Ashlyn Ura

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Ashlyn Ura
Ashlyn Main.jpg
Character Information
Full Name Boragchin Ura
Nickname(s) Ashlyn

(former tribal: Agchin)

Race Au Ra
Subrace Xaela Au Ra
Gender female
Sexual Orientation questioning
Relationship Status single
Nameday 7th sun of the 6th umbral moon
Age 29
Guardian Halone

(former tribal: Dusk Mother)

Birthplace Onsal Hakair, Azim Steppe
Tribe Ura
Occupation trader for the True North Trading Co.
Family estranged

General Information

Ashlyn Thavnair Dock.jpg

Ashlyn Ura is a trader for the True North Trading Co. Having left her tribe on the Azim Steppe shortly after the Garlean expansion, she once made a life for herself in the Coerthas Highlands as a miner and mender, before being hired by House Fortemps for mining outside Camp Dragonhead.

Ashlyn usually wears a traveling longcoat with high boots and long arm guards - although she will wear heavier gear while back in Coerthas. Her favourite colour is a deep turquoise, which features heavily on most of her clothing choices. Knowing her heritage is a bit of a jumble, she follows an old and typically-Raen tradition of wearing red coral jewelry for protection - a ring, on her right hand.

Her Xaela roots betray her fighting spirit, and she usually carries two knives on her travels - one on her belt for cutting rope and other random needs, and another somewhat more concealed on her boot for defence. In addition, as knights taught her basic swordplay in preparation for any attack on Dragonhead, she has been known to carry a traditional eastern sword more suited to her small build on longer journeys.


Personality Traits

  • Loyal
  • Curious
  • Joyful
  • Friendly
  • Pious
  • Respectful
  • Adventurous
  • Stubborn


Ashlyn Manor.jpg

Ashlyn is a 'commoner' by Ishgardian standards. Though respectful of noble traditions, she often struggled with formalities and relied on her friendliness and willingness to help to get by. When invited to Fortemps Manor on rare occasion to discuss trade expeditions, she'd often sit aside from the main festivities and enjoy the company of staff and knights - though Emmanellain would often include her along his tour of each and every visiting woman.

Since moving to La Noscea, her experiences with nobility and commonfolk alike serve her well when making contacts for trade.

Philosophy & Ideals

Ashlyn is a devout believer in Halone, and attends church regularly. She once struggled reconciling this with her understanding of the Auri Dusk Mother, but now assumes the Dusk Mother is simply the Xaela's understanding of Halone. This of course does not always mesh well.

Being an immigrant, Ashlyn is thrilled that Ishgard's borders have been reopened. She appreciates the efforts of Houses Fortemps and Haillenarte in creating a new way forward for the nation, and is an admirer of Ser Aymeric's open and forward-thinking policies. Though she is angry with many of the actions of the Church - especially those which have recently come to light - she attributes them to evil men who have corrupted the institution of the Holy See, and desperately supports significant reform. She continues to keep informed of happenings in Ishgard since moving on.

Early Life


Boragchin was born into the Ura tribe in the northern mountains of the Azim Steppe, in 1548. She was the second child of four, and spent most of her early years learning the Ura’s mining ways alongside her siblings and friends.

Though nomadic and somewhat isolated in the Onsal Hakair, ‘Agchin’ benefited from her parents’ roles among the tribe’s ore traders, often joining their trips to Reunion or the iloh of a friendly tribe. This offered her much more exposure to the world than many of her peers. One of many eye-opening revelations came in 1554, when she first heard of the Garlean campaigns into Doma and other eastern nations, and the resulting displacement and subjugation of other Au Ra.

Over the next years, Agchin would make an effort to speak with foreigners trading at Reunion, as well as any returning Xaela who had left the Steppe for other lands. These encounters included the rare Au Ra who had made life in the northern regions of Eorzea, many of whom returned with tales of hardship and loss, though some with great successes.


By 1563, at a young 15 years old and knowing there was much more ‘out there’ for her to learn, Agchin made the decision to abandon Steppe for the grasslands of Coerthas.

Once arriving in the Western Highlands, Agchin made way for Camp Riversmeet, the Temple Knight garrison which she had learned of from fellow travelers during her journey across the sea. Had she arrived only a few years earlier, she would have been slaughtered on site - and though the Ishgardians remained cautious of Au Ra, it was by now understood that she and hers were not dragons. This afforded her a chance to quickly put axe-to-rock, and she began bartering raw ore for food and supplies.

She eventually began earning gil in service to the local smiths, both providing ore for smithing and assisting in repairs to the equipment of the Knights and passing trading convoys.

Ashlyn Mining.jpg


Now calling herself ‘Ashlyn’ - a more palatable version of her name to the Ishgardian tongue - she had become a salaried regular among the workers at Camp Riversmeet. She lived a relatively comfortable life, having made enough to secure meagre lodging at Falcon’s Nest.

In 1569, during a routine summons to assist a House Fortemps trading convoy that had run into trouble just outside of the Nest, dragons appeared. The attack resulted in immediate chaos, as the House knights scrambled to protect the civilians. As Ashlyn hid behind a carriage, a knight fell wounded beside her. In a desperate attempt, Ashlyn picked up the Elezen-sized shield and drew her miner’s axe. She managed to stand her ground against a smaller dragon, bracing her body against the shield and blocking a couple attacks. A wild swing also grazed the dragon, startling it enough for another knight to jump in and land the killing blow.

Her effort at the battle - and her willingness to remain after the attack to repair the wagons - were noted by the lead knight. He offered the 21 year old a supply and mending job at Camp Dragonhead, as well as some swordplay lessons on the side – both of which were approved by Lord Haurchefant upon hearing the tale of the battle.

By the time of the Calamity in 1572, Ashlyn was in active service as an expeditionary miner and trader to House Fortemps at Dragonhead. Her services were required when the climate throughout Coerthas changed drastically, as the encampment required significant upgrades to continue operations in the snow. Ashlyn recognized how lucky she was, as she would’ve been left jobless and homeless when Falcon's Nest and the surrounding economic activity was abandoned to the cold. To make amends with her conscience, she made every effort to support her friends now living in the Brume with gil and supplies.

Recent Times

Ashlyn Chocobo.jpg

Though tempted to return to Falcon's Nest as the area was rebuilt in recent years, Ashlyn chose instead to purchase an apartment in the Firmament district and continue her employment at Camp Dragonhead. In particular, her role as a trader expanded greatly after the reopening of Ishgard’s borders, offering her the opportunity to travel to distant nations.

Eventually, having spent half her life in Coerthas, Ashlyn tendered her resignation to House Fortemps. She has since moved to La Noscea to take up a position with the True North Trading Co.

Likes Dislikes
  • Ashlyn Ruby Sea Docks.jpg

    travel and sightseeing

  • sailing and other nautical activities
  • Ishgard and Thavnair culture
  • nobility who are full of themselves
  • Temple Knights with corrupt views on 'justice'
  • Ul'dah Monetarists
Skills Education
  • mining
  • basic swordplay
  • Chocobo riding
  • mountaineering
  • no formal education
Strengths Flaws
  • loyalty and conviction
  • friendliness and always willing to help
  • curiosity and openness
  • unwavering faith
  • loyalty and conviction
  • limited understanding of Eorzea south of Coerthas, and the Sharlayan
  • sometimes unsure of cultural identity
  • distrustful of beast tribes for reliance on primals
Fears Favorites
  • uncertainty of future in reformed Ishgard
  • corrupt elements in the Church
  • merchants with dubious motives
  • safety of the Steppe
  • boats of all kinds
  • Ashlyn Buuz.jpg

    traditional buuz

  • snow
  • Ishgardian tea
Common Uncommon
These are rumors that are easily overheard or public knowledge. Use them freely!*
  • "She will drop everything to fix whatever is in front of her"

    - From observed tendency to take on any repair work, and complete it

  • "She has a thing for Ser Aymeric"

    - From her regular rants about his amazing policies and great leadership

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

These rumors may take a little digging to find. Use sparingly or ask permission before use.*
  • "She still prays to the Xaela gods"

    - From an assumption based on her appreciation of her tribal heritage

  • "She is a heretic"

    - From the assumption of some nobles that she follows her tribal culture in spite of Ishgardian beliefs

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

Rare Player Character
These rumors are very difficult to find. Ask permission before use.*
  • "She might be a lesbian"

    - From her own admission that she is confused about her sexual orientation

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

These are rumors made by other characters. They are color coded for common, uncommon, or rare.*
  • TBD

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

Relationship Status Key

  • Loved One
  • In Love
  • Attraction
  • § Complicated
  • Friend

  • Good Standing
  • Poor Standing
  • Neutral
  • Uncertain
  • Deceased
Inner Circle Family

    none at this time

    estranged from family

Friends Acquaintances
  • Lord Haurchefant de Fortemps

    As commander of Camp Dragonhead, was a friend to all under his watch. Along with everyone else, she misses him dearly.

  • Lord Emmanellain de Fortemps

    Has a crush on Ashlyn only because he has a crush on basically every woman that breathes. She enjoys his company as a friend, and is a vocal supporter of his new role.

  • Count Edmont de Fortemps

    Has a great respect for his leadership and continued efforts towards a new Ishgard.

  • Count Artoirel de Fortemps

    Though unsure of his leadership, she hopes that he can continue the work of his father and lead Ishgard and the House to great things.

Likely Locations Affiliations
  • The Mist / La Noscea / Limsa Lominsa:

    very likely, as she works and lives here

  • Radz-at-Han / Thavnair:

    Ashlyn Trading Thavnair.jpg

    likely, as she embarks on trade missions and enjoys visiting

  • Camp Dragonhead / Coerthas / Ishgard:

    somewhat likely, as she visits old friends and colleagues, or attends religious ceremonies

  • True North Trading Co.:


  • House Fortemps:

    former employee

  • Ishgard Orthodox Church:

    Ashlyn Cathedral.jpg

    practicing member

RP Hooks

  • Work

    anything about her work with the True North Trading Co.

  • Bar RP
    Ashlyn Radz Bar.jpg

    at the Forgotten Knight or Mehryde's Meyhane, or in residential venues

  • Life in Ishgard

    folks being interested in the formerly-closed nation, or in her life as an Au Ra in Coerthas

  • Experiences in Thavnair

    folks wanting her impressions of Radz-at-Han and surrounding area, especially from those who haven’t visited before

Acceptable RP Unacceptable RP
  • casual conversation
  • making friends
  • work/life storylines
  • being a relevant character in ongoing storylines
  • ERP
  • permanent character damage without consent
  • storylines that contradict FFXIV lore (IC misunderstandings are fine)
  • Warrior of Light storylines (common knowledge about the WoL is fine)

Player Info

Hi! I'm a Canadian trans woman, 34 years of age. I started playing FFXIV in early summer 2021, and I'm up to date on the story. My mains are PLD and SAM.

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