Auburn Grotto

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Auburn Grotto
Coming soon
None at the moment
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Uldah
Age 37
Sexuality Heterosexual
Occupation Gladiator
Guardian Nald’Thal, The Trader’s
Nameday 27th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Alignment Neutral
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“May the dead rest in peace, for there is no coming back.”


To many, Auburn Grotto may seem... unapproachable at first glance because of his large and towering features.


Given Name: Auburn Grotto
Nicknames and Aliases: Aubbie, Auburn, etc. (More to come)


Auburn Grotto is your average Hellsguard Roegadyn. He stands at a towering 7 foot 6 inches with copper skin and dark charcoal hair with orange highlights. Auburn has bi-colored eyes, one blue and one green. He bears a scar over his nose from a... difficult confrontation with group of thieves trying to rob a merchant on the road. He also has a white tattoo that takes up a majority of the forehead, down his temples all the way dowto his cheeks. Due to the fact that he lived in volcanic region of Abalathia’s Spine for a majority of his life - working hard among his people as a fighter, always on guard - he is naturally bulky.


Auburn’s voice is a deep and almost booming one. His often only talks when he feel’s it necessary and his sentences are often short and to the point. Sometimes it is hard to tell if Auburn is trying to be harsh or not. He often times does not try to come off as angry or hateful in his voice, he often has a hard time conveying his emotions through his voice by other races standards.


For the most part, Auburn Grotto is one that keeps to himself until he is spoken to. Because of growing up among his kind in Abalathia's Spine he doesn't much understand the cultures of other races very well, so he may seem a little perplexed by some behaviors, sarcasm and jokes in particular. He may seem stoical to some as he isn't one to express his emotions to others.


Outlook: All of creation are meant to live as they see fit, but the damned be weary for your life will be short lived and my people stand ever vigilant over the dead.


Auburn is one to take up fighting in the defense of others or to hunt down any creatures of the dead. He often prefers the sword and shield with a small emphases on the healing magic. He always aims to get better and stronger so he is always looking for some good compatition.



Auburn often likes airid and dry places, due to where he lived most of his life. That is why he prefer’s the climate of Ul’dah over that of Grindania and Limsa.
A good, strong ale. Nothing with that fruity shit.
Protecting innocence from the hateful and vingeful.


Auburn is often one that cannot catch a joke or sarcasm. He often sees it as mockery instead of ‘good fun,’ so he often ignores it completely.
He also isn’t fond of humid climates. He only stands Limsa because of the fact that the Company house is located in mist.
Auburn does not favor the undead. He believes that they should find their way to the afterlife and should not linger among the living.
Auburn considers alchemy to be the works of the dead and should not be tampered with. He does not advocate its use in any part of life.


Though Auburn sometimes prefers a quiet, solo life he does enjoy to have some company on long jobs and therefore took up his dog Harvey.
Her love for tea borders on the obsessive.
Regardless of claims otherwise, she really does enjoy being called "Princess."





  • Unknown mother
  • Unknown Father
  • Floating Feather - Deceased Wife


Any creatures of the dead or anyone that aids any of them.

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Mynelle Goudernoux - A Duskwight Elezen that Auburn met through the free company. She has since then been a constant companion to Auburn, much to his dismay. Auburn finds her quiet paculuar as all he has heard about and experienced with her kind isn’t pleasant.


Common Rumors

  • “That Roegandyn isn’t all that nice.”
  • "You can't ever tell emotions with that one."

Moderate Rumors

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Auburn is a member of Harbingers of Dawn, a free company under the Order of the Twin Adder. He admired the fact that they are dedicated to the safety, and even the bettering of people of Eorzea.

OOC Information

  • Inspirations for Auburn Grotto: Drax (Guardians of the Galaxy), Beorn (The Hobbit), and the Qunari (Dragon Age).
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