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Formerly her hair was smooth as silk, holding a light wave in the deepest of ebony. Those ebony locks graced with silver-white strands that would cause most to second guess if snow was caught in each bit of hair. On some occasions, she wears her hair down, gracing past her shoulders. Sweeping along her hips even. However, with recent events, those long waving locks barely pass her shoulders. While she is still coming to terms for the lack of her past style, Ashta feels as if this was a welcomed changed. One she is rather content and happy. With it's layered form, she would occasionally pull it back into a half tail or a headband to keep the loose hairs from her face.

Bright lavender amethyst mix made her eye color. Her eyes often cause issues and rumors to spring forth. As her Father does not share any of her features – eyes as bright as emeralds and hair a fair blonde. Yet this had never held her down, telling many she received most of her features from her late mother. Standing at 5'3”, the woman's body wasn't the perfect ten, yet she was vain enough to believe such. While she had long legs, her torso was rather short compared to others. Narrow hips curving just right to compliment the less then average waistline, moving up along decently sized chest. One in which she tends to try to hid under baggy clothing or binding them down to not be in the way.

Moving with a sense of grace, the woman always wore robes and dresses of some kind, always a mix of warm colors, purples, and reds. Yet, times seemed to have changed, her attire has changed with it. Still rather fond of dressing up, her clothing has seem to changed to something of pants and a top.

The closer you get to her, there was a light lingering smell of any of the following: Earthy scents, Peach Blossom, Rolandberries, Lavender and Vanilla.

► Back of both hands and arms from childhood, tutor smacked her with a metal ruler.
► Small cut over one of her knees from falling up stairs.
► Lower abdomen in a sort of crescent shape jagged scar due to assassination attempt.
► Another scar just at her lowest rib from a gun shot during a rescue mission.


(Free Company: Snow Lily Trading or SL-RP )

Snow Lily Trading Company is a sub company under the family company Sinclair Trading. Since the end of the Dragonsong War, Ashta traveled between Ishgard and the southern cities. In her travels she kept a keen eye at how market and trade worked with each city. Speaking with vendors and the like it wasn't long till she traveled to Ishgard to register her company under her family's name. After some time bargaining with vendors, hunters, and tradesmen in Ishgard, Ashta set up a steady trade and market in Ishgard alone.

With further experimenting and drawing in quite a profit, she set her sights on Ul'dah. A large income and source of profit with how people would happily spend what gil they wish on something pretty. After registering with Ul'dah, Ashta spoke with fellow Ishgardian booths in the offered a contract to act as business partners. However, these other ones denied her request. If they were not going to join her, then what better way then anything then to give them competition. Slowly, one by one, the other vendors closed their shop.

Snow Lily Trading Company offering great deals on higher quality items. Even catering to fellow Isgardians with their own discounts. As long as they have proof of service to Ishgard or a Noble in services to the Great Houses. This caused the ones before to ask for a partnership, yet now their contracts would benefit with a much smaller profit percentage than offered before.

With her sights set upon another target, Ashta has quickly turned a profit, bargen, and has her eyes set upon the Far East. Kugane. A risky, yet large goal that has been put into motion far before settling with the vast trade markets of Ul'dah.


Descendant to a Sharlayan researcher by the name of Lilian Beaumont, Ashta continutes the research on and off when she isn't dealing with own her duties. The markings upon her cheeks have been passed down from her Grandmother to mother to herself. Keeping with the tradition till her grandmother's research is complete.

Lilian Beaumont never had her tattoos colored in, she deemed herself not ready for full shadings. Many would have known of her at the time as the one who studied into Void Magic and the Voidsent. Many shunned her for her research and others spoke ill of her. In her studies she left those who shunned her to venture out till she found her self running into an Ishgardian born researcher. His interest was well in the study of dragons and the magic they held in ancient wisdoms. Yet, do to his studies he was deemed a heritic. His name was Yvet Laroche.

While both were on the run and working on their research, the two had a aughter. Their daughter went by the name Fleur Baeumont. After a bit of bickering, Fleur took on her mother's last name. Yvet wanted to keep her safe in the chance that she found herself in Ishgard. When Fleur came of age and her interests shared of her mother, Lilian passed her tattoos on to her daughter. Even studying in secret, even practicing the craft herself.

Fleur became quite interested in a young Lord in Ishgard. A couple of young lords. One happily married her. A lord by the name of Acel Chevalier. He married this young woman once he found she was with child. He couldn't let Fleur raise what he believed to be his soon to be daughter alone. At this time, those loyal to the Church found where Lilian and Yvet were hiding. While it took every ounce of her strength at the time, Fleur watched with countless others as they were found of heresy and put to death. It strengthen her resolve and continued the research of her mother's. Writing in a journal specifically to her daughter, Ashta. Even when the longest winter night took Lord Yvet from the both of them. To which Fleur spoke out to the man who took Ashta in, Lord Lionel Sinclair. As Ashta grew enough to understand, she told her mother that she would keep the tradition. The day she took on the markings, she and her mother were celebrating even after Lionel once more denied that this ebony haired little girl was his daughter. This day, however, changed Ashta's life for the better or worse. Depending on who was questioned.

Then... Dragons came on an assault. That day Ashta watched in terror as one of the dragons tore it's way across the path and Fleur pushed her away. Taken off in the jaws of the dragon. All that was left from her mother was was a cracked soul crystal and a the terrified child. Lord Lionel Sinclair took her in after this incident, feeling pity for the child.

Ward and Bastard Daughter of Lord Sinclair.

Only Ashta knew the truth that this man was not her real father.


Prim, proper, relax, and terrible at small talk. Some of the simple ways to describe this woman. Others would assume she was a complete proper Lady, however, when something catches her interest Ashta would typically forget herself, with an additional yet subtle cringe – as if expected to feel the sting of a switch (a ruler or otherwise). Often, she would be seen gently rubbing the back of her hands should she forget herself and all the years of how to be a proper lady drilled into her behavior. Remaining quiet unless spoken too in most cases, Ashta tends to not follow this and engage into talk with others.

When she is comfortable around someone, small talk would come easy to her. In fact, she has a small playful side that the Lady would sneak in a few subtle jests on subjects they would be talking of. Not very often she would even a few subtle flirtatious comments. Rather laid back for someone who grew up as a Bastard child.

When something peaks her interest, Ashta would spend a moment of time on the subject. Asking questions, thinking back to her studies. While not admitting it, she is very interested in the medical studies, it is just her squeamish nature that would prevent her from ever doing anything in that field.

Due to her Noble background, she is watchful. Having a knack of reading peoples actions and emotions. At times, she is able to read some situations. Something she has able to use in real world situations.


Fuzzy Blankets.
Fire and Warmth.
Fair Weather.


The Cold.
Lord Lionel Sinclair (Father).


'Exceptional Needle Work ( Embrodery ).
Tailoring/Seamstress Work.
Creating Loose Leaf Tea Blends.
Creating Bath Crafts - Lotion, Soaps, etc..


Aether Sensitivity.


General harm to those cared for.
Poor Lungs due to illness.
Salty food.


Showing Lord Lionel Sinclair that she is more than a bastard..
Close Friends.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Arthur Sinclair ~Brother. ($) - Young Lord
Character's Thoughts: "Stubborn, but I couldn't trust anyone more than I trust him."
"Brother", friend, someone she would share any concern with. Younger than her, he has the rights to take over the house because he is the true heir and only male offspring of their father. Ashta would do anything to make Arthur happy. Even if it is to cause him to hate her.
Cevilia Auberlaint, ~Trusted Maid. ( ) - Retainer
Character's Thoughts: "Cevilia has been with me for a very long time. I trust her with my life."
Trustful friend, maid, and body guard. Cevilia has been at her side since she was a young girl. Dedicated and loyal. Very talented with a lance and gathering information for the Lady.
Lionel Sinclair, ~Father. () - Lord Father
Character's Thoughts: "Why is it everything I do to try to make you love me as your own daughter always fails? Why are you such a monster?!"
Ashta's "Father" as one would to say. Everyone is convinced that she is his Bastard child and only took her in by pity alone after her mother was devoured by a dragon. At one point in their interactions, Lionel did care for the girl. Making sure she had the top education the merchant noble could afford. Any time Ashta had issues or caused trouble, Lionel had a habit to remind her that he did no have to take her in.
Fleur Baeumont, ~Mother. ( ) - Mom
Character's Thoughts: "I miss you... mom."
What of she remembered of her mother, she was very close. Even now keeping up with her and her grandmothers research. Reading journals she left to her and knowing the truth of her birth. Fleur's Soul Crystals are worn on Ashta's wrist. One cracked that she is afraid to use.
Nicholas Graveshire ~Sharlayan Suitor. ( ) - The Doctor
Character's Thoughts: "There are no words to describe how I feel, only action."
Someone she met at first in Ishgard, she feels rather decent in her standings to him. The man has perks her interest. The occasional shanty over the link pearl seems to brighten up her day, keep her from worry or working to hard. After further interactions with Nicholas, emotions and feelings developed over time. It wasn't until recent that that he came to her, opening speaking to her that he does return her feelings.
Kurame Kurasaki ~Doman Suitor. ( ) - The Samurai
Character's Thoughts: "I never thought I would share how I feel nor feel this way towards a woman."
When Nicholas was away the two became close. At first, Ashta figured out quickly that Nicholas and the Samurai shared a similar interest and relationship. Once Ashta told Kurame that she wasn't jealous or angry at the two, their own relationship blossomed. A learning experience about her own self and a blossoming polygamous relationship in the wake.
Javert Delacroix ( ) - Drinking Buddy
Character's Thoughts: "To be honest, I was quite taken back with the offer to drink with him. I look forward to more of our drinking nights and even archery lessons in the future."
The two made quick friends after Ashta received some point blank information. Both Javert and Ashta shared a few drinks and an interesting assortment of conversations. Soon to be starting archery lessons in the near future.
Canis Praestis () - The Crow
Character's Thoughts: "Something seems... off about him."
The two only meet once and for a short time. Crow has her curious on his relationship with Kurame. Showing as he acts very much fatherly to Kurame and her sister. Even at the short interactions, she was rather jealous that the two has a fatherly figure that cares about them.
Rhel Lyehga. ( ) - Matriarch
Character's Thoughts: "I will have to admit, I am envious of her."
Supposed Daughter of her lover Nicholas Graveshire. Ashta is still making efforts to get to know the Keeper Miqo'te more and more. Extension of family whether blood related or not. Very skilled with a Bow from what she has seen. Astha is rather envious of her, when they met once more and found she was pregnant.
Hiina Kurasaki . () - Robin
Character's Thoughts: "Compared to her sister, she is quite shy. They looked so happy together though."
Even with Hiina's hate to Nicholas, Hiina seems to tolerate Ashta. Ashta is rather relieved that Hiina doesn't seem to dislike her but rather welcoming. At least this is what Ashta feels with how Hiina reacted. Ashta respects Hiina and has tried to lift her spirits. Honored to have attended the wedding between her and Yoshiro.
Yoshiro Ametsuchi. () - Young Lord
Character's Thoughts: "Strong and compassionate. Happy to call him a friend."
One of the many Domans she has the pleasure to know, unfortunately Ashta seems to always mess up his name. Acting as a messenger to acquire aid from her fellow brethren in the North, the two had a small heart to heart to where Yoshiro knows that if he or Hiina need any help with anything that they can come to her. Happy to have attended the wedding between him and Hiina.
Naoki Kuroda. () - Ametsuchi Retainer
Character's Thoughts: "Finally someone to show Cevilia the affection she never had."
A blessing, as it were. Ashta seemed to have trapped him in talks at a cultural festival. After sometime, she came to find that he and her own retainer, Cevilia, have been knowing one another. Even for a while after giving them a blessing to take their friendship further. Ashta has never seen Cevilia so happy.
J'abodji Naweh. ( ) - Explosive Cat
Character's Thoughts: "This Miqo'te... is crazy."
Also known as Abby. Ashta met this crazy gun toting miqo'te on the day when out rescuing Hiina. The love for explosives and a spitfire personality prompts Ashta not to get on her bad side. Besides this, the Ishgardian Noble finds an interest in the Miqo'te. Perhaps a friendship in the future.
Solemn Olive. () - Innocent
Character's Thoughts: "She is very kind and very not use to seeing horror of fighting it seems..."
Only known to Ashta as Olive, the two seem to have good standing with one another. Meeting only a handful of time what really had to close in any way was a small bonding over a handsome Chocobo Olive adopted and raised.
Solid Sequoia. () - The Strong
Character's Thoughts: "I just... feel safe with her around... I wondering if..."
One of the first few in a long list of people met when coming to Ul'dah, a skilled fighter and leader. Ashta feels rather safe when around her. Truly impressed and terrified to see her in battle.(WiP)
Alaister Vaillant. () - Knight of Ishgard
Character's Thoughts: "Ever grateful for his aid."
Ishgardian Knight who she had a vague knowledge of the house he is from. (WiP)
Alderoth Falkiri. () - Anointed Knight
Character's Thoughts: "I'm envious of their friendship, they have such big hearts."
Lana Sommer. () - Scholarly Healer
Character's Thoughts: "She is adorable."
While meeting with another in Ishgard, this woman was with them. A Healer in aid to the efforts to save Hiina.
Yven Drachen. ( ) - Swordsman
Character's Thoughts: "I'm not sure of him yet..."
Ashta doesn't know much about him other than he knows Yoshiro and he is a very skilled swordsmen.



◢ Common Rumors - Commonly heard from NPCs
"Ashta is not the Bastard Child of Lord Sinclair but a ward/adopted to the family."
"I heard the Ishgardian She Devil ruined those other merchant booths just so they signed on with her company."
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Did you hear? That witch is the cause of those houses to fall. That tongue of her spreading lies!"
"They say she was the one that caused her late husband to be put the blade. Lady Sinclair didn't want to marry him so what better way to get rid of him then to call him a heretic during the war?"
"Some say that the She Devil used that silver tongue of her to hire some down on their luck thugs to remove the her competition in Ul'dah. Then she called a one of the free company recruits to apprehend them. Why else has there been so many promotions?"
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"She uses void magic! How else would she get her way for so long?"


◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor." — Rumormonger.



Player Note
I live in the Central Standard/Daylight Time zone ( -6/-5 UTC Daylight Savings ) in the United States. I am often playing and on during evening hours Monday - Thrusday. Friday-Sunday at various times during the day and night. Sometimes I am slow to post due to out of game distraction. I tend to talk often in Out of Character because I value the player that I play with and love to plan with them while the Role Play happens.

I am a Medium to Heavy style roleplayer.

I am very open and will work with anyone. I can mirror post styles (roughly same length as your post unless I get carried away, which happens). Walk up rp is always welcomed, often find my anywhere between Ul'dah, Limsa, and some times Ishgard.
Personal RP Limits
Like any Role play there are limits that I like to iron out and why. I'm sure who ever is reading this will understand.
I will play
► Combat: I love my characters and when it comes to loving them it can often be some tough love. From physical to mental injuries they all come down to this – having Out of Character Contact while doing combat or other things. Some have their limits I want to keep and others not so much. As for Combat itself, I tend to lean towards RNG /random to determine combat.
► Established Connections: If you want to be per-existing family, friends, or what ever else. I am open for it. It would be a bit fun to have other family or friends that hasn't been completely built up on the first few roleplays.
I NOT will play
►Death of the Character
►Real world Illegal Acts such as but not limited to: Pedophilia, Rape, Bestiality, etc.
Little Tidbits.
I have a small anxiety issue that seems to calm down during Roleplaying. However, large crowds and events make me rather uneasy and gives me a small headache to try and keep up with everything.
I would appreciate Out of Character communication while roleplaying.


Potential Plot Hooks
Aids in possibly starting a roleplay.
Ishgardian Noble (Bastard Child) of House Sinclair service to the Great House Fortemps. House Sinclair is known for their marketing, trade, and military might. As well as the Youngest child, Arthur Sinclair, tarnishing the family reputation at some point. Long since he had returned to the family by passing his trial by combat.
Founder of “Snow Lily” Trading Company, as sub company under Sinclair Trade, in which runs trade between Ishgard to Ul’dah and Kugane.
Hobbies, she is exceptional at needle work (embroidery) and tailor/seamstress. Decent at gardening, creating Loose Leaf Tea blends and various soothing bathing crafts such as lotions, soaps, oils, etc. Quite exceptional at baking.
Fencing instructor when she isn’t working or traveling.
Character Lore Adherence
I try to keep somewhat with the lore. There may be a few things off but I try my best to adhere to a majority of the Lore. If I am unsure about something, I typically look for or search for what it is that I am unsure of.

Name - Ashta Lilian Sinclair
Race - Hyur
Age - Late Twenties
Name Day - 13th Sun of the Second Umbral Moon
Deity - Halone

Alias: Snow Lily, Ash, The Silver Tongued, Ishgardian She Devil
Citizenship: Ishgard
Occupation: Business Woman / Noble
Hair color: Ebony Black with snow white fringes.
Eye color: Amethyst
Complexion: Pale ( Sunburns easy)
Piercings: Simple Lobe Piercings
Marks or tattoos: Sharlyan tattoos on her cheeks (Nearly matching skin color).
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Lawful Evil
Key Items: Three leather bounded soul crystals on left arm.
Favorite Food: Anything Spicy or Sweet.
Favorite Drink: Wine.
Favorite Color: Various shades of purple.
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