Ashiirra Azaria

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Ashiirra is a miqo'te girl from the Shroud. A master of archery and tracking, though more a botanist of late. She lives in the Oak Inn raising her adoptive daughter Ariilyn Azaria.

Gridania-transparent.png Ashiirra Azaria
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Gridania
Nameday 17th sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
Guardian Menphina, the Lover
Profession Botanist


Early Life

Ash sitting around.

Ashiirra Azaria, daughter of S'Jarren Tia and Ariina Azaria was born in Ul'dah. Her parent however intended to raiser her at her mother's family farm deep in the shroud. Along the trip home their caravan was attacked by a band of highwaymen known as the Clysm. Her parents fought bravely but were overpowered by the band. Ashiirra however was whisked away by an elezen mage whom had forewarned the caravan of the highwaymen. The elezen took Ashiirra safely to the home of her mothers parents where they were initially headed.

There on the farm Ashiirra grew up to be an adventurous lass. Her grandparents were not fast enough to keep up with her and ran a busy farm to boot. Ashiirra was left to herself for the most part with little chores to tie her up.

Her adventures one day took her deep into the woods beyond the border of the farm. This place was forbidden for her to play in, but she couldn't resist. After a few hours of exploring she came upon a clearing with blue berry bushes. As she was picking the berries, a loud angry snort sounded from right behind her. As she turned she saw a great boar stamping the ground making ready to charge. Ashiirra dashed off randomly into the wood running as fast as her small legs could carry her, the boar close behind. As she ran she missed a large root and stumbled over it. she tumbled along for a ways and ended up against a large tree. Behind her she could hear the undergrowth crunching as the boar plowed through. Her energy drained all she could do was curl up and cry until it was over. She sat there for what felt like forever, but nothing happened. Eventually she built up the nerve to look out. Nothing was there. It was as if the boar had magically vanished.

She limped back along the path the boar had cleared in the brush and returned to the clearing. In the middle of it she discovered a short blade in its scabbard, stuck into the middle of the clearing. Upon it was a note, "Keep me with you and I will keep you Safe." She examined the blade closely before taking hold of its hilt. Drawing it she discovered that the blade was made of silver and had delicate runes along its spine. Looking around she quickly returned it to its scabbard and carried it home.


Throughout her childhood Ashiirra was always aware that her parents were missing. It wasn't until around her 16th name day that she was told the story. It broke her heart hearing what her grandparents had learned of her parents deaths. The fact that the criminals had escaped justice and were still somewhere in the world causing trouble made it all the worse. It was then that something in her decided that she would spend her life tracking them down.

And so she did, but not wildly. She decided to join the Adders, The military organization of the Shroud. There she received formal training from all three Guilds of Gridania. Though she preferred the Bow she also became adept at conjury and with lance based combat. She spent many years working for the Adders and went on many missions. She primarily acted as a scout for missions, though she was also trained as a squad leader.

Her final mission with the Adder's was a tragedy that she blames herself for. The company had recived rumors of remnants of the Clysm gang rebuilding within the shroud. Ashiirra was of course the first to volunteer to investigate the rumors. She took a squad of four including herself and set out. Following the trail of rumors they ended up in an abandoned catacombs hidden in the forest. Within they discovered what they hunted. The Clysm was alive and growing there and the 4 of them were no match. They were captured and subsequently tortured for information about the Adder's and Gridania's defenses. Ashiirra did manage to send a message out and a rescue team was sent for them, but not before her squad was executed and she was terribly injured. The leaders of the Clysm escaped the rescue team as well.

After that mission Ashiirra couldn't stand to stay with the Adders any longer, so she left and became a free agent. She began working with many free companies to hunt down the gang. After many months of searching she was able to find them. With the help of some stalwart friends she was able to take down the leader of the Clysm and return him to Gridania for his execution.

With her life's work done however Ashiirra fell into a depressed state. She spent several days in seclusion alone before someone found her and upset her into leaving. Her blind angry march took her to a small farming settlement out on the plains. There she met a young green haired girl who lifted her spirits. The girl, Ariilyn, was a orphan who had spent her entire life in the town. She spent her days pulling weeds and other chores to get food and a place to sleep. Ashiirra and Ariilyn became friends quickly. Ariilyn loved listening to Ashiirra's stories which helped Ash remember all the good times and people she had met. They ended up leaving together and returning to the Shroud. Ash now acts as Ariilyn's adoptive mother and they live together in the Shroud.



Long Baths


Open Water


Foraging in the Forests
Spoiling Ariilyn
Keeping a journal


Favorite Food & Drink: Popotos & Apple Juice
Favorite Creatures: Fawns
Least Favorite Food: Fish
Least Favorite Creature: Dragons
Ash & Arii.

Powers and Abilities

Magical: Ashiirra spent a few moons studying conjury and the way of the elemental's. She has a strong grasp over earth and wind magic as well as healing magic. She has trouble drawing energy from the elemental's though and has a tendency to drain her own essence if she pushes too hard.

Archery: Ash's preferred style of combat is from afar with a bow. The bow she uses was a reward from a mission. It is a composite bow made from dragon bone. She is an excellent shot.

Dagger: Ash always carries her dagger she found as a child. After researching the runes she found a ritual that binds it to her will. She can manipulate the blade through the air with her mind, using it for both offense and defense.

Tracking: Spending many years in the forests of the shroud has honed Ash's ability to track animals and people.

Botanist: Growing up on the farm and her subsequent training in Gridania has taught Ash many things about plants. She knows many natural remedies and what things are and aren't edible.


Ash out foraging.

Ash has a scar across her left eye from an injury sustained during the attack that killed her parents.

Ash's family owns a large farm that grows medicinal herbs that are very rare and hard to grow. They have made a small fortune being one of the sole providers.


Written stories involving Ashiirra.

Ashiirra's Childhood:

Ariina's Journal:

Meeting Ariilyn:



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!
◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard.)
"Use to be an Adder so I've heard. A damned good one too." — Gridanian Citizen
"That girl could use some meat. She's so skinny and all she ever eats is plants." — Momodi
"She is much like her mother, though a bit less magically inclined." — Brother E-Sumi-Yan
◢ Uncommon Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear.)
"That girl? She always seems to be hunting for someone or something." — Adder Sergent
"I heard her family is rich but she wont take any of it." — Ul'dah Merchant
"Seen her shoot down four Garleans in two shots!" — Survivor of Operation Archon
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard.)
"I've seen her beat a girls skull into the ground for hurting a friend." — Coffer & Coffin Patron
"Something changed about her during her stay here. I don't know what it was but it seemed to revolve around that little girl." — Red Rooster Stead Inn Keep
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from other players' characters.)
"She's a good woman and she comes from a good family. She will raise that child to be good too." — Liriel Kaza
"Ashii's a vegetarian, you know. I never thought I'd be such great friends with one myself, seeing as sharing a meal can mean so much between people... But we've even cooked together. Heh, I've even thrown some food together with Ariilyn, thinking on it. Ah, I love them both." — Vervara Rozthan


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Neutral/Acquaintance Poor Standing Enemies
Ariilyn Azaria: Ashiirra's adopted daughter. Her smile drew Ashiirra out of despair and Ash will do anything to keep her smiling.
Liriel Kaza: An Elezen lady, owner of the Oak Inn. The Kaza and Azaria families have worked together for several years. Liriel worked as the main accountant for the farms before leaving to found her inn. Liriel has known Ash since she was just a babe brought to her grandparents.
Vervara Rozthan: Vervara and Ash met during Ash's time with a free company. The two of them became pretty good friends, sharing an interest in botany. Their friendship has increased over several trials. Ash would drop almost anything if Verv needed her help.
Gunnbjorn Darkblade: A friend Ash made in her travels. Introduced by Vervara, the two get along well enough. Ash trusts Gun very much.
Devilish Sarracenia: Ash met Devil via their mutual friend Vervara. Although Devil has a sour attitude toward miqo'te, Ash likes to pretend she's one of the few Devil tolerates.
Sabine Aislihn: An acquaintance Ash made while working for a free company. They are now also neighbors living in the Oak Inn. Although they don't interact much they are friendly with each other.