Asdrellia Pemberton

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Gridania-transparent.png Asdrellia Pemberton
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Gridania



One would never guess the timid, nervous woman before them was a conjuror ...

Her staff held close to her chest until her knuckles were white, voice stammering occasional words when she spoke ...

Never straying too far from the safety of Gridania ...

Character Basics

  • Name: Asdrellia Estell Pemberton
  • Nicknames/Aliases: Elli, Lia, "Autumn Wind"
  • Birthdate: 9th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
  • Age: 23 years
  • Guardian: Thaliak, the Scholar
  • Race: Hyur/Midlander
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5'4" (162cm)
  • Eyes: Seagreen
  • Hair: Blonde with streaks of red/orange; has been described as "like fire"
  • Skin: Milky white, described as "like porcelain" with small patches of freckles.


  • Birthplace: Ul'Dah
  • Current Residence: Small Farm on the outskirts of the North Shroud; Conjuror's Tower
  • Father: Reginald Pemberton.
    • Was a partner in his father's swindling schemes in Ul'Dah until caught. His life was spared when his father traded all the riches they owned for their lives, and was left with nothing. Wandered with his father, wife, and four year old Asdrellia to Gridania where he met his new wife after being widowed. Turned to the life of farming,
  • Mother: Estella Hyden Pemberton.
    • Was a small shopkeeper in Ul'Dah selling silks and pottery. Married Reginald at a young age, and traveled with him when their house and wealth were lost in Ul'Dah. Died during the trip to Gridania from a fever.
  • Step-Mother: Shyalna Redleaf Pemberton.
    • Met and married Reginald when his family came across her farm which she owned, working on it alone. Warmed up quickly to Asdrellia and was the first to notice her abilities speaking to nature.
  • Siblings: None


  • Main: White Mage (Level 41): Rumors reached her ears about the Great Tree A-Towa-Cant and those called Padjal who were blessed with the ability and honor to use the white artes. She traveled to find the siblings of the Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna, Raya-O-Senna and A-Ruhn-Senna, and was found worthy by A-Towa-Cant. She strives to embody the ways of the padjal, to never show fear or feel anger, giving comfort and succor to those in need.
    • Conjuror. As a child, Asdrellia found she could coax plants into growing where soil was deemed infertile, as well as heal the sick animals on the farm where she lived. At the age of twelve (12), her parents took her to Gridania, where she began to train as a novice Conjuror.
  • Secondary:
    • Arcanist (Level 15): She had dabbled a bit in the mathematical ways of the Arcanist, but after a time, found it too difficult to continue, failing to understand the complex formulae.
    • Gladiator (Level 15): After seeing so many hurt or dead after protecting her from Ophianne, Garston Hext's right hand woman, she wanted to learn to protect herself better. Brother E-Sumi guided her to Wolkan in the Coliseum in Ul'Dah, who taught her the basics.
  • Special Abilities:
    • Since childhood, she can speak with plants to coax them to grow
    • When in close physical contact with another person, she can feel their emotions. If they are sad, she is overwhelmed with sadness. This is not mind reading, but a strong sense of empathy.


  • Fashion of Choice: Her everyday wear is flowing dresses, as it mimics the flow of the aether that surrounds her and all of Eorzea. She looks for any and all fasion in the color of "sahagin green", Desmond saying it looks beautiful on her.
  • Armor of Choice: As a White Mage, she wears the customary robes and/or suit. As a Gladiator, she wears whatever armor protects her best, making it herself.
  • Weapon of Choice: Depending on the situation, you shall find her using a staff or a wand and targe. As a Gladiator, she struggles with using a shield and a weapon, though she trained with a gladius.
Asdrellia Pemberton


  • Motivations:
    • She constantly strives for balance between fear and peace, not only within herself but the world around her.
    • Beneficence is always on her mind and in the way she treats those in need (please see the Hippocratic Oath).
    • She seeks to always educate herself, whether the subject be in the healing artes, or the history of a race. All of Eorzea is a library meant to be researched.
  • Disposition:
    • Outwardly she is very nervous, stammering and shying away from new people and large crowds. Once she gets to know someone and relxes in their presence, she opens up.
    • Many have described her as a "perfect motherly figure", saying she would be a wonderful wife.
  • Outlook:
    • She tries to be optomistic as much as she can, though she has seen her share of death and evil in Eorzea.
    • Her thoughts and movements are very caustion and controlled, for fear of making a mistake or saying the wrong thing.
    • She is very conventional in her ways, not changing things on a whim.
  • Negative Traits:
    • On more than one occasion, she has drained her own life force to bring someone back from the void and death. This has nearly killed her, but she would do it again to save the life of someone close to her.
    • Though she gives her life to healing and helping others, the pressure can make her close in on herself as she feels always alone and no one to talk to, which of course is not the case.


  • Favorite Foods: Being brought up on a farm, she has come to love anything fresh and made by one's own hands. Fish and non-red meat is her main course favorites, and all kinds of vegetables and fruits. She will try something new, but only if another does with her.
  • Favorite Drinks: She does horribly with alcoholic drinks, so stay with water and fruit juices.
  • Favorite Colors: Sahagin Green, Gold, Silver, White
  • Hobbies: Gardening is her one true hobby. She hopes to one day own land and grow a beautiful garden.


Asdrellia's story starts many years ago where she was born to Reginald and Estella in Ul'Dah, her family quite wealthy. They owned a large house and enough wealth to live comfortably. Her mother kept a small shop that sold silks and ceramics to the wealthy, and her father stayed at home. But Reginald had a secret. He was a con artist, a swindler, a thief. He and his father created fake works of art, selling them for double their price to those wealthy enough to afford it.

But all good things come to an end. Their last scheme would have made them thousands of gil, if the man they got to make the forgery on a painting did not add too many trees. The man who was going to buy the artwork brought in a scholar well versed in the painter's work, and noticed the forgery. As the merchant's guards move to clap the two in irons, Reginald's grandfather begged for their lives, wishing to trade all their wealth so they may live.

The merchant agreed, leaving the Pemberton family homeless and penniless. Asdrellia was four years old when her family bundled her up, one crate of property that was not taken from them placed in a rickety old cart, and they began their long journey to find a home. They traveled to Gridania, Estella wanting to always visit such a lovely place. Sadly, on the way she came down with a fever, and nothing Reginald or his father could do could save her. They buried her in an unmarked grave under a large tree, her necklace of coral draped over a low branch.

The family continued on, reaching the outskirts of the North Shroud where they came upon a small farm, one hut owned by a young woman. They stopped to have a drink of water, and learned the woman had moved out on her own after disagreeing with her parents on marrying a man she did not like. Hours turned to days, as Reginald fell in love with the woman, Shyalna, taking her hand in marriage.

Reginald's father passed a year after that, but had helped the new family grow by expanding the small hut. Asdrellia began to learn the names of animals and plants, and helped her step mother in the kitchen. Her father learned to till the fields and care for their animals, though he did miss his wondrous silks and food, as well as Estella. But they slowly made a comfortable life for themselves, selling popatoes, meats, milk, and other things to Gridania, expanding their small farm.

Asdrellia began to blossom as a young girl, learning quickly to speak as well as how to cook. Her parents noticed her talents around the farm, coaxing dying plants to grow in soil that even her mother could not get to. She also spoke to the animals, those who were ill or injured healing in a days time. At first, her parents took such abilities for granted, but as Asdrellia grew, her step mother felt it best to send her step daughter to Gridania and learn to use her skills outside the farm.

They walked her to the city when she was twelve, the young girl nervous and confused. But in time, Asdrellia warmed to her new life, pouring into her studies and showing great promise. Her life was sheltered though, her social graces and knowledge of relationships not forming, making her quite akward in later years.

She met her first Miqo'te while in the Conjuror's Tower, a young male who sat in the gardens. She was scared of him, but they slowly became friends over the years until he left one day for Limsa Lominsa and never returned. In time, she learned he died saving a family from their burning house, coming face to face with feelings of losing someone close to her, as she was too young when her mother passed to understand at the time.

She became well known around the tower for her kind words and actions, which brought her to meet Garston Hext and his caravan. They were passing through Gridania, wounded and tired from running into Ixal on the roads. Asdrellia was asked to go to the where they stayed in the Carline Canopy and heal their wounds. Dutifully she did so, and stayed with them for a week as they told her stories of Ul'Dah and Limsa Lominsa. Asdrellia became enthralled, and decided to leave with the caravan, having Brother E-Sumi's blessing as he felt it was time for her to go out into the world.

All was well in the beginning, as they worked their way to Ul'Dah to sell the goods they collected. Until one night where Asdrellia overheard Garston talking to his men about selling her to the Amalj'aa for a chestful of gil. She panicked, running into the night with nothing but the clothes on her back. For days she ran, Garston's men on her heels once they found she was missing. It was during this time she heard of the Driftwood Company, begging them to protect her. Garston and his men came, finding her with the Drifters, but his men were killed, leaving him to run off, swearing he would never stop hunting Asdrellia until she was back in his hands.

Since then, she gave all her time and skills to her saviors, studying to become a White Mage and practicing her hands at crafting. During that time, she fell in love with Desmond Aryll, he swearing to kill Garston if he ever tried to take her again. She had met many more people who saw things in her that no others did, encouraging and helping her become stronger, even to this day.

Important RP Storylines

  • Garston's Hunt The ongoing RP story between Asdrellia, and Garston Hext

OOC Info

  • Played by: Scarlett Johansson


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