Aurora Thorne

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"I have learned to believe in Halone, but I will always believe in myself."

- Aurora Thorne

Aurora Thorne is a player character and protagonist in Final Fantasy XIV. She is a prodigal student of the former Azure Dragoon, Alberic Bale and Marshal of the Crystal Braves.

Ishgard.jpg Aurora Thorne
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 23
Nameday 14th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Guardian Halone, the Fury
Job Dragoon
Affiliation Crystal Braves, Scions of the Seventh Dawn
Height 6'2 (187 cm)

Appearance and Personality

Aurora, the Argent Dragoon

Aurora is a young woman with fair hair, a statuesque build, and clear-blue eyes. Her weapon is the Gae Bolg Nexus, an enhanced model of the massive lance once wielded by Saint Reinette.

She dons an augmented version of the dragoons traditional armour, forged of platinum-alloyed steel. Designed to protect its wearer from the power of the Dragons, the method of tempering is a well-kept secret known only to the smiths of Ishgard.

Aurora has a reserved, austere nature and appears withdrawn, belying her accomplished presence on the battlefield. Her loyal, steadfast and kind approach earns the trust of her comrades.

For a dragoon possessing considerable strength, Aurora has a markedly even-tempered demeanor. Contrary to her fellow peers and their disposition for instinctive offense, she displays high self-control and acute awareness. This is demonstrated during the battle for Stone Vigil, shielding her mind from Dravanian influence while several others succumbed within moments of joining the fray. Skeptical of the Ascians and their role as advisors to the Archbishop, Aurora has shown dedication in delving deeper into their motives.

Talented in strategic warfare and considerably patient, Aurora is a natural leader. This does not always do her favours, as she is prone to taking responsibility for the deaths of her comrades. Compounding her leadership skills is her intelligence. She is adept at complex, detailed planning and improvised solutions while under pressure.

Possessed of the Echo, Aurora is able to experience the thoughts and emotions of the Dragons, a considerable source of mental duress. Initially, she is uncertain of her skill and conviction to withstand the Dragons influence, a reality faced by all dragoons. As a method of coping, she remains emotionally distant from her comrades before slowly gaining confidence in her abilities. After joining the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, she comes out of her shell with the help of Yda and Papalymo. Much of her motivation is fueled by Nidhogg, whose machinations resulted in the death of her family and Estinien's corruption.


Aurora was a youth during the events of the Calamity. Her mother traveled to Thanalan with a small retinue on behalf of the Holy See of Ishgard. There she shared a tryst with Aurora's father, a leader of the civil resistance in Ul'dah and an ostensible link to the dwindling Thorne lineage. Their union was cut short when the Monetarists employed assassins to prevent an uprising. Fleeing from the anti-royal Syndicate, Aurora was transported to Ishgard for safekeeping.

Employed as a botanist, she aided her mother tending to the gardens of Ishgard's gentry. Catching the eye of a lordling in a jousting tournament, she secured her squireship with House Haillenarte. As she was too young to be knighted and Ishgard was in danger of being overrun, Aurora was sent to Gridania as an envoy. She delivered the news to Kan-E-Senna that the Holy See would not be joining forces with the Eorzean Alliance. In the wake of Bahamut and the Battle of Carteneau, she resolved that the Dragons were not only Ishgard's problem but one Eorzea must face together. She remained in The Black Shroud following the aftermath to assist the Order of the Twin Adder with reparations.


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