Ashild Skyltbraenawyn

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Ashild Skyltbraenawyn
Ash 2021.png
Warrior Chef, Provider of Bear Hugs
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Ul'dah
Given name Iyrnspaer (Iron Sparrow)
Chosen name Ashild Skyltbraenawyn
Age Late 30s, early 40s
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Basic Info

Ashild Skyltbraenawyn (née Iyrnspaer Skyltbraenawyn) was born in the deserts of Southern Thanalan and raised partly in Little Ala Mhigo. When she matured enough to venture out on her own, she took up the name Ashild for her late adopted aunt, Ashildr, and kept her surname Skyltbraenawyn for her surviving mother, Shield Breaker (née Skyltbraena).

The bulk of her adolescence and adulthood was spent practicing a migrant lifestyle, but now and then she stays in a place longer than her usual. Her last affiliated group was the Vermillion Outriders, and she currently works as head culinarian at the bed and breakfast tavern Nhaama's Ranch.


Shield Breaker

Shield Breaker (née Skyltbraena) was pregnant while on a job to escort a passenger caravan south to Forgotten Springs. Deep in her third trimester, Shield Breaker waited out the remaining weeks at the destination to give birth to her daughter Iyrnspaer before heading back north. Along the way postpartum complications forced Shield Breaker to seek rest and recovery in Little Ala Mhigo, where an elderly hyur couple, Hugel and Ashildr, offered to take them in. They became Iyrnspaer's godparents.


The first several years of Iyrnspaer's childhood were spent in Little Ala Mhigo, where the mother and daughter pair helped Hugel and Ashildr make a living and took part in the refugee community. Eventually, Shield Breaker and Iyrnspaer packed up to rejoin Vulcan Rocs, Shield Breaker's old mercenary company. From its members Iyrnspaer picked up various skills and adapted to a nomadic lifestyle.

Teenage restlessness and desire for a change of pace set in, but word of Ashildr's death helped drive Iyrnspaer's decision to part ways with the Vulcan Rocs to find her own path. She began with a name change.


Her first job was janitorial and maintenance work in the kitchens of the Quicksand. She found entertainment in watching the pugilist fights and got into them herself, to work out her frustration. One of the pugilist trainers helped focus her discipline and teach her some emotional intelligence. Once Ashild managed to get prep work she eventually saved up enough to move to Limsa Lominsa, but it took her a few tries to gain admission into the culinary guild academy.

Upon graduation she found employment at a prestigious restaurant, but a few years was enough to burn her out early in her career. Ash began traveling Eorzea to learn about cultures and cooking techniques from different parts of the world, picking up odd jobs to fund her journey.


Wholesome and gung ho, Ashild generally doesn't carry bad blood around nor does she like to judge others. She's terrible at deception and smarminess, preferring to be straightforward with folks, but understands and respects that folks got secrets and hustles. Regardless of what path she walks, she is inclined to live in the moment and true to herself. Ashild may step in to protect her friends if the occasion calls for it, and is readily available to dole out comforting hugs and comforting meals.


  • Sketching.
  • Hunting and wrestling giant creatures.
  • Exploring.
  • Trying new foods.


  • Food.
  • Hugs.
  • Sparring, training.
  • Animals.
  • Fashion, particularly in bright or saturated colors.


  • Aetheryte teleportation; it makes her dizzy.
  • Betrayal.
  • Dishonesty and manipulation.
  • Kellemont.
  • Mockery.


  • Stealth.
  • Planning ahead.
  • Cute-ass animals omg.
  • Pretty women flirting with her.
  • Stealth.
  • Speed-reading.
  • Reading the room or social cues, sometimes.


  • Vermillion Outriders
  • Nhaama's Ranch
  • Chocobo Pizza Kitchen
  • Garden of Idleness


  • There was a period of time Ashild had an elezen nemesis named Kellemont who often outranked her by a hair in nearly every fishing competition she had joined then. She does not like this person.
  • She obtained her first deck of arcana from a desperate roegadyn astrologian with a gambling problem and has since dabbled in astromancy.
  • Every now and then Ashild collects and sends a small trinket from her travels to Hugel.
  • Despite knowing her letters and words, Ashild often has some difficulty reading. Her handwriting is messy and she tends to misspell words often.
  • Ashild dyes her hair a different color every year. Or on a whim.
  • Ashild picked up her love of food from her late aunt Ashildr and warrior techniques from her mother Shield Breaker.
  • Most of Ashild's family, blood and otherwise, continue to call Ashild by her or variants of her given name.
  • Ashild has a half sibling 16 years younger.
  • Shield Breaker is the fourth of seven siblings-- four sons and three daughters born to a thaumaturge and a warrior.
    • The firstborn is the eldest sister, who took up the warrior path.
    • The two second eldest are twin brothers, who both specialize in thaumaturgy.
    • Shield Breaker is the first of her siblings to leave home.

Character Influences

  • Scorpia from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
  • Sohla El-Waylly & Brad Leone