Azunai Nevarus

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 Azunai Nevarus
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Seawolf
Citizenship Ul'Dah/Limsa Lominsa
Age 31
Marital Status Single
Occupation Chef, Hired Goon
Height/Weight 8 fulms, 2 ilms/450 pnz
  • (Father): Furious Storm (Deceased)
  • (Mother): Syhrwyb Krystsaelbwyn

Character Overview


FFXIIIpointer.png Vital Records


The Beach
Arm Wrestling


Drunk People


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Favorite Food: Pan-Fried Mahi-Mahi
Favorite Drink: Pineapple Juice
Favorite Color: Blue

Appearance & Personality

Azunai Nevarus is a Roegadyn of immense size that takes pride in himself - standing at 8 fulms, 2 ilms, with a thick, muscular frame and weighing at 450 pnz. A well groomed male that sports a shaved head and full beard, he isn’t afraid of flaunting what he has and welcomes the attention (good or bad), and often thinks highly of himself. There are three noticeable tattoos that the Roegadyn possesses: two around his eyes, which are usually hidden behind a pair of shaded spectacles, and one on his upper back. Whenever he is asked about where or when he got the tattoos, his answers are usually different than the last.
The Roegadyn’s knuckles and hands are calloused due to years of gruesome training in hand to hand combat. Despite his size, this Roegadyn happens to be rather quick and agile on his feet, often performing maneuvers that could be considered miracles considering his large build. His confidence bleeds heavily into his fighting style and he isn’t afraid of performing flashy, yet very dangerous techniques during a bout. He is, however, a very, very sore loser when someone manages to beat him.
Though Azunai is confident, there is one way to dash his hopes and dreams: by insulting his cooking. He self titles himself as the “Punchmaster Chef” and prides himself in one of his newly discovered talents. Being vocal with a dislike for something he has cooked can put the Roegadyn in a rather sour mood and full of disappointment (and quite possibly violence), though he eventually uses this as motivation to become even better.
There is a dark and more sinister side to this Roegadyn. He can often be calm and collect, but sometimes he can be rather violent, a trait left to him by his late father. Azunai had been contracted in the past to slip poison into people’s food when the price is right, often feeding the target a poison that will slowly kill them and eventually leave them to die during sleep. Because of this, he doesn’t stay at the same place of work for too long and has yet to be caught.


FFXIIIpointer.png Childhood

Azunai Nevarus - Born under the name Mighty Hurricane in 1548, is the son of Syhrwyb Krystsaelbwyn, a trader & sailor, and Furious Storm, an adventurer & mercenary. He is the second child to be born, but the first to survive. His older sister had passed away at birth when she was born three years prior. The young Hurricane idolized his father, who happened to be a seasoned warrior on top of being an adventurer. It wasn't until he was eight years old when his father took him out on his first adventure into the Shroud. Like most children, the young Hurricane was full of curiosity and wonder. He managed to get separated from his father, however, and was lost in the Shroud for two days before being found. Thanks to the knowledge his father passed on, the youngster survived with no problem. A few years later, Hurricane was old enough that his father decided to train him in combat. Utilizing an axe was one of the first lessons, but both Hurricane and his father found that it would take much longer before the youngin' could master the art of the warrior.

FFXIIIpointer.png The Teenage Years

After abandoning his warrior training, Hurricane moved into hand-to-hand combat. For two years, the young Roegadyn went through vigorous training that resulted in busted and bloody knuckles, often times forcing himself to train while still recovering from previous injuries. Hurricane wanted to hone his body and mind since he wasn't able to control the inner beast like his father had. In his mind, he saw himself as a failure for not being able to utilize an axe and needed another means to compete. That failure however, was used to motivate himself and the Roegadyn became strong enough to split trees in half with a single punch. At the age of 19, his father convinced Hurricane in another attempt at warrior training. He reluctantly agrees, but it ends with Hurricane going berserk and greatly injuring two of his father's allies before being knocked unconscious by his own father.

FFXIIIpointer.png The Seventh Umbral Era

Both Mighty Hurricane and Furious Storm are enlisted to fight against the VIIth Legion of the Garlean Imperial Army in the Cartaneau Flats as mercenaries. Both father and son fought bravely against the Garleans and were among the many others that were on the battlefield to be surprised by Bahamut's release. All hope was lost when the Primal had broken free from Louisoix's attempt at re-imprisonment, causing troops from both sides to scatter as Bahamut readied his Teraflare. Furious Storm found a small space, big enough for Hurricane to take cover in, and prepared a protection spell in an attempt to keep them both safe, but it was all in vain. Bahamut's Teraflare destroyed the barrier with ease and Mighty Hurricane was forced to watch his father's flesh and bone be obliterated by the Primal's attack. Hurricane was certain he was going to die as well, but in that instant, he was spared thanks to Louisoix's teleportation spell that evacuated a number of adventurers that were on the battlefield. It wasn't until four years later when Mighty Hurricane reemerged from the teleportation spell.

FFXIIIpointer.png Reemergence

Four years passed. Four years of mourning that Syhrwyb Krystsaelbwyn had to endure. During those four years, Syhrwyb decided it was time to leave Ul'dah and take up residence in Gridania. That was before missing adventurers were beginning to reemerge in Eorzea. Among them was a Roegadyn named Mighty Hurricane. He was found unconscious in Southern Thanalan by several members of the Brotherhood of Ash and nursed back to health. After recovering, Mighty Hurricane comes to terms with forgetting most of his memories and is named Azunai Nevarus by one of the Brotherhood. Several months later, Azunai decides it's time to leave the Brotherhood and heads towards Ul'dah, hoping to find something along the way.
Living in Ul'dah was rather harsh for the Roegadyn. Poverty and hunger were the biggest obstacles Azunai had to face. Among the several weeks living out in the streets, Azunai was able to rediscover his talent for cooking. Though he had to use what scraps he could find and steal, he eventually gained the trust of other poverty stricken citizens of Ul'dah and earned a bit of a reputation for being a damned good chef. That reputation escalated quickly and soon Azunai was finding himself with work, though from very, very shady people. However, in Azunai's position, he couldn't complain. Money was money and if he was earning enough, he didn't question the hands that were feeding him. Eventually, Azunai was being placed into taverns and restaurants of varying reputations as an employee. From there, his employers were able to use Azunai's position to their advantage and use his talents to poison several enemies that they had without being traced. The Roegadyn started to catch on and with each new victim, there was more leverage to use against him. He couldn't allow himself to be blackmailed by his employers, and eventually started using the same tactic on them one by one, ridding himself of any ties that could cause trouble for himself. By this time, Azunai wasn't having any issues with finding work, much less being able to make the money needed to survive.

FFXIIIpointer.png The Present

Nowadays, Azunai has found himself a group of individuals to be around with known as the Black Chocobo Gang. He offered his services as muscle for the gang on top of being able to provide them with prepared meals.



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
Really hates criticism when it comes to his cooking. Causes him to fly into a rage.
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
Rumored to slip poison into people's food that happen to visit the tavern or restaurants that he works at.
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)


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