Asitania Kynarum

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Ishgard.jpg Asitania Kynarum
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 31
Namesday 20th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon
Guardian Rhalgr, The Destroyer


Asitania Kynarum (A-see-tain-ee-uh Kie-nar-um)


Asitania only remembers fragments of her childhood traveling the port city of Limsa Lominsa with her mother and only faint faces of her other family members. The family of Keeper Miqo'tes were in the midst of seeking passage, under the shroud of night, to leave Limsa when the family had been sprung upon by a mysterious group of plunderers. Asitania's mother shielded the toddler and had desperately fought to protect her daughter. Asitania has no recollection as to why her family was attacked or for what reasons. However, a single figure appeared. The warrior emerged from the shadows, throwing off his cloak, revealing his magnificent silver armor. The warrior fended alone with unhindered strength to swiftly bring down the culprits that murdered Asitania's family. The armor-clad knight took Asitania under his wing raising her as any father would and teaching her the ways as a War Priest. Asitania was taken to be raised in the cold bitter lands of Coerthas to one of the Ishgardian temples for further training onto the path of a War Priestess. Her teachings included the mastery in wielding all weapons and divinity magic. Balance was an essential lesson as a War Priest or Priestess to understand without a biased view to make the proper judgments of others' right or wrong doings. Asitania gracefully aged to become a protector of the Ishgardian temple and was called upon to aid in a dragon ambush attack that descended onto a group of merchant caravans escorting needed supplies, however, her arrival came all but too late. She found that the dragons had done significant damage, destroying the caravans. Asitania and fellow War Priests came upon the carnage of many severely wounded merchants and the mercenaries that opted to protect their caravans. Many of the survivors died from either prolonged exposure to the cold or died from the fatal injuries. Those that survived were carried back to the holy temple and given proper treatment, one of the few mercenaries that were included was a Miqo'te named Tolivar Arctyrius. The Seeker's body was torn and bloodied from dragons' talons that had shred through his armor gouging into his flesh.


Height: 5'6"

Weight: 145 lbs.

Complexion: Ashen tanned

Hair: Black with light magenta highlights

Eyes: Bright Sea Green

Clothing: Asitania is often found wearing a lot of clothing that are pink, white, red, or purple.


Asitania is of the Lawful Neutral alignment. She follows the deity Rhalgr, the Destroyer. "We bring our own Hell upon ourselves and others without realizing the consequences, or the damage we have wrought, until Death do judge us at our final hour." ~ Asitania Kynarum Born as a female Keeper of the Moon Asitania will generally have prominent and/or assertive qualities.


  • Chivalrous
  • Strong-willed
  • Trustworthy
  • Honorable
  • Gallant & Respectful
  • Polite Mannerism & Sincerity
  • Helpful & Thoughtful
  • Truthful


  • Likes dressing up and showing off
  • Pouncing and knocking people over to hug them - including her brother Rhaq'ir Molkoh.


  • Dipping into warm pools
  • Collecting clothes & shoes
  • LOVES Cake!
  • Good foods
  • Collecting glowing, sparkly, and shiny jewelry
  • Milk & honey flavored drinks
  • Dancing in the company of friends
  • Cuddling, snuggling, nuzzling, and hugging
  • Only women


  • Disrespectful Manners
  • Dishonesty
  • Impoliteness & Tactless
  • Ungratefulness
  • Overbearing Personalities including Obnoxious behaviors
  • Brash Criticism & being fecklessly Criticized
  • Fishing & Cooking
  • Having nothing to do


Romantic Relationship




  • Currently aware of none

History/Timeline/Biography Cont.

Asitania was taken into the care by one of the Ishgardian temple War Priests and traveled with the temple knight to the frozen wastelands to reach Ishgard. The warrior brought up Asitania as his daughter teaching her the rights and the wrongs and provided her lessons on how to fight with every known weapon as the years went by. The Keeper's foremost traits were frequently brought out as Asitania reached juvenility which caused an internal conflict for the Miqo'te.

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