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Ashleigh ❧ Sand

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name: Ash ◦ age: 15 or 16 ◦ race: Midlander hyur ◦ gender: female, presents as a boy or androgynous
nameday: unknown ◦ family: none
orientation: attracted to money ◦ marital status: single ◦ birthplace: Ul'dah, supposedly
occupation: Street rat, common thug ◦ residence: Pearl lane
deity: Nald'thal ◦ server: Balmung

height: around 5 fulms ◦ weight: very skinny ◦ build: bony, underdeveloped
voice: raspy and boyish
scars: none that stands out
demeanor: nonchalant, lazy, round-shouldered ◦ classic gestures: hands in pockets, arms behind her head
hairstyle: messy semi-length ashy blond hair with lighter tips. Her right eye is covered by strands of hair
general: Malnourished, tanned and dirty, she’s trying to pass of as androgynous or boyish. She looks messy and uncaring. Her left eye is a light brown color while the right one is a vibrant red. She’s often bruised and lightly scarred clothes: Earthy tones, bad quality, used fabrics. Has an old red bandana around her neck

Secretive and spunky • Agressive • Uncultured, she doesn’t know shit • Her loyalty lies in her pockets • Full of energy, she can’t stay in place • Greedy and interested • Doesn’t trust easily •Loner • Self-reliant • She can’t read

talents: Very agile and mobile • Good climber • PARKOUR! • Pickpocket • Sneaking • Blending in • Counting • Fist-fighting • Dagger wielding

likes: Money • Sweets • Soft fabrics • Shiny stuff • People-watching • Eavesdropping • PARKOUR • Taking risks • The Gold Saucer

dislikes: Generosity (doesn’t trust people who give, always thinks there and underlying motive, doesn’t want to owe people) • The law and its representatives • The Syndicate • The Sultanate • Greens • Grapefruit • Closed spaces •Perfume

relationships are ranked from 1 to 5 ❤. 1 ❤ indicates acquaintanceship, 5 ❤ indicates romantic/otherwise irreplaceable partner. a ♡ indicates an enemy.

name (❤)

name (❤)

Once upon a time

feel free to:
❧ I’m open to links and new contacts ! ❧Looking for contacts in Ul’dah, especially criminals, underworld, or maybe other orphans and street dwellers
❧Feel free to /tell or contact me on tumblr or Discord #Méri9845

i don't do:
❧ ERP (if Ash finds someone she’s comfortable enough to get intimate with, it won’t be written, as I’m not into writing underaged sex)

❧ rape, sexual assault
❧ Permadeath (I don't kill other players either]

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