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Kale Quartzwall
'The Sultanate; for good or ill'

Epithet Kale the Inexorable
Nicknames Hero of the Six Standards
Age Thirty-Four Summers
Gender Male
Race Hyur (Highlander)
Height 6 fulms, 3 ilms
Weight 220 ponze
Orientation Heteroflexible
Marital Status Unmarried.
Deity Nald'thal, the Trader
Nationality Ul'dah
Birthplace Thanalan
Occupation Immortal Flames Bloodsworn
Alignment Lawful Neutral | ESTJ

Second Flame Commander Kale Quartzwall is an Immortal Flames Bloodsworn and retainer to the Royal House of Ul. Having led the 4th Combined Brigade to various victories as an Eorzean Alliance commander, he now serves as a representative of both Sultana and Grand Company in a variety of capacities. Kale is a well-known war hero within military circles and an unyielding patriot, utterly dedicated to Thanalan and willing to sacrifice almost anything for it. He is a fierce and accomplished battlefield commander, although his skills as an administrator is only just satisfactory.

Appearance: Perhaps unimaginatively, Kale cuts the presence and physique of a veteran combatant. With a chiseled bone structure, a low brow and narrow pair of eyes gives Kale an almost intense resting expression. He is meticulous about his appearance in the belief of maintaining proper military bearing, always shaven, and hair kept short. Every half-moon or so, Kale shaves in a new pattern associated with the Highlander clans of Ul'dah into his hair. A single scar is set across his left cheek, a couple of ilms or so in length.

Clothing: It is somewhat impossible to find Kale not equipped in his iconic suit of armour; even his Grand Company overcoat tends to collect dust. When off-duty, he tends to wear Ul'dahn or otherwise unassuming attire in line with his social status as a wealthy commoner.

"Loyalty to the realm asks naught else to believe in."

Proud and upstanding, Kale is a hardened soldier who values forthrightness, diligence, and tradition. Though happy to joke around when appropriate, Kale is veritably no-nonsense in situations he perceives to require a suitable sense of gravitas. With high standards of himself, others, and society, Kale seeks to espouse the best of Ul'dahn military discipline, unwavering in fulfilling the duties of his station. His belligerence towards those he sees as hostile to the Sultanate's way of life is rooted in nothing more than powerful convictions and a stubborn loyalty to his worldview. Nonetheless, his professional attitude means that he will almost always put aside his personal biases when either lives or laws are in danger.


  • Warfare
  • Discipline and hard work
  • The countryside
  • Strong women (and submissive men)


  • Adventurers
  • Upstart foreigners
  • Haughtiness
  • Flippancy


  • A very average player of the oud, an Ul'dahn variant of a lute.
  • Somewhat knowledgeable in the latest trends of alcoholic beverages coming out of the Alchemists' Guild.
  • A follower of the Ul'dahn mining industry and latest economic trends.

Spoiler Warning: Anything written under Current Service should be considered spoilers for the Main Story Quest of FFXIV from A Realm Reborn onwards.

Kale is said to have been descended from a long line of Highlander mercenaries who have served Ul'dah since the War of the Sisters around 1180. Kale's mother was the legendary Mactildis Quartzwall, who famously murdered her mercenary captain at sixteen summers of age when he made some untoward advances. Taking the mantle of the next commander, she single-handedly led her company to become one of Ul'dah's foremost in the space of just ten years. Upon having her son in 1543, she retired from the business and adopted the surname Aideron. Mactildis faded into obscurity while raising her son as a miner and sole parent.

Kale's military career is believed to have started in 1557 as an apprentice swordsman in an Ul'dahn mercenary company. This mercenary company fought in the Sultanate's wars, defending the routes of commerce for the Ul'dahn trade empire. In 1561, Kale joined the Eorzean Alliance standing military upon its formation as an infantryman. He fought in numerous battles against the Garlean Empire until 1563 when the Alliance army disbanded. Kale immediately returned to his old mercenary company. A year later, Kale fought in the first invasion of the Amalj'aa into southern Thanalan, and spent the next eight years waging war against the lizardmen. In 1572, Kale joined the Immortal Flames on Foundation Day. Kale's first major operation with the Grand Company was the assault on Castrum Novum, with the Battles of Carteneau and Raubahn's Push later that year.

Current Service

Since the Calamity, Kale spent the next five years rising up the ranks of the Immortal Flames. He was placed in charge of his own unit called the Yataghans for Operation Archon, leading them into Castrum Meridanium during the Immortal Flames feint. In the calm period following, Kale eventually caught the attention of the Bloodsworn for his efforts in putting down the Ul'dahn refugee revolt and later apprehending the traitorous Ivy.

Inducted as a Flame elite, Kale was placed in charge of a new regiment. Select accomplishments within the Eorzean Alliance follow...

  • Dragonsong Victory & Unity Celebration: Tasked by the Ul'dahn Vizier of Finance on behalf of the Adventurers' Guild, Kale organized a large-scale rally to celebrate the end of Ishgard's Dragonsong War and welcome the free companies to the Coerthan republic.1
  • Operation Rhalgr's Beacon: His first duty as an Alliance joint commander, Kale earned his status as war hero after leading Eorzean forces from five nations in liberation of Gyr Abania and defeat of the Garlean Empire.1234
  • Operation Heavenly Hammer: In a major Alliance operation, Kale commanded a large host to the floating continent of Azys Lla, where he led on assault on Castrum Solus in an attempt to prevent catastrophe.12
  • The Second Grand Melee: Following the successful first grand melee featuring the Warrior of Light, Kale was the organizer of a second event, this time including the Ala Mhigan Resistance, as well as the Doman Liberation Front as special guests. After a fierce six-way battle royale, Kale led the Immortal Flames to victory, emerging as the sole survivor and champion.123
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Relationship Status Legend
🌷 Partner


💔 Former Partner
🍂 Drifted


Mactildis Aideron - ?
Kale has a relatively strong relationship with his mother. At sixty summers of age and ten years past the average life expectancy for an Eorzean, Mactildis remains quite fit and healthy. Though she previously resided with Kale, she has since departed to her home village in the mountains of Thanalan.
Katharina Balk -
Kale's recently discovered twin sister, her junior by about half a bell. The two have yet to establishing a close relationship, though the siblings are both professional leaders, which gives them plenty of common ground to get started on.
Skylar Steelheart - 🌷
Kale shares a volatile but passionate relationship with his beloved. Despite their constant bickering, Kale's commitment to institution and tradition leaves no doubt as to their marriage's success. All the better that Skylar is an Ul'dahn Highlander as her man is.



◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    “His wife regularly seems to get involved in business that one would think...untoward. But I suppose it's difficult to get ahead in Ul'dah without walking that fine line, aye?” - Phrontistery physicker
    “Doesn't shy away from talking to other women despite his marriage. Am I to judge? Well, after twenty years of service to the Sultanate, I'd do whatever I want, too.” - Quicksand patron

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    “Yes, all our commissioned officers are required to be lettered. Commander Aideron is passable. Unless you wish to doubt his esteemed qualifications to his face?” - Senior Immortal Flames officer
    “Every now and again I hear the Commander and his woman engaging in the fiercest yelling out of their abode, but that's not our business! - A Goblet neighbour

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    "I heard he murdered the captain of his former mercenary company. Got away with it, too. Why? Why should I know?” - Ul'dahn mercenary


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

    "Oh, yeah, I know Kale! Big guy.. wears fancy armor..! I think his roar is worse than his bite, though." Aya Foxheart
    "Reliable, at the best of times, and mayhap something of a brilliant idiot at the worst. Glad am I to know him." Ciel Wulfe
    "Fought 'im at the Grindstone once. He ain't a pushover. Was fun an' a pain in the arse. Well. Pain everywhere, actually." Berrod Armstrong
    "Forgive me, Sir Aideron is much like a gil coin, no? One side is stern and dark, the other warm and considerate. Were I able to bring him closer to Thaliak and disregard the poisons others have flooded his mind with, his devotion to his land would only grow stronger. Truly, I believe he means well." Jancis Milburga
    ""Sir Kale? He's... belligerent to say the least. But I think he's at least trying. We had quite the debate and it was very enlightening for both of us...I hope, anyway." Vaughn Antain
    "Kale is a nice person, yes? He allows me to sit on his shoulder with no complaints!" Ruruni Runi
    "Sergeant Aideron, er, or should I say former Sergeant Aideron and myself go a ways back. We have had the best of times together... and the worst of times too. At one time, the only complaint I could make of him was that he was a little too willing to hurl me at the enemy as a projectile! These suns though..." Anzio Zansio
    "Had a drink with Kale once. Worked with him once on a job that helped him get back with the Flames. I'd consider him one of the 'good' ones." Jaques Guillaume
    "Ser Aideron? He was quite the...jewel of a find and I believe he found me. Our relationship is...well, certainly, that is none of your business." Emmette Stringers
    "Y'd think a Bloodsworn would 'ave better things t'do with his time than 'elping me with swordplay trainin'. ...Riiiiight." Griselda Ironfang
    "Even a loner like me just seems... Inspired to follow him into a fight. Which is saying a lot." Jana Ridah
    "I had devoted my entire life based around combating the Dravanian Horde and their forces that plagued Coerthas, and trust when I say I am no stranger to fighting a strong opponent. In the recent spar we had I found that while Captain Aideron might not have the features of a dragon, he most certainly possesses the strength of one." Armont De'bayle
    "He aided in the liberation of Gyr Abania. Gifted many with a name for all they did to destroy the shackles the empire brought those lands." Jancis Milburga
    "He hit me!." - 'Flame Sgt S'ewer Nuhn'
    "He doubted me once and therefore, I showed him the fault in such. He is my comrade, that is certain - though I can still at times be left doubting. I hope that to change some sun. I do not prefer doubting my allies. I still yet hold faith; he is a man true to his cause, despite his demeanor at times, and that I do respect." - Hestia de Bayle
    "Add rumor here." - Name

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