Franz Renatus

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Franz Renatus
Franz renatus 08142014.png
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Garlemald
Server Balmung

Franz Renatus
❝I would highly recommend...


: Alias... Franz

: Birth Name... ???

: Age... Early 40s

: Gender... Male

: Race... Hyur

: Clan... Garlean

: Orientation... Ask his wife

: Marital... Married, but complicated

: Deity... *scoffs*


: Inconsistant You never really know just how Franz is going to react to something. To some, he seems to be a generally caring, homesick man. To others, a friend. To more, an enemy. A person incapable of having the least amount of respect.

: Two-faced Depending on who asks him, Franz will provide a different answer. Perhaps even none at all. Friends and allies certainly deserve better treatment than just strangers.

: Putting up a front "I'm fine." No phrase likely better describes how Franz treats everything in life. He is anything but.

: Homesick Anyone who has gotten to know Franz knows about it. His family. His wife. His daughter. While he no longer thinks of Eorzea as a prison, it is certainly not Garlemald. And it doesn't have his family.

: Solitary Liar How many people have heard the man claim he is best off on his own? Or that he was leaving for their benefit? How many have seen the look on his face as he says these things?

: Prudish You know exactly what he's talking about. That. Don't do those things to/with/at him in public! He has a wife and reputation he wants to be faithful to!

Rumors and Relationships
Rumors and Relations
Avelyn Firestone
What's Franz got to say?: "I'm certain she'll take offense to anything I say. Just ask her yourself."
What Ave has to say about Franz: "Th' man I hold a shred of affection fer loves his wife more than loves me. Be a complicated mess. One I should never have started with ta begin with. So I don't think me heart belongs ta anyone but myself at this point, seemin' th' man I want ta give it ta doesn't want it."
Franz and Ave have a very complicated love-hate relationship plagued with alcohol and fighting. Somehow, they've managed to make it work for the time being.
Orias Helleyes
What's Franz got to say?: "He took someone from me once. I saved them. Then he tried to kill me. I'll get around to returning that too."
What Orias has to say about Franz: "This one is of great interest...potent and yet so detached. His anger is a rare treat, I suppose I am just too spoiled on fear. His time is coming..."
Jancis Milburga
Quote from Franz: "Kind and caring, she does have a certain curiosity about her."
Quote from Franz: "She has seemed to be more tired these days. I would like to change that if I can."
Rumor about Franz: "Lord Franz? He is the Hero of Ul'dah! Ah, he has such a soft expression, should you see it just right. It is there just under the pain."
Franz first encountered Jancis during the Perils of Pudding. The overly polite girl had simply asked for the rat back, so he complied. Her generally cheerful attitude and abundance of politeness can make him feel uneasy at times, as if he needs to be the person she thinks he is. He won't tell anyone this, but he kept the drawing the children made in his desk. Hearing Jancis talk about a bunch of children brought up painful memories of his own negligence as a husband and father, which caused him to get a mixed reaction of feelings. Since joining Coral Sea, he's spent more time with her, and she's learned more of his secrets. He worries her curiosity about him may get her harmed unintentionally, which has been a point of worry. In recent meetings, she's been more distant, likely due to the way he has spoken to her. He would like to make things up to her, but isn't sure how.
Lho'a Garanjy
Quote from Franz: "To think I was wary of him once. Lho'a is nothing more than a child seeking attention. He can be interesting to watch at times."
:Rumor about Franz"I hate the way he looks at me like I'm nothing...He knew to fear me once, and he will again. That said, He is far too valuable for me to let go, or fall to anyone else."
:Rumor about Franz"I sometimes worry that Franz, the man I know might not even exist...."
Franz had the ever-so-happy experience of meeting Lho'a while he was not only intoxicated, but having an overall painful experience with life in general. The aether-sensitive miqo'te jumped on the opportunity and had caused some initial concern. At times, the miqo'te seems to follow Franz around, nearly begging for attention.
Kage Kiryuu
Quote from Franz: "We've been talking again, occasionally."
Rumor about Franz: ""I thought I hated him. I thought the worst of him. Yet now, now I don't know. I might even actually have some affection for him. I would... miss him if he were to die. I'm struggling with this"
Rumor about Franz: "I -might- have some affection for that insufferable man but he's utterly useless and infuriating! He's not here to talk to the Kirche's and he didn't bring me Shiron. He's up to something and I don't trust him much as is. What's he up to?"
The first person to put up a fight against Unnamed Mercenary and survive. Unnamed Mercenary had taken an odd liking to Kage. While he previously enjoyed attacking him as a Lalafell, the mercenary has had conflicting feelings after pretty much helping to ruin Kage's life. He currently wants to improve the relationship, which has been a source of internal conflict. He had taken residence in Kage's house, which had been interesting to say the least. He's seen Kage go through multiple hardships, some of which were his own fault. He often held Kage to higher standards and would become disappointed when the man couldn't live up to them. While dealing with his own feelings, he's since moved out of the home that Kage has since abandoned. There was a period of time where they did not encounter each other, but recently, he's been seeing Kage around and they've remained civil, almost pleasant, experiences. Franz is unsure what exactly is going through the Lalafell's mind.
Tengri Geneq
Quote from Franz: "How do I know Tengri? We've talked many times."
Rumor about Franz: "The sum of that man is greater than his parts. Born of two worlds, he has since made peace with himself, found his balance. He is an ideal to aspire to."
Knowing him first as Rotunda Crow, later learning he was a a previous master of Jin'li Epinoch as Adin Adonis, Franz enjoys their conversations here and there as he's watched the man change time and time again. Now Tengri, Franz is quick to act follow along with 'casual' conversations in public to keep him out of the public eye. He is aware Tengri has plans for something, but some secrets are best kept that way.
Sarangerel Geneq
Quote from Franz: "Tengri's sister, right? She's friendly."
Rumor about Franz: "I consider that one a friend, he is a good man and I will do what I can to help him."
Franz doesn't have much to say about the Auri girl. He is aware that she was likely an important figure in the past, but who she is now is not of much concern. He plans to see if they can break in to the Sacrarium in Ul'dah to find books on Black Magic and the Void. She seemed rather interested.
Miette Pellicier
Quote from Franz: "She has given me every reason I need to hate her. I can't wait for our next encounter."
Rumor about Franz: "Franz is a monster...a horrible man who pretends to be something he is not. He gives with one hand, and terribly takes with the other. A friend, and a demon with the same smile."
Rumor about Franz: "He is a serpent that coils amongst the roots of great trees. He hides in the shade of their leaves and continues a meager existence. One should be wary of his fangs, and not to be ensnared within his grasp."
He has nothing to say about this person.
Sounsyy Mirke
Player quote: "Holds her drink, can fight, and provides good conversation? Mirke makes a life more lively.."
Franz generally sees her at the Grindstone, but they've ran into each other in Ul'dah and Limsa Lominsa as well. Normally casual conversation is had. He knows she has some connection with fighting in the past by the way she carries herself, but wonders what her reaction would be like if she knew his origins.
Leanne Delphium
Player quote: "I haven't seen her around lately. I hope she's found her smile again."
Rumor: "Mr. Franz? He's a very nice person! Sweet and caring, not afraid of banter or jokes! I just wish he accepted outside help more readily...maybe some sun."
Franz first encountered Leanne during his first Grindstone, and later learned she won. She would appear to be good friends with Yangh and another miqo'te he hasn't really met. They've always been friendly to each other and she is one of the people that knows where he's from. Perhaps the first person to ask about Garlemald though. Franz has found a unique friendship with Leanne. After a series of events have injured her positive outlook on life, they've talked less. He misses the cheerful girl.

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((If your character has seen him around, feel free to add common rumors))

Common Rumors (easily overheard)

  • "He used to come to the Quicksand pretty often. Looked a little scary to approach, but I heard he was friendly enough. Heard he sometimes frequents the Drowning Wench in Limsa Lominsa as well."
  • "His accent's funny. It's like he's trying to hide where he's from by being extra nice"
  • "You wouldn't think it by looking at him, but I hear he's educated. Imagine that."
  • "Isn't he one of the healers at the Grindstone?"

Moderate Rumors (not obvious)

  • "Didn't he used to wear a mask?"
  • "I used to think he had a really bad temper, but he's seemed more approachable lately." - Ul'Dahn cityfolk
  • "I heard he used to live with some Sultansworn back in Ul'dah. Whatever happened to them?"
  • "He mumbles a lot to himself. I wonder if he knows it's sometimes audible."
  • "I think I overheard him say he's Garlean. Why hasn't anyone questioned him yet?" - Silently Concerned Patron
  • "I used to think he was really scary and mean, but he's rather sweet. Have you ever seen him cook?"
  • "I overheard him talking to some girl saying he'd been stabbed and shot, then died. Man seems a little weird."

Rare Rumors (discuss OOCly first)

  • "You know that smile he wears sometimes? It's fake. You can see it in those dead eyes of his. I don't think I could trust him."
  • "Well, this one didn't die, but he is much too unstable. We had to dispose of him." - Garlean Science Labs
  • "He is an idiot for leaving, but he is mine. When I find him, he shall wish he had died." - Lydia
  • "Tried to read his aether once, I did. All I saw was a tangled mess of a man and something frightening at the core of him. It's as if there's something hiding within him. His aether's unnatural!" - Very observant mage
  • "How is he even ALIVE? I swear! I was walking through the forest one eve and he was just sitting on the ground, ripping out arrows as if they were nothing. Must have counted at least a few fatal shots. The blood loss alone should have killed him." - Drunken Wood Wailer
Interesting Items
  • Silver Ingot: Gelfradus Greywolfe pauses, the silver thrumming slightly as Franz hand came in contact with it. "Interesting." He gently pulls back, smiling at Franz. "You have interesting aether," and kneels down before the workstation again, the silver ingot placed meticulously at its center and closes his sightless eyes and he draws in a deep breath. Gelfradus Greywolfe frowns again, the silver giving off a strange blue-black aura before it goes still. He hesitates, his brow furrowing before he holds the metal out for Franz to receive.
  • Crimson Gemstone: Not much is known about this strange Starlight gift. It is currently missing from his possession.
RP hooks

: Previously have hired the Unnamed Mercenary for anything in the past

: Used to visit the Quicksand a lot.

: Frequent the Drowning Wench and the Bismark

: Stroll around the Black Shroud or Gridania

: Traveled to Ul'dah for an extended stay in the past

: Enjoy studying Amdapor and Nym.

: Have taken part in many of the Askier Mergrey Events

: Were a member of <uldah> and <coral>

: Have seen him at the Grindstone

: You're sensitive to aether, and notice him slowly sucking it up

: Can easily read a person's aether, and notice how weird his is

: Have a knack for noticing and dispelling glamours

: You actually know what an ethnic Garlean looks like

: Like Axes, Scholarly Books, or fights

: Enjoy tea and baked goods

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