Azrin Aurin

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Azrin Aurin
The Alchemist/ Inventor
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Limsa
Hails from La Noscea / Limsa
Occupation Alchemist, Engineer, Battle-Mage + General Handy-man.
Status Single
Age 31



"Logical, but easily influenced by his emotions."

Cantankerous, Stand Offish, Impatient, Irritable. A few words that easily fit the Fel.

As default he may seem jaded or somewhat unsympathetic to other's needs. And as an opener to any exchange; may be curt and blunt. However Azrin is a gifted man, logic reigns a lot of his motivations which is often seen in his insight. Though he finds himself conflicted with irrational anger issues. A state of mind he often funnels into creative or scholarly pursuits as a means to cope and distract.

With all aforementioned Azrin would be quicker to keep to his own company given his lack of patience for most social graces. And spends many tireless evenings over a ledger or workbench. A social recluse, but not socially inept - Azrin is quite capable of being polite and carrying on conversations in public. However he tires easily and often needs to recharge with an equal amount of solace.

Azrin would prefer not to be the subject of anyone's jokes, often situations of embarrassment leave him quick to anger, becoming defensive and ill-tempered. But seems to be quite fine with watching a prank or two played upon someone else. And though currently the 'Fel has little to laugh about - dealing with the death of his brother. He is capable of having fun with people he finds easy to open up to.

Back History

Azrin, the eldest of his siblings was the first in line to take care of his mother and home whenever another man left the picture. Firstly his Limsan father, whom at 8 decided family life ultimately wasn't his thing - even after seeing his mother on and off over the course of 9 years. Leaving her with child and two young son's. Azrin and Tailero Tilero - just an infant at the time. With no stable father figure and a torrent of siblings to keep up with, Azrin grew up quicker than most. Attributed to a life of dealing with issues and simply bottling it up, there was little time for him to have any problems of his own.


Is currently looking to enlist with the Jackals to find out more about the circumstances surrounding his brother's death.

more to come WIP








Seishiro Toshiro - Cousin

A rather strange and reclused child. Seishiro is a cousin from his mother's side. He doesn't speak much but seems fairly eager to help. If he hasn't got his nose in a book. Seishiro studies under the guidance of Azrin Aurin

Tailero Tilero - Younger Brother (Deceased)

The third eldest in Azrin's family. Tailero was often the brother to get into trouble. Though upon growing up was the brother most likely to help him take care of his mother's ever-growing family. Plucky, a troublemaker, determined, loyal-to fault. There were years of Tailero's life where Azrin barely felt like he knew his brother. Disappearing for a period of three years. Living up to his name as the difficult one. Upon his Death Azrin lay claim to most of his things, including his business.


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