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Aryn ArynProfileInset001.png
Personal Data
Real Name: Aryn Gazariel
Known Aliases: Savitri, Tesni, Haruko, Aeliana
Race: Miqo'te
Age: 27
Name Day: 1st Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
Eye Color: Vibrant Teal
Hair Color: Deep auburn with golden highlights
Occupation: Courtesan
Marital Status: Professionally Unnattached
Known Relatives: Deceased
Voice Claim: Alex Tanner


I'm afraid my gift has always left me a little... vulnerable to the desires I sense from others. Nevertheless, this is who I am. You might as well ask a Scholar to forgo logic, or a Warrior to be non-violent. I cannot change. And I don't want to, ever. Why does it bother you?
Frankly, it's difficult for me, for many of us, to easily accept that a sentient being can live, only to be what someone else wants them to be, when they want them to be it.
But that is what gives me freedom.
But what about your wishes, your needs?
They are fulfilled by what I give to others.
But what about when... there are no others? When you're alone?
I am... incomplete.
- ------ -

Little Tidbits/Offsite Fun


"I received years of training in literature, etiquette, dance and music before I was allowed to make my first public appearance. We have played quite a huge role in enriching our country’s traditions in music and art, you know. And sexuality – that too was considered an art, an ancient art..."

“I have never deceived anyone, for I have never belonged to anyone. My independence was all my wealth: I have known no other happiness.”

Aspects That Stand Out:
Aryn has teal eyes, though being rather into artistic ventures, she understands how to use fashion and make up to make them look more green or more blue, however she seems to usually chose to try and balance the conflict of colour.
There's an elaborate tattoo upon the nape of her neck, sliding downward between her shoulder blades just a bit. It is rather foreign to Eorzea, and seems to express an air of possession. Those who are from (or familiar with) certain areas to the North and East of Aldenard would readily recognise the design.
While to some Miqo'te, it seems to be rather common, many seem to find the shape of Aryn's tail to be rather uncommon, a few even noting it as being exotic - something that she finds rather bothersome.


Although it often requires travelling under a variety of names, Aryn enjoys what could be considered freedom of movement across most of the world; there are costs, however, though she downplays them to most, if the conversation ever turns towards her travels. Much of her travels outside of the conventional allies of Eorzea she keeps quiet, aside from the fact her primary residence is in Hingashi - a living arrangement that is the crux of her travel ability.

Aryn tends to collect things while travelling - texts & books on a range of topics, from anthropology to zoology. Musical instruments, collections of musical dictations, books on musical theory. Paintings, drawings, sculptures as well as various mediums of parchment, paints, conte, chalk, charcoal, pencils, inks, dyes, and brushes. And of course, dresses and jewellery of all kinds, though those are often mostly gifts.

Aryn is a multi-faceted artist, available for public and private performances of any size, whether it be storytelling, singing, dancing, music, or artistic commission.
She is also available to attend parties as a person's companion - illusions can often make or break one's evening...and possibly their lives.
Some do become uncomfortable around Aryn, as she seems to have an uncanny degree of empathy, sometimes that creates levels of intimacy that people are not quite prepared for.


I wish I could convey to you what it is like to be such an empath. To feel the inner strength of someone. To realise that being with them is opening your mind and heart to endless new possibilities. To hear yourself say, "I like myself when I am with them."

You once asked me what I am like when I am alone. I never have been. There was always somebody there to educate me in literature, history, art, sex... But I have been alone on this journey. And I have found myself thinking about all the curious questions you asked. You wanted to know who I am. And as I continue to ask myself, the only answer that comes to me is: "I am for you, my dearheart." Because that is the truth.

Although she does not announce it from the rooftops, and she does not hide it in the shadows, Aryn uses her talents, skills, and training to live comfortably as a form of courtesan in Hingashi, and her methodology has quite a reflection upon her personality - as such things do for anyone who engages in such a business, and holds a particular kind of status; the basis of her profession is quite foreign to most lands, which causes her clientele base to be extremely limited while also colouring how she handles her business requests. Her unique brand of empathy also paints her temperament, causing many to feel like her personality shifts and shapes depending upon whom she is associating with at the time of their contact.

Another influence upon her personality is her unique affinity for deep empathy with those around her, which causes her personality to be rather metamorphic, changing rather fluidly, adapting to those around her, allowing her to blend into almost any social setting she arrives in. This often gives a the illusion of greater intimacy with people than Aryn actually has, and sometimes leads to discomfort with people she has only just met. Such fluidity also tends to lead to accusations of being disingenuous, however this is far from the truth - this fluidity of self is simply is who Aryn is.


Fine Wines.
Educated and/or Wise Individuals.
Inspired Artworks.
Talented Individuals Who Persist in Refining Their Skills.
Well Written Books.


Wasted Potential.
A Lack of Curiosity.
Unwillingness to Learn.
Unwillingness to Unlearn Preconceived Notions.


Painting & Drawing.
Jewellery Design & Creation.


Intellectual & Brilliant.
Analytical & Insightful.
Creative & Imaginative.
Machiavellian & Calculating.
Empathetic & Compassionate.


Romantically Detached.
Elusive & Ambiguous.
Empathetic & Compassionate.



Lady Marmalade (Official Video)
Artist: Christina Aguilera & P!nk & Lil' Kim & Mya
Origin: Moulin Rouge promotional video
Context: Lady Marmalade quickly became one of the most well known pieces of artistry related to courtesans and period entertainers after it was released in the lead up to Moulin Rouge`s premiere. The movie itself was a rather fantastic, over the top, visually stimulating story about a French courtesan who falls in love with a 'lowly' writer; there are many fairly accurate details of what life was like for a sex worker during that time period, and such themes generally extend to most time periods - lower ranking girls (and boys) were often given less considerations, only somewhat of a step above the whores who worked the docks and streets, while those who showed exceptional talents in entertainment and/or intelligence as well as the cunning to put them to greater use had the opportunity to lift themselves to greater heights. The movie does not show exactly how far a skilled courtesan can make it, however it does touch on themes like patronage of a rich suitor, exclusivity contracts, and hints at the very French idea of a courtesan being kept by the rich and/or noble in their estates, rather than being patronised at an establishment.
[_ Dance Eorzea Dance]
Artist: Artist Name
Origin: Album/etc Title
Context: Theme context.
[_ Dance Eorzea Dance]
Artist: Artist Name
Origin: Album/etc Title
Context: Theme context.


While most of her training has revolved around more cerebral or artistic endeavours, Aryn's training also extended into magical and combative arts, though she will rarely speak of this fact, nor of when she ever has had to make use of such things outside of scholastic matters. Some do get close enough to her to learn more about this facet of her life, however very few learn of such things in a polite fashion - those that have are usually learning such at the business end of her magical combative artistry.
Weapon: Aside from magic, her weapons of choice seem to be bladed weapons - from small, courtly daggers to beautifully designed rappers to exotic straight-bladed, straight-edged swords from Hingashi and Doma.
Weapons of Choice
Kokoro - literally, a 'courtesan's blade', which is a very small dagger that is easily hidden in fancy dresses, which can be used by not just courtesans, but any fancy lady who wishes to have a secret way to defend herself.
Filumena - an elegantly designed rapier, and Aryn's preferred weapon.
Proditria - an elegantly designed focus to match Filumena, also considered part of Aryn's preferred weapon.
Renaine - a sword of the Doman convention, its scabbard painted by Aryn before a sealing lacquer was applied to it.
Carina - an intricately carved and painted stave, dripping with leather strings that are threaded with beads, bells, and feathers.
Chanda - some sort of bell-like weapon that is on display in Aryn's personal quarters, that rarely, if ever, sees use.

OOC information for YOU

Below are some useful titbits should you ever be interested in attempting to attack Aryn (she rarely spars, though could be convinced under the right circumstances). Please note that while I am very open to violence and I am not beyond having my character sport an injury for days to weeks on end things such as dismemberment, permanent damage, and even death needs to be spoken about prior to any combat in vivid detail with extensive discussion before anything will ever occur IC.
Static World of Darkness Dice Pool: Essentially, using the basic idea of the 20th Anniversary Edition of the World of Darkness, with a static pool of dice (either 5 or 10 dice, depending upon how much variety one wants), using the standard success scale to determine the outcomes of combat; this also works well for various other skill & knowledge checks, even without having any sort of stats.
Designated Personal Systems: Everyone has their own system for group combat RP which they themselves made or they made for their Free Company. I am open to discovering, learning, and uses all kinds!
Free-form/Honour System: Typically, I am only comfortable with a free-form or honour based system of combat with those I have known for a least a little bit of time, and generally hash out a rough outline of the combat flow before posts even begin (much like the storyboards for a movie scene). If someone I know can vouch for someone I have only recently met, I may take a dive with a free-form or honour based scene for a combat, but otherwise, it is highly unlikely that I would be willing to do so; I have been role playing in MMOs for nearly twenty years, via message boards, messengers, and BBSs for nearly twenty five years, and role playing in general for nearly I have lost quite a bit of faith in humanity's honour on the internet and in 'lawless' role play.
Please, do not take it personal.



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
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◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"I barely know who she is, and... and who she is changes the moment the next man comes into the room. And I find myself hoping that the next man won't come in." ~Comment overheard from a prestigious Maelstrom Captain several cycles ago
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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam pretium at magna nec volutpat. Ut et fermentum erat, a eleifend justo.
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam pretium at magna nec volutpat. Ut et fermentum erat, a eleifend justo.


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors -
"Place Rumor here " — Rumormonger.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Vincent, Business Associate. ( $ ) - Bodyguard-in-Training.
Character's Thoughts: "As green as a fresh sprung gyshal head, though he seems to be willing to learn about his new found home; few are truly willing to learn, nor remain friendly after life's ills are served upon them, so I shall see if he can live up to his claims."
Upon finding out that Vincent was from the rurals of Othard, and discovering he was truly out of his element in Ul'dah - and really anywhere outside of his rustic home, Aryn grew concerned for the young man; although from further north, she too is from the East, and still holds a residence in Shirogane, travelling in Doma, Othard, and further north often. After the intervention of one Cezi'to the Archmage, and a rather odd evening, Aryn found that Vincent was rather against charity, so she offered him the chance to prove he could make it in the field of security - and potentially become her personal bodyguard before possibly becoming a member of the Red Lantern security detail.

Thus far, while Vincent has proved to be a talented fighter, his behaviour has Aryn questioning his personal feelings, as he often speaks in a manner that implies he may have less interest in the income that is being offered, and more interested in her company; despite her efforts to point out these things, the guard remains rather unaware of what he is doing, making her wonder if he is even aware of what he has been expressing.
Zanin Briggs, Acquaintance. ( ) - Mister Briggs.
Character's Thoughts: "He is rather well intended, though I believe he focuses too much on others and not upon himself, to the point of becoming far too stubborn in times when his needs exceed his capabilities to handle on his own - which reminds me far too much of another man of his stature that I once knew, and hate to think upon."
Aryn met Zanin during a poetry event where he was tending bar, and happened to also read a poem about science, aether, and mathematics that went over most people's heads; the subject was actually the city-devouring Ozma, which made her curious about him, leading to a conversation that lasted the duration of the event, and afterwards. Since then, the two have crossed paths a few times at other community events. After the arson of his clinic, however, Aryn has offered to allow Zanin to use one of her established residents or businesses as a place of residence while his home and clinic are being rebuilt.

The Au Ra has become the kettle to her pot, as the pair have verbally sparred about their respective situations, each trying to help the other overcome the obstacles they face. Initially, the Doctor had decided to just stay in her small estate in the Goblet, however recently has begun making overtures to escape to her operation in Hingashi, in an attempt to try something different in life; despite their verbal sparring, Aryn has offered up her home there to him, in hopes that he may find some form of relaxation and happiness.
Paradyme, relationship. ( $ ) - Handsome Distraction.
Character's Thoughts: " I had noticed him the night I was nearly attacked whilst in the Quicksand - how could anyone not? The long, beautiful red hair that falls down past his shoulders, brushing over his back; tis hard to miss such, particularly when tis on a man; coupled with the brilliant amethyst eyes, he is quite hard to miss, even in a crowd. However, with the commotion of the Dotharl proclaiming he was intent on slaying me, simply for turning my ears about in a noisy tavern, this lovely gentleman was sadly missed that eve. Thankfully, we are neighbours, of sorts, as he lives within the Goblet as well, and as luck would have it, Mister Paradyme happened upon me while I was relaxing in the baths there; he possesses an intelligence and wit that matches his beauty, and after voicing that he was thankful I was unharmed, we spent the rest of the evening in conversation - he even learned that dancing can be enjoyable when one finds the right partner."
Paradyme was witness to an incident in the Quicksand where a rather distressed Dotharl misread Aryn's body language, and assumed that she may be listening in on his specific conversation, and thus had information he desired, leading to his devising a plan at his companion to slay the Miqo'te - all within earshot of both Aryn and Paradyme. Unfortunately, the crafter was not particularly prepared to deal with a raging Dotharl, and when the Au Ra's unhinged dialogue turned towards the idea of killing all of the patrons of the tavern, as his companion pointed out that they would attack the swordsman if he did carry out his plane, Paradyme faded into the background of the tavern, escaping the situation, despite his concerns.

Several suns later, he encountered Aryn within the baths of the Goblet, recognising her from the strange event; he apologised for his lack of assistance, however Aryn recognised that the man was never in the position to deal with the Dotharl, especially if the Au Ra had carried out his first plan of attacking her in the tavern itself. After accepting the apology, the pair spent the rest of their evening together; there was a small mishap where a magically charged wave caused Aryn's bathing suit to come undone, leading to an awkward moment between them before they left the baths, however.

The evening was quite enjoyable, creating a new friendship for Aryn, as well as opening the possibility of a new client whom she feels may understand the rules of her game better than anyone has since she left her home.
Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Place Holder.. ( ) - Place Holder.
Character's Thoughts: "Place Holder."
Place Holder.



Player Note
I keep very clear distinctions as to OOC/IC. They must remain separate at all times in all RP situations, particularly on extended situations such as RP partners, and I reserve the right to terminate interactions should this be impeded upon. I have been role playing in MMOs for nearly 20 years now, and I have had far too many good time ruined by people mistaking IC care and OOC friendship and attention as romantic regard, and honestly I do not wish to go through another such debacle ever again. Upon the other side of the coin, if my character dislikes yours - within any shade of that spectrum - that does not mean I as a person hold that same sentiment. Of course, this also means that if my character loves yours, that does not translate to my personal feelings being the same for you, though I might feel a platonic equivalent. Realise that I am not my characters, and they are not me. If one can respect this, we shall get along fabulously.
Personal RP Limits
I do not have very many hardcore limits in regards to RP, as I feel actions must garner consequences when role playing any character, regardless of whom they might be. However there are a few exceptions to this and they are as follows.
I will play ...almost anything that is not described below.
I won't play ...death that is not discussed in great detail well beforhand - there must be a great deal of planning and the character's story must be at its end before I will consent to this facet of role play.
♦ ...rape is not something that is on the table, as such is a psychologically traumatising topic. Regardless of how beautifully scripted one believes their idea to be, do not bother to bring such proposals or attempt to inject them into our interactions. It is beyond the pale, beyond the Nope List.
♦ ...maiming, scarring, or intense injury of any sort that is not discussed in great detail beforehand - Aryn's livelihood depends upon not only her intellect and skills, but also her appearance and her physical manoeuvrability as well; malformation can keep her from holding a quill or brush, dancing, and more.
♦ ...plots that are devolved of substance, and only focus on ERP. While Aryn is a fancy courtesan, and does end up with sexual situations, she's an actual courtesan in the more historical context, where there is far more focus on her mind, personality, and artwork than there is on her sexual prowess, although that still is a factor.
Little Tidbits.
Communication is paramount. There are many things about Aryn that could make a person uncomfortable, aside from the obvious. If one is feeling any sort of discomfort, please speak to me about how you are feeling - leave nothing ambiguous or unsaid. Things always work out better when everything is discuss and a collaboration, rather than a one way street.
Do not expect to leap into a relationship with Aryn. Relationships are bad for the business the character is in, and as a person, I am not seeking that level of commitment - I lack that sort of time, and I would feel quite awful about the fact that I couldn't devote as much time as a full time IC relationship would require.


Potential Plot Hooks
While the below is incredibly far from comprehensive, it's a kind of spring board for walk-up role plays.
■ Professional courtesan.
■ Oddly, despite relying on being sociable for her professional life, when 'off the clock',
Aryn will often just relax and observe while out and about.
■ Although she can enjoy fine wines, she tends to drink tea more often or not.

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