Baeyl Teken'ghym

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Gridania-transparent.png Baeyl Teken'ghym
"I do not know what good I can do, but I'm still here."
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Gridania
Age 37
Occupation Field Thaumaturge, Deep Dungeon Excavator
Height/Weight 6'4" / 183 ponze
Birthdate 11th Sun of the Sixth Astral Moon
Patron Deity Nald'Thal

Work in progress, lads, some stuff is in the middle of being rewritten so it's not cumbersome and reflects her current stage in development.

Basic Info


Birds, esp. Owls
Music and Dance
Antique Pottery
Round Animals


Confined spaces
Air and Sea Travel


'Red Mage'
Criminal history
Good aligned

Appearance & Personality

Tall, willowy, and graceful, Baeyl has a body not unlike a dancer's. Her eyes are a striking warm yellow color, almost seeming to glow in low light conditions. Long, thick hair which used to be closer to silver in color has prematurely dulled, with patches of yellow among the grey. Her skin is charcoal grey, dark even by Duskwight standards. She has a delicately featured face with thin lips and good cheekbones.
In unfamiliar company, Baeyl can come off as distant, opting for heavy formalities instead of casual language and mannerisms. She may make efforts to be quiet, polite, and unobtrusive, making herself practically invisible to others. Once she feels comfortable, however, Baeyl reveals herself to have a very warm and doting personality. She is caring and encouraging, having a high threshold of patience and a genuine adoration for those she grows close with. Her personality can seem sometimes like ice, and other times like fire.
While she does try to be a voice of reason and concern in a group, she is impressionable, and will often go with decisions she feels uncertain about if others around her are more gung-ho about it. She is more prone to giving in to peer pressure or personal temptations especially when she is going though a period of high stress, foregoing integrity for self-indulgence and behaving more recklessly. This tendency has landed her in much trouble during her lifetime, and usually manifests through a wicked temper and a biting tongue. Baeyl will abandon all pretenses if she encounters something or someone that angers her enough. The more repressed parts of her personality tend to rear their head when she is under the influence of alcohol, so she often refrains from drinking very much.
Baeyl frequently hides discomfort and pain so as not to distress those around her. She depends on behaving calmly and analyzing the situations around her to get by. As a general rule, the more calm and focused Baeyl seems, the less confident she actually feels, and the less idea she has of what's going on. This does not mean that Baeyl displays no negative emotions. On the contrary, in spite of how calm she may make herself seem on the surface, Baeyl feels very deeply and often finds herself stuck between feelings of duty and feelings of sentimentality. She has a bad habit of pushing herself past her limits and will often scold others for doing the same. If the mask does break and she shows anger, her rage is intense and relentless, and she will do anything in her power to destroy the source of her hate.

Known History

Born and raised in a Duskwight settlement in subterranean caverns beneath Wellwick Wood, Baeyl is descended from a proud line of adepts in Thaumaturgy. Taking up the art herself as a very young age, she worked her way into eventually becoming a caster in her own right, serving as some sort of community guard in her settlement. However, she was not as skilled as her peers and struggled to keep pace with them. To compensate for her weaknesses, she was also taught close range combat with a rapier. She worked in tandem with other Thaumaturges and scouts to protect the settlement from the threat of vilekin, seedkin, and voidsent who would encroach on their otherwise peaceful existence.
Her settlement was all but destroyed in the wake of the Calamity, buried beneath collapsed ceilings from above and magma surges from below, in the lower chambers. Baeyl survived the event with only a crushed right arm, and she and a small group of other survivors pulled together to escape to the surface. With their homes, families, and entire culture erased from existence, the survivors had little time to mourn their losses. They had to find what would be the best way to survive in the strange, terrifying, perilous world of upper Eorzea.
As they uncertainly made their way in this new world, their numbers dwindled at the hands of illness and interpersonal turmoil. Baeyl found that it was dangerous to practice her Thaumaturgy openly in the Twelveswood, and that even among members of different Duskwight clans, the world was hostile and unwelcoming to refugees. The course of events over the past 6 years remain unclear, as Baeyl will be very hard pressed to discuss them, but at some point, she learned to bow hunt for survival. At another point, she worked with others in attempts to reclaim territory in Duskwight ruins scattered throughout Eorzea, including Gelmorra, Tam-Tara Deepcroft, and even Toto-Rak. Finding that the struggle to salvage these places was an exercise in futility, she continues instead to work towards helping preserve them and clear out the activity of cultists and the void when they appear.

To this end, Baeyl had found herself a place in Eorzea, and tries to make what good she can out of herself.

However, there have been many bad decisions made up to this point that still continue to come back to haunt her.


• Baeyl has a slight delay in her right arm and has lost some range of motion with it. Out of necessity, she has become more proficient with her left in combat situations, but she is not ambidextrous. Her shoulder is easily irritated and can become dislocated if she is knocked around enough in combat.
• There are two significantly noticeable scars on Baeyl's body. One is from what appears to be a stab wound under her left shoulderblade. The other is from a large gash over her collarbone. Most of the time, these scars are hidden by her clothes.
* Baeyl is prone to motion sickness and has a difficult time with both air and sea travel.
• Her rapier, The Oath, is a restored antique. It has an amber focus with a ruby accent.
• Though the blade has been shattered for quite some time, Baeyl still keeps the amber focus from her original cane-sword, Chimera.
• Baeyl has powerfully passionate feelings about the proper use of magic, and of the void. She has a visceral, seething hatred for voidsent and forbidden magical arts, such as necromancy. She is humorless and uncompromising when it comes to these kinds of topics.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"She pretty much just keeps to herself and does what she's told. Very perceptive. A little heavy with her formalities, but she did her duty as our guard just splendidly." -- Elezen historian
"It's easy to forget she's there with how quiet she is, but if she finds out you're educated on something she's completely clueless about, you won't be able to get rid of her. Seems like she's the kind who likes knowing a little bit of everything. Five cycles ago, she didn't even know how to look after a dandelion, and now she's got her own little garden." -- Midlander Botanist
"It's a little frightening how intense she gets whenever we have to clear out any voidsent or cultists from the ruins. You'd never think she has a temper that vicious..." -- Conjurer-for-hire
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"I think we took her into custody once? I can't remember. I'm not prejudiced, but all Duskwights pretty much look the same to me...I mean, she is pretty. You know. For a Duskie. What were we talking about?" -- Wood Wailer
"There's a harp player all dressed up from head to toe who hangs around Buscarron's sometimes. Tall, thin, has a mask with an owl's face. I hear they're really a Duskwight, so mind your coin around them." -- Loitering bowman
"Saw her dressed like some kinda chocobo rancher at a drinkin' party for a bunch of us pirates. Funny lass. The captain was chewing out some weak kneed cabin boy, so she came up on the cap and gave her five knuckles to the face! We still talk about it." -- Brutish Sea Wolf
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Believe it or not, that one there used to roll with them Redbellies. Split on account of some politics goin' south between them. Ain't my place to air out her dirty laundry, but she's come around honest, ya hear? So don't you go givin' her trouble." -- Buscarron
"I thought the Somnus would have gotten her by now." - Duskwight street rat
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)


Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing   Uncertain Standing   Neutral Standing   Poor Standing
Gwannes Oskwell : An anchor in Baeyl's life. While the two of them seem very different on the surface and it may seem that Baeyl is the more put together of the two, she frequently depends on 'Gwen' to steady her when she starts to get carried away. She deeply admires his altruistic qualities and wishes to be more like him.
Edda Vincents : Baeyl loves Edda like her own family and desperately wants to be able to protect her from her woes. The two often fail to see eye to eye, but Baeyl persists in trying to be a positive influence and help Edda towards being a more moderate and responsible person.
Nathaniel of Salem : A wolf in shepherd's clothing. A loathesome hypocrite. A snake. While he is dependable, Baeyl hopes that he chokes to death on his own tongue.


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