Astrelle Greystone

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Ishgard.jpg Astrelle Greystone
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Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood/Ishgardian
Citizenship Ishgard
Server Lich
Age 25
Namesday 2nd Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon (2/2)
Height 6 fulms 1 ilm (186cm)
Guardian Thaliak, the Scholar
Title The Strategist

Astrelle Greystone
sic itur ad astra



Taken during a Studium funded expedition to the floating city of Nym. 1570, Sixth Astral Era.

A bastard-born daughter of House Haillenarte. Shunned by her father - a brother of Lord Baurendouin - she was saved from abandonment and likely early death by her step-mother, who intervened upon learning of the attempt to end any potential scandal before it could even begin. She has since grown up under the constant scrutiny of her peers, being presented to Ishgard as a true highborn - though this fabrication has always been doubted, no members of the other high houses have ever openly stepped forward to challenge it... Indeed, only those within her own house know her true parentage. Within the walls of Haillenarte Manor she is called by her true surname, Greystone, forever tarnished by the circumstances of her birth like so many other bastards given the name before her. This has left her ostracised by those who should be her family, with only her step-mother and younger half-sister remaining close throughout her life.

To some extent, this divide between Astrelle and her family has worked in her favour. It has made them particularly eager to keep her out of sight and out of mind. Hence, it took little persuading for her father to ship her off to study overseas in Sharlayan in the years before the Calamity. There was an agreement that upon her return, she would enter into studies at Saint Endalim's Scholasticate, in order to apply her knowledge into something the family would deem useful. Of course, there was also the fact that being in the service of Halone would keep her hidden from public view once more.

Her years in Sharlayan were spent learning with fervour, leaving little time for other pursuits. Astrelle took naturally to the art of arcany, the geometries at once logical, and the grimoire quickly becoming an extension of her own will. This came as a pleasant surprise, as failed training as a chirurgeon in her younger years left her convinced she would never have any magical talent. Despite arriving at the age where most Sharlayans had already graduated, her progress in summoning earned her the respect she had longed for among her fellow students. Her creation of an amethyst focused carbuncle lead to her 15 minutes of fame, as it were, but more importantly a sense of companionship (one she knew would not fade, for once). It was there also that she met her mentor-turned-friend, Aedwen, who schooled her in the art of swordplay.

Astrelle in the Scholasticate, early 7th Umbral Era.

The advent of the Calamity rushed her return to Ishgard; she would have much preferred to have stayed on Sharlayan's distant shores, but the loss and destruction faced in her homeland meant duty called. She spent over a year trying to delay the inevitable, but in the end caved to the pressure. The recall played into the hands of her father, who sent her almost immediately to the Scholasticate. It was there that she remained, amidst the dull and repetitive texts of religious doctrine, until the recent end of the Dragonsong War and the chaos that followed - including the chaos that almost completely collapsed the Scholasticate itself. Now, seemingly freed from her obligations, she faces the question she has long feared - what is a bastard to make of her own life?


Goes by: Astrelle
Nickname: Relle
Identity within Ishgard: Astrelle de Haillenarte


Currently resides in a small apartment in the Foundation.


Height 6 fm, 1 im
Weight 163 ponze
Build Lithe
Skin Tone Pale, cold
Notable Features Somewhat short for an elezen
Scars Small scars across the arms
Tattoos A watercolour style rendition of roses across her back, entwined around the mark of Thaliak.
Head / Facial Features
Hair Shoulder length, white, streaked with a pink hue
Eyes Lilac
Notable Features Beauty mark on cheek, particularly long ears
Scars None


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