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Onwards! To Glory!

Aven Scorchfield.


BIRTH NAME... Aven Scorchfield


RACE & CLAN... Hyur, Highlander.

GENDER... Male.

AGE & NAMEDAY... 28; 32nd Sun of the 6th Astral Moon, 1549 S.A.E.

ORIENTATION... Straight.



NATIONALITY... Ala Mhigan.

CLAN... No Allegiance.

RESIDENCE... Wanderer.

OCCUPATION... Sky Pirate.

PATRON DEITY... Halone, the Fury.

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 6.6 fulms. 213 ponze.

ALIGNMENT... Chaotic Good.

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Giving up isn't something I'm particularly good at.


Aven Scorchfield is a...


Standing at seven fulms, Aven is tall with black horns jutting from the side of his head. His black hair is neatly kept despite the amount of time he wears a helmet, and his eyes are a striking shade of green. He holds himself in a proud and confident manner and seems to move at complete ease despite almost always wearing heavy plate.
He is actually at medium height for his race and loathes being reminded of it, though he has a strong build for any Au Ra male, with a fair bit of muscle for his constant effort and the plate mail he's usually in. He prefers to dress in black, gold, and browns when wearing more casual garb.


Aven is out going and boisterous if he knows you or is around friends. Around those he does not know or like he can be quiet, reserved and cautious. He is louder than he should be and never backs down from a challenge. He is very honorable and follows a strick personal moral code which he keeps written in a little black book on his person. He holds respect and honor above all else. Even when he doesn't like you he will still be respectful.
Disrespectful actions will bring him to a quick anger point. when he is angry, it is small at first but will slowly boil over and then explode. He tries very hard to maintain his anger lest he find himself in a dreaded battle rage once more.


Honorable Combat. Aven loves a good fight, but he desires for both combatants to put their best foot forward. He seeks to have a fight he can tell a story about later, rather than to take a life.
Helping Those In Need. Self Righteous and a strong sense of Justice means Aven goes out of his way to help those in need. He takes pleasure simply from knowing he made a difference and it acts as a sort of penance for what he feels are past sins.
Coffee. He is addicted to the dark liquid and is rather unfunctioning each morning before his daily cup of Joe.


Disrespect. Aven holds honor and respect as his top priorities. Those that can follow neither are quick to anger him and face his Axe.
Cowardice. Those unable to take action are doomed to put their fate in the hands of others. The very thought terrifies Aven and he finds those unwilling to take hold of their destiny fools and unworthy of his time.
Oppressive Leaders. A clan leader's responsibility is to ensure the safety and strive for the success of their people. Those that put themselves first or abuse their subjects are quick to incur Aven's wrath.
Harsh Sunlight. Having spent so long in the dark forests and donned in black Plate, he finds the brightness uncomfortable and prefers the gentle touch of indirect lighting from under the forest canopy.


Whittling. Aven spent a long time in the woods with just his trusty Axe and dagger at his side. To pass the time he would take a stick and carve it into a makeshift tool or stake. He found the repetitive action calming and allowed him to relax.
Exploration. Aven has been wandering most of his life and the years have done nothing to tame his nomadic spirit. He actively follows his curiosity, always wondering what is just around the bend. He will boldly travel for weeks simply following where the trails take him, and he couldn't be happier doing so.


Durability. Aven is extremely tough. Having nearly died has dulled Aven’s sense of pain. Combined with his immense willpower, he will continue to fight long after many would fall from exhaustion or pain. While he is not the most skilled fighter in the world, He is relentless and will shrug off blows left and right in his pursuit of his foe. His zealotry combined with his lack of self-preservation can create a terrifying assault upon his enemies.
Compassion. Having seen atrocities in his time, Aven shows compassion to all walks of life. While he enjoys battle he detests striking a killing blow unless necessary. He has a strong sense of empathy and is more than willing to help those in suffering. He aims to make himself a champion of those in need and will help any he finds who he sees as a good person.
Determined. He will not back down, and he will not give in. Aven will fight for what he believes in and to protect those he cares about. He will become an ocean against the rocks when the fight is deemed righteous. When his mind is set, there is nary a force in the world that can change it.


Foolhardy. Aven is reckless and will charge headfirst into most things. Be it an argument, or a battle, with little regard for safety or success. If it’s something he believes in, it’s worth fighting for, no matter the cost or odds.
Self-loathing. Aven is wracked with guilt for the blood on his hands. His near death experience made him reconsider all he believed in and set him on a new path. He mourns each life he takes and actively seeks penance for each of his sins.
Self-Taught. Aven has wandered since a young age, never staying one place to long. He never attended a school other than the short time he had lived with his clan. His education would be akin to that of an early teen at best. He cannot read common and is incapable of advanced math. Most of what he has learned he picked up by experience or in his travels.


Honor. He follows his code of honor like a light in the darkness. To step away from it is to return to death. Aven will up hold his word till the bitter end and refuses to Lie and cheat.
Self-Righteousness. Believing he is a force of justice in the world, Aven actively seeks to right wrongs in his path. He is motivated by his quest for penance and his desire to make the world a better place. He dreams that one day he will be able to rest in a peaceful world, but until that day, the blood of the wicked still calls to him..


Aven is a berserker at his core. He wears heavy plate to protect his body and allow him to shrug off minor strikes and blows. He wields his axe with wild abandon, swinging it in deadly arcs around his body. While he does not bear the most finesse while wielding his weapon, it is devastating none the less. Being an Au Ra grants him a degree of physical strength and that is further augmented by his training. He will rain blow after blow upon his foe with unrelenting force until they succumb to wounds or weariness.

Though his armor is thick, he gets his true durability from a dulled sense of pain. Having been on the brink of death and revived from it, his pain sensory is not quite as it should be. Aven will walk through wounds and ignore minor pains easily in purist of his enemy. He will even retain motion in spite of large ones. He chases down his foe with a wild abandon, allowing his foe to strike him to make and opening for his axe.

His greatest strength is the power of his inner beast. Though mostly tamed, Aven can still lose himself to it fury. When that happens, Aven enters a battle rage. He will know not of friend or foe and will lash out at all that moves. He will strike with all of his might, even to the point of harming himself. He will carry on chasseing his foes until his body gives out. While the rage is a powerful tool, it is extremely dangerous to himself and his friends. Aven has awoken more than once in a pool of gore and each time destroys him mentally. He will try to contain his anger and rage, unless given no other option.

OOC Note: Aven is not normaly quick to fight. Instead prefering to maintain his anger. But int he case of a battle, Aven will not try to dodge blows but instead shrug them off. Aven is very sturdy and hits hard, but is not the fastest or brightest and his fighting style reflects this. I prefer freestyle combat with each player keeping things accurate and fair, but I realize not everyone shares my sense of balance and in those cases rolling can easily be substituted.



A History of Adventure
Born in Ala Mhigo in 1549, Aven grew up under the gentle care and guidance from his parents. The first part of his life was relatively normal. Going to school and learning the teachings of Rhalgr. But in 1557, when he was a young boy of eight years, the Garlean’s invaded Ala Mhigo forcing his family from their home and leaving them to wander.

His family resided in Little Ala Mhigo for the next ten years. Struggling to make ends meet, Aven left with his parents blessing to try and find additional gill to bring home. This brought Aven to Uldah and the bloody sands of their arena. He discovered is particular talent to have some degree of mastery over any martial weapon he placed his hands on and it served him well in the arena. He rose in fame and started to amass a small fortune with his victories as he entertained the nobility with bloodshed. He loved battle and thrived in it. The adrenaline and rushing blood made him feel alive like he had never known while sheltered by his parents. They called him the Master at Arms with his unique showmanship talent of switching his weapons mid fight, sometimes even taking them from other unlucky fighters.

His career was tragically cut short after a single year when a battling several members of the Immortal Flames in a friendly sparing match. A reckless warrior made a surprise lunge and caught Aven unaware, his blade struck clean through Aven’s chest. Little did both of them know that Aven had been born with Situs Inverses and the blade had missed his heart by mere inches. The healer rushed to his side surprised to find Aven still alive. Quickly the Conjurer mended Aven’s punctured lung swearing to the gods that it was a miracle he was still alive.
Aven’s full recovery took far longer and he no longer felt at home on the bloody sands. Taking his winnings he returned home to his family and Little Ala Mihgo. Gathering what remained of his small fortune he combined it with what his father and mother had saved and together they moved out of Little Ala Mhigo and headed north. They didn’t know where they were headed originally but were pleasantly surprised when their adventure carried them to the town of Tailfeather.

They took up residence and thrived in the hunting community helping with daily tasks and learning their way of life. His parents loved the relative peace of the town but it only took two years for Aven’s blood to boil for adventure again. Luck would so have it that a band of sky pirates landed near tail feather to stock up on supplies as well as recruit some fresh blood. The ship was named The Gryphon’s Pride. He signed up without a moment of hesitation when he learned they were going to raid a Garlean base. His parents cheered him on as he took to the skies aboard his new air ship with his new crew. Though he was low on the totem pole Aven worked hard and earned the respect of the pirates. They were an odd bunch with a strong sense of honor and comradery. Most of them chose the life because it granted them the freedom to explore and make some gil at the same time. And there was no greater thrill than exploring the vast sea of clouds.

Aven found a new home on the airship, and quickly became one of their best combatants. The only one who could match his martial prowess was a young swordswoman named Helene. She and Aven would test each other’s might and almost always end in a draw. It wasn’t long before emotions took hold and the two fell hopelessly in love.
A few years later, a raid on a Garlean base went wrong. They had been ready for them and met them with a hail of fire and steel. Many of the crew lost their lives including the captain. Aven took charge in the heat of the moment and guided the wounded air ship to safety. In the wake of their loses, the crew mourned but also knew they needed a new captain. They all came together and voted on who was best suited to lead them. It was a tie between Helene and Aven, but Helene declined the position. She said she wasn’t suited to lead and would rather be out on the ship. The crew turned to Aven who reluctantly accepted. He wasn’t confident in his leadership role at first but the crew looked to him with great respect.

Aven proceeded to bring them in to their wealthiest years to come. Successful raid after successful raid decimated parts of the Garlean presence in the north and they were swimming in mountains of magitec loot. But he had his most nerve breaking adventure ahead of him.

One calm night, sailing under the light of the moon, Aven asked Helene to join up on the deck. It was there that he presented her a ring and asked for her hand in marriage. She smiled and gladly agreed, commenting only that he should have done so sooner. The crew flew all the way to Twelveswood to see their Captain and First Mate bonded. The resulting celebration nearly emptied their coffers and caused quite the disturbance.

Together as Husband and Wife, Helene and Aven continued to bring wealth and glory to their crew and The Gryphon’s Pride. They set out a code, seeking to be reputable and honorable. Able to plunder but respected by merchants who were willing to trade. They ended up making allies in Limsa Lominsa, finding merchants there willing to fence their Garlean goods.

Their first time they traveled there was by boat. Aven spent the entirety of the trip griping the railing and emptying the contents of his stomach overboard. Needless to say, he never took and aquatic ship again if he didn’t have to. The crew did not miss the irony in a man calling himself a Pirate being plagued with sea sickness.

They lived as a happy family aboard the airship with their crew until two years ago. They were taking a pleasurable sail through the Sea of Clouds when the Umbral winds blew in. The green sky was difficult to navigate and made the sailors warry. It was in that storm that they heard a mysterious sound, almost like the sound a giant Whale! Suddenly out of nowhere the giant sky whale Bismark came out of the mists before them. They swerved to avoid the massive creature but they were too close. Bismark bumped the ship, tipping it to a dangerous angle and kept on with its path. As the ship was thrown sideways, several of the crew were thrown from its bow. One of these was Aven’s wife Helene.

He watched in horror as she tumbled off the ship disappearing in to the clouds below. Aven made a mad dash to the helm and took the ship into a nose dive. As they burst through clouds and the ground below came into view the crew cried out in panic. Aven looked around as they dived and unable to see any of his fallen crew he straightened out. His heart hung heavy as he looked around to his terrified crew. They spent the next month searching the grounds bellow in a vain attempt to find their lost crew members, or at least their bodies but there was no success. With great sadness Aven held funerals for the ones they had lost. His heart torn open by the loss of his beloved.

He tried to return to his position as captain, but his heart was no longer in it. He kept making novice mistakes and he came to the realization he was no longer suited to command The Gryphon’s Pride. After two years, He stepped down. Despite the protests of those who followed him. He left in good standings with the crew and promised to one day return. They promised to keep the ship safe and raid plenty of Garleans until that time came. As a parting gift, the crew pooled their loot together and purchased Aven a Manacutter in the hopes that they would meet in the sky.

Having never found their bodies, some small part of Aven still believed that his crew was still out there, somewhere. With fond memories to treasure, a sack of gil on his belt and the winds at his back, he gave into his adventurous spirit and set out in hopes of one day finding his missing friends and wife.


Recent Times
■ Tidbit.


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Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Scary looking guy, but he is actually pretty nice."
"He's either brave, stupid, or lucky. Or a combination of all o' em."
"Tough fighter!It was like being hit by a hurricane!."
"The man is like a ghost, he appears out of nowhere in this black armor and fights like a demon. When you turn to thank him he is already gone..."
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"He's a guardian, threw himself into danger to protect his allies with no regard to his own safety."
"He has a scar on his chest. It looks like he took a spear through his heart and kept on fighting."
"I've seen him in a battle rage once. He continued to hack apart the corpse long after it was dead. He couldn't tell friend from foe. Really scary."
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"They say he died and sold his soul to a voidsent. He is cursed I tell you. Be wary of that one."
"I heard he has been hired by wealthy women as an exotic escort. Has he no shame?"


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor." — Rumormonger.


I Will Not Bow
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Player Note
I expect a clear IC / OOC division in RP. Their feelings and my feelings are separate. I'm not opposed to friendships, but if an OOC relationship becomes stifling or uncomfortable, I won't hesitate to address the issue, or cut contact. Similarly, I hope that others are also as open in this regard as I am. I prefer clear lines of communication with whomever I'm RPing with, and those I'm RPing with should always feel free to send a /tell to clear up any questions.
I'm normally OOC, so please send a /tell before approaching for RP.
Personal RP Limits
I like to consider myself a flexible player who is willing to commit to a number of different types of scenes and role-play scenarios, but even I have my limits. If something is on the play list, assume it means yes, as long as it's within the context of the current play or ongoing plot. No's are typically a hard no, and it means don't ask, and if I'm in the mood for it, I'll be the one to initiate.
I will play .
Ask about .
I won't play .
Aven is a diverse RP character who has been across many different games. He has been in Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft and Aion. The name Aven was originally inspired many years ago from a Magic the Gathering card, Aven Windreader. No matter what universe Aven resides in, he always has his chest scarred. Normally, Aven is human. This iteration of Aven was tailored to fit into the XIV universe within the Lore to the best of my knowledge.
If an aspect of RP makes you uncomfortable in a scene we're playing, please send me a /tell, letting me know. Communication is very important, more important than potentially keeping immersion.


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