Aya Young

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Ul'dah-transparent.png aya young
"a lover as my worst enemy? dear... i sound like a poorly written romance novel, don't i?"
everyone's mom
Gender female
Race roegadyn
Clan hellsguard
Citizenship ul'dah
Height 7"4
Age 34
Martial status "widowed"
occupation culinarian/explorer
children? yes
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Name: Aya Young, formerly Azara Petals
Nicknames: World's Best Mom
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Current Residence: Ul'Dah
General Clothing Style: Mature
Voice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKdLJo2_6hQ
Japanese-counterpart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClT_u5XP8go
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fEL_m7MyI4


Hair Color:: Brown with light highlights
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Bright Orange
Height: 7"4
Weight: "How dare you ask a woman this!"
Build: Tall and Muscle-y
Tattoos: N/A
Scars: Some on her legs, but not visible
Piercings: Ears
Demeanor: Gentle
Skin Tone: Dark Tan


positives: caring, gentle, elegant, respectful, great listener, cunning, motherly, brave.
negatives: can choose to be heartless, gullible, easily swoon by emotions, detached, resentful.



She is defensive at first, but when things get dire her body can be completely merciless to enemies. Physically, OR Magically.



  • reading/libraries
  • art
  • cooking


  • thieves
  • the past
  • getting sick


  • loves to cook, and tends to make meals for people more unfortunate on her spare time.
  • reading
  • taking care of her daughter


  • terribly clumsy. she's a beautiful a respectable roegaydyn, but her "grace" sadly lacks.
  • tells everyone that her husband passed away, instead of admitting the truth.
  • pays alot of young people to watch her child. usually bonds with the "babysitter".






Common Rumors

  • total pushover
  • her parents hate her. (apparently that's how people worded it)
  • hasn't dated since her husband "died".

Moderate Rumors

  • aya's "dead" husband is a lie and her husband dumped her horribly which is why she covers it up.
  • brings younger folks into her wing, and acts like a mother to people who need it.
  • she has scars on her thighs, and hidden on her chest. but why..?

Rare Rumors

  • aya is more dangerous than she looks.
  • her scars are because she gets into fights, and is not the "mother" everyone thinks she is.

PC Rumors



  • "Oh, I really do miss being a child more than anything. I can tell you indefinitely that I was less stressed back then. I never did really get comfortable in the 'city' kind of enviroment. Honestly, I still don't!"

It would be a understatement for the adult Roegadyn to say that she only liked her years as a adolescent. Born and raised in far depths of volcanic surroundings, Aya Young, partook in the Hellsguard clan that dedicated most of their lifestyle towards the rugged enviroment. Both her Mother and Father were pretty average compared to the rest of the race; A Mercenary Mother and Warrior Father, with a few children that of course were treated with equal nurture.

Aya could remember clearly the happiness she shared with the hot temperatures and high mountains. And above all, though the brown-haired woman was rather a elegant one, she'd never complain of the thickets her parents chose to live in. After all, what was more wonderful than living in such surroundings she thought? The idea of calling anything else outside of their little space a home still felt strange as a child, and she couldn't imagine moving anytime soon. Luckily, her thought process was moreover the reason the Petals family didn't stray from their beloved clan. As, even if they may not have been malicious towards the ruling of Eorzea's new leaders, they still felt very conservative; following the life that they had known best from the past.

Older Child-Teenager:

  • "Mmm. My rebel years. These are both embarrassing and exciting to reminiscence again."

As days go by, most of Aya's everyday life consisted of assisting the clan's needs, and learning how to handle herself alone. Thanks to her Father's experience as one of the clan's fighters, she educates herself almost perfectly with her strong fists, bringing home food for her clan by taking down monsters outside. Many of the clan enjoyed the fact that though Aya was a soft-spoken gentle woman, she enjoyed fighting, brawling, and the likes of Hellsguard well-known brash behavior. A Father and Daughter killing and skinning beasts for both pleasure, and necessities. It was one of the red flags at first to show that Aya was more than just a docile figure.

However, unfortunately, there was a event when she was around twenty that she'd say was the day that changed her entire life. For, it was the day that Aya left home, and fell in love with all the wrong things.

It was fall, and Aya unfortunately was persuaded to leave the nest of the mountains. For as the third child of the Petals, and also the most determined, the brown-haired woman was sent to leave the Hellsguard home and start going back and forth to bring the Clan resources. Of course reasonably enough, Aya already didn't like this planned out life for her. Afte all, the Hellsguard lifestyle was surprisingly something she enjoyed; and family was typically her first priority.

Neverthless, Aya accepts because she understands the rarity Hellsguard people really were. So she takes off to Ul'Dah, prepares a new home for herself, and eventually...stumbles upon a Hyur Male along the way.

And just like that, it was as if the two different beings were attracted to each other at first sight. To be honest, Aya didn't really understand the charm of the teenager; perhaps his sultry attraction, or maybe his insane contrast in height. But nevertheless, the two became bonded pretty easily and it was enough to say Aya felt much more comfortable settling into her new second home.

For a while too, Aya spends days on days learning the culture and customs of the Hyurs and other races. She is fascinated from what the Hellsguard isolated themselves, and above all is curious to what the man has to share. And while she wonders why the Hyur's family isn't around, the Roegadyn doesn't pay too much mind to it. After all, she had a family of her own that sent her away for important reasons. It didn't really matter to her anyway.

Aya was truly happy though, honestly. She couldn't believe someone so different (and shorter) could complete her so much.

That is, in till the boy unmasks his true nature, opening up a side of Aya that she didn't believe would appear.

A darker side, that involved crimes, robberies, and overall impending deceit.

Young Adult-Now: And even though the man's simple "let's go steal this", "let's go steal that" were of child's play, the persistent persuasion never stopped from the boy after Aya said yes, and soon Aya and her Hyur 'Lover' became thieves that stole all around Ul'dah. Aya's family wanted Aya to bring fame and fortune to the name, but in the end it seemed that the Hellsguard Woman found a new type of "title" for her own.

Aya is mostly just the sidekick of the Hyur's deceit, but as each year goes past with him it seems to get worse and worse. The Hyur picks up gambling, he drinks, and they both start becoming friends with the wrong part of town.

And though Aya knows all of this is wrong, surprisingly, at 25 she marries and even has a child with the profound malicious asshole. Their masked duo is seen as a infamous title called the "Midnight Raiders", committing ransoms and more injustices overall. Once the Calamity hit it was even worse as well, considering the advantage her group had over the vulnerability of the weaker citizens. Hell, even she injured a few people out if it. But Aya could never bring herself to murder.

But there was one night where Aya is finished with this whole "chaotic" act. She learns it the hard way too when her Hyur Husband and friends invade a small group of villagers that live outside of Ul'dah, attempting to get back on their feet from Eorzeas recent events, stealing all of their resources and even injuring to the point of near death of one of its members...

And it's Aya's very own Hellsguard younger brother. The one whom she almost forget even existed in her homely volcano grounds.

  • "It can't...It can't be you..."

The Story So Far: So with that being said, Aya takes their three year old child and leaves the hell of her husband's home. And at age 32 she attempts to regain a normal life... In Gridania. She runs a small bakery, giving out to the people in need, and overall bettering the impure person she once was.

She knows that one day that her and her beloved will, however. And with that information Aya trains her strength lowkey, just for that very moment.


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