Azazelle Veusoix

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Ishgard.jpg Azazelle Veusoix
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Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 37
Profession Astrologian and Healer for the Ravenstar Mercenary Group
Patron Deity Halone, the Fury
Server Balmung


  • Nicknames: Azzie
  • Age: 37
    • Nameday: 12th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Body: Slender, little muscular definition.
  • Hair: Long light blonde hair, usually lazily tied.
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Skin: Fair and pale.
  • Clothing: Azazelle chooses to dress conservatively, not being very keen on showing too much skin in public. Her clothing is typically simple when she is out and about in Thanalan, keeping to work-ready clothing, or something otherwise sensible for the weather. Her healing attire when working in Ravenstar's infirmary consists of the stand-issue lightly armoured robes.


Azazelle has a scholarly physique, owing to her lifetime of study and stargazing. She stands slightly shorter than most Elezen women, and keeps her straight blonde hair long and lazily tied back. Her pale skin comes from several years spent in the cold snows of Ishgard, staying mostly indoors on her free time if she is not stargazing.


  • Sitting on the roof of the company house and observing the stars on a warm Thanalan night.
  • Tending to chocobos.
  • A quiet infirmary.
  • Fine dining.


  • Heretics, and anything associated with heresy.
  • Dragons
  • Politics in Ishgard.
  • The entirety of House Dzemael.

Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: Skilled in healing arts, particularly in Sharlayan Astromancy, controlling and riding chocobos, and has a general understanding of how a spear works.
  • Crafting: Moderate understanding of alchemy, mostly it's applications in medicine.
  • Other: Care and training of chocobos, astrology,


  • Very patient.
  • Tenacious and stubborn.
  • Deep reserve of aether.
  • Able to keep a level head in most circumstances and examine problems from multiple angles.


  • Bound to the beliefs of Ishgardian doctrine.
  • Hesitant about unfamiliar social situations in which she is personally involved.
  • Sensitive to matters regarding her family and past marriage.
  • Will overextend her own capabilities readily at her own expense.


Azazelle is Ishgardian through and through, which includes the xenophobia and standoffishness when it comes to meeting new people. The unwelcoming attitude towards other individuals has lessened since she began travelling Eorzea, given that she was now the stranger in strange lands. She tends to be more of an observer and an introvert, letting others speak and speaking up only when she feels she needs to, and taking special care with her actions, perhaps a learned behaviour from living in a strict community her entire life.

She does not take matters of injustice lightly, the normally passive individual becoming infuriated when judgements are passed without due process, no absolute evidence, or innocent individuals are wrongly convicted.

As she continues to spend time with the mercenary free company Ravenstar, she has found herself able to get away from the rigorous and strict mannerisms that are practically requisite in Ishgardian culture.


Birthplace: Ishgard, Coerthas Family:

  • Father: Austrort Veusoix (deceased)
  • Mother: Marinsaie Veusoix (deceased)
  • God-father: Mouregeant Sennasaux

Player Character Standing

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Other Notes


Devoted to the Halonic Orthodox Church, but as she observes current events unfolding in Ishgard through a family friend's letters, she is starting to question her own faith.



She is usually garbed in thick black and white clothing that hides her slim body, and serves as her standard attire for comfortable stargazing in the cold of Coerthas, as well as enough protection in the heat of battle while still allowing her to make (and sometimes hide) the certain gestures necessary to invoke her spells. Her belt is adorned with various satchels and bags carrying medicinal herbs, potions, and one or two spare astromancy decks. Unless she is retiring for the day, she will be carrying her planisphere and a scabbard of her standard astromancy cards.


Common rumours

  • "She and her family trained some fine chocobos out in the Western Highlands... well, before it froze over." - Lightfeather Proving Grounds Enthusiast
  • "She's a night owl, that one, always wandering about in the evening and through the night, and not a sign of her during the morning or afternoon." - Goblet Resident

Uncommon rumours

  • "It was almost as if she is always trying to blend into the background back then, that is, if she was even allowed to do anything." - Ishgardian Housemaid
  • "She makes the best gifts ever." - Nonotha, housekeeper of Ravenstar

Rare rumours

  • "That scar on her face, I hear, was given to her by her former husband." - Dzemael Knight

PC Rumours

  • "Miss Azazelle is despite her lineage, incredibly level headed and a fine healer. Although I may not understand how she reads the stars, or her cards, she is... an ally one of the onlyRaven's Star's member I do not regret knowing finest members." — Hinako Mori