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In a nutshell...

"This one time, Tamm'lin and myself made a slight error when trying to con some idiot into giving us 100,000 gil for 100 Manderville Gold Saucer tokens. The guy fell for it, but as we walked away, he asked the gil exchange clerk and was told the truth. Ah! There we were, surrounded by guards and backed into a window when Tamm turns to me, smiling ear to ear, and says; "I bet if we jump we might land on a passing airship." Before I can tell her how stupid that idea was, there's a crash of glass behind me. Of course, I jump after her. In a last ditch attempt to not fall to our certain doom, I tie a rope to my dagger, throwing it at a support beam. Just as I miss and start readying for death, I hear the sound of springs, followed by an impact on something soft. Turns out we landed on the deluxe bed of a newly wed couples airship. They'd decided to move it to the deck for, er, romantic purposes..." - S'kye S'yoponi
 Tamm'lin Maertena
Mama said KNOCK YOU OUT! - credit to DrGriswald for making this wonderful thing.
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun - Condor Clan; "But really, th't ain't important... an' none of y'r business!"
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 26-30. She isn't quite sure.
Marital Status Single
Occupation Wandering Miqo'te, Co-Leader of the Earthshakers, General Ner-Do-Well
Height/Weight 5fulms & 4Ilms(5'4") & 140 Ponz, though her weight is all muscle, she'd assure you.
  • Brother in Arms; Descending Bear
  • Adoptive Father: AhldWint Eyridoensyn
  • Adoptive Mother: Sthalwyb Sterrbharwyn

Basic Backstory

Since a young age, Tamm always seemed to be at odds with everyone around her. She fought too much, yelled too much, didn't want to be paired off to take her rightful place in the clan - As all female Seekers of the Sun do. The ginger and white haired girl had no interest in those dole affairs; Instead, she longed to see what was laying beyond in the world at large - What experiences, friends, and knowledge she could find. This, of course, was a great concern to the elders around her. They tried talking to her, scolding her, and eventually giving her one last chance to adhere to the traditional ways; Of which she refused to do.
Really, it left them with only one choice - Kick her ass out!
Which they did, to great fanfare, as their clan no longer had to worry about fights breaking out at dinner time or the clan's males getting their ears bitten if they so much as looked at Tamm wrong. As soon as she was of age, off she was kicked; Much to Tamm's delight. Of course, at a tender age, she was inexperienced, inept, and not very bright to begin with.
However, she was a hard worker - Which lent to her benefit when she finally settled herself in Limsa Lominsa.
Typically, the seaside city is Roegadyn territory. However, as we all know, the Roegadyn's are accepting of other races; Provided that you're useful and productive.
At the very least, Tamm was certainly that. In a small shipyard that employed her, Tamm did her best, worked her hardest, and never gave up on a task. Yet, when the day was done, she often wandered off by herself, much to the bewilderment of her fellow shipyard workers. "Don't ya have a home to go to?" The older of the crowd often asked, having grown concerned for their young compatriot. "Well no, I don't." She'd reply, with a simple shrug of her shoulders and a beaming grin. "Clearly," Thought her old, grumpy Boss, "This will not do! Isn't right for a girl her age t' not have a home."
So, with that, he went to his wife; Who readily agreed. She'd always been fond of children, you know. However, they'd not been blessed in having any.
Much prodding and yelling and ranting and pointing ensued, with Tamm'lin finally relinquishing her pride and getting a warm bed to sleep in for the first time in months. Months turned into years, and for a while, all was right with the world.

...This is at least the story she'll tell you. That doesn't mean it's true.


A good, rough fight. If you aren't going all out, she doesn't think it's worth her time.
Good booze.
Descending Bear's helmet
Doing things she probably shouldn't. Especially if she's been told she shouldn't.
Arm wrestling.
Suplexing people during fights.


Being bored.
Sour things!
Some Hyur named Flynt.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Neutral Evil
Brash - She doesn't think too hard or too long about decisions. But generally regrets them later!
Very large vengeful and sadistic streak
Sticky fingered and unrepentant about it.

Character Diamond

The "Character Diamond" is a great character building tool. A more indepth look at it and further explanation is listed here: The Character Diamond

Brash Tamm'lin doesn't plan much ahead, and even when she does, she's hardly the mastermind she thinks she is! Quick decisions often follow her quick temper.

Mischievous Her bratty streak is a mile wide and Tamm'lin can't ever resist the urge to show it every chance she gets. This is both good and bad, because she often runs her mouth with out thinking of the consequences.

Easily Bored Tamm'lin has an inherent need to be entertained. When bored, it leads to destructive behavior; Much like a youngster left to their own devices.

Morally Ambiguous Everything has a good side, a bad side, and a huge range of 'in the middle'. Doing the 'right thing' doesn't always mean doing what society thinks is 'right'.


The tanned and freckled Seeker isn't exactly a beauty; Rather, she could be, if she ever put much effort into her appearance. Slender, short, and wiry are three words to describe the Miqo'te. Darkly tanned arms and legs show well-deserved muscle, the kind one might get from hours of walking, climbing, swimming, and training to fight. If Tamm had to be flowery about it, the quiet little cat would say her eyes are like the sea on an eerily calm day. Glass green and reflective.
Her hair is usually a wreck, with chopped mane-style in utter disarray. With white streaks running through her short, light auburn hair, the look of 'unruly tomboy' is only accentuated. Doesn't help that the damn, spunky Miqo'te doesn't have much in the way of curves. Small chested and lanky, the ruffian looks more apt to punch the owner of an errant, butt pinching hand than bat her long lashes owlishly at them.
In spite of all this, in some ways the woman is cute. In the kind of way a tiny lizard might be. Adorable, rough looking, and sort of scary if you aren't used to seeing such things.
More often than not, Tamm is seen wearing a gilded eyepatch, with black boots embroidered with gold thread, and a usually ragged black top and set of pants. Really her chosen outfit varies greatly, but the eyepatch is constant.

Life So Far...

Previously...: After disbanding her gang, sewing up some loose ends, and quickly vanishing from the underworld scene, Tamm'lin stumbled upon a quiet life with a Roegadyn named Descending Bear, and his mentor, an Elezen named Ancel Foriester. After much prodding, coercion, and hardheadedness on their part, the two Beast Slayers managed to straighten out the wiry mess of a Seeker. Now on the straight and narrow, Tamm lived a secluded life, taking odd jobs and spending her days shadowing the other two. In time, she learned to read and write well, fulfilling an ambition she didn't know she even wanted.

After Ancel's retirement, Descending Bear and Tamm'lin went on their way, forming the leve/mercenary/bumbling idiot company called, "The Earthshakers." As leaders in arms, the two are striving to make a difference... whatever that might be.

As of Right Now:
Tamm'lin is doing her best to be the kind of person that Ancel and Bear know she can be. Nice, kind, compassionate. At the very least, not stabbing people in the street. However, Tamm is none of these things. Deep down, the calico crook is steadily becoming more and more drawn back into her previous life of crime.

Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!
◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"I heard she's real odd. You know, for a Miqo'te."
"Apparently, she's got a powerful sweet tooth. I see're munching on sweets all the time, walking around Ul'dah and staring at things like she's off in her own world."
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"That cat? She hits like a damn chocobo kick to the face."
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Heard she's been sneaking 'round at night. Apparently, digging around f'r information. I'd steer clear of that one, if I were you."
"... Story's been that she killed a man or two with nothin' but her bare hands and a dagger to their necks. Sliced 'em like she was bleedin' out a hog to slaughter."
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"Tammi? Gods, ser, you should have seen that girl when she dropped by our little dinner party the other evening dressed in 'naughty farm girl' attire. A modest and intriguing little kitten, as she refused to acknowledge her tasteless outfit. She's also quite talented with a knife, I assure you. How amusing! I'll have to get to know that one a little better once I catch up on sleep." - Sigurd Sundsteigen
"For someone so small, she can really hold her drink. I'm pretty sure she drank her weight in booze. It made me proud." - Benedict Whiteraven
"Have you seen her at Grindstone? BOOSH! Jugular Punch. BASH! Knee break. SLAM! Collarbone Crunch. She's amazing!" - S'kye S'yoponi
"Aha, Tamm. She used t'work fer us. Then... worked next door! I heard she ripped out a pirates throat with her own fuckin' teeth on a mission, then went home t'play dress up as a kinky gardener. R'gardless, she's always good fer a laugh that one. I'd take th'opportunity t'drink with her again, aye." - Odette Saoirse
"She’s got a heart of gold… just like that damn eye patch of hers. Just don’t touch that eye patch… or you WILL regret it." - Teirra Lihzeh
"Tamm definitely has her own way of doing things... I worry about her a lot, being as spunky as she is. Did you know she once got so drunk she let a fist fight break into an axe fight, and almost jumped in the ring? Hah-- she did! Was a fun night, that one." - Ciaran Cadeyrn
 ????? Close Friends "Friends!" Acquaintances ¤Neutral "Jerks!"
₡₳ Bear - Mentor and brother in arms, Tamm cherishes this Reogadyn. She's gained some sort of morals from paling around with him. Furthermore, he taught her the magic of reading, which she's ever grateful for.
S'kye S'yoponi - Close Friends doesn't even begin to cover the relationship between these two. Tamm will, and has, killed a bitch for S'kye, who is her precious popoto friend.
Cerry - Long time pals, equally abrasive towards one another.:

Hard Limits

Please don't try to murder Tamm... and if you do want to, please let me know first!
Just ask. Seriously. It's all situational, just like real life is.

Please do!

Walk up & Tells are always appreciated!
Feel free to contact me on my discord for RP! The Final Pam#8828
Randomly chit chat!

Other OOC Information

M/D RP friendly. I don't mind wounds, blood, guts, gore, or psychological mayhem.
I am NOT okay with ERP.
Preferably, I want a steady RP group!


Footnotes and Other Things

Her theme song currently might be this;
The current TV tropes;
Because I'm Good At It - Fighting seems to be the only thing she's naturally good at.
Ambiguously Evil - The moral grey area is tricky to navigate.
It Amused Me - Tamm'lin does most things because they amuse her; Sometimes, not to the benefit of others.

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