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A less than Moral Hellsguard Fighter. Red Duck has had a turbulent upbringing and garnered a backwards set of ideals he tries to live by in the world.
Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Red Duck
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Limsan
Age 34
Marital Status Single
Occupation Career Criminal - Fighter
Height/Weight 7 fulms, 7 ilms/410 pnz
Orientation Straight
  • (Father): Thosinloef Floernmannsyn
  • (Mother): ??? ???

Basic Info


The Beach
Arm Wrestling


Boring Books


Alignment: Lawful Evil, Lawful Neutral
Vice(s): Spliffs, Physical Activity
Favorite Food: Knights Bread
Favorite Drink: Wheat Beer
Favorite Color: Red

Appearance & Personality

An imposing physical Roegadyn, as such goes with the general race, Red Duck is shorter then the average Roegadyn. He has somewhat of a small man's syndrome from this detail, barking and biting at any opportunity to prove his superiority over others. It easily comes off as standoffish - because it is. I mean, really. Red Duck is difficult to understand from an outsider's view, having lived in the spires of Alabathia during his childhood, among the strict and highly structured village of the volcanoes.
Red Duck is quick to anger and slow to trust. He is extremely selfish, making acts of sharing from him possibly the highest compliment you could get. Red Duck also values honesty, at least to himself, above all else. He won't hesitate to lie to someone he doesn't respect or dislikes, or towards lines of questioning he deems irrelevant; However, he will answer with extremely blunted honesty to anyone he does respect, most of the answers given being not what most would like to hear.
Red Duck is highly immoral, for the people of Eorzea, at least. He won't hesitate to attack, cheat, lie, steal, blackmail, or murder to get what he wants. What he wants, is complicated - to say the least. Red Duck cares only for betterment, of himself or his coffers.


Red Duck was born Rhoteant Thosinloefsyn, high in the forgotten and nearly never travelled homelands of the Hellsguard clans. He has since been banished from his ancesteral home and has made a life for himself by using any means he has at his disposal. His martial upbringing and ruthless immoral nature.
  >FFXIIIpointer.png Childhood - Click Expand to see~
:Rhoteant was born to his mother, a woman that he never come to know, and his father Thosinloef Floernmannsyn, a tribal lorekeeper, and is the eldest son of his family. Rhoteant grew fast and strong, getting him attention from the village guardian to undergo a warrior's schooling - at the age of four, Rhoteant was placed into the teachings of Askahtyn Greingarbalsyn, an old massive Hellsguard Warrior - with many of the other well suited children. Rhoteant excelled in his early schooling, giving him much praise and attention from his mentor.
By the age of eight, Rhoteant was allowed to hold his first weapon and began his Warrior's training. Rhoteant became a combat prodigy, working harder then most other students to maintain the praise of his mentor. Askahtyn and his father, Thosinloef regularly commended Rhoteant on his work ethic. At age twelve, however, Rhoteant took his training a step farther then his peers, becoming too skilled for the children his age. Being held back from fighting with the older village children, Rhoteant lashed out by intentionally killing his training partner in a sparring match. Askahtyn mistakingly sees this as unintentional and lightly punishes Rhoteant.
A year later, Rhoteant grows exceedingly violent, injuring his training mates regularly. He solidifies himself as the next Village guardian through skill alone, regardless of his uncontrollable nature. His master takes to extreme punishments to correct the situation. Askahtyn wounds Rhoteant where he is most vulnerable in his punishment. Restricting him from training.
  >FFXIIIpointer.png Banishment - More clicking on Expand needed!
►:Rhoteant grew to be a vindictive child, thrashing for what he felt he deserved. Being left out of the village's warrior training, Rhoteant's true nature reveals itself, as he poisons his master after being denied further training due to his temperamental and brash nature. The treachery goes unfounded until the next year. Rhoteant shows little remorse.
Rhoteant is banished from the Hellguard Mountain Villages in disgrace, upon the discovery of his old warrior teacher’s true demise. The boy proceeds to steal all he is able to and sets fire to his ancestral house, changes his name to the Eorzean common tongue, Red Duck, and makes for Thanalan. The villages entire collection of records is engulfed in the blaze, sending Thosinloef into denouncing ever having a son. Rhoteant becomes Red Duck and journeys south with little but his training armor, father's axe and small purse of gil at his side.
Red Duck learns many hard lessons during his time on the road, having even to take to whoring himself in his late teens to fat widowers of the montarists within the walls of Ul'Dah to get by. Red Duck keeps to his life's training and works hard to better himself as a fighter during the whole ordeal. The child grew large and strong, although not much taller. Red Duck becomes a hired hand of the Ul'dahn crime family, The Vincents, after having beat one of their hired goons to a near pulp for trying to relieve hard earned coin from the young Roegadyn.
  >FFXIIIpointer.png A New Life - The Expand part is pretty important
►:Red Duck quickly became a popular enforcement tool for the Vincents, citing his ability to tolerate dirty work with ease as well as display ruthless efficiency. His life on the streets had quickly turned around under the Vincents command, allowing Red Duck to live comfortably and in a position of retaliative power. To this day, Red Duck has evaded capture from the local authorities of Ul'Dah due to his cunning and payoffs from the family. Red Duck earned a reputation for his violent approach to solving problems, leaving the threat of "loosing the duck from the pond" as enough of a deterrent for enemies of the Vincents family... but some had sought to test that threat.
Red Duck becomes embroiled in a turf war amongst warring nobility and crime syndicates of Ul’Dah. Amidst the chaos of a raid, Red Duck was able to kill the leader of the opposing faction in an extremely brutal fashion. The fight had all but ceased as Red Duck kept battering the lifeless body with his weapon. He is handsomely rewarded with a higher position and deeper pockets, as the Vincents enjoyed climbing up in the world.
In any other eyes, life would seem to be good for Red Duck, but he was far from happy. He had become depressed with his current state of affairs, having become wealthy and well tended - and the stinging blow of having his former work completed for him. Red Duck was deprived of action, excitement, adventure, and most notably... fighting.
  >FFXIIIpointer.png Seventh Umbral Era - I think you got the hang of this now
►:Dalamud was falling.
Red Duck visited his native land under the guise of a religious pilgrim to check on his lineage. His visit was ill-received once noticed and short lived. Duck did not leave empty handed, however, stealing his murdered master’s weapon from his eldest son during a last rocky confrontation with his village. Red Duck saw his father during the whole ordeal, seeing he had moved on and sired a new son and two daughters. Red Duck confirmed he had no home to go to in the failing moments of Eorzea and left to meet the sundering caused by Bahamut on the road.
The land altering catastrophe left Red DUck alive, wandering the roads with his newfound keepsake. Heading back to Ul'Dah, and witnessing the devestation and upheaval the whole event brought on, Red Duck decided it was time for a change. He left the employment of the Vincents on good terms, as they were heavily preoccupied with the rebuilding of their holdings on Thanalan, then Red Duck began to walk. Then walk some more. Red Duck had blindly started a pilgrimage of his own make. One to better himself, to refine his honesty of the man he was, and to fight any other fighters he had come across in the process.
  >FFXIIIpointer.png Pilgrimmage - Sorry, I dont mean to intrude but did you expand?
►:Red Duck travelled far a wide, met a lot of people, fought a lot of people, and left some of those people in shallow graves. His training was hard, long, and scant on comfort but Red Duck was happy. Red Duck finds Lancelaux Fiermont on the borders of Gridania and challenges him to a duel. Lancelaux wins a hard fought battle through the extravagant use of flipping and jumping and the two begin to travel together. On the road Red Duck and Lancelaux encounter a grifter named Chantelle. One of her targets turns out to be none other than Lancelaux, a man she’s familiar with (even if only by name). After unsuccessfully attempting to part him with his meager wealth, she attaches herself to his and Red Duck’s travelling party.
Red Duck readily makes possibly the biggest mistake of his life, gaining attached to Lancelaux as a friend and more importantly, rival - as well as develop romantic feelings for Chantelle. Red Duck becomes positively smitten with the woman, who has no desire to return his feelings. After travelling with others for a short period of time, a still depressed Lancelaux decides he’d be better off alone and sets out to find himself. Red Duck finds himself tormented by Chantelle's presence and takes the parting of Lancelaux to resume his solo journey. He turns to substances during his journey to try and forget the woman he had met.
Red Duck's journey squarely ends on the shores of La Noscea where his feet would no longer push him further. He set up a cozy home - of drinking with pirates, tanning on beaches, and spending his illegally acquired riches. His substance abuse becomes more pronounced. Red Duck stumbles upon a chef by the name of Azunai Nevarus and befriends him over a fight. Red Duck easily wins with an axe in his hand but is throughly trounced in a quick rematch of hand against hand. This marks the second time Red Duck has lost in his life. The two become good friends during Red Duck's stay in La Noscea.
Red Duck weathers nearly two years of questionable women, alcohol, and lavish fighting rings - Duck quickly squanders his considerable savings... and begins to plan his next move.
Just before Duck embarks on another pilgrimage of combat, Lancelaux stumbles into Limsa Lominsa and by extention, Red Duck. Lancelaux arrived with an offer of work for a mysterious employer. Work in the same type of business Red Duck had been so successful in as a young adult. After some amount of coaxing and calling in the victory Lancelaux had earned in their first meeting, Duck relented back to his younger days of a brash, spitfire criminal and signed on.



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
Red Duck having worked for the Vincents
Duck is a part of the Black Chocobo Gang
Red Duck is a goon, and for hire.
Duck loves the beach. Needs to maintain his Bronzeking status
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
Duck is absolutely smitten by a Elezen
Duck has a love of flowers and gardening
Duck has only lost one fight, to this man
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
Duck committed many political murders during his earlier time in Ul'Dah
Duck is the head of distribution for the sale of a new narcotic
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"Your words!" -Your Name!


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing
Chantelle Rondelais : The woman Red Duck is absolutely smitten by. She's his main obsession, and he both hates it, and loves it. It's a little more then complicated.
Fiona Cooper : The woman that is chasing Red Duck. Originally they came into contact over a Drug Trade Arrangement, but it's been getting progressively more complicated. It's a little more then complicated.
Edda Vincents : Red Duck's former employer's Daughter. She is like family. This is a lot less complicated.
Azunai Nevarus : A good friend of Red Duck. They shoot the shit and walk out of explosions regularly. See below.
Lancelaux Fiermont : One of Red Duck's previous travel mates, and only man to defeat him in a fight. Red Duck never recovered from the blow to his ego but is less than enthused about seeking a rematch.
Asheya Jaqyir : A Miqo'te Gladiator, and great scrapper. They drink and chill.
Eugenie Merriweather : The only ally Red Duck has against the evil forces of Henry Wu.
Zekiki Zeki : The most powerful magical hermit in Eorzea. Red Duck had mistakenly stumbled upon her hovel, which sparked a fight. Red Duck walked away the victor but still has the burns from the hard fought battle.
Pepe Bandido : A man in the same career path as Red Duck. They talk about work, bridges, pineapple drinks, and fashion. It's a very basic friendship.
Y'win Tia : A Miqo'te Gladiator. But male, and much less experienced then the other one. A recent meet.
Gwannes Oskwell : A secret Dragoon that Red Duck has crossed paths with a number of times. The old rivalry has simmered down, but a few choice words would probably set it ablaze.
Lucaell Tareth'eian : A Songstress. Red Duck does not know much about her, but can harbour a grudge.


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