, from the shoulder down, is all Magitek limb from an unfortunate accident that happened in the past, as well as her left leg from the knee down. She tries to hide it by wearing a synthetic sleeve over her arm and foot like a glove and sock respectively though it's one of her biggest insecurities.


Cake, pastries, and the like. Heck, anything with cooking, she's a fan.
Magitek, Working. Staying busy in general.
Learning the history of the crystal.


Uppity folk. If you can't take a joke, please exit stage left.
Voidsent hunters due to things in her past.


Occasionally fiddles with buttons on her Magitek limb when nervous.
When deep in work, she makes some weird faces. Or whenever she's focused in general.
She will look lost in a crowd of people, like a scared child almost.


Not much is known about her childhood from memory. She remembers being a Xaela and that's it. Taken from her mother as a practically newborn age and raised in a compound of slave traders. The only 'family' she's ever known has been Madame and Father Isaac in a small compound called The Church. In this compound, she was not allowed any contact with anyone of the male gender unless it was Father Isaac himself, which usually meant trouble. Always a curious child, she was usually getting in trouble as she kept asking everyone about things she wasn't suppose to. Her 'sisters' and her were not allowed any form of education or income for any of the labor they were doing and were simply taught lessons that a housewife would need to provide her for children. Still, Arylisse found fascination in the stars and skies, creating fictional constellations in her head to pass the dull hours of the night. She spends hours every night making up new constellations.

As a young girl, she shown a promising talent in aetherical manipulation. She seemed to be more attuned to the natural aether that seemed to be attracted to her in particular. She hadn't any idea why but Madame had told her she was to practice the art of conjury and that only. She hadn't a real teacher and basically had to learn everything in her own time. She failed many times and would be punished for every failure she had done until she perfected each spell to Madame's liking. Arylisse still has some of the scars from the attacks against her whenever she failed but doesn't like to talk about them.

In her later years, her punishment grew more severe until she followed Madame's every rule to the tee. She continued to take the abuse until she became a mindless drone for Madame to mold how she saw fit. When the day came Madame saw her true skill, she handed Arylisse a white stone. It fought against her aether and made her feel like she was being torn apart but still, the spirit within the stone melded with her despite it's retorts and disagreeing. That was the day everything went downhill. She began to hear things, people talking about slavery. She didn't know what the word meant but she did find it odd that once her sisters reached a certain age, they suddenly disappeared. Usually if they were found their beaus, Arylisse would get a chance to say goodbye. She'd caught a couple of times in the night where she'd hear her older sisters screaming and yelling as they were taken away to wherever they went. It terrified her and forced her to maintain complete loyalty to the cause of the Church.

Along with all that, she was recruited to guard duty. She hadn't a clue what it meant but if it meant she was allowed outside the compound then she was more than willing to take up the duty. Little did she know, she was basically set out on suicide missions with other of her fellow sisters and brothers. She was forced to use her potent healing magic to keep her fellow teenaged friends and family's limbs reconnected. She had even been forced to heal wounds giving to captured victims so they they could continue torturing them until the information they wanted got out. After the first few weeks of these missions, it became her new goal to escape this place before she became expended like the many people she's seen perish at the hands of the Adders, whom were pursuing their efforts to free the children from the compound.

P R E S E N T - D A Y

Heartwood Ventures
After fleeing the Church, she ran into someone from Heartwood Trading Company. The girl offered the young Au Ra, at the time, respite at their small trading company in exchange for various odd jobs around. Arylisse found solace taking and mending the never-ending wounds that seemed to come about their company. Over time, she began to care and love for these people like the family she never got to have, even creating a strong bond with the leader, Archemides Fontaine. Four people in particular, she grew rather found of and that was Senjin Sye, and Sakeru Wakeru. Senjin and Sa had their difference but they both still appreciated Ary. Sakeru was good for a cheer-up, always there to offer a smile and kind word to Ary. Senjin and Arylisse had bonded quite well, Arylisse even sharing and understanding some of Senjin's past memories.

After a while though, she grew restless. Wanting more than simply just handling trade business. Her pseudo-brother and her went off, creating Verge Enterprises. They wanted to strive for something bigger than what they had. Though, unfortunately, it has it's downfalls. The only one who seemed to still reach out for her was her friends Zarilin and Archemides. She had tried to reach out a few times to the others but after being denied so many times, she gave up and kept going her own way.

Verge Enterprises
Over time, Zarilin, Bel, and her became something better than the family she claimed to have. They became partners and friends. All was well until the day in which Bel had disappeared. The man who had stuck around with her despite any hardships, the one she looked to when she was upset or sad, and the one she claimed her love for was now gone. She had broken, pushing away any attempt at anyone trying to get near her. She only kept close Zarilin, whom she now claimed was like a brother to her, and Archemides who even despite the rumors, always treated her as an equal and never once looked down his nose at her. Both were there to console her in the trying times, various friends from Heartwood there to soothe the wailing kitten while she mourned what she had presumed was the loss of her Au Ra lover. She had tried to find other means of happiness but nothing ever felt the same and soon, she had left her once safe home at Heartwood once Archemides too had left. She fled to Ul'dah with Zarilin, both severely injured from trying to fight for Bel's life. She continued living out there, working for herself and her brother until the burial ceremony. When that day came, the man who had claimed to kill her lover had shown and she fended him off only to have Bel show up again before her eyes. It was then where she vowed to stay with him, devote her life to his and work to make something of herself with the help of her closest friends, soon creating Verge Enterprises. All was going well for them, with Bel proposing to her for a new future.

That is until Zarilin had gone off to find himself elsewhere. He disappeared, trying to retrace his family roots. His share of the company was divided up between the five others whom signed the contract, leaving Zarilin's long time friend from way back when, Aeris, in charge. She felt it only appropriate to mourn for a short while since she now had more responsibilities to attend to. She wanted a better life for everyone so she threw herself into her trade and crafts, creating a small, thriving business from Ul'dah to Ishgard. It's there where she is now, scribbling away at various paperwork and making sure personally that each shipment makes it out to it's destination at any cost.

Wild Cards
After losing her home once to a miscommunication with the authorities, Arylisse took up residence as a larger plot, running out of her home a casino. Though, should couldn't quite give up the live of a mercenary, starting out with her contacts out in Ishgard for various bounties and jobs she could muster up. She did this in secrecy, hiding it from her casino employees and most importantly, the Syndicate. As they were the cause for her losing her original house and the downfall of Verge Enterprises. She puts on a front that it’s strictly just a casino, feinting the idea to the authorities for reasons unknown to others. Though, recently, she’s been more open with her bounty work. Hiring more merc types to work with her behind the scenes, leading with questionable authority.

That being said too, she has also been heavily at work carrying out the task her brother started. She began to manufacture Magitek mammets to achieve otherwise grunt-work tasks. Her collection of mammets has grown drastically over the months, some of which have formed their own type of personality while others are plain. She’s got it all: Scout Drones, Recon Drones, Battle Mammets, you name it. Anything she can make to gain the upper hand on the enemy. She’s even been using her expertise in Magitek to create prosthetic limbs for those in need, one of which she’s helped with was for an individual she’s never thought would become a friend. Slowly, she’s been coming out of her shell to make new friends but the task isn’t easy as she gets discouraged easily.

Quirky Qiqirn
Still tirelessly working, she found what she wished to do with her life: she created a respite for those who had nowhere else to go. Nobody else to turn to, really. She wanted to help the best she could, offering a home for adventurers and tradesman alike. Many would come but not stick long. It was a lonely life but she was always happy to help. She turned a new leaf, stopping herself from avoiding her taxes and working legitimately with those who would help her find work for those lost. She even found a few close friends: Elinne, Soran, and Lucius. The meeting of Soran was a blur, however she grew close to the stranger. He brought her to visit someone who needed help: a Garlean defector named Lucius. He was in a bad place, an infected arm stump with a Magitek limb haphazardly placed upon it. She quickly used her expertise to heal up the wound and safely reattached the limb so he may live a happier life. She continued to stay a mother figure for Lucius, as she felt this lost boy needed something positive to look for in the world. Through trials and tribulations, they remained as strong as ever, both confiding in the other when things got them down. The four of them were all great friends...until Decius, Lucius' biological father, came into the picture. He'd kidnapped both her adopted son and Elinne, as well as a mutual acquinatance Liam. He'd taken another, Ariaut, and brought the quadro to his lab to experiment on them. Decius however, decided it was best to drive Soran to utter madness, and blew up Ary's workshop with her still inside. She only barely managed to make it out at the cost of losing her arm and leg.

Traversing the Ruby Sea, Ary and a few mercs went over to rescue three of the kidnappees: Lucius, Elinne, and Liam, a mutual acquaintance. An insider working for Decius, Oliver had assisted in luring the three out to the Ruby Sea. Immobilizing Elinne and returning her home, they had beaten down Liam. All brainwashed, the three fought against her group. A former lover of Luke's, N'zhovi, managed to snap him out but not before Zhovi's sister had blown herself up. Repairing those affected by Decius' experimenting, they sought out to take down this abusive Legatus. She rallied up more numbers, saving Soran from a lifetime of insanity and had him come along. Soran, after the insanity, had lost most of his memories. She didn't bother trying to help him remember because everyone else was trying to tell him what was what. However, her reputation precedes her and before her and Soran could grow a bond closer, he had perished as well.

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