Avlia Swift

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 Avlia Swift
Swift by Rush.png
New Fist of Rhalgr
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ul'dah, Ala Mhigo
Server Balmung
Age 29
Namesday 2/25
Sexuality Pansexual
Relationship Status Open Relationship


♦ General

Avlia Swift is an Ala Mhigan born Highlander with boundless energy and a feisty personality. A light-and-kind heart tempered and resolved through conflict and loss; Avlia will be straight to the point, the first to volunteer, and the last to give up. She's not a killer, despite her close relationship with conflict, leading her chosen weapon to be.. nothing.
From a young age, she trained her body and mind through pugilism in the hopes that while she knows conflict in unavoidable, she could do as little 'permanent resolution' as possible. The good-natured, hard-bodied, blonde freedom fighter.

♦ Appearance

Shorter than most Highlanders, Avlia might be mistaken for her plains-dwelling cousins if not for her skintone and musculature. A dusty blonde with dark desert-dwelling skin, she is the very picture of an Ala Mhigan national, if not for her blue eye. Her body, trained for nigh-on two decades through street-fights and later organized bouts and training. To say she was a 'fit woman' might be an understatement. Her form is defined and leanly muscled, her lack of raw bulk masking her true strength. Despite all this hard laboring, good genes have allowed Avlia to maintain her inherited feminine silouette; boasting wide hips and a generous bust.

Her face, expressive and animated, is your classic 'pretty'. Sharp features, fierce eyes, and a big smile; she may not have the softness and 'cute' of Midlander, AuRa or Mi'qote, but she's the highlander brand of attractive. Though a childhood scar mars the right side of her face and eye; it is deep but long-faded. Lastly, her hair is often tied into a braided tail, with her bangs acting as a cover for her scar. Occasionally, she's been known to cut her hair unreasonably short before pilgrimages or long trips. A practical hold-over from her youth.

♦ Behaviour

Avlia is an assertive busybody, often injecting herself into conversations and situations without prompting. An incorrigible flirt, and a prideful hard-head, Avlia has trouble knowing when to back down or back off. She'll stop behaving this way when it stops working. She has just enough tact to keep herself out of fights, but more often than not was trying to steer the conversation that way regardless.


Avlia has been bedfellows with conflict since the Empire conquered Ala Mhigo when she was a girl. She was picked up by the Pugilist's Guild at a young age after attempting to pickpocket one to pay for food; rather than turn her in, they found her fiery nature entertaining enough to take her in. She took to the martial arts naturally and has simply never stopped honing her fists.
After reaching adulthood, and while working for a Free Company that went by sEEd, Avlia opened her first Gate. This led to her seeking formal training as a Monk, and now she employs Pugilism and Monk techniques into her fistfighting.

★ Important or Life-Changing Events ★

- Avlia joined sEEd. (A Realm Reborn launch, until roughly before Ramuh was released. This was Avlia at her most niave and weak.)
- Avlia joined the Ala Mhigan Resistance. (Off-camera purgatory Avlia was placed in while I was out of the game. Avlia advanced her Monk training during this time.)
- Ala Mhigo is liberated, leading to Avlia's retirement from the Resistance. While that force has mostly transitioned into a standing army for Gyr Abania, Avlia has a distaste for military. She's a rebel, not a soldier.
- Avlia reunites with a dear friend from sEEd, Ignatia Purvis, and the two of them resume working together.
- Avlia, now freelance and seeking to open further Gates, becomes an "adventurer". Takes up trades in her free time.
- Meets Chelsea Grey, and through a series of mis-adventures and a shared love of mischief the two become partners, Chelsea moves in with Avlia.
- Avlia's tradeskills have taken off, affording her more luxury than she's ever had access to before. Wealth doesn't suit her.
- Avlia proposed to Chelsea Grey over tea, in the early afternoon. Chelsea said yes.



■A good, fair spar.
■Drinking with friends, and exploring cities or ruins alike.
■Aiding others, or humanitarian work.
■Acquiring new friends and lovers.


■Dishonest or duplicitous people.
■Excessive violence, leading to death that could have otherwise been avoided.
■Long or boring plays.
■Reading or sitting still.


■Exploring new up-and-coming businesses or organizations.
■Mastering new trades or talents.
■Experimenting with new ways to wield her inner aether. Projecting it into flame or energy.
■Taking people on dates.


Favourite Food/Drink: Fried Dodo. Most beers or ales, though she tends toward water.
Favourite Place: A Secret to Everyone

♦ Related Images


💘 Crush 💗 Sexual Desire In love with 💑 In a relationship Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing


💑 Chelsea Grey – Avlia's most serious relationship, the two of them fell in love over shared mischief and big hearts. Two incorrigible flirts who bonded after seeing past eachother's ruse. While the two of them care for many people, they love one another. They share a home in the Goblet.
Ignatia Purvis – An oddity, this young dragonspawn and Avlia bonded during their time together at sEEd. It is thanks to Ignatia that Avlia can speak sign-language.
💗 Katharina Balk – The two of them met at a party for the 4th, where she learned Katharina ("Blue") was related in some way to Kale. After an evening out drinking, Blue left Avlia to fend off a mad axe-woman alone. Currently, Avlia is trying to establish a working relationship with Blue, through her company Long Climb.
💗 Kale Aideron – The commander of the 4th Combined Brigade in Ul'dah. The two have a mutual respect for one another's prowess, and despite constantly butting heads over politics and rights, the two are occasionally lovers.
💗 Kanetaro Mayamoru – The Golden Wolf, a crimson Raen mercenary working for Long Climb. By chance encounter, the two of them ran into eachother over a case of mistaken chocolate. After a lost bet, some lost rum, and a tour of the Limsan coast, the two became friends\lovers.
Skylar Steelheart – Breaker of hearts and influential Highlander woman worthy of envy, Skylar is Kale's significant other, and one of Avlia's good friends. The two enjoy a vaguely flirtatious relationship. If a little one-sided.


Coming Soon!

Enemies & Rivals

💗 Rhuli'a Kanjun - Rhuli'a and Avlia are fellow Fists of Rhalgr. In fact, Rhuli'a is the most recent Monk to spur open one of Avlia's Shadow Gates through a near-death spar. Though once very close, the two had a considerable falling-out, and are only now attempting to mend things.

OOC\Roleplay Notes

Regarding Combat

-Combat between Avlia and others is more than welcome. Encouraged, even! There are some stipulations.-
■ - My combat preferences are: Freeform (With friends), Roll-Combat (With strangers.) I have a custom combat system I prefer, but I am open to others. Ask me about it.
■ - Avlia does not die unless I say she dies. If you pull a 'Dodge This' on Avlia, I will go as ludicrously far as I have to for her to get out alive. Then probably not RP with you again.

Regarding Mature Themes

■ I will play: Mature content and themes (violence, sexuality, drug / alcohol use) as long as they're logical in a scene and for the characters. Coarse and excessive language. Temporary injury and incapacitation. Temporary imprisonment. Most walk-up encounters.
■ Ask before attempting: Long-term and/or permanent injury and disfigurement. Long-term captivity or imprisonment.
■ I won't play: Permanent character death.

♦ Footnotes

Alignment: Avlia is Chaotic Good. Her morality is a blind, 'I want to help!' though she often can be inconsistent or fail to see the bigger picture of her actions.

Theme songs: I really need themesongs.

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