As'miya Hyun

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Ul'dah-transparent.png As'miya Hyun
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun/Wyvern tribe (As')
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Age 19
Marital Status Single
Occupation Performer/Conjurer
Height/Weight 4'9"
Orientation Pansexual
  • As'hyun (father)
  • As'tallica (mother)
  • As'maya (twin sister)
  • As'tteryn (older sister)
  • As'tarotte (older sister)
  • As'corryne (half sister)
  • As'tarissa (maternal aunt)

As'miya Hyun (25th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon (24th April)) is a young miqo'te who is street performer and conjurer based around Ul'Dah, twin sister to As'maya. As'miya and her twin sister were grew up away from the Wyvern tribe homeland in the Sogolii Desert with the Drake tribe.

For many years, unaware that they were sent away to grow up in peace away from the stories of raiders of their destroyed home. Miya and Maya grew up resenting their parents for abandoning them, eventually they became aware of the fact that they had older twin sisters and a brother. The hope that one day they'd be reunited with their family and discover the truth to their heritage.

Basic Info


Hot baths
Social gatherings / Partying


Cold weather
Soldiers / Authority


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Favorite Food: Rolanberry Cheesecake
Favorite Drink: Red wine
Favorite Color: Blue


As’miya is quite a disorganised Miqo’te at heart, she’s naturally a bit messy without realising it. She has been taught how to organise documents and archiving them in a particular way: but she tends to ‘go with the flow’ and do such trivial matters in her own way, which isn’t always the best way. But she always does try her hardest, she is very hard-working once she gets focused on something she is passionate about.

She is in-between introverted and extroverted, it depends on how well she knows the person she converses with. Miya worries easily, gets nervous and this causes her to have anxieties because she assumes the worst at times. She tends to blame herself if things go wrong even if she didn’t directly cause the problem at hand.

If she knows the person well, she tends to be more calmed and relaxed around them. But if Miya isn’t familiar with people, she can be very tense and will ramble out random crap about herself without meaning to as a sign of her uneasiness.

Miya can be very reckless and chaotic at times emotionally. She is impatient, easy-agreeable and a bit of a follower. She is quite gullible, this leads her to get into trouble and make mistakes without realising the consequences until further down the line. She can be outspoken in the sense that she often blurts out things mid-conversation without thinking things through, this has got her in trouble quite a few times.

She is trying to teach herself to bite her tongue and keep her honest opinion out of her everyday affairs so she doesn’t misbehave, but it isn’t as easy for her as she would like it to be. This leaves her to be very pessimistic and always assuming the worst before anything has even happened. She sees the world of Eorzea in a naive, child-like way. Although, she is beginning to meet people who are allowing her to see the world in a different way.

Miya is open-minded, she will try to help those who she encounters in the best way possible. She doesn’t like to upset people, and her curiosity of the world does make her ask questions which may come across as dumb and stupid to others. She isn’t as cultured as she could be, but she does understand what’s wrong and right in life.

Sometimes she is easily swayed but she generally goes with her gut feeling on things before she does them (if she hasn’t already rushed into a situation like she does usually). Miya is very faithful and loyal to those who help her, it may take her a while to realise that someone is going out of their way to help her, she comes across as a bit ignorant when you first meet her.

She trusts people too easily and this has led to her getting hurt in the past. But you’ll always see a smile on her face as she tries to hide her true feelings, but she is easily read. She really needs to let her hair down and allow herself to enjoy the finer things in life.


Miya is a rather short Miqo'te, despite her short stature her body sports exquisite curves, particularly in her chest. She has a large bust for her figure, and this is a problem when it comes to purchasing clothes as her body doesn't have a definitive size. She hates the fact that she is so small, and wishes regularly that she was taller as a lot of people tease her about her height.

Miya’s natural hair was a dirty blonde colour like other members of the Wyvern tribe, for many years it was long and curly. But recently, her friend Raven got sick of her clothes and wanting to change Miya’s look: Raven cut her long locks off and her new hairstyle looks quite messy. Although, this upset Miya at first - she eventually grew to love her new hairstyle. She has light eyes: one blue and one pink, which is a common characteristic amongst members of the tribe

She takes care of her appearance and constantly practises new makeup styles to enhance her assets. A lot of people notice how beautiful her eyes are and her face is, but she doesn’t have much confidence in her looks so she tends to experiment with makeup. She has the Wyvern tribal tattoos across her face and is covered head-to-toe with aether infused glowing tattoos after her mother had them put on her shortly after birth.

Miya has a small scar on her left hand: between her thumb and forefinger, it is a 2-3 cm and sits on the carpal bones and covers the knuckle of the forefinger slightly too. She electrocuted herself after casting a thunder spell but couldn’t control or channel it properly. The magic backfired onto her, she blacked out and is now left with a permanent reminder not to get too overconfident in her abilities.


Back story

I'll update this eventually...



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Always seen wit' tha' sista of 'ers... I cannae not tell which one is who..." -- A passerby
"Her twin sister is jealous of her boobs... it's clear she has a bigger size compared to the other twin." -- An admirer
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"I'd watch her, she's definitely got abandonment issues.." -- A nosey onlooker
"She bakes an amazing rolanberry cheesecake!" -- A friend
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"...Definitely has a strange obsession with aetherflow. Heard she was researchin' some theory about returnin' stolen aether to her twin." -- A mage
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"Miya has taken m' down in a fist fight, no holds barred. Ah, jus' kiddin'! She's got good fashion sense an' lets me drag her along fer clothes shopping. Oh, she's a right good healer, too." - Tamm'lin Maertena
"When I met Miya she was a half-starved whelp livin' hand to mouth on the streets. Seein' her now? Makes me damn proud if I'm honest." - Orpheus Arkouda
“She’s a good person at heart, won’t ever be anything else" -- Myrrah Padfoot


Romantic Interest     Sexual Desire     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Poor Standing
As'maya Hyun : Miya's twin sister: the one person she has been with since birth and people were often unable to tell who was who. Recently due to circumstances beyond Miya's control, she hasn't seen her beloved sister for a long time and has been trying to locate her desperately.
Zeyh Xiya'ze : This beautiful Auri woman spent a year living with Miya in Ul'dah whilst she studied destruction magic, they met one day by chance where they became lovers. They spend a lot of time together outside of their respective guilds: they cause trouble, get drunk and joke around. She lost her virginity to this wonderful woman and she'll always have a place in Miya's heart for being the first person to lay with her.
Orpheus Arkouda : Miya met this tall, muscular pink haired Miqo'te in the most strangest of circumstances: she thought he was dead and she tried to loot him. He grabbed her by the neck scaring her and was amused by the fact she tried to retaliate against him. Seeing she was clearly starving and hungry, he took her under his wing and offered her a place to live.
As'tterryn Hyun : Miya's older sister who she looks up to like the mother she never knew, Terryn is the reason Miya can control her aetherflow so freely. She loves spending time with her older sister and chatting about the history of the Wyvern tribe.
Argent River : Miya met the Holy Mother of the Church of Muscles on a beach, the two had a rather strange encounter which included Miya clawing the roegadyn's beach towel into pieces. Miya went home with the ripped towel... Days later they encountered each other again, Argent suggested she join an adventurer's guild to practise her healing magic.
Raven Hellkite : This small auri lady cornered Miya in an alleyway after she ruined Raven's plans to slaughter some novice mages. After being left in a dire situation: Miya is forced to call upon her conjuring magic once more and she injures Raven who is completely caught off guard: Miya begs Raven to allow her to tend to her wounds. The two end up becoming friends where they travel to La Noscea together where they live and make an honest life for themselves whilst they attend to some business there.
Tamm'lin Maertena : Miya met this lively woman when she was younger: they're both completely different in personality and appearance that you would never believe they even spoke! Miya has a soft spot for Tamm'lin and often carries a supply of special potions that she brewed just for her. The two bond over their love for alcohol and are often seen together at social gatherings in arm together partying the night away.


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