Atrium Crow

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 Atrium Crow
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Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper
Citizenship None
Age ?
Occupation Servant of Nald'thal/ Assassin
Orientation -

Basic Info

Atrium is an undead abomination, formed by a cult, consisting of a body housing two souls with her personality being a meld of both souls.

Atrium has the following special abilities:

  • Her black eye can read a person's aether and learn if a person has killed someone and if they have either been resurrected or resurrected another.
  • When dealt a fatal blow, Atrium turns into smoke and blows away but will reform one hour later.
  • Can cover her axe in atherial green flames that will cause gangrene to infect the wound at an faster than normal rate.
  • Weak to fire, possibly leathal depending on if the fire is magical or not.
  • Is not stronger or faster than a normal female miqo'te






Vice(s): Killing
Favorite Drink: Blood
Favorite Color: Blue

Appearance & Personality

Atrium Crow is tall for a female miqo'te and well muscled. Her face is full and slender and her mismatched eyes always seem to have a judgmental expression in them, even when she smiles. She is often dressed in either armor of a long coat under which she wears armor. Her ashen hair is flecked with blonde at the ends and its cut at her shoulders. She has the appearence of a female miqo'te in her late twenties and is attrictive.

Despite her feminine figure and slightly twitchy strut, Atrium tends to be more masculine in her mannerisms and gestures. She is incredibly blunt and to the point and is normally annoyed with people who.try to be terribly clever. She also doesn't try to understand things beyond face value. To Atrium, if someone wants to kill you, the why is pointless.

Atrium also switches bewtween referring to herself in the first and second person when speaking and is often very polite to those she likes. Anyone whom.she dislikes simply gets and axe to the face.

In combat she reverts to an almost feral like status and often laughs and is very skilled with her weapon.

She regards deathas the true end all things must face and, because of that view, enjoys every single.moment, even if she doesn't seem to be.

Atrium is very niave to how society works and finds 'society's rules to be a headache and only tries to follow them to make those whom she cares for happy.


Atrium was once two different beings. The first was the Garlean slave and terrorist Jin'li Epinoxh, whose murderous quest for revenge was brought to an end on High bridge. The other beings was a female cultist name A versa, who gave her body to help create Atrium after Atrium's first body was destroyed.

Atrium Crow was reborn the day a sinister cult took two souls and bound them together in a male miqo'ye's body. Atrium was a leader of these undead assassins but the first body was destroyed during a mission.

The new form of Atrium was scheduled to be destroyed by the cult leader after a mother failed mission but Atrium's love and fellow assassin, Oubliette, went to their enemies and offered to defect to save Atrium.

The defection proved the cults end and ever since Atrium has been roaming the world, trying to find her place in it and enjoying her freedom, something neither she, nor the two souls that were merged to make her, ever really knew.



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Oh yeah, said she was a circus clown. Never smiles."
"Woman tried to cut my head off! Said I was being rude!"
"She's always so polite as she growls."
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Kind. Only one person ever use that word as often or in such a manner as that Crow woman, and that man is supposed to be dead."
"Atrium Crow. . . I knew a male miqo'te called that. Never seen that female before ever but Atrium isn't a common name and both had their face half black. They aren't the same person, right?"
"Stay away from her. I've seen her head come off and her turn to smoke only to show up the next day as if nothing happened."
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"Her smile sends my heart aflutter... or it would if it could still beat." - Oubliette Crow
"Can't say I ever expected to be saving her life...but I'm curious to see just who she is gonna be now that she is free." - Iron Sea
"We have reached... an understanding. For now, that will suffice." - Rotunda Crow
"That f****** eunuch? D*** c*** chopped me with her axe then got her a** beat. Hahahahaha! Stupid b**** too much of a p***** to cry for help. I bet she took it well like a w***** over the p***** with a c*** and **** ****** ***** over her ***** *** ******* in **** with a axe shaft! Then she'd be all like 'This one would like another.' ... feh... Nice though. Nicer. We agree; she's alright." Igluvijaq Crow
"She is and isn't Jin'li. An interesting person to speak with nonetheless." - Franz Renatus


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing
Oubliette Crow: "My greatest curse. My dearest blessing."
Iron Sea: "A worthy opponent."
Misha Jinhri: "A truly kind person and a caring friend to me."
Osric Melkire: "Nothing more than a dog in need of a collar."


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