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[[ Much information found within this page is not always public knowledge! If you have any questions for general information your character may know/hear/see, feel free to PM me in-game! \o/ Details within the wiki that are used without permission in-game will be politely corrected, then disregarded. Thanks!))

Ishgard.jpg Hinako Mori-Malaguld
Ice Queen, Keeper of the Frozen Heart
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Malaguld - Xaela Tribe
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 25 (ish)
Height 4 fulms, 8 ilms
Weight 100 ponze soaking wet
Profession Aetherical Crystal Data Researcher and Scholar,

Pupil of Viscount Jacques Durand in the Art of Conjury

Patron Deity Dusk Mother, Dawn Father
Server Balmung

Basic Info

[I am a blurb placeholder!]

Nicknames: Hina, 'Swan', 'Blush', ('Tsunderstorm')
Alias' : Munkhchimeg "[the] Eternal Ornament"
Age: 25(ish)
Nameday: 26th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single-ish, Complicated
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 4 fulms, 8 ilms
Weight: 100-110 ponze
Body: Shorter side of fulms and slim, lithe of body type.
Hair: Thick, banged, straight wheat blonde hair; reaches just to mid-back.
Eyes: Sharp, roaming icy blues; right eye has a paler blue limbal ring.
Skin: Fair skin; as of late it's had a bit of color with all her time in the sun.
Clothing Choice: Long-sleeved tunics with leggings or tights, simple dress shoes and thin leather ringbands


[WIP Blurb!] A young looking Au Ra Raen female. Alluring, cold and cunning. An icy blue stare that is as piercing as it is analyzing, a bright limbal ring around the iris of her right eye. Wheat gold hair flows down her about mid-back, locks framing the sides of her face and no-nonsense bangs.

+Notable Items/Trinkets

  • Midnight blue cavalier's hat with a golden chocobo feather arcing from the front.
  • Platinum ring on her right middle finger, a Thaumaturgy's focus in the form of an Ice signet.
  • A leather flapped shoulder bag; a House Durand symbol pressed to the front of the top flap. Contents: Attuned (but not charged) Aether crystals.
  • Horn ring-bands; snugly fitted tarnished silver.
  • [Baron Earring] Moon shaped, beaded "earrings". New "beads" have been added to the earrings, stylizing the use of her linkpearls. Original design is a poor copy of Takeshi Malaguld's horn ornaments.
  • A well-crafted metal staff, decorated and topped with element attuned Aether crystals. (See gallery picture [1] )
  • A trailing, exact 1:9 scale replica of a cerulean-powered megitek bit; a constructed gift of a new-found friendship. (See gallery picture: [2] )


[I am a blurb placeholder!]


  • Reading/Learning/Research
  • Freedom
  • Baths
  • Chocobo
  • The color and varying shades of Blue (Midnight Blue, specifically)
  • Tea; all kinds of flavors, manners, natures and styles.
  • Wine
  • Food!
* Cakes, fruit pies, tarts, muffins...
* Chocolates
* Roasted or grilled dodo, aurochs, and karakul dishes
* Seared, baked, boiled, fried... popotos
* Lominsan cheeses
* Ishgardian fare

[Hina will never (even in the unlikeliest of circumstance or trust) turn down food. ]


  • The Aldahr
  • Apparent or Assumed Weakness(es)
  • Cowards or cowardly action
  • Being yanked around by her horns
  • Being bare around strangers/those she doesn't trust
  • Overly emotional people
  • Being touched, fondled or otherwise man-handled without permission
  • Attention
  • Nicknames
  • Being hungry
  • Lominsan Slang Terms
  • Slaving/Slavery
  • The term "Pale Scale" and it's variations
  • The Holy See
  • Being called "Damaged"

Areas of Expertise




  • Being yanked around by her horns





~ Early Childhood (Mori Clan)
Work in progress.
~ Younger Years (Merchant Band)
~ The Aldahr Period
~ Roaming Band
~ The Malaguld Years
~ Journey to Eorzea

Player Character Standing

((This section is largely under construction! Will fill in between MSQ grinding. ))
Romantic Interest      Platonic Love      Awkward Feelings of Attraction      Good Standing     
Neutral Standing      Poor Standing      Deceased     

Malaguld Tribesmen/Women

Takeshi Malaguld - Hina's warrior and companion, other half and protector. Her saviour and redeemer, but also her previous owner and reason for her life tumbling end-over-end. Takeshi takes first and foremost place in Hinako's heart. No matter their history together, after Takeshi released her to figure out what and who she truly wanted, he travels to learn whom his ancestors are and Hinako awaits his return.
Temujin Malaguld - A forbidable Xaela male, whom Hinako had deep discussions of war banding, death, torture and idle talk of drying blood splatters with. 'Only the strong survive.' is a motto of theirs.
Yagaan Malaguld - An odd, quirky bookworm that Hina admired from afar for her brilliant, technical mind. Yagaan may have helped to inspire the Au Ra into her more scientific studies.
Kol Malaguld - Still a bit of stranger, Kol was one such Xaela who saw past Hinako's scales and welcomed her to the Malaguld, and his hearth. The two have shared many a dinner, much to Takeshi's bewilderment, and she considers Kol at least someone she could depend on in a battle... perhaps just not a test of wit.
Aidasi Malaguld - A motherly caretaker, and a lover of Temujin's. Aidasi offered Hinako and Takeshi comfort and welcome in the tribe, even at her home in La Noscea. She was also one of the opposing forces of the relationship they shared, included as one of the voices to dissolve Hina and Takeshi's twisted form of slavery leftover from their time with the Aldahr. It took time.

The Order of Ravenstar Members & Affiliates

Brendt Fowkes - 'The Soldier', Hina's encounter with Brendt was at first hostile, then warm. The male let her in, comforted her in her abandonment, and was one of the first she tested the waters of freedom with... even though he was married. Taking the lesson in stride, they remain friends, while his wife attempts to reconcile Hinako's past and odd interpretations of 'thanking' someone with "BITCH, KEEP YER SCALY FINGERS OF M'DAMN HUSBAND."
N'herys Kavvah - Hina's relationship with Herys can be summarily defined as 'terse acceptance'. Hina accepts Herys is Brendt's life partner. Herys accepts that Hina is insane culturally different.
Nathaniel Graves - Hina has an odd relationship with the Garlean. Due to his gift, he has seen more of her past than literally anyone on the surface, save Hina herself. It unnerves her... but he remains loyal to his word that her past would stay silent. It eases her mind to still keep an eye on the young Hyur.
S'ereno Tia - Although their first meeting led to her being bent over a table by her horn and threatened, they have since become close friends. S'ereno attempts to cajole Hina's mask and layers off, and Hina in turn attempts to break him of his parading antics. The two meet at a stalemate often, when one or the other have made a step forward. He is one of the people Hina considers a close friend, as well as one of the complex relationships in her life.
Jethas Zykyri - 'Red Leader', as Hina scathingly refers to him, is in her opinion and good for nothing leader, riding upon the backs and coattails of his officers and members for good standing and reputation, without the execution of skill, wherewithal or passion of a determined leader. She despises that the man, and although he has bared her from entering Ravenstar's headquarters, she continues to traipse in and out of her own free will, because if she does not even respect him as a person, why would she ever listen to his commands?
Akira Aridan - A complicated fellow Raen whom Hina barely knew but whom was willing to share her story. It concerned Hina that Akira was trusting, given her history, but allowed the Raen the freedom to call her 'friend'. It concerned her more when Akira made a pass at her male....
Vianne Marinterre - Miss Azazelle's partner. Hina is unaware of much about the woman, aside from her use with a long silver dagger, dangerous pale eyes and a penchant for morbid humour. Hina can respect the position she holds, while also avoiding encountering the Elezen alone...
Azazelle Veusoix - 'Miss Azazelle'. One of Ravenstar's healers, and a proper Ishgardian lady. A teller of cards and stars, Hinako thinks the woman fails to understand her, but accepts that they will differ in opinions.
Liam Connor -
Tris'tan Aonar -
Devin Grey -
/ Jo'hern Xikhe - "Blush" ENOUGH SAID.
Gyeil Malqir -
Jacques Durand -
Guillaume Durand -
Ollivaux Durand -
Trevant Durand -

Eorzean Encounters

Cael'dei Dotharl -
Kari Quinn -
Valiant Z'beezu -
N'thala Mystholm -
Artigan Schezar -
Y'amra Tia -
Nyx Sanguinar -
Akhutai Sagahl -
Aslund Kha -
Kharijin Borlaaq -
Yhah Dazkar() -
Hariri Hari -
Teshura Hotgo -
Arden Feros -
Vachir Qerel - "Blush" ...
E'vehlke Sohj -
Enkhjargal Dalamiq -
Kaeus Moonbelt -
Lily Snowfire - Thus far one of two Eorzeans she has who have bothered to learn Xaelic tongues.
Qunbish Malqir -
Yesun Dotharl - Feisty, fierce, and strong. Hina approves of the Dotharl's methods of dealing with obnoxious males...
Hitsu Nagao - A simple, but polite, especially curious Raen. Hinako despises her childish demeanor and the fact that the poor girl shares scale color with her.
Khona'to Garanjy - A quirky, shy Miqo'te male who introduced himself briefly to Hina while she was reading at Menphina's Respite in the Lavender Beds. Part of the security-based free company Ebonbrand Teknoworks whom she met again at the Black and White Ball in the Chamber of Rule to laugh at Sigurd Sundsteigen's antics with.
Kasumi Gakunin - Motherly figure of Menphina's Kiss, delicate Doman courtesan and demure drinker of tea. A Raen that Hina may have been, given another life, another path, and another home.
Septimus Rem Nerva (Nero Varus ) - Encountered after the run in with Khona'to at the Black and White ball, there was a whirlwind companionship formed over the course of mere days. What began as unintentional blueballing turned compassionate friendship. Between them currently are two damaged people, trying not to break each other, in their attempts to make the other better. Septimus is the creator of the magitek bit that now follows and protects Hinako, as well as the reason for her current research into manipulations and expansions of Aether crystal dusts formed to productive powders.

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Other Notes


Auri creation myth tells of a Dawn Father and a Dusk Mother from whom all Au Ra are descended. Hina thinks of them often, and speaks of them less so.

Religious based quips Hinako will on occasion use:

"Dawn and Dusk guide and keep you." - Farewell

"By the Dawn's fury!" - Surprise

"By the Dusk Mother..." - Exasperation




Chaotic Neutral


Common rumours

Uncommon rumours

Rare rumours

PC Rumours





Mood Music

Nordic Ambiance
Wardruna - Loeyndomsriss / Heimta Thurs / Thurs
Adrian von Ziegler - Nevermore (This particular one was shown to me with Hina in mind.)


http://changephase.tumblr.com/ - (General catch all for things FFXIV related~)

Character Quips, Quotes, Bits

Hinako: "Takeshi, am I weak?"
Takeshi: "You have gentle features, you are small of frame, fair of hair and skin and you have a soft voice. These things make it easy to compare you to the glass dolls of Doma. Glass is easily broken... They see what is outside, and not further."


Of Altanzorig, her Horsebird:

"What is it? It is a chocobo, of course.
No, not a horsebird.
... No, you can not eat him.
... Yes, I realize that. But he is soft, and hardly bites.
No, I have-- Actually, I have.
His name will be Altanzorig.
What does it mean?
It means 'Golden Courage'.
Because I will never be afraid again."